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I was lucky that Elmer Davis was my friend; he'll be remembered

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to give additional information to the obituary for my friend Elmer Davis, published in the June 20 edition of The Laconia Daily Sun.

After working at St. Pierre’s Restaurant, where I first met Elmer, he became the head chef for the Red Hill Inn in Center Harbor. He made acclaim for himself and the inn in a feature article in Yankee Magazine about Elmer and his Kentucky High Pie. He was an excellent chef, and would generously share his recipes. He could recite them from memory, from his delicious shrimp scampi to his wonderful desserts.

Elmer was good to everyone he worked with from the other chefs, the many waitresses and waiters, to the dishwashers. He was kind and interested in them all. Some of the friends that he had put together so long ago are lasting friendships to this day. "The Tuesday Night Group" of guys still meet on the first Tuesday of each month to discuss everything from music, reading. and current events.

He was a good friend to me and never missed a birthday or anniversary. He followed the ups and downs of all the events and important people in my life through the years, as he probably did many others. I was lucky that he was my friend. He will be remembered and missed.

Sandy Frazier

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Courageous political leader are not words to describe Mr. DeVoy

To The Daily Sun,

In typical political fashion, Mr. DeVoy distorts fiscal reality with his letter in the June 21 Laconia Daily Sun. That he does so by attempting to smear Brian Gallagher is venal and unacceptable.

This tactic is familiar to me.

I objected at the time to Mr. DeVoy's and Mr. Taylor's decision to seek 25-year financing for the hew corrections center. Mr. Taylor cynically commented, "let the young people pay," a statement that does not take into account Belknap County's steadily eroding economy and also fails to take into account the challenges which may need to be addressed between years 20 and 25 of a bond. Glibly, Mr. DeVoy insinuates into the discussion the fact that some
county indebtedness will be retired this year. Those dollars belong to the taxpayers of Belknap County and not to Mr. DeVoy.

Twenty-five years of bond debt amounts to doing what politicians like to do: avoid taking responsibility and kicking the can down the road. This dishonesty is mirrored by Mr. DeVoy's shameless attack on Brian Gallagher. He assigns motives to Mr. Gallagher which most of those who served with Brian believe untrue. After evaluating his own chances in a run for the tate Senate seat, Mr. DeVoy concluded that Brian was better situated to run and offered Brian his support. It was only when his dubious financial plan was criticized that DeVoy went back on his word. There are words for this action but courageous
political leader are not amongst them.

Dick Burchell
Gilmanton Iron Works

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