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We thank each & every one of you for your love & support

To The Daily Sun,

Cheryl Ann Howland Green lived robustly from Dec. 29, 1960, until she passed suddenly Aug. 21 at age 55.

Cheryl, her family and friends also suffered a tremendous loss when Samantha Margaret Green (Cheryl's daughter) passed unexpectedly on July 12, a few short weeks prior, at only 20 years of age.

Cheryl's family wishes to express our sincerest gratitude to the overwhelming amount of people in attendance at Samantha's service and Cheryl's service to share their love and strength during this most difficult time in our lives. In unison we all feel the days were made more survivable with the many sources and varieties of support from those who loved Cheryl and Sam, and those who love us.

One day at a time we try to move into our new normal without our daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, niece, cousin as we continue to mourn and miss Cheryl and Sam. Rereading the many sympathy cards received, looking over the guest book, perusing the cards from the flower arrangements, all serve to remind us how much Cheryl and Sam were loved, as are we. We thank you so much to any and all who made and brought food to any of us, what a gift.

We did start a Green Grandchildren's Fund ​for any who wish to assist Cheryl's four beautiful grandchildren, the loves of her life. Cheryl was such an incredible help and huge presence in their lives. Donations may be mailed to P.O. Box 218, Laconia NH 03247. Thanks so much to any who have already graciously given.

In short, we wish we could thank you all individually. However, the task would be daunting. Please know we appreciate each person as much as the next.

Thank you all.

Cheryl & Samantha's Family

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Pathetic that naysayers have fanned this non-citizenship paranoia

To The Daily Sun,

"Got any good answers for these questions...? "...Leftist..." "This is fun — debunking the Kool-Aid crowd." was the diatribe from Mr. Steven Earle concerning the citizenship of President Barack Obama and other supercilious topics that I had not referenced, as I had focused on the imaginary non-citizenship conspiracy.

First of all, contrary to being "leftist," I am right-handed! In an earlier missive, I had reasoned that since Pennsylvania Senior Judge Dan Pelegrini had declared that Senator Rafael Theodore Cruz was an U.S. citizen due to his mother's U.S. citizenship, one could surmise that our president was a U.S. citizen due to his birth in Hawaii and his mother's U.S. citizenship. Deductive logic! Of course, Mr. Earle's retort was "... just because one judge says so doesn't mean it's so."

Then again, when President Obama took the "unprecedented step" of releasing his birth certificate in 2011, presidential candidate Donald Trump (tax records, anyone!) stated, "An extremely credible source has called my office and told me that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a fraud."

Naysayers (proof not needed) joined the bandwagon. The naysayers then demanded the President's Occidental College (and) Columbia University transcripts (for whatever the reason they could conjure up). Why not Donald Trump's transcripts? Occidental College is in a cooperative program with Columbia University where "exceptional" students could transfer after their sophomore year (now it's after the junior year) so as to continue their undergraduate experience in legal education/law (as did President Obama). There is also an elaborate display in Occidental's Media Resource Center concerning President's Obama's two years at the college as well as an available pamphlet "Obama at Occidental: A Self-Guided Tour."

My son recently graduated from Occidental College, so I have had the opportunity to visit the campus. And I have the informative pamphlet. Of course, naysayers may say that the college ... whatever the reason they would still conjure up.

I guess I have no "good answers" to address this citizenship conundrum, but will have to defer to presidential candidate Donald Trump's quote of Sept. 16, to provide good answers: "President Obama was born in the United States." And Jericho's walls came a'tumbling down.

Judge Pelegrini's "one judge" ruling is apparently validated by Mr. Trump, and the "extremely credible source" proved, uh, not credible. Who was this source? Hmm, memories of Watergate's Deep Throat. But, then again, to paraphrase "...just because Donald Trump says so doesn't mean it's so."

This is not "fun," Stevie. It's pathetic that the naysayers had continued to abet this non-citizenship paranoia for over five years. (Pathetic google video site: "Unfiltered voices from Donald Trump's rallies" — is this where the naysayers are at?) No apologies expected. And I don't intend to join your "bash book group" with "name-calling, smears, and slanders" as I occupy my time with more constructive worthwhile endeavors.

Frank M. Weeks

Gilmanton Iron Works.

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