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Obma told the truth about Hillary for President back in 2008

To The Daily Sun,

I take umbrage with E.Scott Cracraft's column of Nov. 15.

The American people have spoken. Trump won the election with almost 300 electoral votes fair and legal. You state it wasn't a mandate, but I've stated before, Clinton won big in three states. California, Massachusetts and New York, encompassing 110 electoral votes. That was about half of her total. I would call that a mandate.

The country is not united, indicative of the mainstream media like the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, ranting pernicious and prevaricating stories about Donald Trump. To be fair, Trump is not without faults, but the daily vitriol espoused during the campaign was scurrilous and mendacious to say the least.

The people wanted change and were tired of the establishment rhetoric of the last eight years.

The Democratic Party put up a candidate who ran on the fact she was the first female to run for president. Also 30 some years as first lady, senator, and the secretary of state with no real accomplishments to her credit.

You allude to the blame factor, which includes the Bernie supporters, the D.N.C., etc. You fail to include Hillary herself.

President Obama in 2008, said Hillary was a likable person, but not to be president.That was also true in 2016.

Rich Tjaden


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A racist, misogynistic megalomaniac ascends to the highest office

To The Daily Sun,

I have not been involved in the always contentious, often irrational and rude letters to the editor on political issues. But I have to respond to Dave Schwotzer's letter of Nov. 15. It is interesting that Mr. Schwotzer, apparently an arbiter of the decorum of writing letters to the editor, finds it within the realm of decorum to label those who do not agree with his political views as "left-wing lunatics." Interesting but not surprising as he and others like him have fallen in goosestep behind the man who has shredded the last vestiges of decorum from our political process and our society. I am sure that he and like-minded people were aghast (as I have to admit I myself was) when Hillary Clinton described Trump supporters as deplorable. But how did they feel about Mr. Trump's vitriolic, demeaning, sexist and racist reactions to those who opposed or dared to criticize him? No, Mr. Schwotzer, there have not been protests before such as those which have greeted the election of Mr. Trump. But we have never before had such a racist, misogynistic megalomaniac ascend to the highest office in our country.

Tom Stankosky

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