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Ruth Gulick is issue focused and not just 'another Democrat'

To The Daily Sun,

There are multiple candidates seeking office this voting period. Ruth Gulick of New Hampton is one of the qualified persons to seek office. She has served as a state representative for many years prior to re-seeking office again.

Rut is for the people who she may serve next year. She has voted a number of times during sessions of when the delegation met in Laconia, supporting many people who have been mistreated by some of the Republican members in that group (Note, not all).

She supports in particular employees in both Belknap County Nursing Home as well as staff serving in the Belknap Department of Corrections, next door to the home. She has advocated for both groups of employees regarding their salaries as well as benefits.

Ruth has been very active in the past, serving her home community of New Hampton as well as constituents of Center Harbor. She demonstrates a tradition within her family for serving the community. Her husband, Peter also served the community by his membership with the New Hampton Fire Company as an EMT-firefighter. We need such a dedicated human being to be strong as Ruth will be, to support the voters in both New Hampton and Center Harbor. In addition, she worked as an attorney prior to retiring.

Such dedication is to be admired and supported. She is compassionate about the priority items in our community. She also supports the issues many women face today. She is issue focused and not just "another Democrat." She is fair as well as strong. We need to return Ruth Gulick to the state Legislature.

Please give Ruth your vote on Nov. 8. This endorsement is coming from a Republican who supports Ruth's legislative endeavors.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.
New Hampton

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Voting for Glenn Cordelli ensres a leader with integrity & confidence

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to take a moment and give credit to where it is deserved. New Hampshire prospers from great leaders who make a difference in our community, schools and our great state. Glenn Cordelli is our Carroll County District 4 leader representing Tuftonboro, Sandwich and Moultonborough. He has demonstrated excellence with his promotions while serving on the House Education Committee.

New Hampshire needs Glenn Cordelli as state representative to continue advocacy on higher educational standards and freedoms but also as a strong honorable leader of legislation. He supports parents' decisions, privacy and protects students' and teachers' information.

His view in opposition for sales tax work hand-in-hand for budget reform. Glenn believes in free enterprise and encourages individual initiative with actions. He is receptive to new ideas and thoughtful change while retaining principles of strength and pride for freedoms and human rights. Glenn's honesty is a tribute to his character reflecting his fearlessness to criticize the topics that need to be held accountable.

Glenn Cordelli demonstrates compassion for New Hampshire's needs by converting knowledge to wisdom and determining a course of action to improve the quality of life for all at home, in New Hampshire. Voting for Glenn ensures a leader who posses integrity and confidence that inspires and motivates us all to get the job done. We are all reminded to keep in mind what is good and right is in the best interest for the nation as a whole.

I am asking you to join me in voting for Glenn Cordelli on Nov. 8.

Darlene Martino


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