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Sanbornton residents: look for 6 question survey in your mail

To The Daily Sun,

The Sanbornton Budget Committee meets every month to discuss both ongoing town finances and the upcoming FY16 budget. However, very few if any residents bother to come to the committee meetings to make their concerns known.
In an effort to encourage resident input to the upcoming FY16 budget, four members of the committee have produced a survey that will be mailed to all Sanbornton residents the week January 19th. The survey is being paid for by committee members and is not funded in any way with town money. However, due to the cost of postage, we were not able to include a postage paid response envelope with the survey.
I want to encourage all Sanbornton residents to look for the survey in the mail, take the time to answer the six simple questions, and then return the survey.
Answering the questions should take no more the 60 seconds i.e. how do you feel about property taxes — too low ___, about right____, too high? etc. The bottom part of the survey provides directions on how to return your answers; e-mail or snail mail. For the cost of a 1st class stamp or the effort necessary to push a computer button you can make your views known during the Sanbornton budget process.

Roger Grey

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Practice your camera skills & do something for your community

To The Daily Sun,

Lakes Region Public Access wants you.

LRPA is sponsored by Laconia, Gilford, Belmont, Meredith, and Northwood. LRPA provides broadcasting of public meetings and other community business. However, hours are left open to be filled by the public — that's you, young and old.

It's your show. You direct, film, edit, and submit to LRPA. In other words, you present your work, and we'll put it on local TV channels.

Are you a regular at yard sales? Bring a camera and let others experience the thrill of a great find.

Is there a local event coming up? Be ready with your camera and capture it for everyone.

Do you have a hobby? Do a "how to" video and inspire others to take an interest.

Does your favorite restaurant feature an eight-pound omelet? Capture the culinary adventure on film.

Are you a hiker? Take your community on a hike with you.

Do you love animals? Arrange a tour of a local shelter or farm and share that love with others.

Do you have a talent? Don't wait to be discovered — discover yourself.

Are you a fireman who belongs on master chef? Prove it and film your creation, followed by a critique by your own handpicked judges.

Are you a local group of scouts? Film your jamboree or hike so those at home can enjoy it, too.

Are you a group that provides free meals? Share the experience and inspire others to join in.

Are you a musician or singer? Let everyone enjoy your gift.

Did a miracle happen to you? Have the courage to proclaim it.

Do you have a favorite book that you want to share? Film your own story hour.

Do you attend local games? Be the official Lakes Region self-appointed sports commentator.

Are you a regular at local restaurants? Present a tour on how to eat your way across the Lakes Region.

Did you write a book that no one will read? Read it to them.

Do you frequent a coffee shop filled with local characters? Interview them and record their philosophy of life.

Do you have an exciting or dangerous job? Let the 9 to 5er's experience the thrill.

Do you have the inside scoop on new technology? Let us in on it so that we're a cutting edge community.

Have you been a teacher for 45 years and have good advice for parents to inspire children to be their best? Share your secrets with us.

We live in a wonderful area filled with beautiful scenery, great activities, and interesting people. Let's use our public access television to build our community and promote our local

treasures. Let's make public access vital and fun. Let's make it work.

This is on a volunteer basis. It will give you an opportunity to practice your camera skills and do something for your community.

Email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Are you interested in being a volunteer at LRPA? Email us.

The staff of Lakes Region Public Access television


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Mr. Abear's further questions can be dealt with at Jan. 26 hearing

To The Daily Sun,

Since Mr. Abear has already sent to the newspapers his e-mail asking questions about the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there is little point in my trying to answer his questions with an e-mail to him. There are answers, some of them obvious, but Mr. Abear really doesn't want them, only to publicize his objections.

The other day, Mr. Carter posed a number of questions to me and the other Selectboard members by e-mail which I answered for him in detail. Nonetheless, Mr. Abear put Mr. Carter's same exact questions in another letter to the editor and Mr. Carter has raised some of the same subjects in yet another letter to the editor, in each case without my answers to their questions.

In my opinion, Mr. Abear's further questions can best be dealt with at the public hearing on the 26th.

Louis Kahn
Meredith Selectman

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Prof. Lessig will speak about N.H. Rebellion at LRCC on Sunday

To The Daily Sun,

On Sunday, Jan. 18, LRCC SPEEKS, a student organization at, is sponsoring a presentation and discussion by Professor Lawrence Lessig at 4:30 p.m. in the Academic Commons building. All are invited.

Professor Lessig is participating in a 300-mile walk to educate the public and political candidates on the subject of reforming money in politics. The walkers will be coming through Laconia on Sunday the 18th.

Professor Lessig and other marchers are seeking to continue the work of the late New Hampshire reformer Doris "Granny D" Haddock, whose historic cross-country walk for campaign finance reform at the age of 90 helped spark a citizens movement to pass the McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002.

"The New Hampshire Rebellion cuts across party lines to champion fundamental reforms that are needed to save our state and our country," said former Republican gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hemingway, a member of the N.H. Rebellion.

Hope to see you there.

Dave Pollak
LRCC Faculty Sponsor

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Our paper currency did not include 'In God We Trust' until 1954

To The Daily Sun,

I have been following the letters to the editor concerning whether the United States is or is not a Christian nation. Lately, this discussion has turned to our coinage and the motto "In God We Trust." As a numismat, rather than a civil libertarian, I felt a need to add an objective, non-partisan opinion.

In truth, both Mr. Veverka and Mr. Cacciatore are wrong. With the exception of the Indian Head cent (1863-1908) and the Buffalo Nickel (1913-1938) every coin minted for general circulation in the twentieth century bore that motto as do coins minted today, not just commemorative coins.

Going further back, the Barber series of coins, minted from 1892 to 1916, had the same motto on all coins except the dime. It's thought that space limitation prevented the inclusion of the motto on that coin. Morgan dollars, minted from 1878 to 1904 (and reissued for one year in 1921) also bore the motto. It is also important to note that those same coins had our Latin motto, "E Pluribus Unum" as well.

I believe this confusion may be caused by the fact that paper currency did not have "In God We Trust" printed on the reverse until around 1954.

Just for a historical note, the 1792 five-cent piece referred to in one of his letters was actually spelled "half disme" rather than "half dime." However, it was pronounced "dime." Ah, those crazy Founding Fathers and their spelling....

Should either gentleman wish confirmation of my claims, simply contact me and I will be happy to show you samples of U.S. coins from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Daylon Brock


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