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Only the present gives us an opportunity for meaningful change

To The Daily Sun,

Let me state at the beginning of this letter that I favor reasonableness over rage when approaching problems. Usually, problems are present because some group or individual tries to deal with a social conflict when they are angry. So, when making feelings known in a letter to the editor, it behooves the author to think about how best to state their feelings. Should one accuse, assign guilt, heap abuse, malign and yes, even imply criminality? Or, would it be better to state the perceived problem and offer some possible solutions.

It's OK to inject a bit of passion in to a discussion. That said, I feel that the letter submitted by Don Ewing on Saturday (March 3) was not only inaccurate but lacked integrity. His tasteless and gratuitous remarks about school administrators and law enforcement lacked proof of guilt. Gosh, Don, it's been a very bad year for conservatives, but life will get better if we get off our “soap boxes” and seek solutions that are free of rancor. Most of us “old folks” have seen a few conflicts and they seem to have a common thread: Illogical disagreement as to what is right or fair.

Therefore, let's bring the political polar opposites a bit closer to the center. While doing that, remember, you can't change or undo the past. The present gives us an opportunity for meaningful change. The good decisions we make in the moment will keep us from repeating past mistakes.

Bill Dawson


  • Written by Edward Engler
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How about just prosecuting law breakers? A novel idea

To The Daily Sun,

Since the school shooting in Florida, all those on the left have once again jumped on the "ban assault guns" bandwagon. I wish for once these know-it-alls would come up with just one idea that would actually help stop these things. But no, just the same old drum beat of failed plans.

Do any of them remember the assault gun ban back in the '80s? Well, let me remind them, it was a complete failure, it did nothing, not one thing to lower gun crimes, violence, rapes or any other crimes. We on the right have suggested the radical idea of actually protecting our school children with armed guards in the schools. Progressives refuse to even consider this. It works at airports, court and federal buildings. all kinds of places that don't have "GUN FREE ZONE" plastered all over them.

I know though, what a radical idea, try something that has proven to work in other places? One other thing which might help: actually enforce existing gun laws. During the Obama years, over 4,400 felons tried to purchase guns in gun stores. They filled out the papers, checked the boxes that said they had never been convicted of a felony or domestic violence; if they lied, it was another felony. Less than 45 were ever prosecuted by the Obama Justice Department.

Maybe the left should stop the politically correct law enforcement policies and just prosecute law breakers. A novel idea for them, I know, but it could help. Also, psychologists and mental health workers need to be held to a higher standard of protecting the public from mentally ill patients and be required to report threats or possible threats earlier. Obviously current standards are not sufficient. Family members concerns also need to be taken more into account.

Parkland police and school system demonstrated just how deadly the liberal racial quota system for dealing with crime and mental health has failed.

After all the marches, sign waving, TV shows and anti-gun nonsense is done, can we actually discuss one or two realistic ways to stop our kids from being butchered in your school death traps? I would really like that because I still have three granddaughters in them, and I worry.

 Steve Earle


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