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We need to throw everyone who is in office out, and then do it again

To The Daily Sun,

What has happened to the American spirit? We have, for the past 40-plus years, elected what are known as representatives to Congress who are sworn to uphold the Constitution and to to protect America from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. (Yes, I am laughing and disgusted at the same time.) They are also supposed to represent their constituents in their state. (Yes, I'm laughing again.)

When was the last time your representative actually represented you? The sad truth is they (both federal and state representatives) don't care about what you want. What they care about is power and party. The only time they want to hear from you is when they need your vote to get re-elected.

You are only an end to their means. Both Republicans and Democrats put party above the American people, even above our country. If they want to stay in Congress and get re-elected year after year (and they all do) you have to tow the party lines.

Do you really think politicians want what's best for you or America? Wake up people, they want what is best for them and how to keep their job. The spend millions of dollars running for an office that pays about $ 150,000-plus per year. Where do they get that kind of money to run for office? Not from the people they say they want to represent. They get it from big-money people who want to have a member of Congress in their pocket who will vote the way they want or they can kiss their re-election good-bye. Have you ever heard of a member of Congress leaving Congress with less money than when the were elected? Most of them come out multimillionaires.

Is this the government our Founding Fathers envisioned for us? It's time to take America back. We need to throw everyone who is in office out, and then in two years whoever is in office throw them out again, and keep doing it until they realize they work for us.

Congress was never meant to be a career. It's time we go back to the future and elect men and women who believe in the Constitution and what it stands for. We need to restore family values and stop the government from interfering in our lives. That's not their job. Their job is to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Wake up America while there is still time.

Harry Accornero

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Let's stop lying to ourselves; Islamic terrorism is active in the U.S.

To The Daily Sun,

For shame, Mr. Ververka! Looking the devil in the eyes and declaring him to be the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, or maybe even the Easter Bunny? You would dismiss the truth and try to label it homophobia.

Mateen was a "homophobe," because his target was a gay nightclub? Evidence tosses that concept out the window. Homophobes don't frequent gay establishments, but Mateen did. The FBI is investigating whether or not he led a "secret gay life" — that article is Page 2 in June 15's Laconia Daily Sun. No, Mateen was no homophobe! Falling back to squawk "homophobe" is totally understandable, though. It's so much easier than dealing with the cognitive dissidence of a Muslim attacking a gay night club.

Mateen apparently contacted a local TV station to make sure his motives were understood (http://tinyurl.com/z676cyh). Still, it is far easier to squawk "homophobe" than admit to yourself that the "religion of peace" you want to welcome into the USA as "refugees" is, at its heart, out to murder the gay community. To claim that Mateen was anything other than a Muslim terrorist defies intelligence.

Then sir, you have the audacity to lay the blame for this on the millions of law abiding firearms owners in the USA?! That is totally unacceptable! If you want to place the blame, it lands squarely on Islam and the haters, the sheople in America, who have started bleating for gun control before the gun smoke even cleared.

Yes, I speak truth! Sandy Hook — Gun Free/Disarmed Target Zone. Aurora — Gun Free/Disarmed Target Zone. Orlando — Gun Free/Disarmed Target Zone. The one true thread running through most mass shootings — especially during Obama's administration — is gun-free/disarmed target zones. They are working exactly as intended (ever-higher body count with each attack). The gay community is awake to the truth (http://tinyurl.com/j3hlufq): gun control works exactly as intended — providing targets for slaughter.

When speaking of the "humanity" of a situation, one must look with open eyes, and not constantly fall back on half-truths or outright falsehoods. There is too much evidence that, in the "humanity" of the situation, the worst in humanity was brought to light in Orlando. We need to stop lying to ourselves and each other, and recognize the fact that Islamic terrorism is active in America.

A.C.R. Piper

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