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Bob Hull is a Free Stater posing as a Republican; vote for Judy Wallick Frothingham

To The Daily Sun,

Every seat matters, which is why it is so important for voters to start at the bottom of the ballot and check their choices going all the way to the top.

Study the issues, learn the position of each candidate. Voters in Grafton District 9 ( Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol and Grafton) chose Republican Bob Hull over the Democrat Judy Wallick Frothingham, two years ago, in a close race for state representative. There was a recount, which is why we know many did not vote for the very important lower ballot races. These reps affect your local taxes.

Do you know, Bob Hull is a Free Stater posing as a Republican, "whose aim to diminish, if not fully eliminate the role of government in the in the lives of most Americans"?, according to the Union Leader of June 25.

Both Bob and fellow Republican incumbent, Jeff Shackett voted:

— Against Medicaid expansion (HB 1696) that provides health insurance for 50,000 Granite Staters.

— Against paid sick leave after six months employment (HB 600).

— Against raising the state minimum wage to $9.50 by 2019 (HB 1480).

— Against a fund for law enforcement to fight the opioid crisis (HB 1000) (Shackett did not vote and was not excused.)

I am supporting Judy Wallick Frothingham because I trust she is the candidate who will vote to provide services for those who need them in a way that is cost-efficient and most beneficial to all, because she values problem-slowing over partisanship. She will work for state budgets that keep property taxes low and for smart investments to keep New Hampshire attractive for business and families. And, she has the endorsement of the American Federations of teachers and the AFL-CIO.

Shirley J. White


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God has given the American people a champion in Donald Trump, a giant of a man

To The Daily Sun,

This election is like none we've ever seen. It represents the coming to a head of the champions of globalism, with the champion of America, who would that we remain a strong and independent nation protected by a constitution that holds truth and liberty in high esteem.

These globalists have used liberalism to draw people into their fold. Yet make no mistake about it, when they have accomplished their objectives and separated the American people from the protection of our Constitution, and have brought us under the yoke of a world government, when they no longer need the support of the various coalitions, they will no longer care about the concerns of blacks or homosexuals or feminists or any group for that matter. They will make the rules and without our constitutional protections of the First and Second Amendments we will be as their slaves.

To lead the people into this, they channel a type of Hegelian philosophy, of an evolving society, only when they accomplish their objective you will find what has been wrought is not a society that has progressed into this idealistic utopia which they are selling, but an oppressive government and society on the model of Hobbes's ."Leviathan."

If you look at the candidates in the presidential election you have Donald Trump, a very imperfect candidate, but a giant of a man and a champion of the American people. Then you have Hillary Clinton a candidate who is so corrupt, pardon the baseness of my expression, that she is like a rotten piece of meat. They package her so that she looks okay, but cut through that packaging and she's rotten to the core.

One of the things that Donald Trump says that is very true is "America this is your last chance." Here is something that I hope many who are considering this, will not do. God has given the American people a champion in Donald Trump. Please don't judge the champion that God has given us as not being good enough, and cast your vote for a candidate that is polling 2 percent or 7 percent of the vote and in effect give the election to Hillary.

Here's my view of this election. Does anyone remember the 1960s Jimmy Dean song "Big Bad John" The American people are as the miners in that song with the mine collapsing around them. Donald Trump would be Big Bad John holding on his shoulders the crush of that collapse so that the miners can get to safety. It may cost him his life, but Donald Trump wants America to go on.

To think that some would judge him not good enough to vote for, and to let this whole thing come crashing down on us is unconscionable. Please consider carefully what you do. This chance will not come again.

John Demakowski

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