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To Jay with all my love, my friend, my brother, God bless

To The Daily Sun,

My one memory of Christmas ...

My buddy/brother-in-arms and I were over in Korea at Christmastime. It was cold, windy and too quiet. We came upon an old shack that was hit by mortar and fire. It kept us from the windy enough.

There wasn't much left to it, but we lit a fire in the broken-down fireplace. We got warm, then looked around. The wind was really howling outside. We found an old bottle of wine. It was half-gone. We took out our tin cups we had, and we poured ourselves some wine.

"Merry Christmas, Jay," I said.

"Merry Christmas, Ed," he said back.

Not much of a Christmas, but we had each other. But Christmas really exploded for us. More mortar fire and gunfire exploded all around us. We managed to keep alive, somehow.

We stayed inside till nightfall. You could hear the war going on outside. Nightfall came. I checked around outside and saw it was safe to move out. I said to Jay, "We better get out of here, Jay. Let's go."

But Jay didn't move. He was smiling.

"Merry Christmas, Ed. I'm going home."

I went over to Jay and saw he was hit.

"Don't leave me, Jay. I'm scared."

But Jay smiled and his mouth dropped open to say something, then he died.

I cried for hours. Jay on my lap. I heard more explosions and woke up in a M.A.S.H. unit. I was hit also. I though about Jay, I cried again.

I looked around. 'Merry Christmas Jay, I love you. Till we meet again."

My Christmas memory. To Jay, with all my love, my friend, my brother. God bless.

Remember our veterans.

E.J. Michael



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Trump is a minority winner; absurd to think there's a mandate

To The Daily Sun,

While the newspaper columnists and TV pundits are having a field day scape-goating Hillary Clinton for their own miscalculations, I am thinking that she will go down in history as having run a hard-fought, clean campaign, whereas Trump will go down as having fought the dirtiest, meanest campaign in modern (if not all) history.

Moreover, since she won the popular vote by a considerable margin, Trump is in fact a minority winner — and the idea that he got a "mandate" is absurd and ludicrous. George W. Bush was a minority winner also, and (he) got us Iraq, Afghanistan, and a serious recession. It remains to be seen what Trump will get us.

Richard B. Davis


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