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USA is crumbling before our eyes and leaders are unconcerned

To The Daily Sun,

I am not employed and I am on SSDI for a mental disability; but I care about the USA and its people.

Decades ago the politicians allowed and encouraged the transfer of many USA jobs to the overseas workers.

More recently the politicians are allowing USA jobs, that USA citizens are employed in, to be transferred to incoming foreign nationals. I read in the news, on Breibert.com, that these educated, qualified, dedicated long time USA citizen employees are required to train the incoming foreigners to take their jobs. This is beyond belief and shameful. I voted for Trump and he is not doing anything to stop this situation from occurring. He campaigned robustly to ensure USA citizens would have jobs. He is a fraud, I believe.

I have emailed the N.H. congresspersons about it. I doubt they will do anything Congress either. The USA is crumbling before our eyes and our leaders are unconcerned and inactive about it.

What do you think would be the solution? My opinion is that only a grassroots revolution of some kind is the solution.

Louise Sargent


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$400k in the ambulance fund but Alton chose not to use it

To The Daily Sun,

The Alton Board of Selectmen, town administrator, and fire chief have been engaging in fraud concerning ambulance and Fire Department funds.

Most recently, the new Alton ambulance was purchased out of Fire Department funds. This, despite the fact the ambulance replacement fund, the fund specifically established in 2000 by the voters of Alton to replace the ambulance, had more than $400 thousand in the account.

Manipulation of these accounts is not limited to the recent purchase of the ambulance. Alton has also taken money from the ambulance fund to pay Fire Department personnel, as well as to purchase Fire Department equipment. Apparently, the Fire Department budget, the budget approved by the selectmen and Budget Committee to run the fire department was not good enough.

I will be addressing the Budget Committee when they meet in July, where I will present these and other bad acts of the selectmen, administrator, and fire chief.

Jeffrey Clay

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