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Talk is cheap; let's see Trump yank insurance from 20 million

To The Daily Sun,

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote on Tuesday. The majority of voters rejected Donald Trump and his dark destructive agenda. Once again, the loser of the popular vote has won the presidency. Let us hope that Trump will recognize this and be president for all. Not getting a popular mandate will affect his presidency throughout.

If not, the ACLU is ready. In a letter to Trump on their website, the ACLU has warned Trump that they will see him in court if he tries to implement his most controversial proposals regarding immigrants, Muslims, Planned Parenthood, etc. Activist groups are now on the warpath and plan on fighting Trump at every turn.

Regarding Obamacare, a replacement has to be formulated before repeal. Yanking 20 million people's health care will have dire consequences in a nation where the majority of voters cast their ballots for the more liberal candidate. As you know, the new governor of Kentucky went back on his promise to repeal his state's Medicaid expansion because it would have left hundreds of thousands without health care. Reality bites. Talk is cheap.

James Veverka


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Hillary will be hired as spokesperson for Trump U. for $20M

To The Daily Sun,

The five best and worst things about a Donald Trump presidency.
The best :
1. The words "global warming," with its singular intent to expand government power, will be expunged from the English language.

2. Every trace of Barack Obama's presidency will be shredded like confetti within six months. Within 12 months people will say Barack who?

3. The U.S. Supreme court will move far more conservative than ever for a generation to come.

4. Obamacare will be euthanized, replaced with more competition, less government intervention, more freedom of choice and better cost/results outcomes.

5. Increased incentives to work will replace incentives not to, while increased economic opportunity replaces entitlement and politically manufactured, government dependence aimed only to influence voting results.

The worst:

1. Celebrity, Rosie O'Donnell, and news reporter Megyn Kelly will need to hire food tasters.

2. Walls of protectionism will diminish the stature, global reach and GDP of America. High-priced jobs only translate to high-priced products if not paid for with higher efficiency.

3. Trump's bullying personal style, manner of speech and methods of intimidation will become the operating standard for our young and impressionable to mimic.

4. All lawsuits against Trump University will be dropped. The college will be reopened. Hillary will be hired as its spokesperson (fee, twenty million dollars) with all tuitions paid for by special government grants misleadingly advertised as free education.

5. All Trump's former lovers are going to step forward claiming his groping was not consensual, prompting an endless string of lawsuits followed by impeachment proceedings while Americans stand like deer in the headlights one more time.

Tony Boutin

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