Why would the Catholic Church endorse the theory of evolution?

To The Daily Sun,
James Veverka I think, thinks himself to be a paragon of knowledge and wisdom. Yet in my experience with him, he never digs deeply enough into a subject that he writes about to actually understand the matter for which he purports to have this great knowledge.

He writes about intelligent design and the theory of evolution. His letter is actually a response to my previous letter, but he won't write it as such because in so doing he would need to respond to some valid observations concerning the theory of evolution that I brought to the readers' attention. He would rather pretend that the things that I wrote about do not exist. That saves him from having to respond to them. He then just launches out with his boilerplate definitions and explanations, and there is no dialog.

I will digress here for Jim starts out telling us about Alabama's new science and education standards. Just what does that have to do with the matter. I acknowledge that if not the whole world, most of it is moving in the "progressive" direction as I write. Yet, I think this quote is apt here, "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." If the whole world believes that man has descended from an amoeba and someone says no, God created each according to its kind that would seem revolutionary, even though it is true. Citing Alabama's science standards here is kind of like the kid whose parents won't let him go to a particular party, and he says, aw, but all the other kids parents are letting them go. It has nothing to do with an intellectual argument. It is strictly about peer pressure: well if they're doing it, it must be right. But its not, and the party gets busted and two kids die of an over dose of heroin at it. So it is with Jim's pointing to Alabama's change in standards. By the way all the changes do not have to do with evolution or climate change.

As most who read my letters know, I'm a creationist. But the discussion here turns to intelligent design which is a different view from mine, but how it is treated by the scientific community is instructive. The persecution of those who have been bold enough to consider this concept openly, in the scientific community, I have eluded to in my two previous letters. Here Jim is at best ignorant or at worst not forthcoming. He would do well to try to understand a concept before he writes about it, instead, he says that, "Intelligent design assumes as certain fact that there is a God and then tries to build a case within that box." Rather it is the "study of patterns in nature that are best explained as and result of intelligence" and it "is a minimal commitment scientifically to the possibility of detecting intelligent causation." as apposed to, assuming that we are here through "the common decent of all life on earth from a single ancestor via undirected mutation and natural selection."

Jim says, that the idea of irreducible complexity always crumbles when examined. I'd like to see him defend that assertion.

Jim says that science is neutral on the creator. I would like him to show how this is possible when the theory of evolution creates a historical narrative in which one is forbidden to consider the creator's creative power and design. How is that being neural on the creator? Evolutionists will only ever give you double talk on that. Or some will recommend what type of faith is compatible with the theory of evolution. Does that sound to be neutral on the creator? We accept Him as we find Him. Not as someone would wish him to be.

This brings to mind a point Jim makes in his letter. Some Christians hold to the theory of evolution as actual. This letter is already longer than I would like, so I'm going to pick an easy target for an example here, the Catholic Church. No offense to my Catholic brothers and sisters. While nuns and priests at the local level fight valiantly against government usurpation of religious freedom, the Catholic Church endorses the theory of evolution, which is the foundation for the doctrines that their ministers are struggling against. These and all like them are those whom I would like to reach. For to agree with evolutionists in their grand theory is to make common cause with those who would destroy the church.

John Demakowski

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Funding for World Trade Center health program has expired

To The Daily Sun,
The headline read: "Congress Fails to Reauthorize Funding for 9/11 First Responders and Survivors". "Funding for the World Trade Center Health Program expired at midnight on Wednesday."

This now leaves tens of thousands of its beneficiaries wondering how they will continue to get their much needed medical treatment.

This program was created in 2010 and provides medical treatment for survivors and first responders who worked at the site after the Twin Towers were attacked and collapsed. There are more than 72,000 enrolled in this fund and affected people are dying each week because of their exposure to the toxic chemicals created by the 9/11 attacks.

Congress has failed to approve an extension of this crucial act. Without it thousands of people who are still suffering from the after affects of exposure to asbestos, lead and glass fibers, just to name a few of the deadly chemicals, are in danger of losing medical access and reimbursement for treatment.

The program has enough funding for another year, but CDC director Tom Frieden has said that in 2016 it will face "significant operational challenges" without an extension.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., reminded her fellow senators that "more police officers have died in the aftermath of 9/11 than did in the attacks themselves."

What's important to note is why this particular bill has expired now. It's all due to retired Senator Tom Coburn (who is receiving his generous congressional pension for life). He insisted that funding coverage expire in 2015, even though many of his GOP colleagues not only urged its passage, but wanted the coverage to extend for many more years. This is Tom Coburn's legacy. I hope he's proud of it.

Bernadette Loesch


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Correct day for adjunct faculty 'un-conference' is Oct. 17

To The Daily Sun,

Well, with Oct. 17 being a Saturday (my earlier letter had the wrong calendar date), any adjunct faculty reading this, please consider joining the free gathering of adjunct professors at Concord's Holiday Inn; registration starting at 8:30 a.m. RSVP should be at: GreenChairPictures.com/NH-adjunct or http://bit.ly/NECUReg. We need a count for coffee-break order. This Un-Conference 2015 — "Connections" runs from 9 a.m to 3 p.m.

An un-conference lets the participants propose the topics, meet fellow faculty, strategize for the future, and at this one — see the documentary "Con Job". Please put this on your calendar if you are, yes, grateful for your teaching opportunity but, yes, questioning what you've done, taking such a low-paying job. Bring someone with you, someone sharing the situation that more and more faculty do, as campus administrations latch onto adjuncts at low salary as a costs-reduction measure.

I realize that some adjuncts in some situations are paid by the hour, and wonder does preparation time count as well as class hours? Grading time count? Then, how does adjunct pay compare to housecleaning pay or horse massaging pay? Pizza delivery tips/pay? Isn't there a better way?

Lynn Rudmin Chong

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President has shown sympathy for Muslim world by his actions

To The Daily Sun,

"The Grizzly bear is huge and wild, he has devoured the infant child. Infant child is not aware, he has been eaten by the bear." — A.E. Houseman's poem springs to mind as we look at Putin, the Russian bear and his newly formed Middle Eastern alliance.

"Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear. Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he? Was he bare?" This kiddie poem springs to mind as we look at President Obama's feckless and frightfully "hairless" foreign policy. Remember Obama's multi-nation coalition to fight ISIS? The one that has been as feckless as his foreign policy. A policy that has been laid bare for all the world to see?

Recent reports appear to confirm that Putin has formed an ISIS intelligence sharing pact with Iran, Syria and Iraq and has seemingly done so without America's involvement or consent. How's that for irony? Iran, the country that Obama is supposed to be a diplomatic partner with by lifting sanctions and giving the Mullahs a $100 billion with which to sponsor terror around the world. Syria, the country that Obama used disappearing ink on when he dared it's leadership to cross his red line. And of course Iraq, the country that Obama abandoned and then ignored when ISIS began growing because they were just a jayvee squad, after all.

If Obama's actions are proof positive, then it looks for all the world that he still has no idea how to fight ISIS. Blame it on the coalition and of course, Bush. According to a Boston Herald report, "this administration hasn't even disrupted the Islamic State's $2 to $3 billion war chest by tracking and freezing it's financial pipeline. I thought our sophisticated cyber technology was second to none? How is it that we have spent north of $40 million to train a mere five to nine Syrian rebels? Perhaps we should not spend the rest of the $500 million on this abysmal failure of a plan to fight ISIS. If only Obama had not fired all his top military commanders along with their strategic expertise.

A Chinese aircraft carrier and missile cruiser have just transited the Suez Canal. It appears that a Chinese task force is set to join Syria's Assad and Hezb'allah forces to counter the U.S. supported Sunni rebels in Syria. James Lewis notes, "The Russians and Chinese have limited force-projection capabilities, but put them together, combined with Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezb'allah and Assad troops, and you get the kind of force projection only the U.S. has possessed in the past half century."

There is a change in global power politics happening as we speak. A new axis is forming in the region and the United States is "On the Outside Looking In." "An' I wanna be, an I wanna be back on the inside." The lyrics of this Little Anthony and the Imperials love song is eerily consistent with this country's position in the Middle East. Well, except that President Obama does not really want to be on the inside does he? He wants to leave that onerous and deadly task to the next president doesn't he? What would Hillary Clinton do? We can all shudder to think. Implosion comes to mind. How's that for a "war on women" and children and the nation's survival. "A vote for Clinton is a vote for extinction." How's that for a bumper sticker?

This powerful coalition may actually put a severe "hurtin'" on ISIS and that would be a good thing. However, as the United States looks away, the potential for a world war conflagration as a result of this alliance of strange bedfellows is rapidly becoming a real possibility. We desperately need a Republican in the White House. One who can quickly rebuild our military and reassert our influence before the world is set ablaze by the vacuum left by this country's purposeful lack of leadership. That's right, Obama detests our exceptionalism and has willingly ceded our power and influence to others. How's that working out for the world?

The question of whether or not Obama is a Muslim is irrelevant. What is tragically relevant is that our president has shown his sympathies for the radical Muslim world by his actions and we have to reverse that trend before all our children and grandchildren are conscripted to go fight for the very survival of this country and our way of life.

Russ Wiles

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Golf tourney raised $13,600 for proposed homeless shelter in our county

To The Daily Sun,

Belknap House hosted its first annual golf tournament on Sept. 14 at Lochmere County Club. It was a huge success in raising much needed funds to open a homeless shelter for families in Belknap County. We were able to raise more than $13,600.

We thank all the golfers for playing and supporting our cause, we could not have had a tournament without you. We would like to thank all the sponsors for their generous support to help our cause. The following is a list of our sponsors:

Exceptional sponsor: Granite State Glass; premium sponsor: St Andre Bessette Parish.

Hole sponsors were, Cantin Chevrolet, Tilton Knights of Columbus Council 11868, Mainstay Technologies, Tilton/Northfield Rotary, Onions, Graham & Graham PC, American Legion, AutoServ, Pike Industries, Cross Insurance Laconia/ Meredith, Bob Laflam, Belknap Landscaping Inc, Don Morin Assoc. Inc., Inn Season Resorts, Quinn Hogan, NWM, Belmont K of C Council 10943, Martin, Lord & Osman, P.A. & Water St Café.

Hole in One sponsor was Irwin Motors. Driving Range Sponsor was Eased Edges.

Breakfast sponsor was Laconia K of C Council 428, Franklin K of C Council 12147.

Golf shirt sponsor was Stafford Oil.

Program advertisers were Graham & Graham PC, Tilton House of Pizza, Belknap Subaru, Stump Grinding by Mike, Walnut St Productions.

Auction & Raffle Donations by Red Sox, New England Patriots, DeMoulas Market Basket, Belknap Subaru, Baron's Major Brand, Bolduc Park, Hart's, Shaw's Gilford, Smitty's Cimema, NH Motor Speedway, Manchester Monarchs, Harris Family Furniture, Mill Falls at the Lake, Tanger Oulets Country Carriage, Bryant & Lawrence, Arvidson Health Clinic, Inn Season Resorts, Foy Insurance Tom Beary, Barrie Little-Gill.

Monetary Donations were provided by Frank & Jennifer Ruffing, James V Hatem, John Crafts & Deirdre O"Riordan, Stephen & Lorraine Verderme, Michael & Jennifer Muzzey, GG Real Estate Investment, Donna & Gary Grantz, Charles W Gallagher, Atlantic Valuation, Kori and Philip Smith, Bill Benoit, Neil and Mary Flaherty, Randy and Melissa Annis, Don Morin, Pat and Madeline McGrath, Greggory and Carol Landroche, Fratello's Ristorante Italiano, Alan Whitney, Kenneth Clark, Linda Knott CFP, Nutter Enterprises Inc., Peter and Sharon Spanos.

Special thanks to my golf committee members who put in tireless hours, Andy Foss, and John Shevenell.

Thank you to our golf tournament volunteers, Steve Archanbeault, Kristy Blanchette, Don House, Andrew Moeller, Bill Poulin and Anne Shevenell. A special thank you to Tom Garrity for guiding us along, as non-golfers, to organize this event.

Please forgive me if I have forgotten to mention someone's name.

If anyone is interested in more information regarding Belknap House please visit our website and Facebook page. Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter on the Facebook page to follow our progress. Our email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. https://sites.google.com/site/l2belknaphouse/

Colleen Garrity, President

Belknap House


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