We remember in hope that nuclear weapons aren't ever used again

To The Daily Sun,

In 1945, a Gallop poll immediately after the bombing found that 85 percent of Americans approved of using the new atomic weapon on Japanese cities. In 1991, according to a Detroit Free Press survey conducted in both Japan and the U.S., 63 percent of Americans said the atomic bomb attacks on Japan were a justified means of ending the war, while only 29 percent thought the action was unjustified. At the same time, only 29 percent of Japanese said the bombing was justified, while 64 percent thought it was unwarranted.

But a 2015 Pew Research Center survey finds that the share of Americans who believe the use of nuclear weapons was justified is now 56 percent, with 34 percent saying it was not. In Japan, only 14 percent say the bombing was justified, versus 79 percent who say it was not.

Times change people's viewpoints. Experience changes people's viewpoints.

In our Hiroshima Remembrance in Concord on Thursday, Aug. 6, our participants numbering about 40 included all ages, from college-age to people in their 80s. One of the elders present quoted for us, because of the threat of nuclear war, "If ever we have WWIII, WWIV will be fought with clubs and stones." I value that we had our gathering, and that one individual reminded us of the larger picture. Nuclear war, and billions dead, and nuclear winter as an aftermath destroying most of the world's agricultural output, is not something to ignore as a possibility.

Kudos to the thoughtful and to the activists who want to remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings as a tragedy, in the hopes that nuclear weapons are not ever again used.

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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A-bomb drop saved 500,000 American lives & 6M Japanese lives

To The Daily Sun,
Americans and Japanese should celebrate Aug. 6 because American action on this date 70 years ago helped save at least 500,000 American and six million Japanese lives during World War II.

Before the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, Americans were planning the invasion of Japan. The Japanese were expected to fight even more fiercely for their homeland than they fought elsewhere. Typically they fought to the death. Often only about one percent of the soldiers were captured. Japanese women and children on Japanese controlled islands committed suicide rather than surrender.

Japanese preparations for the invasion were being made. Every man and woman was being trained and armed. Fighting in Japan itself might have continued until nearly every Japanese man, woman, and youth was dead.

The American military had ordered the first of multiple planned orders for 500,000 Purple Hearts to award to American casualties. Fighting was expected to be as fierce as at Iwo Jima where about 850 Americans died for every square mile of land captured.

Our World War II enemies were developing an atomic bomb which they would not have hesitated to use on our country or our allies to conquer us and end freedom on earth. Fortunately the United States beat our enemies in creating and using the atomic bomb to quickly end WW2.

As a result of dropping the atomic bombs on Japan, at least one million American sons, brothers, and fathers returned home alive and uninjured.

The quick Japanese surrender saved many millions of Japanese lives, prevented the utter destruction of Japan, and perhaps the very existence of the Japanese culture.

Although far deadlier bombs than those used in World War II have been developed, the horror that those World War II bombs demonstrated has kept the civilized world from their use.

We should remember and celebrate Aug. 6 as the first of the two events that saved so many lives, saved a culture, and taught the world the horror of the use of such weapons.

Don Ewing

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While we're taking a tour of the land of the hopelessly deluded

To The Daily Sun,

All Aboard! On Thursday, the Conservative Clown Car embarks on another comedy tour down false memories lane that promises to give us everything from jaw-dropping stupidity to belly aching laughs. Welcome to another Edition of Tea Party Potty Tricks brought to you by the Center for the Study of Absurdity. Here at the Center our crack reporters are teamed up with specially trained dogs to sniff out the best in stupid.

Did you hear what Jeb Bush recently said? Did you think George was the dumb one? Not so fast. In an interview with some religious conservatives Tuesday, Jeb suggested that the federal government had overfunded women's health. Yup, one-thousandth of federal health care spending goes to women's health issues and that's just too much. Jeb has no problem with truckloads of cash for wealthy corporations who ship jobs overseas, but girls? They're just girls!

Over in Christian Taliban La-La-Land, Rick Wiles of Trunews is warning his flock that Jade Helm is paving the way for a "two-month-long Night of the Long Knives," "a round-up of patriotic men," an illegal Obama third term and possibly a nuclear EMP attack. Nukes! Increase your meds, Rick. Somebody certainly believes that conservative fly-soup because yesterday, two right-wing militia crazies opened fire on our Jade Helm troops.

While we are in the land of the hopelessly deluded, hate radio's Michael Savage is convinced Obama will initiate an anti-white genocide. His evidence? He informed his listeners that he had interviewed an elderly Mayan woman who said she had dreams. She had dreams! "Chilling," Savage told his herd of frothing listeners.

Over in Christian Sharia World, Pastor Scott Lively told an interviewer on Dove TV that religious freedom was just for Christians and that's why God is punishing us. Must be a Muslim obsession thingy. Lively as you may know, is on trial in Federal Court for Crimes Against Humanity. He funded and engineered the Death to Gays laws in Uganda and is now paying the price.

You gotta love the Scott Walker spin machine. Not only is Walker (like Jeb) against the minimum wage, Wisconsin boasts the third-worst job growth in the Midwest, a $283 million dollar budget deficit and a median income $800 lower than the national average. In neighboring progressive Democrat Minnesota, the people got a minimum wage raise plus it will be indexed with inflation beginning in 2018. Minnesota has the second-highest job growth in Midwest, a median income $8,000 above the national average, a $2 billion dollar surplus, and the highest economic confidence in the nation. More failed liberal policies! After seeing these Minnesota stats, the consensus here at the center is that we all want to be big time losers. After all, liberals love evil. Right Russ?

James Veverka

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A gracious article about Lakeport Landing better be next

To The Daily Sun,

Really Daily Sun? There are a whole lot of us who EXPECT to see just as in-depth story about Paul and Erica Blizzard's Lakeport Landing on the FRONT PAGE as well.

That was like rubbing salt in the wound and I and many other people think that was just plain nasty — unless, of course, you will be doing the exact same gracious piece on Lakeport Landing.

I certainly hope there will be another bid from Erica forthcoming as it seems like the door was slammed in her face. I know if Paul were still alive this would never have happened and I just cannot believe that Irwin is trying to run her over like this. And that the city is letting it happen.

Shame on you all as neighbors.

Judi Leavitt

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Trowing more money won't make a dent in the illegal drug problem

To The Daily Sun,

So here we are again, hearing about, "if we spend it and build it they will come." Currently, Maggie, with her power to veto, has held up the Legislature's budget to spend $42 million on drug rehab programs in the state because she wants said Legislature to include expanding Medicaid to bring in $5.7 million in fed money for drug treatment programs. Add to it the $12 million from the feds that she forgot all about, it all adds up to the total of some $59 million.

Again Haggie feels that the people/taxpayer are to be held responsible for someones "elected addiction", and with all the enforcement officials telling her in one ear, that we need to spend more and more if we are to see results, and at the same time, in the other ear, we will "ensure" your re-election.That holds true with all elected law makers who vote to increase spending on enforcement. Tell me the enforcement agencies with their lobbyists are not running this country, and our lawmakers.

What have the results been so far on drug prevention with the spending of $28 million from the last biennium? You will be hard-pressed to get a straight answer to that one. The politically correct answer is, "We are making progress." The real answer is, "X amount of officers/administrators retired at 75 percent of their base pay."

In 2010 this country spent $3.614 billion on the war on marijuana (just marijuana) and the end result was what? More spending on more government. Let's not be naive here. The end result on spending $59 million dollars in this state on drug prevention for the next biennium will be more government with the same old "but we are making progress" BS.

There are no accurate reports of how much New Hampshire spends on the war on marijuana because nobody keeps those statistics accurately. The best anybody can do is to produce a "rough estimate" based on arrest data.

By the way, if you get elected to public office in this state there is no pre-employment or random drug screening. Think about that the next time these so-called lawmakers ram another mandate down the private sector's throats.

I hear over and over again that someone lost a loved one or friend to overdose. Where were the friends and love ones before the addiction. If you can't communicate to someone before they stick a needle in their arm, then how are you going to communicate to them after they are addicted or dead? Perhaps you can sit down and send them a text message across the dinner table and talk about the dangers of opiate's, this crap has been around for decades and if you have all of a sudden just started hearing about it than you've been living in a cave. If I had a friend who died from an overdose from heron and I knew who sold that friend that crap, then you can bet your ass, that would be the last friend I would loose to that dealer.

Perhaps before we bleed $59 million into programs that don't even scratch the surface, how about we do something about the kids who go to bed hungry in this state and have to rely on school meals for their only meal of the day. Wake up Concord and Capitol Hill, stop spending more and more big money on programs that will not and have not made a dent in the problem. Start getting your priorities in order. Stop trying to convince yourselves that throwing money into a vortex, to land wherever, will solve drug problems. Your not fooling anyone, anymore. The next time you all run for office, be honest with the taxpayers and tell them that you plan on throwing more big money into law enforcement for that is where the lion share of your votes come from.

Eric T. Rottenecker

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