Reverting our lifestyles to 17th Centurn

To The Daily Sun,

A better, fairer life for all. Is this not what the administration seeks? However, some sacrifices are involved. I can't wait till every aspect of my life is dictated. I'll be regarded as philanthropic, although I never earned an impressive salary. We'll all be seen as kinder, more caring.

Hysterics promoted by the left being P.C. — you've never heard any of this from the right — whose contempt for political correctness is justified. These regarding a myriad of problematical concerns over recent decades, have all failed to materialize. How many apologies have you heard? How many such concerns are being created today?

Find one aspect of our lives they intend to leave untransformed. It's for the good of all, you see. Where would we be today without fossil fuels? Rural electrification has truly transformed life styles whether its source is fossil fuels, or hydroelectric power plants. I'm against being without "Ready Kilowatt!"

Electric autos need an electric source to "recharge" else they are merely junk on four wheels. The rise of electric rates to boost support for a world driven by "green power" attributed to rising carbon levels and temperatures is just the beginning. Conservation at home won't help much. All of this (is) attributable to automobiles, warm homes, appliances, entertainment centers, creature comforts and the ravenous appetites of an obese population. As if climate variables have not occurred in the past 200,000 years of homosapien experience but unlikely to occur in the future if we just stop living selfish, hedonistic, irresponsible lives with no regard for Earth's less fortunate or our own survival.

Boy are we dumb. Having foresight to revert our lifestyles to 17th or 18th Century standards would solve all these problems. ISIS however prefers a fall-back to the ninth or 10th Century. We need consider this!

Once immersed into a more primitive lifestyle, fairness and respect for neighbors needs will surely create a mutually supportive Utopian world. Won't it be grand!

Ward Flanders



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Refusing to make loans to unqualified people isn't discrimination

To The Daily Sun,

The economy hasn't even fully recovered from the 2008 housing induced recession and Obama is already making the same, loud politically motivated noises that led us off the last cliff to economic destruction. Obama says, home ownership percentages are now at 25-year lows, while banks are making it too darn tough for people with little money and poor credit to qualify for a home, so let's loosen credit band wagon again. Of course his remarks are saturated in innuendo the "unqualified" are being discriminated against by mean banks.

The financially unqualified are now the heart and soul of the Democratic Party voting base, so this offers a great opportunity for political grand-standing. No one can spew drama, division and divisiveness like the great orator himself. It is impossible for a man like Barack Obama to consider businesses might simply making good lending decisions founded in logic. Nothing distresses the Democratic mind any more than than knowing someone, some where is making a profit.

These are the same housing discrimination allegations Democrats have been making since Ted Kennedy roamed earth. I can assure you it was never the banks or Wall Street's idea to loan to unqualified buyers. Those Harvard guys are simply smarter than that. But when government, underpinned by political motivation, began raising quota percentages regarding how many less-fortunate people (financially unqualified) had to be given a mortgage Wall Street got creative. They designed some of the most toxic and dangerous financial instruments ever seen. So complex it was hard to determine just how dangerous they were.

When government demands businesses shoot themselves in the head, making loans to financially unqualified borrowers, why would anyone wonder why Wall Street devised a bomb that would be hard to detect, and impossible to measure until it had exploded?

If you don't want another financial disaster in the exact image of 2008 we have to stop Democrats from screaming mortgage discrimination which is underpinned with one single purpose which is to buy elections, forcing banks to make loans to their voting base of unqualified people using a gun to their head from government.

Refusing to make loans to unqualified people isn't discrimination, it is common-sense lending. The same common sense logic that underpinned bank lending rules for the last 100 years. Banks demanded a 20 percent down payment. They always demanded it, they still want it. Making loans with less than 20 percent are high risk to both the lender and the borrower. Obama doesn't care the high risk of failure, because the American taxpayer bails out every Democratic boondoggle, asinine mistake.
It is government which wants unqualified people in homes they can't afford because it accomplishes their social agenda, while it wraps itself in screams of discrimination to accomplish it. Obama now channels Kennedy. It isn't toxic loans that are the problem, it is toxic, Democratic economic logic to win elections that bankrupts this country.

We just implemented Dodd-Frank that crammed down thousands of pages of rules and regulations on banks costing tens of billions. JP Morgan had to hire 1,000 new people just to comply with the new Dodd-Frank rules. That is insanity on steroids. Billions that consumers will pay every nickel of in higher bank fees and costs.

Those thousands of pages and billions in costs accomplish nothing compared to one sentence. "We will not make home loans to people who do not have at least a 20 percent down payment and a good employment history". We need to include those words in the Constitution. If we reduce the down payment number to 15 percent, Democrats will still scream discrimination. If we lower it to 10 percent they will still scream decimation because screaming the words discrimination and racism are the two most important words Democrats use to win elections. We have to stop idiots from using the treasury of the U.S. government to buy elections. That is what making loans to unqualified people is, because government backs 90 percent of every home mortgage written as taxpayers sit on the hooks for trillions with ever-poorer credit quality. Thank Democrats.

Tony Boutin

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My father always believed he had first right to purchase the land

To The Daily Sun,

In 1978, my family purchased Lakeport Landing Marina. They sold everything they had, including a vehicle, just for the down payment. My father came from less than nothing, but what he lacked in education and money, he made up for with hard work and determination. My parents struggled for years working every day to turn a boatyard, which looked more like a junkyard, into a marina. My father had a vision.

His vision was hindered in 1983 after he rightfully purchased the property located at 21 Elm St. from the City of Laconia for $25,000. An error was made by the city and Irwin Marine sued to block the sale. The mistake resulted in the city having to undo the transaction and return the money to my father. We ended up with a 30-year lease instead, which at the time was our only option.

My father always believed that there was an understanding with the city that he had the first right to purchase the property at the end of the lease. My father passed away on April 10, 2013. For most of my life, I have known how important obtaining this property was to him. I saw how disappointed he was at the end when he realized that his time was running out and this part of his vision from way back in 1978 had not been achieved.

Over the years we invested over $500,000 in the property in the form of improvements, taxes and lease payments. Last fall we offered to purchase the property for $331,400, which is the assessed value. By this offer, we were essentially purchasing the showroom twice. We had made the lease payments for the last 30 years and also paid to build the building, which in 1983 was in excess of $200,000. It was the deal my father had to take 30 years ago, and 30 years later; this is what the City of Laconia felt the property was worth.

I became aware that Irwin Marine also still wanted the property and intended to move aggressively to do whatever it took to obtain it. They are already the largest marina in the state of New Hampshire so obtaining this property, which is a long narrow strip of land less than one acre, was not going to give them any more exposure and very little additional space. I couldn't help but think that it must be some sort of power play when their representatives bluntly told me that they would acquire the property and have much deeper pockets than Lakeport Landing to do so.

They informed me that it "wasn't personal, it was business". After 37 years of being their neighbor it was both personal and business, bad business.

I was shocked when the City Council unexpectedly made their decision during a time where I felt we were still in the negotiation process. I believe there was a rush to judgement and lack of consideration when the final decision was made roughly 30 minutes after looking at the two offers. Sure, the Irwin Maine offer was in excess of any  reasonable value for the property, but I question whether the City Council really had time to consider the fairness of the two offers.

Without committing to a final price, my offer included an agreement to keep a taxable building of the existing size on the property for a period of 50 years. I also agreed to substantially increase the size of another building on Park Street which would have added to the city's tax roll. In the long run, the city would be making much more money with Lakeport Landing's commitment to expand, than Irwin Marine's one time over-payment.

The City Council took something special away from me to give to Irwin Marine, because they felt this was in the best interest of the city. Who is the city? Am I not part of the city? Is my family's taxpaying dollars since 1978 not part of the city? Are my employees who live here not part of the city?

Was it fair to view both parties as identical even though Lakeport Landing has invested hundreds of thousands into the property and Irwin Marine has invested nothing?

The City Council still has the opportunity to "get it right",  if any one of the four councilors (Bownes, Doyle, Hamel or Lipman) would move to reconsider Monday's vote to sell the property to Irwin Marine and acknowledge that the process of our negotiations may not have been properly followed.

Erica Blizzard
Lakesport Landing

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Thank you for your leadership of Belknap County Nursing Home

To The Daily Sun,

The following letter has been addressed to Belknap County Home Administrator Matthew Logue:

(This week) I visited my brother, Richard Thornton in the Belknap County Nursing Home. I've visited him multiple times, sometimes with Liz McKinley, his wife, sometime alone. At every visit, I've been impressed with how welcoming the facility is, how clean and bright everything is.

Most gratifying, however, is the consistently friendly attitude of the staff to visitors like me and their gracious and considerate manner toward my brother and the other residents. The words and actions of everybody, from health professionals to cleaning staff, from cafeteria workers to the people in social services, bespeak not only their innate humanity but also good training and dedication to their task, which is not always and easy one.

Richard used to be a brilliant teacher and an unbeatable verbal sparring partner. He can't do those things any more, but he's still a husband, father, grandfather, brother and my good friend. Richard can take his favorite seat near the staff entrance; he can walk around at night; he can get an extra glass of milk -- all seemingly small things that, together with the big things of daily care, add up to dignity.

I know enough about institutions to realize that success in work and faithfulness to mission don't happen by accident. Thank you for your leadership of the Belknap County Nursing Home and thank you to the staff that you have assembled.

Bro. Andrew Thornton
Saint Anselm Abbey

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Thank you for the support in the wake of our daughter's death

To The Daily Sun,

The sudden death of our daughter, Parris Lee King, on May 12 has not been easy on my wife, Mary, myself, and her three brothers Duane, Brooks and Shane.

We want to thank our neighbors, family members and friends who have given us strong support. The flowers, sympathy cards and telephone calls are greatly appreciated.

Her passing has also been difficult for her three daughters and their families and her longtime companion, Bobby Locklear.

We also want to thank Pastor Jim White of the Trinity Baptist Church in Angier, N.C., and his congregation members for the support they have given to us and her family.

It has not been easy on any of us, and once again we thank all of you for your prayers and support. The only bright side is that after battling cancer for almost five years, Parris is no longer suffering.

Gordon D. King

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