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Progressives have been waiting for someone with guts and brains

To The Daily Sun,

Is this the best they can do? Hillary's minions in the Democratic (sic) Party leadership threaten to defy the New Hampshire voter by tilting all their super-delegate votes to Hillary. At best, super delegates should be entirely apportioned by percentage of the primary. But I am not surprised. It is precisely this "we know best" attitude that has caused them to collude with Republicans for years.

Democrats voted for the Iraq war, Democrats voted for the greatest defeat for poor people in 1990s, Democrats supported the Wall Street bailout and refuse to support controls for too-big-to-fail banks.

You say, "We didn't have the power." Well, you have given your power away drip by drip every time you gave up without a fight. Progressive Democrats support Bernie because he is leading the charge we have waited and waited and waited for. We wanted someone to stand up for our principles. Instead, the Democratic leadership just whines and says, "It's too hard. We shouldn't even try."

Well, I will be voting not just for Bernie this fall, but a whole new leadership at the state, federal and local level. It's not just about Bernie. It is because he is the first Democrat to come along to speak truth to power in a long time.

Jeanne, Maggie, Jay, you should be very afraid for your jobs. It is time to get some leadership with guts as
well as brains. And no, I am not young or even middle-aged. I am a proud senior.

David Stamps

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Bernie has done plenty in Congress, he’ll do the same as President

To The Daily Sun,

What has Bernie Sanders ever done in Congress?

For answers, see http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/2/12/1483928/-What-has-Bernie-ever-accomplished.
To paraphrase: in Congress, Sanders is known as The Amendment King. He got passed amendments that:
— Reduced costs of post-secondary education in April, 1998.

— Stopped the IRS from being able to use funds that violated pension laws in July, 2002.

— Expanded free health care in November, 2001.

— Prohibited importation of goods made with child labor in July, 2001.

— Increased funding for heating for the poor in September, 2004.

— Prohibited the Export-Import Bank from providing loans for nuclear projects in China in June, 2005.

All this despite the fact that the most right-wing Republicans in a generation controlled the House of Representatives between 1994 and 2006.

As a senator, Sanders made amendments that:

— Required 30 percent of hot water demands in newer buildings to be provided by solar water heaters in June, 2007.

— Protected our troops; $10 million to Army National Guard in October, 2007.

— Restricted the 2008 bailout to protect U.S. workers in February, 2009.

— Exposed corruption in the military-industrial complex in November, 2012.

— Ensured that the military's TRICARE system could treat autism.

— Required an audit of the Federal Reserve.

So, Bernie has done plenty in Congress, and I think he'll do plenty as president.

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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