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We deeply appreciate the professional care provided to 'Moe' Perry

To The Daily Sun,

On Oct. 19 a very special man in our hearts passed from this world to the next.

Our family would like to express its deepest gratitude to the entire staff of LRGH for his comfort and care; also to the staff of Genesis and Belknap County Home during his short stays.

His was a long, hard journey as he fought to stay with us.

We deeply appreciate the professional care provided to him and the concern, courtesy and understanding shown to his family. The assistance they gave, along with a smile, cheery attitude and gentle approach gave us all a bit of peace.

The names are too many to mention; you know who you are. You have all touched us deeply.

For 69 days we watched over him. Now he watches over us.

Family of Maurice "Moe" Perry



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I trust Andrew Hosmer to be the senator our community really needs

To The Daily Sun,

I'll be voting for Andrew Hosmer on November 8 and here's why:

I've known Andrew for many years, I know his beautiful family, and I trust him to be the senator our community needs. He's a small-business owner, a father and a state senator who's working for what our families, our economy, and our businesses need to help keep New Hampshire moving forward.

One issue that I've recently watched Andrew tackle head-on is the heroin epidemic that's been responsible for the loss of too many lives here in New Hampshire. Andrew has been on the forefront of opening new treatment facilities and working tirelessly with www.navigatingrecovery.org. He's seen firsthand the devastation that heroin brings to our communities and he's fighting every day to give our families the support we need.

Solving the heroin crisis is going to take more than a one-size-fits-all piece of legislation. That is why Andrew works with his fellow Senate members across party lines, not only on this issue but many issues that affect our community. With Andrew fighting for us in the Senate I can sleep easily knowing that he's there for us.

I hope the residents of New Hampshire's 7th District will join me in voting for Andrew Hosmer on Nov. 8 — there's too much at stake to stay home.

Shelly Middleton

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