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Have a little respect for the president & the 62M who voted for him

To The Daily Sun,

I think I can speak for at least half of this paper's readership concerning recent letters written by James Veverka. I do not read much beyond his first couple of sentences when he starts out by calling our president; "Trumpenfuhrer," implying that Trump is like someone who was responsible for the murders of millions of people.

Citing poll numbers about how many people like or dislike Trump or how many want him impeached is pointless. The only poll that mattered was taken on Nov. 8, 2016.

Being president is not about trying to be popular, it's about effectively governing the country. Trump is fighting a tough battle on several fronts because the media, the Democrats and even some Republicans try to undermine his actions on a daily basis.

All the protesting, property destruction and hate letters are not going to bring back Obama, and Hillary is not going to be crowned president. If the people who didn't vote for Trump can ever get over their temper tantrum and come to grips with the fact that he will be president for at least the next four years, the country would be a bit better off.

I get it, James, that you dislike Trump and are unable to accept the election results, but it was your favorite president who said, "elections have consequences," and who also said that the election was a vote about his policies. If you want to have some credibility and have people read your letters, it would help to stop insulting and berating those who have a different point of view and to have some respect for the president and the 62 million Americans who voted for him.

Dennis Robitaille


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Greater good depends on our truly listening to one another

To The Daily Sun,

I write in response to Mr. Bob Meade's column, "What goes around..." on Valentine's Day. While I can agree with him on his points that the Electoral College serves a purpose, and that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, I must speak to his handling of the subject.

The students and protesters he writes about are, at large, not contesting the vote. They are contesting the principles, values, and hateful points of view that our current president is pulling to the forefront. By calling those who are standing up for equality, human rights, and basic decency of character "petulant," you bring your argument to a petty level: the highbrow equivalent of playground name-calling. This is one arena where people should not follow the example of our elected leader.

Do not place sarcastic quotations around students when speaking of them. Whatever their political leanings, they are still at their universities and colleges to learn, and to contribute to the future of this nation. How would you feel if someone wrote about you in such an invalidating manner?

I know that the country is very heavily divided at the moment. But if we are going to heal that rift and truly make this country as great as so many have expressed a desire for ... it must be done out of respect, cooperation, and awareness. Mockery has no place in the field of educated, public discussion. If we are to have any sort of discourse which will bring progress and an outcome in the interest of the greatest good, we must first respect and truly listen to one another.

I hope that though our political opinions are quite different, we can agree on that one simple fact.

With all due respect,

Angela D'Onofrio

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