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'White Nationalism' corresponds with those still supporting Trump

To The DaiIy Sun,

I don't think "white nationalist" is synonymous with "white supremacist" or "Nazi." I think of white nationalism as an attitude of suspicion or hatred towards foreigners and minorities unless they abandon their culture and language and religion until they are sufficiently mainstream. Catholics, who were shunned by white nationalists even 50 years ago, are sometimes white nationalists themselves now. And, for most white nationalists now (as distinguished from "Nazis") American Jews have become sufficiently mainstream in their speech and cultural attitudes that they no longer seem "foreign" to white nationalists. But any foreigners or minorities that insist on maintaining a non-mainstream culture or religion, or continue to speak their native language, continue to be regarded with suspicion or hatred.

This kind of "white nationalism" is of course very common. It corresponds to the third of the country that still approves of Trump. We need to see that white nationalism is not some rare evil bogeyman that we can safely regard as ridiculously unlikely to ever achieve national power, like Nazis or the KKK. The really scary thing is that it is common enough to have elected a president, and that it is now being granted respectability and will thus feel emboldened to express itself in a way it didn't before.

So-called "intellectuals" of white nationalism like Steve Bannon and a thousand half-baked local pundits on talk radio and in little newspapers all over the country give vent to these attitudes. See, e.g., Bob Meade, who insinuates in this newspaper, in "It's Too Big For The Supreme Court” (July 4), that American Muslims are demanding the legal right to practice polygamy, attacks on homosexuals, stonings, and honor killings; and, in "Can't Deny That Our Country Was Founded On Judeo-Christian Culture" (October 4, 2016), affirms "we are becoming one of the last holdouts of the traditional Judeo-Christian culture."

And now, given an implicit blessing for their enraged fumings by these pundits and the president himself, the more thuggish white nationalists feel they have permission to yell racial slurs, beat up people who look "un-American," and burn down mosques. (See "Hate Crimes On the Rise," at http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/08/15/hate-crimes-in-us-on-rise.html)

John Hickey


  • Written by Edward Engler
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We also heard 'presidential equivocation' from Obama

To The Daily Sun,

I find the continual hypocrisy of Democrats who write to The Daily Sun most entertaining. Robert T. Joseph, Jr. offers up the latest, special vintage. What's truly laughable is the non-stop, fiery, HATE MESSAGE spewed at Trump by people who  30 seconds later demonize others for spreading their hate message, like those in Charlottesville. Its okay for the Trump haters to shout their HATE MESSAGE toward him, but not others to spread theirs, all while Bernie Sanders spreads his own "special brand." Bernie hates the rich. He says so every place he goes. Wake up! HATE IS HATE, no matter what vehicle or model it chooses to ride in. Too bad, hypocrisy isn't like a wart on the end of a nose that can be seen in a mirror. If it were, Mr. Joseph would see a troll when he looks at his own reflection.

Here's my point. If you were outraged Trump had to be dragged to the wood shed screaming to denounce the happenings in Charlottesville why weren't you screaming outrage over how Obama reacted when five police officers were shot in Dallas last year? Obama said " there was no justification for violence against law enforcement." THEN HE COUCHED with his "political cover card," describing what he interpreted as rampant, racial inequality in law enforcement just to make sure there was no confusion to Democrats and Blacks where his real sympathies lay. All while five cops lied stone cold dead, in pools of their own blood, riddled with bullet holes.

The same "Obama cop out", cover your political derrière happened in Baltimore in 2015 following several days of street rioting, property torching, and looting after a black man died in police custody. Obama, dutifully condemned the rioters ( just as Trump condemned the white supremacists) but Obama also said the following to make sure no voters were lost: "We have seen too many instances of police officers interacting with individuals, primarily African American, often poor, in ways that raise troubling questions." In other words, rioting, and looting are wrong, but black people may have good cause to burn Baltimore down given the embedded racism I see in the criminal justice system.

What we heard from Trump last Saturday when he said, "many sides were to blame for what took place in Charlottesville" was the same, exact PRESIDENTIAL EQUIVOCATION we heard from Obama time and time again after horrific violence occurred on his watch. Both Trump and Obama expressed their moral outrage, then both placated their supporters with "double speak" for political protection. White, Trump gets the gallows for doing it. Black, Obama got a free pass. That lopsided reaction personifies the brand of "IDENTITY POLITICS" strangling the Democracy Party today, and America with it.  IDENTIFY POLITICS" is aimed specifically to spark and intensify the racial divide to produce an election advantage. How detestable , and repugnant is that? Now there's something we can all join hands to HATE!

Tony Boutin

  • Written by Edward Engler
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