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Louise Sargent (5-25) 300 FLAGS FOR SALE

To The Daily Sun,

Today, May 25, I went to Gilford Hannaford for my regular shopping. I needed to buy a new USA garden flag to replace last year's, that has become weather-worn. I thought there would be some in the promotional aisle, as they were there last year. Only the beach accessories were there, no flags. I asked an employee where they were. He consulted by cellphone to someone, then led me to the manager's office. He opened the door, no one was inside; but two small, rolled bundles of flags were on a shelf with miscellaneous messy papers. Another employee quickly came to hand me one of the flags from the bundle. I asked how much they cost because there was no UPC code or price on it. He asked the service desk; it was 99 cents. I asked the employee why the flags were not already on display for sale. He said they didn't have a set up display for them yet.

I doubt there was any intention of ever setting the flags out for sale. Why were they in the manager's office? Why weren't they at least in the back room available to be set up by the night crew? No price sticker was placed on the flag, so at the checkout I had to ask for assistance with processing the flag for purchase.

Is it now unpatriotic/non-politically correct to display the flag for sale? Is the next step illegality?

It is only a few days from Memorial Day. Last year the flags were for sale in the promotional aisle several weeks before Memorial Day. Please remember this when you give thanks to United States military veterans. Please ponder the future without a United States as we, and others that come to this country, expect it to be.

Louise Sargent

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Ben DeMark (5-25) 175 TEACHER PAY

To The Daily Sun,

Citizens of Laconia, I beg you, please don't be so short-sighted. Laconia Schools are in dire need, and I promise you, things can get worse. Laconia has become a stepping-stone, a gateway to a better job, for teachers who can truly make a difference with our children, and if we don't fight to keep them here, we will lose them. The exodus has already begun, and without competitive pay for the region, will continue.

When a prospective homebuyer investigates an area, quality of the school district is paramount. As long as we continue to take our teachers for granted, we will not attract new, young, hard-working individuals to our city to raise their families.

As the father of a second-grade student at Pleasant Street School, I am appalled and terrified at the prospects going forward. I implore the community to rally behind our educators, and understand that in order to foster positive change in our city, we must, at the very least, pay our teachers what they deserve.

Ben DeMark

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