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I have freed up my time to be a full-time representative in Concord

To The Daily Sun,

I do not see a need for Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol and Grafton to spend additional funds for a special election. Were we not adequately served by a representative elected in November, I might feel differently — but we are.

A second, less important point is I intend to run for the unoccupied second seat. The difference between me and the other announced candidates is fiscal prudence indicated by my formal request to the named selectboards not to make the request. Coupled with 10 years experience with state education issues I bring to the campaign, that fiscal prudence will help the demographics of this district to invest in what's right, but only when appropriate.

On the Newfound School Board for the past decade thus far, participating in creation of detailed budgets in excess of $20 million annually as an individual and overseeing that process as chairman of the board for two years and vice chair a third, I recognize when it's not necessary to spend public tax money. This is one time.

I have worked with superintendents and business administrators, and represent this school board as a delegate to New Hampshire School Board Association in Concord. I have served on two RSA 195 committees addressing withdrawal of towns from a district, and currently serve as the commissioner of Education's appointee to the house legislative committee to recommend changes to the law. This is experience makes me pragmatic in decision-making and most importantly, sensitive to specific needs of taxpayers.

I plan full-time representation in Concord. I have transferred my business to a new owner, freeing me to invest my time fully on behalf of voters. But, I can wait. I do not have the ambition of a youthful but, yet-to-be-tested individual seeking a career in politics vs. paying life's dues first and gaining experience before doing so. Nor am I a CEO with new employment responsibility, a father of four and planning to be governor before reaching the ripe old age of thirty-something.

My record is as a retired technical professional from Intel who started and ran my own business for the past 14 years in Bristol after gaining broad experience, ensuring it would it have the best chance for success. I waited. With patience and perseverance, I prepared myself, gained knowledge and seasoning that accompanies steady commitment of managing and meeting a payroll, all while doing public service to which I remain dedicated.

My Bristol's Economic Development Committee service seeks to bring new economic vitality to the region so all may benefit from a rising tide. But, I can wait, so it need not cost House District 9 taxpayers a special election for an additional single voice in Concord.

I know better than to make the same old "promises" of a newly-idealistic or simply-robotic politician. I do instead make the simple commitment to constituent service and to attend the deliberations of our citizen legislature when it's in-session, not just when it fits me, or around my own schedule or is secondary to a career search, or the need to address self-interests for an income.

So again, I can wait — and propose we do so and save the expense. I've written to all five select boards not to spend this money.

We can certainly use the break from the election cycle seen in 2016.

With fiscal prudence, I appeal to the fiduciary responsibility of other candidates who may otherwise smugly condemn those with a more pragmatic opinion to wait, instead of the simple self-interest of a cannot-wait candidate.

Vincent Paul Migliore
Candidate for State Representative
Grafton District 9


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Enough with this 'fake news' about judge & 'freezing' truck driver

To The Daily Sun,

I'm sure that the clear headed and independent thinkers and readers of The Laconia Daily Sun are sick and tired of reading items in this newspaper from ill-informed "group-thinkers" that are "FAKE NEWS," and based solely on a hard-left ideology. I'm talking about the articles and letter-to-the-editors spouting false info about the case regarding Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch, and the so-called "Frozen Trucker." The judge, during his Senate hearings could not comment specifically on the details of the case, but as a former long-haul trucker, who has actually been in this exact situation, please allow me to do so.

The judge was absolutely correct in ruling in favor of TransAm, and here's why. The truck (tractor) is equipped with an over-the-road heated "sleeper," which consists of a bunk for the driver to sleep on while away from home. Alphonse Madin was told by the company to stay with the disabled trailer, and wait for a specialized wrecker to arrive on site. Sometimes the wrecker service is located quite a distance away, or may even be on another call, and may take awhile. The driver was instructed to stay with the disabled trailer for safety purposes, using four-way flashers, etc., to illuminate it to other traffic., But he chose not to wait, not because he was freezing to death, but because he simply did not to wait, decided rather to "drop the trailer," leaving it on the side of the highway, vulnerable to theft, collision, etc.

Without the tractor attached, the pressurized air brake system is completely disabled. With the tractor attached, providing air to the brake system, the repairman can do what is necessary to release the disabled trailer's brakes.

The driver was told to stay on site, but he chose not to, probably costing the trucking company thousands more, to get another truck to the site to tow the repaired trailer. In all probability, the driver was never in danger of "freezing to death." Across the country, tractor-trailers break down on the side of the road all the time, and every driver knows what his responsibility is to the company in situations like this.

This story has been distorted all out of reality, simply because of this judge, and his being appointed to the Supreme Court by President Trump. The left in this country is incapable of looking at anything clearly if it has anything to do with politics. They filter everything through a left-wing filter, a "worldview" that makes everything "political," causing it lean "hard-left!"

My advice is not to believe almost anything you read in the newspaper, unless you have seen it with your own eyes!

Wake up America, before it is too late...

Jim McCoole


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