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Thanks for supporting our library during Gilford Old Home Day

To The Daily Sun,

A huge thanks to the folks who attended the Gilford Old Home Day events and their support of the Gilford Public Library! The turn-out at the book sale/pie and ice cream tents was wonderful and we are grateful to all who stopped by. Sawyer’s is to be thanked for donating all of the ice cream!

With appreciation to all who helped, baked and attended. See you next year!
Friends of the Gilford Public Library

  • Written by Edward Engler
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Trump supporters ignore his attempts to dismantle Constitution

To The Daily Sun,

It blows my mind when I read letter after letter from your frequent-flyer,  phony-baloney, right-wing bigots purporting to lecture readers on just how terrible the left is and how dare we not support Trump. Russ Wiles wrote about how only Republicans fought against racism and local radio wacko Niel Young wrote in his column that he firmly believes that Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood!

After eight years of blatant hatred and racist driven attempts to delegitimize by the right against President Obama ,you now expect us to believe a single syllable of what you are writing?

You screamed liar about Obama, but excuse Trump's daily lies and misstatements.

You claim to be supporters of the Constitution, but ignore repeated attempts by Trump to dismantle it.

ou called Obama executive orders as unconstitutional, yet not a word about Trump's running government almost exclusively by executive order.

You shouted about the rising national debt, but not a word about Trump's plans which would drastically increase debt by trillions.

You are nothing more than a bunch of old white men with deeply rooted racism who write so frequently trying to defend what is indefensible.
I dare you to write the truth for once. Give credit for Obama's successes and call out Trump for the same things you continually called out Obama for.
If you can't do that, put away your typewriter.

Carol Stappi

  • Written by Edward Engler
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