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Eliminating Coach Kozens' job will hurt a lot more than it'll help

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing about the article about dissolving the dean of students' position at Laconia High School. I think dissolving Coach Kozens' job is wrong in many ways.

I have seen firsthand the interaction he has with students and believe due to him many of our young people are where they are now because of him. If he had not mentored them through their years in LHS many of them would not be in jobs or colleges now.

I wish I had had a person like him when I was at LHS in 1974. I know many people will say we have guidance counselors for this reason, but this job is completely different. I would like to thank Coach Kozens for the great work he has done for the students of LHS and I hope that the School Board reconsiders what they have proposed. This will hurt more than help, and in this day we need more people like him in our schools

Gordon Hounsell III

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Over 160 people came to breakfast in support of Meals-on-Wheels

To The Daily Sun,

On March 12, The TRIP Senior Center in Franklin held its Meals-on-Wheels breakfast fundraiser at the Elks Lodge 1280. It was a huge success serving over 160 people. The proceeds of this event benefit the Meals-on-Wheels Community Action Program Belknap-Merrimack Counties Inc.

A big thank you goes out to the Elks Lodge 1280 for the use of their facility, monetary donation, and all their volunteers. The generous support and donations from the following was greatly appreciated: Benson Auto, The Franklin Area Lion's Club, BJ's Wholesale, The Emblem Club 105, George and Nancy Labonte, Ann Marie King, Arlen Taylor, Pamela Patrick, Joe Marceau, Gerri and Ron Cote, Gordon Welch, Tony Bloom, Lorraine Mulherne, Doug and Jo-Ellen Ricard, Kim Maynard, Zach Maynard, Kay Collins, Barbara Stevenson as well as all those who came to the breakfast to show their support.

Once again, thank you.

Nancy Marceau, Director

TRIP Center


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