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Opinion, yours or mine, should not require vetting by anyone

To The Daily Sun,

To quote you Mr. Osmer: "I have a suggestion for Mr. Eddy: If you don't like what's written in this paper, stop with the whining, just don't read it."

Have I once ever stated in writing that I don't like what's written in this paper? Why are you putting words in my mouth, Mr. Osmer? In my previous letter I stated that Mr. Hoyt's suggestion that letters to the editor be vetted by an "impartial" panel for truth and accuracy, particularly when it comes to political opinions, would be in violation of the First Amendment. While his main point was aimed at political ads, he did make the suggestion that letters to the editor should also be reviewed. I also suggested that he not confuse opinions for articles, something with which he appears to having problems. Opinion, his, mine, and yours, should not require vetting by anyone. (I do think that if something is libelous that it is within the power of the Sun's editor to remove it as it could also leave the paper liable should it be printed.) Articles should be at least fact-checked because they are, after all, supposed to be news. If they are not accurate, then they are opinion, or worse, outright prevarication and opinion posing as news. (I believe at that point it's called propaganda.)

There are time when I have found many of the "facts" put forth by Mr. Hoyt and others of the same ideological bent to be questionable.

Here I am going to do something I had promised myself I wouldn't do, but this one time I'm going to break that promise: I do not consider The New York Times, The New Republic, Salon, the Washington Post, numerous other mainstream media outlets, or anything coming from Congress or the White House to be accurate or unbiased. (It doesn't matter who's in office.) I do not use sources such as Fox News, National Review, Rush Limbaugh, or any of the other conservative sources Mr. Hoyt et. al. despise as the basis of my opinions. I base my opinions on years of travel, exposure to numerous cultures all over the world โ€” good and bad โ€” the study of history (not just American history, but history in general), and decades of personal experience in numerous fields of endeavor that have shown me what works, and more importantly, what doesn't work.

That I may respond to someone's opinion that proposes something that I know won't work or requires the dismantling of yet another freedom as delineated in the Constitution "for the common good" is my right. I have never proposed that those with whom I disagree should be censored, much as Mr. Hoyt proposed in a backhanded manner in his earlier letter. I do enjoy reading his letters, as well as those of the usual suspects if for no other reason that to see just how off the mark they are. At times they are outrageous, but mostly they are amusing.

Oh, and in regards to your line about "the normal letters written by the parrots", it applies equally to Mr. Hoyt and the others as I rarely see anything original from any of them either.

Dale Channing Eddy


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Join us at library on Saturday for 'Thank you Gilmanton' open house

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Gilmanton Year-Round Library Association (GYRLA) I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Gilmanton community for supporting our warrant article on the town ballot. Your affirmative votes will allow the library to continue providing valued services to all residents.

We encourage everyone to visit the GYRL and take advantage of the many programs and services it provides, such as children's story time and craft programs, weekly adult craft program, occasional lectures and the new e-books program. We also would appreciate your suggestions for future programming. The professional and enthusiastic librarians truly welcome the opportunity to assist patrons. Please visit the website at www.gyrla.org for a full calendar of events and further information.

Join us at the GYRL on Saturday, March 28, from 1-3 for an open house to say "Thank You" to the community. Light refreshments will be served. Bring along a book if you would like to participate in the "book swap" with your neighbors.

We look forward to working with every resident and with the other libraries in Gilmanton as we strive to fulfill our mission of providing full library services to everyone in our town. We plan to have a continuing conversation with residents and town officials to assure that the GYRL will remain a viable resource for many years to come.

Chris Schlegel, President

GYRLA Board of Directors

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A Laconia lawmaker sits on House Finance Committee, write him

To The Daily Sun,

Have you noticed in the media the explosion of deaths and near fatal drug overdoses in Laconia lately? Not Chicago, not Detroit, Laconia! Do you have any idea how many more people would have died but for the Fire Department equipping its medics with Narcan? Nearly everybody agrees that expanding and improving treatment for addicts and abusers has to be part of the solution.

Well, according to Rep. Neal Kurk and the rest of the Republicans on the N.H. House Finance Committee, we can't afford drug treatment any more, or ambulance service, or Meals on Wheels for seniors, or Service Link, which serves as the portal for thousands of seniors with questions about Medicare, veterans needing help applying for VA benefits and low income people looking for job training and housing assistance, or eight to 10 other "optional" services our current Medicaid program provides.

If the state eliminates these services, guess who's going to wind up paying for them with their local property tax?

Why can't we afford any of these services? It's because the Republican majority on the Finance Committee decided, on the basis of what facts can't quite be determined, that the state revenue for the next two years is going to be less than what the governor's budget writers estimate. On top of that they're claiming that the settlements of two lawsuits against the state are eating up all the money. Lawsuits, I might add, that resulted from the Legislature's decimating our formerly excellent network of local mental health centers and monkeying with a tax that was designed to attract more federal dollars to New Hampshire.

A Laconia lawmaker sits on the Finance Committee. It's Rep. Peter Spanos. According to the state website, you can reach him by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

David O. Huot


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95% of murderers & murder victims fit same demographic profile

To The Daily Sun,

Another tragedy on the other side of the weekend, another unarmed black man with a criminal record was shot and killed after allegedly attacking the cop. The media is up in arms. All the usual folks are on the Sunday talk shows saying the usual things and there are marches in the streets. So what do we take from this? All cops are bad? All black men are criminals? Of course not. So what we should do is look at the problem dispassionately with reason and logic?

Seems to me some people make bad choices in life. One of those just might be attacking a cop who is armed, especially if your acting out of emotion. I wasn't there, didn't see events unfold. But to hear some on TV it's hunting season on young black men. Sounds pretty ridiculous to me, given the mass media coverage of these events. Why in the world would any cop put himself in that kind of spotlight unless he's crazy? On the other side of the event there seems to be the attitude of I dare you, you can't tell me what to do and if you try I'll attack/resist and do harm.

Al Sharpton and friends have been stirring racial flames for years and this is the results. With a president who has been the most racially divisive in memory how could things be otherwise? Instead of putting the focus on the real problem the ever community organizer (read rabble-rouser) continues to make the issue race rather then lack of education, family cohesion and values resulting in poverty and crime. The vast majority of of murders of young blacks are committed by other young black men. I don't say that, FBI and Justice Department statics do. If America continues to ignore this it will continue to be a growing problem.

Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg recently said this, "It's controversial but first thing is all your โ€” 95 percent of your murders and murder victims fit one M.O. You can just take the description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all of the cops. They are male, minorities, 15 to 25. That's true in New York, it's true in virtually every city in America." He added "That's where real crime is."

It all looks to me as another case of Obama being unable/unwilling to correctly identify the problem and deal with it effectively.

Steve Earle


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'I can't afford it' really means, 'I don't really want it that much'

To The Daily Sun,

During a long career in sales, I learned that prospective customers did not always tell me the truth.

For example, "I want to think about it" almost always meant, "I don't want to think about it." It was the same when a prospect told me he couldn't afford my product or service. After all, if I had asked for the same amount of money for an operation to save the life of his child, he would have found that money somehow. "I can't afford it" really means, "I don't want it that much."

Remember this when you hear someone in the Legislature say, "We can't afford it" about some program or other. That person isn't telling you the truth.

Johan Andersen

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