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Community rights are grounded in our constitutional right to self-govern (299).

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing with an observation regarding a Laconia Daily Sun letter to the editor that ran online on Oct. 13 and that is attributed to Michelle Sanborn. It covers a Community Rights Amendment proposed for New Hampshire’s coming 2018 legislative session. Part of this coverage is a title that does well to grab my civic-minded interest: “State Constitutional Amendment Would Put Town Rights Ahead of State and Nation.”

As I read through the piece, however, its content does not seem accurately represented by its title. In fact, contrary to its title, the piece’s content strikes me as communicating that the Community Rights Amendment does not seek to put towns before state and nation. Point in case, the content specifically refers to how the amendment would be in line with state and national guiding documents since the community rights actions that the amendment would protect “are grounded in the unalienable right affirmed in the Declaration of Independence and the New Hampshire state Constitution: our individual and collective right to self-govern.”

If this Community Rights Amendment is indeed grounded in rights affirmed in our state Constitution and in the foremost founding document of this nation, and if the content of the piece does not say anywhere that the amendment aims to put town rights before state and nation, then might there be a less interpretative title for the piece? Since the piece was not an op-ed but more informative in nature, much like a press release — perhaps the following title would do better to more neutrally state the aim of the proposed Community Rights Amendment outlined in the piece: “State Constitutional Amendment Seeks to Confirm N,H. Citizens’ Right to Self-Govern.”

Thank you very much for your service to keep the people of New Hampshire informed.

Monica Christofili


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FEMA has been late getting supplies to Puerto Rico & it is political

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Heath of Center Harbor is dead on when he points out the corruption and misuse of funds on the island of Puerto Rico. But, Mr. Heath, you totally misread my letter. I was merely pointing out that the human misery in Puerto Rico was not and has not been addressed by the current administration. My letter was not directed to infrastructure, but to the nature of sufferings the people felt and continue to feel.

I am pleased you have such expansive knowledge of the island and the surrounding U.S. possessions. My son, a FEMA first responder in Puerto Rico, and married to a woman from the island was appalled by the lack of support and coordination of relief efforts. And, yes, he knows the island well and speaks fluent Spanish.

His role is to coordinate relief efforts in the countryside, find areas where light cargo planes and helicopters could land and distribute relief. But, there were no copters or light planes available, and it was not until the end of last week that FEMA was able to contract independent carriers to ferry relief into the countryside. With a FEMA-rented 4-wheel drive vehicle, he made numerous trips to operating hospitals with people who needed immediate medical attention. He met with mayors of small hamlets and towns to assess immediate needs and plan with them the best use of relief efforts. Disease and potentially plague are omnipresent in the countryside. Instead of tossing toilet paper and paper towels, President Trump could have taken the time to survey the countryside, but instead he visited a San Juan suburb that hardly suffered the devastation found in the rest of the island.

So Mr. Heath, it remains and will be political. Until hospitals are up and running, clean water is flowing, and relief to the hundreds of thousands in the countryside is available.

It remains Electoral Votes Texas and Florida-67 — Puerto Rico-0.

Dr. Arthur Ellis

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