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You can judge Don Guarino by how he handles this mistake

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, a story was released in a local periodical, which, in effect, painted former selectman Don Guarino as the next Al Capone. The story itself dealt with Mr. Guarino's construction company's dispute with a former customer, a dispute which led Mr. Guarino into court where he was ruled against and ordered to pay restitution, which, according to the article, he has had some difficulty in doing. That's basically the whole story.

Yet, after reading the article, one comes away feeling that not only is Mr. Guarino unfit to serve another term as selectman in Gilmanton, but that he should be locked up and the key thrown away. The article is biased, ridiculously one-sided and, in my opinion, laced with inconsistencies.

I have known Don Guarino for many years. Our dealings, being both personal and business, have demonstrated to me a man of integrity and honesty. However, integrity and honesty can be stretched to the limits when dealing with the complexities which oftentimes arise in the construction industry, from which I am now retired. It is an industry often driven by a consumer mindset intent on getting as much as possible for as little as possible. I don't state that as a criticism, but as a fact.

That mindset, however, can create a dynamic between customer and contractor which can unfortunately evolve into a breakdown in communication, which can then escalate into an unfortunate situation somewhat like what Mr. Guarino's construction company finds itself in.

For the record, I have been part of, and witness to, many projects which Guarino Construction has been involved in over the past 25 years. Some were complex and difficult, some simple, but all successes. Quality work, followed by a satisfied costumer. However, Don Guarino, owner and operator of Guarino Construction, would be the first to admit that he is not immune to errors in judgment.

I have always said that you can't tell what a person is really made of, until he makes a mistake. Is Mr. Guarino pointing the finger at his customer and saying it's all their fault? No he is not. Is he trying to pass the blame on to his suppliers or subcontractors? No he is not. Is he blaming the weather; is he blaming his health? No he is not.

He has taken it on himself to be completely responsible for his actions and, granted, with difficulty, he will pay the court ordered restitution. That's what Gilmanton needs in a selectman. Not someone who gets into personal and business troubles, as Mr. Guarino's opponent has, and then turns around and blames everyone and his brother for his troubles. This is what makes Don Guarino the perfect choice for selectman in Gilmanton. When the buck lands on his desk ... he won't pass it. He never has, and he never will.

Gilmanton voters ... join me in voting for Don Guarino as our next selectman.

Al Blake

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