I ask taht Holy Grail Pub allow me to take cross down; I'll raise the funds

To The Daily Sun,
I'm writing this open letter to the owner's of the Holy Grail Pub at Veteran Square in Laconia. My first epistle of May 30 went unanswered. No one from the pub contacted me at all. It looks like they are not willing to discuss the matter of "taking down the cross of Christ". Why would you want to display an object that now blasphemes the cross of Christ our Lord?

In my May 30 epistle I pleaded with the owners "please take down that cross". I explained this cross has now become a blasphemous object, where it no longer glorifies the kingdom of God. It is written. "But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world." (Galatians 6:14)

So, I'm humbly, pleading, begging, and asking. Will you (the owners) of the Holy Grail Pub. Please give me, Bishop Paul W. Blake, permission to take down this cross from atop your building? Yes! or No! I will raise the funds to have it taken down professionally, with your permission. With a crane or a boom.

I respectively await your answer. You may reach me at 603-581-8681.

Bishop Paul W. Blake

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Internet was 'invented' by the U.S. government for military reasons

To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earle needs another history lesson. The Internet was first created through the work of a Defense Department agency called the Advanced Research Projects Agency, ARPA which is now DARPA, www.darpa.mil. This organization was created by the military immediately following the Russian launch of Sputnik. Funding from ARPA allowed researchers to experiment with methods for computers to communicate with each other.

Going online in Cold War 1969, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), originally linked only four separate computer sites at U.S. universities and research institutes, where it was used primarily by scientists for the U.S. Defense Department's agenda. In the early 1970s, other nations joined ARPANET and within a decade it was widely accessible to researchers, administrators and their students. Then the National Science Foundation, another government foundation at www.nsf.gov, was tasked with linking the users of ARPANET. That net system was then dismantled in 1990 and since then it is the government's National Science Foundation Network (NSFNET) that now serves as the technical backbone for all Internet communications in the United States.

It was DARPA who provided the communications network linking the country in the event that a military attack destroyed conventional communications systems. DARPA has been involved in military and intelligence projects from the start. In 1958 ARPA was involved with rocket development, specifically the Saturn V moon rocket and the Atlas-Centaur launch system. ARPA was also a critical player in the development and launches of the first weather, television and infrared satellites. Those duties were transferred to NASA in 1959. The now declassified Corona photo-reconnaissance spy satellite program, was jointly funded by DARPA and the Central Intelligence Agency.

As with most of the great technology we have, the Internet was "invented" by the government for military reasons and we became the beneficiaries. War has the same affect on modern technology, government creations eventually become mainstream and privatized. But government did the legwork.

James Veverka


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I want to hear a real debate; let's see which candidates shine

To The Daily Sun,

The first of many Republican debates was last week.

I listened to it as best I could on Fox radio on the Internet.

Some candidates were asked more questions than others. I thought it was to be equal time.

Rand Paul was supreme when he told Chris Christie to get a warrant. We could hire more judges and have them work on a 24 hour basis so that the authorities could get warrants. I am not willing to give my rights up so easily.

Trump was asked about his war on women and Hillary. If anyone has a war on women it is Hillary. She smeared anyone who had an affair with her husband. It did not matter that the women were telling the truth and her husband was not. And she knew it.

She also did not pay women employees in her Senate office and State Department offices the same as men employees. So I would not worry about comparing Trump to Hillary in the war on women.

Megyn Kelly has the nerve to talk about war on women when she used her sexuality on cover of a magazine. Since then, all we have heard in the news is about Trump and Megyn Kelly.

Trump did say the Mexican government knows the immigrant situation and why are we not discussing that.

The New York Times stated that first quarter 2015 remittances (that means in the first three months of 2015 legal and illegal immigrants send money home to Mexico in small amounts) of $5.6 billion. Yes folks, $5.6 billion that is helping the Mexican economy. Can you imagine if that money were spent in our economy, how would that help our economy? That is just three months. These numbers came from the Bank of Mexico.

It also stated that Mexico is the largest source of immigrants in the U.S.

So, they take American jobs that Americans once held and then send the money back to Mexico to help Mexico's economy.

Why was this not in the debate?

I heard some pundits say that Trump was not prepared. Isn't that why people like him? He is not spinning stories but telling us what he feels.

I do not want to hear "Secure the border first", any more. I want to know exactly how they are going to secure our border. Fences, walls, a moat ... I do not care; I want to know exactly what they are going to do.

I did not hear from Ted Cruz so much. Fox, are you afraid of what he will say?

Kudos to Ben Carson for his humor as the only one to take out half a brain, but Washington seems to have beaten him on this. I want to hear more from him.

Carly Fiorina seems to have won the first. Let's see more of her too.

The debate was a farce. I do not know any more about the candidates than I knew before.

Since the debate, Bush went down in the polls dramatically and up went Cruz, Carson and Fiorina. Trump is still Number 1. What does this tell us? We the people do not want government insiders and what the media and the Republican National Committee want as our candidate.

Slowly, Bernie Sanders is coming up in the polls and Hillary is going down. But Hillary is the anointed one. But guess what? People really do not want her.

We do not want to pay games and have business as usual in Washington, D.C. We want change but not the hope and change of Obama.

I want a real debate, where the candidates have the time to say exactly what they are going to do? Talk, yell back and forth to each other and see who really shines, so in a discussion with foreign leaders, we will know who can stand tall and on his/her own two feet and strongly represent this country.

I want the candidates to spend more on the answers than the moderators do on the questions.

I want a real debate. I think most people do too but the media and the political parties get involved and it is a reality show. I want the candidates to talk more than the commentators.

I want a real debate. I do not want any fluff. I do not want to know what they are for or against. We know that. I want to know exactly what they will do to get or country out of debt. I want to know how our borders will be secured. Fence, wall, National Guard. I want specifics and you cannot get specifics in a minute.

This upcoming election is important. It could be a turning point for this country and I want to know exactly who I am going to elect.

I do not care about your personal life. What team you like. I want what our future president will do exactly on day one and day two and going forward to get this country out of the situation it is in now.

We the people deserve to really see our candidates in action.

Linda Riley

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A good idea to listen to opinions tainted by actual experience

To The Daily Sun,

I can't let Mr. Albushies' letter of Aug. 14 stand without comment.

My father, Lt. (jg) A.E. Brooker, was in the fleet steaming to invade Japan when news of the A-bombs and Japan's capitulation reached the ships. My Dad was an aircraft carrier-based F6 Hellcat fighter pilot. He would have been in the fight over Japan.

Up to that time the kamikazes were inflicting massive damage to U.S. shipping. The carnage involved in taking (Japanese-held) islands was horrendous. All led to the conviction that the invasion of Japan would lead to massive bloodshed on both sides, thus the A-bombs.

Mr. Albushie may opine from his politically correct ivory tower, but he should take the opportunity to talk with some of the rapidly dwindling numbers of World War II vets and home front people who worked for victory at the time. Their opinions will be 180 degrees at odds with Mr. Albushies'. Of course their opinions will be tainted by actual experience, not the bleeding heart whining of a historical revisionist.

Mike Brooker

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Defunding Planned Parenthood is attack on woman's right to choose

To The Daily Sun,

With hidden camera equipment, anti-abortion activists have surreptitiously recorded hours of video tape with physicians at Planned Parenthood. The group went on to claim that edited video shows that PP sells the body parts of aborted fetuses, a serious felony throughout the United States. As a former news broadcaster, who has watched the video, I can testify that the tape does not demonstrate any wrongdoing, even though it was selectively edited.

Actually, current law specifically states that women who have abortions can choose to donate fetal tissue for research, while providers like PP and hospitals can be reimbursed for costs involved in the process, but cannot profit from the donation.

Despite these facts, Republicans have latched on to the controversy with gusto, calling for the complete defunding of Planned Parenthood. Many have said they would support a government shutdown, if PP is funded in September. Senator Ted Cruz, a radical, anti-abortion proponent, has so distorted the truth that he recently called for the defunding of PP for "profiting off the bodies they have stolen."

Speaking on the campaign trail, Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton said, "It's really an attack on a women's right to choose, to make the most personal, difficult decisions that any woman would face, based on her faith, and the medical advice she's given. I'm hoping that this situation will not further undermine the very important services that Planned Parenthood provides across our country."

Apparently, a vast majority of the people here in New Hampshire agree with Ms. Clinton in a new poll. Seventy-five percent of Republicans, Democrats and Independents in our state have said they do not want the Republicans to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood and 65 percent say the federal government should continue to fund PP.

Nick Vazzana


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