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My Obama statue will need a plaque to recognize the donor(s)

To The Daily Sun, 

I'd like to thank Tony Boutin for the lovely offer of honoring me with a statute of President Obama to grace my front lawn! It would be awesome in my garden, but if he could get it made with the addition of a fountain it certainly would be perfect. I'd just ask that a plaque be added on the bottom that mentions the donors. Something along the lines of "Donated by the Sons of American Desperation, Tony Boutin Chapter, September 2017." This way I can have a tranquil setting in which to read The Sun's letters and cartoons that get so many knickers in a twist!

Bernadette Loesch

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Thanks to Meredith Parks & Rec for taking great care of Childs Park

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Meredith Center Free Will Baptist Church family, I express our heartfelt appreciation to those Meredith workers who take such excellent care of Childs Park. Their diligence and their devotion confirm the fact that this tract of land is, indeed, an impressive and ideal place for young and old to gather.

The Meredith Parks and Recreation workers' pride reigns supreme there. Complementing so many similar feelings of ours, we want them to know how very grateful we were (and still are) at our church picnic, held there on Sunday, August 20. The neatness and cleanliness of the park, its spaciousness, its ample area for parking cars, and its warm, welcoming atmosphere made our stay there so very, very pleasant!

As Meredith's seasons change, Childs Park will continue to feature appealing activities for all to enjoy. Entertainment and fun will happen spontaneously, and the young and the old will be right there . . . eagerly participating.

Surely a tribute to its founders, Childs Park is a great place and a great landmark in Meredith Center.

Marjorie Lee


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