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Warren & Wentworth so fortunate to have highly-trained EMTs

To The Daily Sun,

When John retired in June 2015 many people asked us when we were moving to Florida or elsewhere. That thought has never occurred to us. First, I am a New Hampshire native and John and I just consider this region our home. And now after a near-fatal accident our feelings are even further confirmed.

Last Wednesday, John sustained a concussion while riding his bicycle on Route 25 in Wentworth, approaching Shawnee's store. Perhaps we'll never know how it happened, but he fell from his bicycle into Route 25 and was unconscious. Though we are still not clear on all details or people, our very grateful thanks goes to several good Samaritans, including Joanie B. from Wentworth who saw a "lump" in the road, followed soon thereafter by three women, including a nurse (whom we do not know), summoned help from the nearby Wentworth Fire Department which directed traffic around John as he laid in the road, to the Warren-Wentworth EMT squad making the perfect decision to have him air-lifted to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Though I am a retired nurse and John is a retired ophthalmologist, a reaction of shock and disbelief and fear takes over in these unexpected events. He was in the right place at the right time with the good training from the Warren and Wentworth emergency squads. We are so terribly grateful for their quick and effective assessment of John's condition. Your towns are so fortunate to have these well trained emergency personnel.

These services cost our taxpayers. but every cent is worth it when you can see a successful rescue. Our small towns may not have big-city amenities but they surely have heart, grit, and good sense as well as a deeply caring attitude when someone is in need.

No, we are not moving, but this makes us feel even closer to this region with the outpouring of care and concern that has been shown to John. By the way, he has come home and aside from some soreness is doing so well! Our deepest thank you and gratitude goes out to so many who helped him.

Martha & John Richards

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Bill Wright will serve all of Belknap County with dignity & pride

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to encourage the residents of Belknap County to elect William Wright for sheriff. I have had the privilege of knowing William "Bill" Wright for more than 20 years. I can honestly say that I have never met a more consistent person in my life.

He is consistently hard working, dedicated, honest, caring, loyal, and fair, who treats everyone he encounters with the respect they deserve. He is consistently demonstrating his dedication to the people of Belknap County and his desire to get this county moving forward.

Bill has almost 20 years in law enforcement. Eleven of those years have been as a deputy sheriff for Belknap County, which provides him with knowing all aspects of the job, and the ability to make important and quick decisions and to run the department efficiently, as well as, being able to jump in and help when needed.

Along with the experience and knowledge, Bill has the initiative to serve the residents of Belknap County with his leadership and with the ambition to always improve. I am confident and proud to say that Bill will serve all residents of Belknap County with dignity and pride. I respectfully ask the citizens of Belknap County to vote for William Wright for Belknap County Sheriff. Without a doubt, it's the "Wright" choice.
Patti Ricks

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