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No proof politicians knew what Weinstein was doing

To The Daily Sun,

Jim Mayotte is right about one thing — based on his letter, he is indeed deplorable. We have a president who has boasted of sexually assaulting women and who just allowed companies to discriminate against women when it comes to contraception. We have a bunch of old white men who keep trying to pass legislation that restricts a woman's right to choose. We have a Congress who tries and tries to pass health care legislation that limits a woman's health choices. We have the Department of Education that now makes it harder for female students to feel safe while in college from those who have sexually assaulted them. But Jim instead wants to focus his ire on one pervert and one Hollywood dirtbag who donates his money effusively?

I'll tell ya Jim — prove to me that everyone KNEW that Harvey Weinstein was assaulting women before this all broke open. Because everyone has disavowed him now and will either give the money back or will donate it to charity. In the meantime, I could provide you a list of GOP individuals who have resigned for sexual antics, or gotten divorced for them as well. Or the big donors to the GOP who have broken the law again and again? Your party is rife with perverts and dirtbags.

You are representing the party of male pattern pigdom and your ignorance (or avoidance) of it speaks volumes. You throw confetti into the air every time you speak the word "Trump" and blather your overly conservative right-wing babble to those fools who programmed to hear it. Luckily, there are many who know foolishness when we hear it, and you are coming through loud and clear. And I as a veteran and good American will gladly stand up and point it out every single time.

Thank you for your service.

Alan Vervaeke

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Thanks for pumpkins for students

To The Daily Sun,

Elm Street school would like to thank our parents, our PTO VISTESS, Happy Cow, Home Depot, Shaw’s, The Clip Joint, Irwin Automotive, Belknap Country Corrections, Hughes Automotive and Cami Navoy and Associates Reality for providing each of our students with a pumpkin to carve for this year’s Pumpkin Festival.

We are so blessed to by part of such a wonderful community, and because of all of you we were able to participate this year. Over 100 parents and community members were able to join us this year for our annual pumpkin carving day.

Tara Beauchemin, Principal

Elm Street School


10 19 Elm St. School Letter

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