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Not surprising New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco would lead the way on gun control proposals

To The Daily Sun,

I read that three cities are suing the Department of Defense (as well as each branch of the military and various individuals) over “gun-check system failures." Let’s ask some questions, shall we?

How many multiple victim shootings have occurred in New York City, Philadelphia and San Francisco that are related to NICS failures, which would give them standing as complainants? Zero.

How many multiple victim shootings anywhere in the U.S. have been documented to be related to NICS failures? One.

Is it already the law that the military are required to report infractions to the FBI that would disqualify members (or ex-members) from firearm purchases? Yes.

So what do NYC, Philly and San Fran have in common? Near complete Democratic rule since 1946. (NYC since 1946 with eight years off for Giuliani; Philly since 1956; SF since 1964).

What do NYC and San Francisco have in common? It is near impossible for ordinary citizens to be able to carry a firearm in public for self-defense. (I’m surprised that Camden, Chicago, LA, Baltimore and Washington D.C. aren’t on the roster.)

What do most progressive politicians have in common? The desire for control over the lives of ordinary people.

HB-38 (the Concealed Carry Reciprocity/Fix NICS bill)), currently in the Senate, addresses the reporting delinquency of the military. So, are these wonderful mayors supporting the passage of this bill? Not a chance. Because that bill would “allow” citizens to carry an effective tool to exercise their natural right to self-defense and that might suggest that the state isn’t always able to protect them from harm. (Hint: They can’t.)

I guess that these cities have a surplus of tax dollars and time on their hands and no other pressing problems to address.

Rick Notkin

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Republican tax bill illustrates difference between amoral & immoral policy; Trump family to gain ‘bigtime’

To The Daily Sun,

The new tax law passed by the Republicans has caused a response from Ronald P. Blais in the Dec. 28 edition of The Laconia Daily Sun. I agree with everything he says.

 This major victory for corporate America would not have happened if we elected our presidents with the popular vote.
This new law offends the majority of voters and illustrates the difference between "amoral" and "immoral." The Trump family stands to gain "bigtime," despite what the president said. I think it likely that many Republican voters would agree.

 I plan to vote in November, and hope for some radical changes for our "Democratic Republic."

Dick Devens 


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