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Richard Leonard's socialist ideas have never worked & will never work

To The Daily Sun,

Sam Cataldo is our conservative state senator representing Rochester, Farmington, New Durham and Alton. Once again he is being challenged by liberal Richard Leonard.

Leonard supports Common Core, the top-down attempt of the federal government to take over our schools. Sam believes in local control of our schools. Leonard supports raising the minimum wage. Sam knows it would hurt lower-income people as it has everywhere it has been tried because people get laid off and lose their jobs (check out Seattle, Wash.).

Leonard is against New Hampshire becoming a right-to-work state. Sam supports it because it has raised wages in all states where it has been passed. He knows lowering taxes and regulations on businesses would attract them to our state, creating jobs.

As a recreation director at a local nursing home I have asked Sam to visit the residents twice, the second time when some residents had concerns about Medicaid expansion. He always makes himself available to them as he is a senior citizen himself. He explained why the expansion would be bad for New Hampshire and then voted against it as he said he would. It is just an expansion of Obamacare, which Leonard supports. When the federal money runs out in a couple of years the state will be stuck with the bill (State sales tax or income tax anyone?).

Sam doesn't believe in the false science of man-made global warming. Leonard does and of course the liberal solution is always more big government socialism.

Sam supports the voter I.D law to prevent voter fraud. Liberals always depend on the votes of unqualified voters.

Leonard's socialist beliefs don't work, never have worked and never will work. Ask Gorbachev. They always lead to government control of every aspect of the citizens' lives. Sam believes in individuals living their lives unencumbered by big government. This works. Ask Reagan.

Let's return Sam Cataldo to the state Senate where he will continue to fight for our liberties and freedoms.

Phil Wittmann


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Let's not fall for the claims of the 'Chicken Little' Democrats

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire Democrat Party appears to be at it again. A recent mailer they sent out is filled with falsehoods. Here are some of them:

They accuse Republicans of "slashing funding" for higher education. Reality: In 2013, the state budget crafted by Senate Republicans and passed by the Legislature increased state university funding by almost $50 million over the last biennium.

Second falsehood: They accuse Republicans of "defunding Planned Parenthood" and "restricting access to women's health care services." Reality: Planned Parenthood is not a government agency. It receives funding from a number of sources. Necessary cutbacks to overspending on non-government organizations is not "defunding," and it is not "restricting access." Otherwise we would have to endlessly tax and spend, with no end in sight.

Third falsehood: They claim "Republicans Cut Essential Services." Reality: No "essential services" were cut. In 2011 the incoming Republican Legislature found an $800 million budget deficit left by the reckless outgoing Democrat majority. Many tough decisions had to be made. As a result, the Republicans not only fixed the budget hole without raising taxes, but also generated a surplus.

Fourth falsehood: They say "Republicans Eliminate Health Care for 50,000." Reality: No "health care for 50,000" was "eliminated." Expanded Medicaid in New Hampshire will cost increasingly amounts starting in 2017, costing the state tens of millions of dollars per year. Responsible Republicans have ensured that a debate will be held on this budget-buster in 2016. Democrats will see it as an opportunity to raise taxes. Republicans will not.

Fifth falsehood: "Republicans Repeal N.H.'s Minimum Wage." Reality: No minimum wage was law was repealed. In fact, we have a minimum wage: It's the federal federal minimum wage. Raising it further will destroy both small businesses and jobs in our state.

Let's not fall for the claims of "Chicken Little Democrats" that we hear every election. For smart, responsible, frugal government, just vote
Republican on Nov. 4.

Robert "Bob" Hull
Candidate for State Representative, Grafton District 9

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Leadership of Belknap County Convention this year has been shameful

To The Daily Sun,

In the past couple of months I have heard many people state that they are glad that Colette Worsman and Bob Greemore are not running for re-election and they hope that our County Convention can return to being civil and productive.

I attended many of the Belknap County Convention meetings in 2014. I think we can all agree that what has transpired under Rep. Worsman (Chair) and Rep. Greemore's (Co-Chair) leadership over this year in the convention has been shameful. They have led with a political agenda that has taken precedent over county needs and have treated the County Commissioners that we elected with outright disrespect. While none of us expect our elected officials to agree all the time, or any one to be right all the time, we do expect them to be able to be civil to each other and to effectively collaborate to reach decisions that are in the best interest of those they serve.

It is evident that Reps. Worsman and Greemore, both from Meredith, have been driven and acted only in the best interest of their political agenda. They tout that they have acted to save us tax dollars but have actually cost the county more then the $15 or so they may have saved us in taxes. Was all the angst, disrespect and blatant rudeness worth it?

We do have the opportunity to return the county to responsible leadership when we vote on Nov. 4.

I encourage all voters in Belknap County to consider what has transpired in our county over the last two years and let their vote tell the County Convention that we wish to return to leadership that is civil and productive. While Worsman and Greemore are not on the ballot there are many candidates who mirror their voting records and who would continue in the same fashion they have established.

Rep. Herb Vadney, Meredith, has voted and acted in lockstep with his Meredith counterparts and will continue the same. Rep. Frank Tilton, Laconia, chair of the Executive Committee, has stood firm with Worsman and Greemore through all of the turmoil and will continue the same. Rep. Mike Sylvia, Belmont, who is part of the Free State movement, seldom participated in the discussions at the convention meetings but voted every time with Rep. Worsman and will continue the same. Glen Aldrich, another member of the Free State Movement, is running this year to represent Gilford and Meredith. He has been endorsed by Rep. Sylvia and will continue the same.

Given the growth of the Free State Movement and the Tea Party throughout Belknap County and the fact that these candidates run as Republicans, it is important to understand that all those who now run as Republicans do not share the principles or practices of what the Republican Party has stood for. It is increasingly important that we all learn about the candidates and what they truly represent.

I will vote to return Rep. Lisa DiMartino, Gilford, to Concord. She has been an independent thinker which her votes reflect. Lisa always acts with respect and thoughtfulness which is much needed in Belknap County. She represents what we should seek others to mirror in Concord and in our County Convention.

I feel that Sandy Mucci, Dorothy Piquado, and Nancy Frost have the same independent perspective and will vote for what is best for Belknap residents, not by party line.

Please learn about the candidates before you vote, all those elected in Belknap County impact all of us.

Paula Trombi



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I would like Jeanne Shaheen to tell the truth; just once in 6 years

To The Daily Sun,

The definition of a carpetbagger is any person, especially a politician, who takes up residence in a place for opportunistic reasons. Jeanne Shaheen was born Jeanne Bowers in Saint Charles, Mo., and she was educated in Mississippi, the wife of attorney and political operative Bill Shaheen. Yet somehow, she escapes being called a carpetbagger, while other politicians with actual roots are referred to as carpetbaggers?

Jeanne Shaheen signed her name to Obamacare. Did she read the bill? She carried Obama's deceit, bold-faced lies and outcomes to the New Hampshire citizens ... you can keep your doctor and hospital, you can keep your insurance.

Jeanne Shaheen is destroying the family unit, and the middle class. Look what is going on with the family. Working hours have been cut, loss of jobs, high insurance rates, and the fundamental taking of our rights and choices as American citizens. She cares little for the women in New Hampshire. Her war is against the female population in New Hampshire. Women carry the strength of the family unit. She has taken their hopes and dreams away without any empathy for the parents and children.

Recently Jeanne Shaheen stated "Obamacare benefits starting to be seen, but more work needs to be done." She states, " I don't want to go back. and I think most people don't want to go back to a system that will deny all of those reforms." I think she is out of touch with the people. Most people on Obamacare will get low-cost care and will be denied seeing specialists. Doctors are leaving because of diminished care, their professional decision and expertise has been removed. I would like Jeanne Shaheen to tell the truth just once, she has had six years to be truthful.

GAO (Government Accountability Office) confirms Obama and Shaheen misled the public. Taxpayers are forced to fund abortions. Everything the Democrats told us was a bold-faced lie. Obamacare was deliberately designed to wreck the healthcare system and the family unit. The IBD (Investors Business Daily) also cites studies confirming that Obamacare is now crippling the economic growth and raking workers over the coals. http://www.examiner.com/article/obamacare-kills-more-health-plans-hurts-workers?CID

Has anyone heard of the Gosnell Protection Act? It was co-sponsored by Jeanne Shaheen. The name given to the bill "Women's Health Protection Act or S1696. This bill will gut legislation now in place to regulate abortion, New Hampshire parental notification law and partial-birth-abortion ban are two of the laws that would be lost if S1696 were to pass. A companion bill in the House, Shaheen, Kuster co-sponsoring — the Gosnell Taught Us Nothing Act. We need to vote these two people out of the Senate and House. This isn't about a Women's Choice, it is about the government deciding for us what we can and can't do, disguised as pro-women talking points. http://www.standfirmfaith.com/?/sf/page/31442----www.ncregister.com/.../democratic-lawmakers-push-pro-abortion-agenda-on-st...

In 2011, Senator Shaheen found a way to circumvent our Executive Council's decision to eliminate the government money for Planned Parenthood. What did the Senator do? She contacted the HHS and they contacted Obama and they funneled money to Planned Parenthood. Do we really want a senator who is deceitful in her actions. Unconscionable actions are unacceptable.

Rosemary Landry

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I've found Pollak to be thoughtful listener & respectful collaborator

To The Daily Sun,

Voting for David Pollak for Belknap County Commissioner is a vote to bring positive changes to our county.

I have worked with Dave for more than five years, and I have found him to be a thoughtful listener, an intelligent and diligent researcher, and a respectful collaborator. These are the qualities that we need our public office holders to have so they can make good decisions for all of us.

David Pollak would make an excellent Belknap County Commissioner.

Cynthia Davis


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