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Hosmer's concern for the health of all N.H. citizens is very obvious

To The Daily Sun,

It seems like a million candidates are running for office this "season," all vying for our attention, our support and our votes. All claim to support many of the same things. How to choose? For me, I want to see how the candidate lives, and if the values professed are the values lived.

Such is the case with Andrew Hosmer, currently serving his second N.H. Senate term. He began his career as an assistant district attorney in Massachusetts. Later, in the business world, he worked for 20-plus years as sales and marketing manager for AutoServ, growing the business to almost 200 employees.

Outside the Senate, Andrew serves as the chairman of the Holy Trinity Endowment Trust of St. Joseph Church and coaches youth soccer in Laconia. He has served on the Concord Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Belknap County Economic Development Council. He is active in the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce, United Way, Community Services, Lakes Region General Hospital and the Laconia Boys and Girls Club. Andrew is married and has four children.

When Andrew Hosmer says he supports New Hampshire businesses, I believe him. He personally understands what it takes for a New Hampshire business to succeed. He supports investing in our economic infrastructure, roads, bridges, highways, internet access, and job training, and has voted for reducing the Business Profits Tax.

His experience as a prosecutor has given him an inside look at the justice system and the ravages wrought by drug addiction. I'm not surprised he has championed bipartisan efforts to stem the tide of the state's opioid flood, fighting to strengthen prevention, treatment and recovery efforts.

Andrew Hosmer's concern for the health of all New Hampshire citizens is obvious in his volunteer work for the Lakes Region General Hospital and the Red Cross, and is backed up by his prominent role in passing the reauthorization of the New Hampshire Health Protection Act.

Not only seeking quality education and enrichment for his own kids, Andrew has worked on behalf of the children in his community. He has been a leading advocate for education K-12, our Community Colleges and University. Not just words; he really does care about and support education.

Looking at Andrew Hosmer, state senator, I like what I see.

Lucy Natkiel

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Trump family not to be admired but don't assume Clinton vote

To The Daily Sun,

Ms. Fecteau (whose letter appeared in Thursday, July 28's Sun) accuses me of not addressing the Clinton family in my latest response to another letter. That other letter dealt solely with the how the writer had viewed the Trump family and how impressed he was. I urged him to research a bit more. His letter never mentioned the Clintons.

These are children of privilege that, unlike the Bush family, never served in the military or performed public service. They've never struggled. These are people of privilege who flaunt that privilege. Young men who go to Africa in order to simply kill animals to be able to say they did it. A family descended from a brothel owner who sired a slumlord in New York City who in turn sired an egotistical misogynistic racist who now wants to be our president. All employed by their father.

Melania is 24 years younger than Mr. Trump and was 7 years old the first time he got married. She has lied about her education, he has lied about his business dealings, and he is the only modern presidential candidate to refuse to release his tax returns. Now we also know her as a plagiarist, and him as treasonous after encouraging foreign intelligence agencies to hack into American servers. And he would be the oldest president ever elected if it happens.

The Clintons? Bill Clinton was indeed a womanizer, but far less so than John F. Kennedy. Eisenhower had a mistress. So did FDR, Harding, Cleveland, and who knows who else? But for good, bad, or indifferent Hillary Clinton has been in public service since the 1970s while Trump only serviced himself. Hillary has worked for children and minorities since the 1970s. She has a great resume. Do I trust her? Nope. But does she and Tim Kaine care about my family? Yes.

They care about my daughters, unlike Trump and Pence. She has experience with the military,  unlike Trump and Pence. She has worked across both sides of the aisle while in the Senate and has been praised by major Republicans from her work as a senator and secretary of state. But does it really matter since you've proven yourself to be a Hillary Hater with all of the items on your Facebook page. Condoms with Hillary on them? So I'd submit that you are biased completely.

Not that I really care, because I like the Libertarians. I said that in my letter. Did you even read that part? Two moderate Republican governors who probably represent much of what you are concerned about. But don't put words in my mouth, ma'am. I have plenty of my own.

Alan Vervaeke


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