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I'll work to make our town government as open as it can legally be

To The Daily Sun,

I wish to give the voters of Moultonborough my heartfelt thanks for the support that I received at the polls last week.

Now that the recount has confirmed my election to the Board of Selectman, I look forward to working with those currently serving in office in our town and offer my thanks to all who have served.

I also give my promise to all the citizens of our town that I will be faithful to my principles of open and fair government. I will work to make our town government as open as it can legally be, and to make sure the rules are the same for everyone.

Now the real work begins.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Josh Bartlett


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I started when I was fighting for my life; now I fight for freedom

To The Daily Sun,

I reside at 485 Meeting House Road in Gilmanton. We thought we won our battle with the Historic District to have our house removed from it, but because of three neighboring land owners, the majority votes were not enough. So our fight continues.

I'm a LNA, a recently enrolled student, and a mother of two who spent eight months of 2014 in and out of the hospital battling with cancer. I am now in remission and trying to fix this house up for my family. Our income is very limited and because I was out of work for eight months we had to spend all of our savings.

My boyfriend and father are on SSI and can only help out very little themselves. This is the reason why we have been trying to use more durable cost-effective materials instead of the more expensive wood material that will require more upkeep and money over the years. We are willing to do it correctly, but do not have the funds.

For the people who want to hold us at such higher standards or anyone else who would like to donate to our cause please go to my gofundme account gofundme.com/Meetinghouse. I had started when I was fighting for my life. Now I'm changing it to fight for freedom.

Jeannie Hueber

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Thank you loyal customers & townsfolk of Gilmanton

To The Daily Sun,

It is with great sadness that I announce that the Gilmanton Corner Store, located at the intersection commonly called 4 Corners, will be closing its doors after Sunday, March 22.

I realize that a store like this is more than just a store. It has become a meeting hall, a lounge, an information booth and a bus stop where people can wait for rides to pick them up. As much as closing the store will leave a hole in my life, I know it will affect many of you as well. It has been an honor to get to know the customers and citizens around town. I will miss all of you, and wish you all the best.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my loyal customers and the townsfolk of Gilmanton who made me feel welcome and a part of this vibrant community. Further, I want to make special mention of my great staff, without whom, I would have probably closed long ago. Mary and Kevin especially put their hearts and souls into the store, and I can never thank them enough for their hard work. All of my staff was great, from top to bottom, and I will miss each of them.

Goodbye Gilmanton. Thanks for the memories.

Jeff Wichterman
Owner, Gilmanton Corner Store

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Proceeds from benefits have allowed us to pay bills & take cruise

To The Daily Sun,

This letter is my attempt to thank every one on behalf of me, Suzanne Taggett, my husband, Mike, and our sons Charles, Andrew, Joshua, Arron and their families for the kindness shown to me by the many people who attended a Lakes Region Ice Racing Club Race on Feb. 15, and a ham and bean dinner, silent auction and raffle hosted by the Wicwas Lake Grange on Feb. 21.

I am very grateful for the caring and support shown to me, and was just floored by the number of people who came to the benefit dinner, many of whom I had never met before.

I would also like to express my gratitude to the many individuals and businesses who willingly donated items that were auctioned or raffled during the dinner that helped raise $3,128. Thanks also goes to members of the Lakes Region Ice Racing Club, the drivers, their fans and race co-sponsor Lou's Custom Exhaust for donating all the proceeds from the race, plus presenting me a check for $2,000.

A special thanks goes out to Garden Island Cleaners who was inadvertently left out of a listing of donors that was previously recognized in a thank you letter published on behalf of the Wicwas Lake Grange 292.

In the days following the race and dinner, we received many cards and notes with more generous donations. The combined proceeds of the benefits and other donations have allowed us to pay off our bills and given Mike and me the chance to enjoy a week-long Caribbean cruise.

I just wanted to let people known that the kindness they have shown have put a smile on my face and taken a financial burden off our backs.

Suzanne Taggett & family


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Republicans are wrong to grandstand on behalf of seniors

To The Daily Sun,

Executive Councilor Joe Kenney's recent (March 17) Letter to the Editor states the obvious: all Granite Staters are in favor of the maximal budgetary support for our seniors and nursing homes.

In the budget process, choices must be made. So far, choices at the Statehouse have favored business tax cuts over nursing homes, Department of Transportation jobs, elderly services such as home delivered meals and in-home caregivers, ServiceLink and the continuation of Medicaid expansion, which opened access to health care services to over 37,000 low-income New Hampshire residents. Other potential targets to offset these business tax cuts include the Tilton Veterans Home, the state University System and the State Police.

But as a recent Concord Monitor column pointed out, "there's no reason to believe that ... reducing business taxes will attract and retain businesses." What they go on to say deserves additional emphasis: "(t)here is, however, good reason to believe that making up for lost revenue will require even deeper cuts ... (that will) make the state less, rather than more, attractive to young, well-educated workers and the businesses seeking to hire them."

Businesses looking to relocate to our state look for great schools, safe roads, secure neighborhoods and services for extended family members such as grandparents and the developmentally disabled. These are the resources put at risk by our New Hampshire Legislature.

It's simply wrong to grandstand on behalf of seniors while supporting other budget cuts that will make that support impossible to deliver. Councilor Kenney and state Sen. Jeanie Forrester need to be honest with their constituents about the entirety of the budget package they support.

Kate Miller


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