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Let's put importance of climate change in proper context of problems facing the world

To The Daily Sun,

The most laughs in The Daily Sun are found in the letter to the editor pages. Mino C. Pasquali and Jim Veverka suggest they need to protect the world debunking misinformation about climate change. The laughs are already here... Mirno and Jim are no more likely to protect you from "climate baloney" than listening to Bernie Sanders will protect you from a bad hair day.
Let me brutally honest. Running around, yelling "global warming" is near the bottom of the critical issues list of items that threaten people today or even the next century.

The significance of global warming is a manufactured headline by the Democratic Party for the purpose of politics. Democrats use climate as a political tool the same way they use racism. That is to stir hate and resentment in a certain strata of society hoping to provoke them to vote in certain way.

If the honest goal was to save the lives of the maximum number of people we wouldn't even be talking about warming at all. We would be talking about cold. Yup, cold. Surprise, surprise!

There are far more deaths from cold on our planet, and in the U.S. than there are from warming. This is an inconvenient truth for Mirno, Jim and Al Gore. Could climate change be an eventual concern? It could be, but a slowly warming climate would reduce more cold deaths more than it would increase warm deaths. Modest levels of warming would actually save lives in total. In the U.S. About 9,000 people die from heat related causes each year while 144,000 parish from cold. On a global basis temperature related mortality follows U.S. averages of about 14 to one. Cold is and has been the far greater killer. It is projected to be as far as the eye can see.

Obama released a new climate report suggesting in the worst-cast scenario in in the year 2100 there would be 17,680 fewer cold deaths due to climate change but 22,312 more deaths from heat caused by global warming for a net change of 9,632 people at the hands of climate 84 years from now, in the worst case. Europeans have done similar studies. They find that by 2080 the added deaths related to any increased heat are offset by the lives saved from less cold. On a net basis not one person is killed by climate to the next century. These facts don't play well with Democratic "the sky is falling" mouthpieces like Mirno and Jim. That these two see themselves as climate gurus is the best comedy gets in The Daily Sun.

Let's put the importance of the climate change in its proper context of problems facing the world. In India in the next 12 months 1 million people will die from smoking. Another million more in China. Add millions more from the rest of the world. In Africa in the next 12 months millions of poor will die from respiratory ailments directly related to cooking inside with an open flame. Millions more from starvation. Millions more from mosquito and other insect borne illnesses. All in a world where billions of people have yet to experience the joy of a light bulb or cooking on an electric stove.

The prospects for these lives to be made better or saved made even dimmer with political idiots screaming global warming which has one effect. That is is to dramatically increase the cost of all forms of energy and electricity everywhere which hands down a literal death sentence to tens of millions of poor and starving in Africa and around the world who will die in the dark.

Tony Boutin

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Obama & Congress agree corporate tax rate should be lower

To The Daily Sun,

The administration has imposed new regulations on business. That is not news in any way shape or form, but it is important. This latest round of regulatory taxation is aimed at corporate tax inversions.

Businesses have increasingly been utilizing completely legal inversions to minimize the impact of the U.S.'s internationally noncompetitive 35 percent corporate tax rate. In the latest regulatory move the U.S. Treasury Department has created new rules making it more difficult for companies to move their tax addresses outside of the U.S. It is unwise to attempt to capture and restrain business by regulatory fiat.

Companies like doing business in America because of the access to intellectual capital, well developed capital markets and the large population — all in one open market. These are advantages to doing business here. But increasingly companies are balking at our high corporate tax rates. For the other advantages to matter, companies must be able to financially overcome the tax and regulatory hurdles. Many multinationals mitigate the tax disadvantage by shifting profits to low-tax companies abroad using the tactic known as earnings stripping.

One thing that is troubling about the Treasury's new regulatory move is that the administration and Congress actually agree that the U.S. should lower its corporate-tax rate. Lowering the corporate tax rate is a way to create an incentive for corporations to keep and invest more profits here. With that said, the political party has been unwilling to move tax reform forward. It is an election year after all. Why would the political party think that doing something helpful to either the economy or the American people would be a good thing? Absurd, right?

Many CEOs are up in arms about the new Treasury rules. Pfizer and Allergan made news by terminating their planned $150 billion merger. Both CEOs had critical remarks for the U.S. government which were true. The Treasury changes ignore the reason many companies pursue inversions in the first place, which is that U.S. corporate tax structure puts American companies at a competitive disadvantage to foreign companies with lower rates. We know what the issue is, but refuse to act on it.

Underlying the tax issue is the deeper and more systemic issue of regulatory overreach which is exemplified by the Department of Treasury's action in this case. The Treasury is an executive branch agency. It is by regulation imposing taxation and regulatory burden on business in contravention of the best interest of business and the citizens of the county. If there is to be change made to taxation, that is the responsibility of the legislative branch. But we, the electorate, the candidates, media and government are not even talking about the propriety of Treasury's action. It is time for accountability.

Marc Abear


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