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Mainstream media needs to report all the news; stop censorship

To The Daily Sun,

Wake up America! We are facing a very serious problem in our country. This has to do with our mainstream media news stations.

It is a proven fact that they are censoring their news reports, to suit their own personal political agenda. They have taken it upon themselves to decide what news our citizens should be allowed to see and hear. Sounds like a communist country to me.

This is a very serious problem which must be addressed, immediately.

Whether we like what we hear or not, the choice to hear it, should be left up to the citizens, not the media. It is their job to report all news in a truthful manner, not pick and choose what they want us to hear.

For example, the day Wikileaks released the emails that exposed the revelations about the Clinton email scandals, it was not reported by the Associated Press, CBS, CNBC, CNN, MSNBC or NBC. It was reported on Fox News.

It should have been reported on all media stations. It was news that all Americans have the right to know.
Is this where we want to go? Do we want to let the media pick and choose the news they want us to hear or do we want to hear the facts as they happen? Demand that these deceitful practices be stopped now.

Tell our mainstream media to report all the news just as it happens and stop the censorship, immediately.
This is America, not China, Russia or any other communist country. Don't let them turn us into one.

Linda Dupere

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Lisa DiMartino has a great understanding of state government

To The Daily Sun,

We are asking our friends, neighbors, and voters in Gilford and Meredith to cast your ballots for Lisa DiMartino, a candidate for state representative. We feel that Lisa is the best candidate based on her dedication to family, her district, and the state of New Hampshire. She is an experienced legislator, community servant, and wonderful mom. She is especially knowledgeable in the field of children's needs and what state programs work best to develop the state's future citizens. She has a great understanding of state government and how it should act in the best interests of our local municipalities.

When you go to the polls on November 8, please vote for a better Gilford, Meredith, and the state by electing Lisa DiMartino. Thank you.

Bill & Erika Johnson

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