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We are indeed blessed to have symphony orchestra in our region

To The Daily Sun,

Saturday night, March 19, something special happened in Meredith and it is called the Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra.

For those of us attending we were treated to a wonderful program of classical music. From the Concerto in C Major for Cello, with the brilliant cellist, Jacob MacKay, to the lovely Dvorak Symphony No. 7 performed by the LRSO, it was an evening to remember.

The Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra is made up of volunteer musicians whose dedication and love of music has been bringing orchestral music to our region for years and under the music director, Ben Greene, they have never been better.

We are indeed blessed to have this musical talent and commitment in our area. Thank you Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra.

Liz Lapham

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Stop lawmakers from raiding the state employee pension system

To The Daily Sun,

"This bill requires premium contribution amounts for retiree health benefits (from) retired state employees who are Medicare eligible."

This is the first line of the amended analysis to the substitute amendment to HB-1591 that has passed the House and this week will be acted on by the Senate Finance Committee.

There has already been an increase in state retirees' medication co-pays, and for the first time, the two houses of our Legislature are working together to fill a $5 million gap in funding by directly raiding your 80-year-old neighbor's state employee pension.

Please contact your senator and state representative today. Ask them to kill this move that will harm the helpless.

Gail Morrison

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