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Don't pretend use of Obama's middle name isn't hateful

To The Daily Sun,

I've read a few letters this past week that show me that some people either by ignorance or purposeful hatred don't understand reality. With regards to Sandra Glazer's letter on Jan. 5, how many people do you know who regularly used Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, etc., etc. middle names. Hardly any. It is hateful because they know his middle is Hussein. And don't act like you don't know the similarity to Saddam Hussein. It's purposeful.

Also, there was another ignorant letter regarding our national debt. President Obama did not raise the debt by $10 trillion. When he came into office, the national debt was $11.4 trillion which did not include $4 plus trillion that George W. Bush's wars cost our debt. Put that all together and you have in simple math close to $16 trillion of debt. When President Obama left office we had $19 trillion of debt. Portions of that debt happened to bring back our economy that the previous president had tanked. Have fun with your b.s. because that's all it is. Can't wait for another laugh.

Ray Corliss

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Grateful to 3 state reps for passing lead poisoning bill, why didn't the majority of reps also pass it?

To The Daily Sun,

I am so grateful to my Laconia State Reps. David Huot, Charlie St. Clair and Frank Tilton, for supporting a bill in the House that will save children’s lives.

Unfortunately, lead poisoning continues to happen in New Hampshire. In fact, in 2015, over 73,000 children between the ages of 5 and 18 had, at one time, above the acceptable levels of lead detected in their blood. Over 300,000 New Hampshire housing units have potential lead hazards even today.

Reps. Huot, St. Clair and Tilton, along with Reps. Fields, Lang and Plumer, voted in favor of legislation designed to prevent childhood lead poisoning and to create a funding source for that purpose. Why did Reps. Abear, Aldrich, Comtois, Fraser, Howard, Silber, Spanos, Sylvia, Vadney and Varney vote against this bill? Oftentimes securing public health overwhelms the immediate price tag. In this case, the savings put in place by lead paint containment will supersede the long-term costs of supporting children with lead paint-related illnesses.

What were Reps. Abear, Aldrich, Comtois, Fraser, Howard, Silber, Spanos, Sylvia, Vadney and Varney thinking when they voted on this bill (Wednesday)? Certainly not about the best interests of New Hampshire’s children!

Kate Miller


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