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Holy Grail closing has nothing to do with any god or his wrath

To The Daily Sun,

Consider this a pre-emptive letter to the anticipated arrival of a letter from one Bishop Paul Blake.

I was disheartened to read about the announced closure of the Holy Grail restaurant, which has been a subject many times in these pages. Before the delusional letters begin to arrive from all the local dogmatists, know the facts. According to a frequently-cited study by Ohio State University, over 60 percent of restaurants fail within the first year, and over 85 percent within five years.

Unfortunately, the Holy Grail has succumbed to one or many of the enormous hurdles that restaurants have to overcome in order to thrive. It is a common occurrence in the restaurant world and has nothing to do with any God or his wrath.
Thomas Lemay

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Daily Sun bias was present & accounted for during my 4 years in office

To The Daily Sun,

Reading the response of Mr. Abear to the woefully inept reporting in The Daily Sun, I marvel at his patience, precision and ability to frame the discussion. Thank you to him and to the state representatives for the time they invested in crafting a difficult budget. It is much easier to just keep giving money away than it is to act responsibly.

I lived through two years of The Daily Sun's reporting as a state representative and then through two more years as a county commissioner. To have the editor in this case excuse asking for advertisement money for Mr. Abear's response to the budget brouhaha because there was an internal mix-up over the term spreadsheet is silly and insulting to Mr. Abear and to the rest of the delegation. The Daily Sun's bias was present and accounted for all along.

After a majority of the delegation signed off on a county budget for 2017, back came the commissioners looking for second and third bites of the apple. Thank you again Mr. Abear, as you are temperate in a way that few can match.

Dick Burchell
Gilmanton Iron Works

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