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I am deeply humbled by the support we've received in District 9 so far

To The Daily Sun,

On July 18, Democrats, independents and conservatives tired with what they've seen in Washington in Concord went in mass to the polls on an off, off year election in the middle of the summer to write in a vote for issues. They voted for their community, they voted past the noise in Concord and Washington. They cast #avoteforus, and that's what they got in me.

It's important to me that I thank everyone that came out and supported us, because it was a team effort. I am one voter. It was two hundred concerned citizens that given one choice, demanded another. I am extremely humbled by the mandate that I was given, but our work is not done. Over the next month, the GOP nominee will continue to campaign about how I'm "untested" and "too young," while I'll talk about issues like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, health care, and the economic boom we need to save the community. The GOP nominee will continue to prove he has no positive message by simply attacking me personally and I will continue to knock on doors, and engage with residents, while gaining the bi-partisan support needed to be an effective legislator. The GOP will continue to have the support of the political establishment he plans to work on behalf of, while I show residents they're my concern, and not the lobbyists in Concord.

Whether your a Republican, Democrat, or independent, I hope to get to as many residents as I can, to ensure they get an unfiltered explanation of my platform, and I hope to see you soon.

Thank you once again, I am deeply humbled by the support we've received to far, and I look forward to building on that.

Joshua Adjutant

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It seems Pres. Trump's supporters are caught in reverse Catch 22

To The Daily Sun,

I know, I said I was taking the rest of the summer off for some
fishing and other fun, but here I am back venting about this and that. Well, the fish quit biting because of the heat and so I'm back to venting.

In Wednesday's issue of The Sun, Froma Harrop came out with a really deep piece. Her first sentence was, “Ours is a nation in despair.” As I read on, she quoted a lot of statistics to reinforce her topic sentence. After a lot of depressing details she tried to provide an answer with the following: “Americans can find solace in physical interaction. We can meet a friend for coffee and an honest conversation with none of that social media show-boating.”

At that point I turned the page to a letter headed with the title: "The left's war on the Western world aid our democracy is fully engaged.” Really, how could that be anything but provocative? Maybe we are way beyond even having conversations about the problems that beset us. At the end of a two column diatribe, the author asks us to pray for President Trump's safety and his perseverance . To that I say, what about us down here in the swamp drowning in the president's rhetoric and lack of significant leadership?

People who indulge in strident bleats in an effort to persuade very often fail to convince their audience. Everyone should read or attempt to read the book “Catch 22” once in their lifetime. The basic premise of the novel was a circular argument that Yossarion kept losing. He was trying to use insanity as a reason to get a discharge from the Air Force because some of the sorties they were flying were bordering on suicide missions. He couldn't prove he was insane because “Catch 22” proved he was sane and able to fly. Basically, if you were sane enough to make the judgment that you might be crazy, then you weren't insane.

I'm not sure if the foregoing paragraph applies here but to me seems that some of President Trump's supporters are caught in a reverse Catch 22. It goes something like this: If they weren't crazy when the voted for him, their fear about him now is totally irrational. Do they continue to support him because their original judgment was flawed? Were they driven by fear of another Clinton in the White House? Or, were they duped by the biggest flim-flam artist in the whole world?

Maybe! But if it is proven that President Trump is just an overweight guy with a bad hairdo resting on head devoid of reason, what's next?

Bill Dawson


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