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Only the Democrats willing to face up to the critical needs of our state

To The Daily Sun,

When I moved to the Lakes Region to accept a teaching position in 1972, the Republican Party was in control of the Statehouse. They were a very different crowd then. They certainly were conservative, but not so much that they couldn't make changes in the law. The Business Profits Tax was passed in 1970 under Gov. Walter Peterson and the Business Enterprise Tax under Gov. Judd Gregg. Gov. Meldrim Thomson signed a bill providing for conservation easements and a bill to protect wetlands. Republicans joined with Democrats to pass an amendment to the state Constitution allowing for "Current Use" taxation for further protection of our open lands.

Today, it seems that the GOP has lost its way. No increase in tax can even be considered even though some of our school districts are in critical need of additional revenue and our roads and bridges are crumbling. Our state has a serious problem with invasive plants, yet the state has just one employee to address the issue. The Department of Education looks like a ghost town with the remaining employees doing the job of one, two or even three previous staff members. Other departments are in similar condition.

What's the answer to this? Well, it's certainly not to continue this do-nothing attitude! We can leave the GOP in control or look to the new, forward-looking Democratic candidates as our choice in the coming election.

The Democratic Party is fielding candidates from the top down who are informed, enthusiastic, and willing to roll up their sleeves and consider legislation that will make our state a better place to live and conduct business. Like the Federal Government, refusal to act is not an answer. We need a governor, executive councilors, state senators and House members who care about the needs of all our residents.

In November I'll be voting for Democrats who are willing to face the critical needs of our state. I hope you will too.

Frances Taylor

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If Clinton wins the presidency, GOP leaders have themselves to blame

To the Daily Sun,

Whether you love Donald Trump or hate him, he did win the GOP Primary fair and square with 13.3 million votes, beating out all the other candidates and the closest candidate Ted Cruz by 5.7 million votes.

At the start of the presidential primary there were 17 candidates, all pledging to support the winning candidate. This didn't happen. As a voting Republican most of my adult life I could not vote for any Politician that could not keep their word and support their party. They are no better than the Democratic candidate (Hillary Clinton) in being untruthful.

The elite of the GOP ought to be ashamed of themselves for not supporting and campaigning against Donald Trump (the candidate that the people voted for). What you told us is that we're not smart enough to know what we want, or what is good for us and we need our elected officials to make those decisions for us.

Ever hear this before? Sure you have! Speaker of the House, Democrat, Tip O'Neill spoke to the freshmen Congressmen (after they were sworn in) and another time Speaker of The House, Democrat, Nancy Pelosi,
before Congress repeated this behavior on voting for Obamacare. That was an insult to the voters who took the time to vote! They, the elite of the GOP, should be ashamed of themselves; although I don't believe they have any shame.

You say you want a Reagan Republican? Donald Trump may not be a Reagan Republican, but he ran
on the Republican ticket and won. Do you remember Reagan's 11th Commandment? Say nothing bad about a fellow Republican. Or doesn't that apply for the elite GOP leaders if they don't approve of the candidate that is not of their choosing?

You haven't done too well the last two elections, so why should we listen to you now. The Republican Party used to be a party of the people, by the people, for the people. Instead it's become a party of the party, for the party, by the party. You're a bunch of sore losers and party policy is more important then what the people want. It's all about party line.

We cannot afford another four years of a Democratic president. If that happens, you have yourselves to blame.

Don Bormes

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