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Towns & cities shouldn’t be determining utility property values

To The Daily Sun,

It is shocking to see how lawmakers callously disregard citizens' financial burdens by drawing more money out of their pockets, whether it be directly or indirectly. Allowing local communities to determine utility property values is just the latest example of lawmakers seeing our money as taxes.

Because local communities determine the utility property values, similar property is assessed unevenly and can dramatically increase town by town in any given year. If my property taxes doubled in a year, I would be livid. So why is it fair to do this to utility companies? Utilities don’t pay the property taxes, their customers do, in utility rates.

My monthly bill is already painful enough. And when utility property taxes increase, utility companies have to pass along those costs to their customers. It’s not just the residents of that town paying those extra costs — it’s me and my wife, our neighbors, our friends and residents across the utility’s service territory. We are essentially subsidizing every community that over-assesses and taxes utilities through our utility bills.

House Bill (HB-324) will help by creating a uniform, statewide assessing standard; communities would use the assessments from the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) for valuing and taxing utility property. The DRA already does this work to collect state utility property tax — why do the same job twice?

I fervently hope that HB-324 will succeed and become a law. And I hope that for once, reason and decency will prevail.

W. Richard Doerre
Alton Bay

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Deadline for asking for help from I-L Christmas Fund is Oct. 22

To The Daily Sun,

The Inter-Lakes Christmas Fund is starting up and looking forward to a wonderful Christmas for the children in our school system. We now are awaiting the applications to be submitted to us. The deadline is Oct. 22. Time is running out, please apply as soon as possible. Parents, and care givers your help is needed to complete and submit these applications so we can help your children have a great Christmas. If you haven't done this please go immediately to our website (interlakeschristmasfund.com) and fill it out. The kids win!

Jan Joslin, for the
InterLakes Christmas Fund

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