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If you're looking for a real you-know-what-hole, look to the White House

To The Daily Sun,

Gallup polling now has Trump's approval in the hole at 30 percent. In last week's Quinnipiac poll, 57 percent said Trump is not fit to serve, 69 percent agree he is not level-headed, 39 percent give him an "F," 17 percent give him a "D." In an open-ended question, "disaster" and "chaotic" were the most common words used to describe the freshman. As far as being honest, 63 percent said he is not, 59 percent said he does not have good leadership skills, 59 percent agree he does not care about average Americans and 65 percent say he does not share their values.

Herr Trumpenfuhrer has continually attacked the pillars and institutions of our democracy; freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the judiciary, the intelligence community, the FBI, our major allies, and even juries! And he cozies up to dictators! His 67 percent disapproval rating is due to his character and mouth. Yet many conservatives and the usual suspects of letter writers here don't care about character anymore. The holier-than-thous here defend an immoral reprobate, an authoritarian who is the antithesis of our nation's character. This says much about them. Conservative columnist Bret Stephens, who is as conservative as it gets, put it this way about such people: "This is the fatal mistake of conservatives who’ve decided the best way to deal with Trump’s personality — the lying, narcissism, bullying, bigotry, crassness, name calling, ignorance, paranoia, incompetence, and pettiness — is to pretend it doesn’t matter. “Character Doesn’t Count” has become a de facto G.O.P." We must resist this repugnant man.

In Republican Senator Jeff Flake's speech on the Senate floor Wednesday, he compared Trump's attack on the press being "the enemy of the people" to Stalin, saying, "it is a testament to the condition of our democracy that our own president uses words infamously spoken by Josef Stalin to describe his enemies. It bears noting that so fraught with malice was the phrase “enemy of the people,” that even Nikita Khrushchev forbade its use, telling the Soviet Communist Party that the phrase had been introduced by Stalin for the purpose of “annihilating such individuals” who disagreed with the supreme leader. This alone should be a source of great shame for us in this body, especially for those of us in the president’s party. For they are shameful, repulsive statements." Clearly, it is our moral obligation to resist this malignant authoritarian. Comrade Trumpenstalin! So. Much. Winning!

Chuck Hagel, former Defense Secretary and conservative GOP senator from Nebraska, said in an interview with the Lincoln Journal Star Saturday, "Donald Trump is doing great damage to our country internationally." "He's an embarrassment." He is "intentionally dividing the country and the world." Hagel said his criticism of the intelligence community is "astonishing."

One of my political pleasures these days is seeing pundits and letter writers who defamed, denigrated, demonized, misrepresented and lied daily about Obama for eight years start whining about how Trump is being treated. Such irony! So rich! Schadenfreude! I was particularly struck by Bob Meade's lamentation about the resistance and name-calling when Trump is the name-caller-in-chief, embarrassing America with his constant vomitous outbursts. Clearly, Mr. Meade doesn't appreciate the legitimate use of labels and definitions. Bigot. Racist. Hateful. Ignorant. Foolish. Petulant. Impulsive. They are all in the dictionary, Bob. Really! As Bret Stephens noted (above), Trump's "lying, narcissism, bullying, bigotry, crassness, name calling, ignorance, paranoia, incompetence, and pettiness" defines his character yet the Trumpistas ignore that he is an abomination without a moral sense and the White House itself has become a dark hole. Blame the conservatives! LOL.

James Veverka


  • Written by Edward Engler
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What will early ice-in portend for our winter?

To The Daily Sun,

Early Ice-in
January third,
Lake Winnisquam
Surrenders its open waters,
For pilot Emerson’s call of
“Early ice-in,”
His aerial photo
Reveal’s the lake’s surface,
A black and white mosaic,
Paint-splattered with
snaky trails of snow
We would not want to follow.

What will
Early ice-in
We take hope from
One brave, blue, bobhouse,
Almost camouflaged,
Sheltering hardy souls
Who fish
For life,
Beneath the
Frozen lake.

Susan B. Miller

(Inspired by Ice-in photo published in The Laconia Daily Sun, Jan. 4, 2018)

  • Written by Mike Mortensen
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