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Japanese people also have reason to celebrate August 6 & 9

To The Daily Sun,

War is horrible. People are killed, maimed, emotionally destroyed. Property is destroyed, wealth is consumed. Even the winners lose in protracted wars. In war, the best way to lessen the suffering is to end the war quickly.

This is why the United States and Japan should celebrate the anniversaries of August 6 and 9, 1945. The atomic bombs we dropped on those dates quickly brought WWII to an end saving many millions of lives.

WWII in the Pacific was particularly savage. The Japanese believed in death before dishonor, and surrender was considered dishonorable.

In the battles on island after island thousands of Japanese fought to the death, typically taking one American life for every 4 to 5 Japanese soldier deaths. Typically fewer than 5 percent of Japanese soldiers were captured, usually only those too sick or weak to fight or commit suicide. Many Japanese civilians on these islands died helping their soldiers or committed suicide; the videos of Japanese adults and children jumping off cliffs to their deaths are heartbreaking.

The 73 million Japanese prepared to defend their almost 146,000 square mile homeland to the last man, woman, and child. Everyone who could fight was being trained and armed; children were taught to fight with spears. The death toll promised to be horrendous.

The atomic bombs convinced the Japanese to surrender before the invasion.

While the death toll from the atomic bombs was high, Hiroshima 80,000 and Nagasaki 40,000, they were not extreme in WWII. For example, the March 9-10, 1945 bombing raid on Tokyo took about 100,000 lives, the raids on Hamburg took about 42,000 lives, the raids on London took perhaps 50,000 lives.

Compared to the perhaps 60-70 million Japanese that might have died in the invasion of Japan, the death toll from the atomic bombs was low and a small price to pay for the lives saved.

The quick Japanese surrender provided other benefits. Had the Soviet Union joined the invasion as planned, Japan may have been divided into U.S. and Soviet sectors, like Germany, and changed the whole post-war history in Asia.

Perhaps more importantly the world saw the destructiveness of these primitive bombs. These convinced the civilized world to avoid use of atomic, now nuclear, weapons.

There are at least 150,000 American soldiers and perhaps a few million descendants of those soldiers who lived because President Truman dropped the atomic bombs on Japan. The Japanese people have even more reason to celebrate August 6 and 9, 1945 because nearly every Japanese citizen that lived or was born after WWII owes their lives to those bombs.

Don Ewing

  • Written by Edward Engler
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Why did millions vanish from middle class during Obama's years?

To The Daily Sun,

Put FDR, JFK, LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren in the same brown, paper bag. Shake the bag up. Pick one out. There isn't a "spits" worth of difference in the whole lot of them. The Democratic Party is, and has been, stuck in a Twilight Zone, time-warp episode for near a century. They might as well don stove pipe hats and hook on the bustles. Surely bring back the goose quill pen. The only thing that changes, the face yelling the brain dead, insanity. Nothing else changes one syllable.

Surviving in an "intellectual vacuum" for that long is a trick even the best magicians won't attempt. Bring back the horse and buggy. Bring back the whale oil lamps. The Democrats can't move beyond that era. Not one thing has changed between FDR's slight of hand, yells in 1937 and Bernie Sanders slight of hand, screams in 2017. To this very moment the stove pipe hat democrats have done everything possible to foment dislike and division between different groups in America. Hate the rich, the risk takers ,the successful and business people has been the single unifying theme of the Democratic Party since eve bit the apple.

The Lakes Region seems to have more Kool-Aid gulpers per square foot than Lyme-producing ticks. Let me ask these "stove pipe" heads, in eight years, did Barack Obama reduce the suffering of the less fortunate or reduce the number of them by yelling FDR? Did he produce prosperity for the masses yelling FDR? Did he make the lives of the working class man and woman on main street better off yelling FDR? Did he reduce the cost of health care? Did he reduce the ponderous debt on our children? Did he make the country safer? We all know the answers to those questions. He failed on every one of those challenges, and not by a little...

The failed thinking FDR spouted in 1936 has continued without a syllable change by Democrats for 80 years. It has produced an absolute, record bumper crop of less fortunate, even more less fortunate, and a greater number of rich, even richer than ever. The same failed results FDRism produced in first half of the 20th Century OBAMAism produced in the first half of the 21st century. Why? They are identical philosophies and policies. The definition of insanity is "doing the same thing while expecting a different result." Monstrously bigger, monstrously more expensive, more powerful more dictatorial, more philanthropic, more redistributing, more entitlement, government has an 80 year, UNBROKEN history of proven results that produce ever more poor and richer rich without disruption. That is undeniable by anyone with an IQ above a hat size.

What do current Democrats scream are the certain fixes to our problems today. The same, identical ones they have since 1936. Monstrously bigger, monstrously more expensive, more powerful ,more dictatorial, more philanthropic, more redistributing, more entitlement, government. No single political idea has vaporized the lives of the working middle class more effectively than FDR's, and Obama's econmic model of subsiding the bottom third, while lying to the middle third, the rich will pay for it. THE STORY NEVER VARIES ONE LETTER! It is 100 percent, in your face lying BS. IT IS ALWAYS THE MIDDLE THIRD THAT GETS BLED OUT with that model. If I am wrong. Why did millions vanish from the middle third between 2008 -2016? All while the rich built bigger vaults during Obama's EIGHT YEARS. Why do you" gulpers" keep swallowing the same insane BS you have for the last EIGHTY, STRAIGHT YEARS? Do you all indeed have IQ's below a hat size?

Tony Boutin

  • Written by Edward Engler
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