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These wind envergy policies are definitely not good for clean energy

To The Daily Sun,

The long-range forecast for five-hundred-foot-tall wind turbine farms in Central New Hampshire is revving up — just in time for summer residents to hear all about it.

Developers of these large wind farm projects are essentially looking for an easy win, in a small town, to start building. It's that simple. And believe this: there are lobbyist in Concord who are strongly pushing for another wind farm to be built. The pressure's on.

While other states have put moratoriums in place, New Hampshire has not. So, what happens down the road is being decided upon right now by our energy legislative panel. Let's hope our voices are heard before developers promised revenues are thrown around like bribes.

And don't forget, it's your renewable energy fund that's being misspent. Taxes collected should be spent on renewable initiatives. It's that simple. It's why these taxes are collected in the first place.

These wind energy policies are definitely not good for clean energy. And many wind farms are backed by large corporations locking in low electrical rates for the next 20 years. Big businesses win again. It's not about the consumer winning at all. It's about you and I paying for it.

So, while some people believe wind turbines drop from the heavens above ever so softly on our mountaintops. I know better and so do you. Many are constructed in China — like our children's toys — that are promised not to have toxic chemicals in them.

One last thing: Remember our Massachusetts neighbors have rejected building wind farms on their soil or shores for years. They don't want to look at them or deal with them either, but they're just fine on building them on our mountaintops.

We are N.H. Wind Watch. Remember that.

We are exclusively comprised of individuals and our sole contributions. We're motivated by our love of New Hampshire and our desire to preserve its natural beauty of our mountains, lakes and landscapes.

It's that simple.

Ray Cunningham


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Let's not turn neighbors into enemies because of political differences

To The Daily Sun,

I was saddened by the recent events at the Meredith Selectboard workshop. In a democracy, there will always be honest differences of opinion. Sometimes one finds oneself in the majority on an issue. At other times, one's heartfelt beliefs are not shared by a majority of citizens. In that case, you have the right to speak out, to publish your opinions, and to attempt to sway your neighbors. Honest political differences should never descend to personal attacks, as was the case in the recent Route 3-25 discussion.

A majority of citizens did not favor the roundabout recommendations. The Selectboard heard their opinions courteously and yielded to the will of the majority. That was democracy in action. There was absolutely no call for personal attacks. The board should have been diligent in keeping the discussion civil. They also should have stood up for one of their own who had given tirelessly of his time and expertise, whether they supported the recommendations of the committee or not. To do otherwise was a disservice to that member and to all the citizens who were then deprived of his efforts on our behalf.

It is worth reminding ourselves that we could not have the wonderful town we love without the hard work of those who volunteer their time and knowledge to make this town work. Town officials who receive a small stipend are certainly not compensated for the myriad hours they contribute to our quality of life.

Let us never allow anyone to turn neighbors into enemies because of a political difference of opinion. I, for one, would like to thank Lou Kahn for all he has done for Meredith, in official capacities such as service on the Planning Board and Selectboard, and in unofficial ways, such as his volunteer hard work with the Conservation Commission. Lou can often be found with a saw in the town parks clearing trails for all of us who love to hike, snowshoe, or just discover nature. Thank you, Lou.

Lisa Davis


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Please attend Stand Up Laconia meeting on Thursday evening

To The Daily Sun,

We want to invite the entire community to our next StandUp Laconia coalition meeting this Thursday at the Laconia Middle School Cafeteria beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Thank you to the many people who responded and are now a part of this positive force. We have many community leaders involved who are guiding us in the right direction. Please join us, we need everyone to commit to this worthwhile endeavor.

Please visit our website for more information: www.standuplaconia.com

Judi Lundh

StandUp Laconia

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I have been outspoken about Alton school issues for some time

To The Daily Sun,
I was recently called by someone who has started a write-in campaign for me to be elected to the Alton School Board. I think in light of all the recent manipulations, unethical, and perhaps illegal actions by Steve Miller and Bill Landers, and supported by votes from Sandy Wyatt and Marilyn St. Cyr, this person is so fed up they wanted to try to give the voters more choice.

I was asked, if elected, would I serve on the School Board. I agreed. I have been outspoken about school issues for some time. Some would say I am too outspoken. I say read what I have written over the years. I speak out for the children, the teachers having the right to run their own classrooms, and transparency of the School Board. I do not like lies by omission, untruths or half-truths.

I believe that parents are the rightful partners in education and should be a huge part of what goes on in the school. I like honesty and integrity at all levels. I am not a fan of one grand educational experiment after another, at the expense of the children.

I think of every taxpayer when thinking of how their money should be spent and not just the perceived wealthy lakefront taxpayers.

If you agree with my ideals, which I believe would help create a better School Board and educational system for the children, then feel free to write me in. If elected, I will try my hardest to help improve education in Alton.

Barbara Howard


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Let's not lose iconic structure that is the Lakeport Opera House

To The Daily Sun

As some of you are aware, the Lakeport Opera House block is up for auction. This piece of real estate holds many enjoyable memories for residents of Lakeport and Laconia. As most of us can recall, Henry's Five & Dime was an instrumental part of many locals' childhood memories including myself, as were the regular visits to the Lakeport Post Office with my grandmother.

I recall both my grandparents sharing memories with me about the long abandoned theater that once existed upstairs. It was not till years later, I was able to view this unique hidden gem for myself, and gaze in wonder at its unused potential.

Years have passed, and after many intermittent tenants, and lack of esthetic care the block has fallen on hard times. As a former resident of Laconia, I see the value in preserving this structure, and it is nice to know I am not alone in this important cause. This structure would make an ideal venue for concerts, theater productions, and there is plenty of opportunity to utilize the existing lower level for retail space.

I read recently the curtain from the Moulton Opera House was discovered in a barn in Laconia. We no longer have that structure due to Urban Renewal, and yes, esthetically the Lakeport Opera House needs a little TLC, but it still exists today. What better way to honor the memory of this lost landmark, then to showcase it within its Lakeport counterpart.

We need to remember there are federal historic preservation grants available to secure these types of structures for the future. It will sadden many residents, including former ones like myself, if this iconic structure is lost.

Michael Brown

Ann Arbor, Mich.

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