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Mask of progressivism hides the specter of a totalitarian state

To The Daily Sun,

Most of you have heard of the very sad Charlie Gard case over in London. How many of you understand the ramifications of that case? How many of you understand that the battle over this little boy's life had little to do with wise medical decision making and more to do with the tyrannical state wresting control of this child away from two very competent and loving parents? London's Great Ormond Street Hospital unilaterally decided that it was medically humane to have Charlie die at their hospital rather than allow his parents to fly him to the United States to undertake experimental treatment by Dr. Michio Hirano. Charlie's parents had raised the money to bring him there.

In a civil society where the parents are deemed competent, the parents are supposed to have control over the decisions of the child that they brought into the world. A new scan offered sad reading according to the hospital doctors. The parents were not permitted to look at the scan. The European Court of Human Rights rejected the parent's appeal to be allowed to take their son to America. The all-knowing state knew better how Charlie's life should end and so his parents were crushed by government coercion and by not being allowed to care for their child during his last days on this planet. You can read articles by Daren Jonescu on this subject on the American Thinker website, but please be prepared to become very angry. Incensed, outraged and acrimonious come to mind.

Medical kidnapping happens in this country as well and right next door to us. I had a letter published in The Laconia Daily Sun on July 2, 2014 entitled, "The Despicable Treatment of This 15 Year Old is Unfathomable". It was about the sickening abuse of power by the Boston Children's Hospital (BCH) and their neglectful and debilitating treatment of then 15-year-old Justina Pelletier. You can check out the letter for full details, but this hospital turned a figure skater into an invalid. She was sent there from Tufts to be treated for complications from mitochondrial disease and orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, but her diagnosis was inexplicably changed to a psychological condition known as somatoform disorder. The parents were issued a gag order while their daughter became a ward of the state.

Fast forward to July 2017 where the U.S. News and World Report is celebrating Boston Children's Hospital(BCH) as the number one pediatric hospital in the nation. Martin Gottsfeld has been imprisoned for a year for attempting to knock out the computer networks of BCH and the Wayside Youth and Family Support Network to protest this medical kidnapping. Martin even spent time at the same detention center as "El Chapo", the Mexican drug cartel kingpin. He has a trial date set for January 2018.

Meanwhile, Justina's parents are suing the scandal plagued BCH. This girl who had been enjoying an active family life including figure skating and regularly attending school was snatched from her family and thrown into a psychiatric ward at BCH, infamous for it's treating children as research guinea pigs. Apparently, this has been going on for some 20 years and it is called a "parentectomy" by critics. Justina suffered physical and mental torture for 16 months. She is home, 18-years-old and recovering from post traumatic stress and extreme physical deterioration as a result of being held hostage by the totalitarian state against the wishes of two very competent parents. You can check out more details in Michelle Malkin's column on the frontpagemag.com website, entitled, "The Brutal Battle Against Medical Kidnappers."

Human rights violations aren't just happening in North Korea. They are happening in Great Britain and the United States. The benign mask of progressivism hides the hulking specter of a totalitarian state where parent's rights to their children are subsumed by the all knowing, all powerful state. Shameless, unethical and immoral, progressive leftism slinks around in the shadows pretending to embrace compassion. The supposed land of free speech continues to stifle peaceful opposition at our universities and by the creation of "third rail" issues. Should you dare to challenge the almighty state, you risk your freedom and livelihood. Just ask Martin Gottsfeld and his wife, Dana who recently lost her job due to advocating for her husband. They had not even met the Pelletiers, but felt an obligation to fight for the rights of children and their parents. I wonder how many of us would have the same guts as Martin and Dana? As someone whose work involves the protection and safety of children in foster care and extended family care, I hope that I would have the guts to do the same.

Russ Wiles

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I hold out hope that Gen. Kelly will bring order to the West Wing

To The Daily Sun,

In a recent letter to this forum, Mr. Demakowski invokes religion by suggesting that Trump was “chosen of God.” If this is true, and we know God to be omnipotent, then we can assume that Barrack Obama was “chosen of God” also. If I’m wrong in my assumption, I hope that Mr. Demakowski will be able to explain why.

Perhaps Demakowski doesn’t actually take seriously the confession that the whole world belongs to God. Perhaps he accepts, rather unthinkingly, the claims of political power that governments assert. It appears that his theology is too easily co-opted to his political commitment. He uses religion to solve the cognitive dissonance between the world he sees and the values he preaches.

Mr. Demakowski assures us that “there is more happening (in the Trump administration) then meets the eye.” I certainly hope so, because what our country has seen to this point is an ineffective government with lack of effective leadership and a White House in chaos. Trump has created unnecessary conflict and trauma with his ignorance, incompetency, impulsivity and pursuit of dictatorial powers. There are plenty of people who want to distract and damage his administration—  the president of the United States shouldn’t be one of them.
The installation of a new Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly and the firing of a communications director could reflect continuing chaos in a White House run by novices, but I hold out the hope that the latest moves represent the introduction, at last, of order. Can Kelly, who faces the task of whipping a fractious West Wing into place, add sanity and stability to this administration? With Trump’s approval ratings dipping to 36 percent to 35 percent, anything would be an improvement.

Robert Miller

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