Japan essentially shot us in the back with a cowardly attack

To The Daily Sun,
Leon R. Albushies continues with his tired rants on big ole evil America, this time chastising us for dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and thus ending the war with Japan. He teases with maligned enlightenment that America would have never invaded Japan saying, "Why would we risk the lives of thousands of Marines when Japan had been defeated and subject to the rule and dominance of the United States."

First of all Mr. Albushies, I know that you are many years older than me, so I am shocked of your absolute ignorance of this well-documented theater. Japan may have held the proudest and more brutal of all the armies of modern day warfare. Despite America's hard fought, bloody victories at places like Iwo Jima and Okinawa, Japan still had quite a military force. I know that we were pounding Japan with bombers and had crippled its military capabilities (thank you Gen. Curtis LeMay and many brave pilots), however its elite Imperial Army still boasted over 5 million troops in areas like Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, Burma, the Dutch East Indies and Malaya.

Secondly, although there had been a few famous generals and admirals (Eisenhower, MacArthur, Nimitz) who were quoted as saying the bomb may have not been mandatory for the defeat of Japan, however, the fact of the matter was that Japan had not surrendered. Your letter paints Japan in the light of being a sad, innocent victim of war, and that is where I reject it, Leon.

Japan essentially shot us in the back with a cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor. Their soldiers and government had been guilty of war crimes against other nations and their own people for centuries. They had refused to sign the Geneva Convention of 1929. Their government supported burying women and children alive in China. Torture prison camps in the Philippines. The Nanjing Massacre. Japanese killing competitions.

Then there was their proud warrior ways. The way of the Samurai. Falling on your sword or drinking poison rather than being taken prisoner (probably because they thought they would be treated like they treated prisoners). And if you think shooting their planes down was easy why don't you ask the survivors of U.S. naval boats like the Abner Read (DD-526) and around 47 other vessels sunk or damaged by kamikaze attacks just how easy it was.

The fact of the matter was that they hadn't surrendered at that time. Very few people thought they would just submit and comply with our government. It wasn't in their nature. Of course the bomb was also a message to Russia, which may have had more atrocities against humanity than Germany and Japan put together. Many of the major powers had been racing to develop the bomb. All I can say is that you should thank the higher powers that be it was the United States of America and not Germany, Russia or Japan that had perfected it first, or the world we live in would be very different today, Mr. Albushies. In that world, if you had written into a local newspaper complaining about the atrocities you believed your government was committing you then you would be quickly hauled off to a gulag somewhere for voicing your opinion and executed in some horrific manner.

Thomas Lemay


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Our northern border is even more porous than our Mexican one

To The Daily Sun,

I have decided to start awarding a new award every month or so. It will be called the Looney Uninformed Ethnocentric Wackadoodle Award, or simply the LUEW Award. LUEW rhymes with "loo", a British colloquialism for the toilet.

Recipients, must show, in the letters to The Sun a high degree of jingoism and ethnocentrism bordering on the racist. The likely recipients may have to look those two words up. The recipients must show an attitude of radical nationalism and an utter contempt for their fellow human beings, especially those less fortunate than they.

I cannot offer a monetary prize for this award, but it is usually to provide winners of awards with a medal, certificate, plaque, or other trophy. I have decided that the appropriate trophy for the LUEW Award will be a picture of the recipient framed in a plastic toilet seat. I will engrave the toilet seat with the reason for the award and it the recipient so wishes, will present the award at a convenient place and time. I will even provide the hardware and labor if the winner wants me to install it in their home.

I do not like to make these decisions alone so perhaps some others would help me form a committee to select the winners. Perhaps in the future we could expand this to first, second, and third prizes.

Since, however, I had to make the decision on the first award, I am pleased to announce that there was a tie. Linda Riley and Bob Meade will share the award. Their general ignorance of and dislike of foreigners won them this award.

Especially notable was Ms. Riley´s accusing Mexican and Central American immigrants, and not the anti vaccination movement, for the appearance of diseases that we used to have under control. The last time I know of unwanted immigrants causing massive epidemics is when Europeans brought smallpox and measles to this hemisphere, wiping out up to ninety percent of the Native American population.

As for heroin, yes, a lot of heroin nowadays comes from Mexico. But, a lot of Colombian cocaine is shipped by drug cartels to the U.S.A. Most methamphetamine is manufactured in the U.S.A. and almost all marijuana smoked is an American-made product.

Our northern border is probably even more porous than our Mexican border. A lot of white, European immigrants come here and work as nannies for wealthy families in New England and work illegally. I am sure there are some in our own WASP's nests of Meredith and Gilford but I am sure people like Ms. Riley would not recognized them because they are the same color as she. And yes, I also fear for Ms. Riley´s grandchildren, but probably not for the same reasons as she does.

I would like Ms. Riley and Mr. Meade to let me know where and when to present their LUEW Awards. If you have a choice of colors regarding the toilet seat, let me know. If you do not state a color preference, I am going to assume your favorite colors are lily white.

E. Scott Cracraft


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I'd say stick a fork in Hillary Clinton's campaign, she's done

To The Daily Sun,

My fellow townie, Henry Osmer wants to know if Russ Wiles ever served in the military like he did. Why, Henry is that relevant to any discussion about Obama, who did not, or the Clintons who did not, or any of the rest of the big-shot liberals you worship so ardently? Well just to set your mind at rest both Russ and I did serve and have our DD-214s to prove it.

As for the ridiculous comment about Obama not giving a birth certificate to The Daily Sun, Henry fails to say that Obama failed to provide one to The New York Times, Washington Post , CNN MSNBC, or, well anyone for over a year. Am I wrong about that Henry? Also we have yet to see his college transcripts, grades, travel documents or just about anything about him. Am I wrong again Henry? If not, how come? Just curious Henry, who is Barry Soetoro anyway?

Rambling along now, I hear all the the Clinton supporters telling anyone who will listen that Mrs. Clinton told the truth, never lied about her servers. Someone please provide these people with dictionaries as they obviously missed those portions of their educations. Hillary changes her stories more often then most people change their underwear.

Watching some late night talk show hosts doing their monologues much of their sharpest jokes are directed right at Hillary. Audience responses are to explode in applause and laughter. You have to believe these normally liberal-leaning shows are an indicator of how real folks view her. I'd say stick a fork in the old buzzard, she's done. But then these Clinton's keep rising like monsters from old B-movies. I do think this latest (scandal) will show if we actually have a valid criminal justice system or not, because General Petraeus was convicted of the same thing but at far lower level of seriousness. So are big shot, rich politicians above the law?

Steve Earle


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A fault of our Marital Master's system is there's no place to file grievance

To The Daily Sun,

Divorce is an emotional and stressful process which can be eased by the Family Court system through the introduction of mediation, fairness and emphasis on settlements, whereby the parties can begin new lives. However, the New Hampshire Family Court system has Marital Masters who are reviewed every three years only by their peers and not by an independent review board. Marital Master positions were recently cut from the court and drop off as their contracts expire. The court then came up with marital referees to fill the void. Every Marital Master who was not renewed, and has not retired or become a judge, has been rehired as a Marital Referee. These referees are considered employees and are protected from sanction. This presents serious flaws in the system whereby Marital Masters (or referees) become powerful individuals who hold the future of emotionally damaged parties in their hands and make rulings without checks and balances and thereby destroy lives.

Take the case in Cheshire County where Thomas Ball, driven to distraction by Marital Masters and the Family Courts wrote a manifesto, and then set himself on fire on the court steps. He died to prove his point and try to prevent others from the wrath of the Family Court's injustices.


In another case in Belknap County, the Marital Master made rulings and then ruled against his own rulings which caused great confusion. For example he stated in the final decree that both parties made about equal income, yet while the divorce was pending ordered the husband to pay property taxes on all four properties. Then, when the appraiser grossly over-appraised personal items of which approximately 90 percent were items owned solely by the husband, the Marital Master said, "... if there's a debate about whether the values are fair values for all the personal property that there is to be divided, then I can't use the values in connection with the overall property distribution" yet turned around and used the values in the Final Decree.

Adding to the confusion, the Marital Master ordered the man's tools that he makes a living with sold at auction in order to determine their true value for the property distribution worksheet. The collection of tools and personal property were overvalued for an estimated $52,000 yet brought only $1,700 at auction.

The appraisal "values" were approximately six times the actual value of the items.

The man's metal lathe, for instance, was appraised for $1,200, and yet brought only $200 at the auction. The Marital Master refused to adjust the figures to accurately reflect their value after the auction results. This in turn left the man without means to make a living, ruined his 35 year successful and reputable business, and saddled him with a large amount to pay his ex-wife instead of a lower accurate amount. The court denied efforts to correct the amount although it had the power to correct the mutual mistake of the disparity in values. The man is now being forced to sell his home which includes his motorcycle repair shop/state inspection station because the amount was so large.

Belknap County had another case that turned deadly when the man shot himself over the Marital Master's rulings in his divorce.

One of the faults of the system is that grievances have no place to be filed.

State Representative, Michael Sylvia, of Belmont, stated "Our constitution (P. 1, A. 31 ) requires the Legislature to assemble for the redress of public grievances. Since 2013 the committee to hear petitions for redress has been dissolved. I find it troubling that this most important responsibility has been diminished to filing petitions away in folders without addressing and resolving public grievances. We must follow our duty spelled out in Article 31 lest the people refer back to Article 31 lest the people refer back to Article 10."

It is time for residents in this state, our elected officials and the governor to step up and support a bill that would revamp the system and insist on marital referees to be evaluated by an independent review board and to be held accountable and not escape sanctions. It may not be too late for the man in Belknap County to have his house saved through intervention of a public official. Perhaps someone will step up to the plate and put an end to the injustices happening every day.

New Hampshire's Family Courts should not be deadly. They should be part of a system that makes separation for couples and families a fair and just process that treats individuals with empathy and respect.

Those who have or are currently experiencing similar injustices by the New Hampshire Family Courts can call their local state representative.

Nancy Childress, Esq.

Bangor, Maine

(Formerly of Gilmanton)


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Outpouring of support for Colonial project has been tremendous

To The Daily Sun,

Hard to believe it has already been one month since we acquired the Colonial Theater building!

I thought this would be a great time to provide a brief update as the Belknap EDC (Economic Development Council) has been very busy on a number of tracks. One of the first items we are moving quickly with is an environmental Phase II study. We have applied for grant funding and hopefully this fall you will see us removing the underground oil storage tank (UST) that lay beneath the ground in the alley on Canal Street. It is our understanding it was closed in place and we will need to remove this as one of our first priorities prior to redevelopment. We have also secured the building and introduced ourselves to our new tenants. Bayside Property Support Services has been hired to manage the property. Rob Wichland, Chris Kelly, and their team are doing a great job and have been excellent to work with.

The outpouring of public support has been tremendous and we want to provide as much communication as possible throughout the project. Over 50 people have offered their time and talent to assist with our planning/building and fundraising committee. Our board decided to create these two committees and involve not only Belknap EDC board members but community members with diverse backgrounds and experience. The building committee has met twice already and the discussions have been very productive. We are looking forward to draft plans to not only bring the theater back but to optimize its functionality for a multitude of uses. Our website will also include all pertinent activities, timelines and photos of the project as we move forward. Our project developer, Steve Horton, has begun guiding us down the planning path. Steve is leading our building committee and has over 30 years of project management experience including the renovation of the Keene Colonial Theater. RFQs (Request for Qualifications) for both project architect and construction manager have recently been advertised. Due date for these are September 8th at which time we will look to narrow the field, make a selection, and have them both join our building committee.

Our fundraising committee should start up within the next few weeks. We have made positive advances toward obtaining historic tax credits as well as new market tax credits. These efforts continue side-by-side with the planning phase under the leadership of our executive director, Justin Slattery.

We hope to include as many individuals as possible in a variety of activities going forward. If you have offered to assist in any way, and we have not reached out to you just yet, please be patient. We will be in touch!

Randy Eifert, Chair
Belknap Economic Development Council

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