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Be careful when you speak so callously about deaths of strangers

To The Daily Sun,

We had some very tragic news happen right out on Lake Winnipesaukee. Three people lost their lives on the ice while using snowmobiles. I cannot imagine the anguish these families and friends are going through right now and I am truly so very sorry for your loss.

I have heard many comments about these accidents over these past few days. Some have been very sympathetic and others have been very judgmental. I was appalled at the specific comments toward the father who lost his 15-year-old son. Some people are actually blaming him for his own child's death! Same goes for the other two gentlemen who died, with people blaming the deceased for the "risks" they took.

I can't believe how heartless some people are. I say, who are you?! Be grateful it was not your son, husband, father, or friend. Be careful when you speak so callously about their deaths, and give your opinions so freely as if you were there or knew better than them. Someone who loved/loves them may be nearby listening. Then how would you feel?!
Again, I am truly sorry, and wish you and yours peace.

Denise C. Burke

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Democrats driving country toward one-party future, a blue one

To The Daily Sun,

Can't you just hear those New England and New York pundits now? "Goll darn that President Trump! Sending more snow to the northeastern "blue" states again. And more on the way. It's all his fault." And other than Massachusetts, where at least one court judge believes in the Constitution, the rest of the northeast will file lawsuits asking for a stay for any additional snow this spring.

Oh yeah, and how about the plea for another march on D.C.? This time the northeast environmentalists will shout "Down with DJT! Look what he's done to our always blue sky spring golf outings. This snow and blizzard conditions are exactly what we mean by global warming. Who cares what the season is, what do we care? He certainly doesn't; he can play anytime at Doral." (And it probably drives all the left mad that those trips to Florida are now on Air Force One. After all, that's not the same as vacationing on the Vineyard or in Hawaii.)

Poor President Trump. Blamed for everything. Even his hairstyle.

Democrats have to "wake up and smell the roses" before the country has a one party system — and it will not be colored blue.

Jim Raschilla

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