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How dare I match wits with Alan Vervaeke?

To The Daily Sun,

I must apologize to Alan Vervaeke for having the audacity to dare to challenge wits with him. Even with my trusty, dusty thesaurus, I am no match for the Gilford wordsmith. I mean, what was I thinking? You have every right to demean conservatives, because apparently, you are my intellectually gifted superior. Obviously, I must have cognitive limitations because I believe in conservative values. You say you want an America that stays true to it's ideals. Well, that is what I thought I wanted. You know, things like following the Constitution and the rule of law; preserving our borders, language and culture; and the belief that we must defend our sovereignty at all costs.

Hopefully, Alan will enlighten me about where I have gone wrong. And remember Alan, as you accurately surmised, I am a poor thinker. When one is a poor thinker, what does one do? I read from the great conservative thinkers of our time. Those would be folks like Dennis Prager, Victor Davis Hanson, Jonah Goldberg, Mark Levin and Mark Steyn. Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Betsy McCaughey, Star Parker, Kimberly Stassel, Sharly Attkisson, Gina Loudon, Katie Pavlich and Dana Loesch. And of course, probably my favorite go to writers, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, David Horowitz, Daniel Greenfield, Bruce Thornton And Heather MacDonald. There are more and some I will regret not having mentioned.

So Alan, I read the works of those I trust as I try to learn and understand the complexity of our confusing and confounding world. My research has led me to believe it is those who follow conservative/libertarian principles who will provide our best defense against an all powerful, centralized state. That is what the progressive Democrats, and sadly some establishment Republicans, lust for, rather than serving the best interests of American citizens. Those are some of the reasons why I am no longer a liberal and fight so hard to oppose the Democrats who want to usurp our freedoms, especially freedom of speech. Perhaps you have noticed that Alan?

Come to think of it, I don't know where you stand politically, though you certainly appear to be from the left, based on your writings. And I have no idea where you get your ideas and thoughts from, unless you are trying to tell me all your thoughts are original? Please share with us some of the writers and mentors that have helped you shape your opinions and beliefs. I would really like to know, and I promise not to demean those opinions and beliefs. Of course that would be so silly of me, being your intellectual inferior and defender of unfettered free speech.

Russ Wiles

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President Trump should read up on the Berlin airlift


To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Trump has stated that it is not so easy to supply Puerto Rico as it would be to supply Texas and Florida.

Perhaps he should read up on the Berlin Airlift — nearly 70 years ago — when this country accomplished some pretty impossible things in the face of hostilities from the Soviet Union — and we stood pretty tall in the eyes of the world doing it.

Maybe Angela Merkel could enlighten him.

Thea Aloise


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