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She supports Glenn Cordelli's attempt to dismantle our public schools

To The Daily Sun,

Perfidious: "not able to be trusted; showing that someone cannot be trusted."

This is part of the title of a letter to the editor in The Laconia Daily Sun on Thursday by Jane Aiken of Bedford, regarding my letter about Glenn Cordelli's extreme position on public education.

Firstly Jane, you spelled my name incorrectly. Your condemnation of my letter is a boon to my campaign so please get my name correct. I would hate to lose votes because of your inability to check your spelling ... or facts.

Jane Aiken is the mouthpiece for the extreme right Tea Party, responsible for the propaganda, conspiracy theories and fear-mongering about everything from public education to regional planning. She is about as extreme in her thinking as anyone can be. Jane has consistently gotten it wrong and is of the belief that local citizen volunteers who comprise the vast majority of all things local, are part of the " conspiracy."

One sentence in her letter pretty much tells it all: "To support the current state of education, a system which is being completely run by outsiders, is to completely and utterly reject any sort of 'local control.'"

I see things very differently and despite her accusations of my being naive or not honest or simply not understanding the perils she and other perceive that we face, I trust our local leaders, volunteers all. They are deep-rooted in our community and always try to do what is best for our schools and children.

She fully supports Glenn Cordelli's extreme position to dismantle our public school system. It is clear that her viewpoints are extreme and do not represent what I hear from constituents in Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro. We are proud of our school systems and the outcomes they have produced. Your irrational fear-mongering, coming to us from Bedford, are not welcome.

Our schools are under our local control Jane. I know all our School Board members. They control our schools.

As a longtime proponent of the right-to-know, who at one time brought suit against the town. I take very strong exception to her assertion that I do not support people having the legal right to make a right-to-know request. She knows that is not true, but in one sentence where she accuses me of "doublespeak" purposely commits it. I wrote on my blog, "Moultonboro Speaks", that I questioned the real motive for Ed Comeau's right-to-know request. Here is what I wrote: "I suspect that his real motivation has more to do with his Free State ideology rather than fulfilling his role a member of the county delegation or even as a private citizen." I never once said or hinted that he did not have the legal right to file the request.

The truth, Jane, is the best antidote for those that practice perfidiousness. (See, I can use big words too!)
And yes, Jane, I am the kind of person people of Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro want to represent them in Concord, I have a long track record in my local town, where I live and have served as a volunteer for many years.

Voters come Nov. 8 have a clear choice: extremism or common sense leadership that will always place the needs of the three towns I will represent ahead of ideology.

We here in Moultonborough, Sandwich and Tuftonboro know what is best for our towns, Jane. Not you.

Paul Punturieri

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It's very dificult for Blacks to stop believing the political lie they have grown up with

To The Daily Sun,

This is an open letter of gratitude and support for the Laconia Police Department, including Chief Chris Adams, and all of the police force, the brave, hard-working and dedicated public servants, men and women, who put their lives on the line every day to serve and protect the citizens of Laconia.

Once again, it is a national disgrace that the public at large has been subjected to the lawless actions of a relatively small group of outside anarchists in Charlotte, N.C.

Members of the Charlotte Black community were holding a lawful civil protest Wednesday night, Sept. 21, over what they thought was an unlawful police action. When they realized the possibility that the police acted appropriately to a threat of a man with a gun, they disbanded their public protest, and took their peaceful protest to a local church. But most of the rest of the protesters really weren't motivated by anything but a convenient excuse to cause trouble by rioting, starting fires and looting local community businesses.

Let's examine a few indisputable facts that are common to these lawless incidents that are becoming more and more frequent in America. They are all happening in localities, towns, cities, and metropolitan areas that have been politically controlled mostly by Democrats for decades, including mayors, chiefs of police, etc. The poor folks who live there believe the lies they are told over and over about how they are victims, and need the protection of these leftist leaders, protection from the "bad" Republicans, who, if they were to be elected and take over, because they "...hate anyone who doesn't look like them..." would therefore suppress and discriminate against the minorities even more.

Sadly, this lie is repeated over and over, and because of that repetition, the overwhelming majority of the inner city Blacks and other minorities believe this lie. However, anyone who stops and uses their ability to think and reason clearly knows that it is a lie. Their support for Democrats as a voting bloc has not helped their cause one bit for decades on end.

They believe it because it's easier for people to believe a lie that has been told to them a thousand times, than to hear and believe the truth one has never heard before! This lie is being perpetrated by people on the political left, both black and white, as well as by other civil rights "leaders" who presently hold the power in those communities, and they are not about to change the narrative by telling the people the truth.

So, what it the truth, you ask? Past generations may have been victims of slavery, racial prejudice and discrimination, and were kept on the fringes of society. That is a sad truth. However, it is also a fact that no one alive today, anywhere in the country, is or has been personally, a victim of slavery. Anyone who tells you that you are a victim, is the one who is trying to make you a victim. Any of us are only victims of anything, if we allow ourselves to be a victim.

There are tens of thousands of examples of above-average success stories from within the Black community, by people who have personally decided to escaped the "slavery" of the inner city, including people like Oprah Winfrey, who started out as a newspaper reporter, and rose to become worth $3.2 billion, and a black community organizer named Barack Hussein Obama being elected to president of the United States, whose net worth increased from $1.3 million in 2007 before he became president, to $12.2 million in 2015.

But, to put some perspective on the difficulty for blacks to stop believing the lie they have grown up with, consider how difficult it is for conservatives like me to believe, for example, that the motives of Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry's Iran nuclear deal was done in the best of the United States. No one on the right believes that. And that helps us begin to see the difficulty facing us. Although there is eight years of evidence for us to distrust everything coming out of the Obama regime, the Blacks also have plenty of reason to distrust everything coming out of the mouths of — not Republicans at large — but everything coming out of the mouths of those who stand to lose the most if the lie is not perpetuated, the so-called civil rights leaders of both colors who have been running things in the inner cities for years.

Conservatives and others who are politically right-of-center, listen up. It is our job, and our responsibility, to reach out continuously to the Black community, and somehow demonstrate the sincerity of our position. We need to find ways to show them that the best measurement of success is, not to count how many people the far-left progressives have helped receive welfare benefits, but rather, to count how many people have been helped to get off welfare, and become captains of their own fate.

What a concept ...

Jim McCoole

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