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I wonder what writer thought of ACA passing on party vote

To The Daily Sun,

I had to chuckle and wonder what your reader, Joseph Dorsett Sr., thought of the obummercare tax bill that was forced down our throats with only one party voting to pass it while the current tax bill passed by one party has already shown positive impacts on people rather than 100 percent and up increases in the average person's health care costs.

Seems to me that they were both a one-party bill, and it does appear that the 401(k)s like the current one a heck of a lot better than the first one. Ours has actually increased while it had barely hung on during the past eight years.

Jim Shuff


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Democrats think Trump voters are dumb and racist

To The Daily Sun,

It is 2018, Donald Trump is still president and the United States is prospering. President Trump has accomplished more in one year than President Obama did in eight years.

If you believe the tax cut is only for the rich, do not take it. Do not accept a bonus from the company, do not pay lower taxes and do not invest in the stock market.

Here is what Democrats think of Trump voters: "We get it, they're dumb. They're very, very dumb, they live in places in which all their friends are dumb, and their jobs are dumb, and their dogs are dumb and they are racist."

Other than that, we are pretty nice people.

Here are some of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018:

- Stop watching Expert Sport Political Network (ESPN) – too much politics.

- Stop calling my Congressional Reps and Senators – they do not give a "crap" what I think.

- Support Eddie Edward for Congress- look him up.

- Vote Republican – love Jeanne Forrester.

- Stop watching any awards show.

- Continue to stand and salute while the National Anthem is being played.

- Continue to support and love President Trump.

Jim Mayotte


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