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Casinos will not shift spending away from local businesses

To The Daily Sun

Why casino gambling would be good for N.H:

Casino gambling/ gambling should be approved for New Hampshire. What kind of discussion states, "casino revenue is not the state budget windfall that many people think it is and most states do not stop at one or two casinos."

I have no idea what the revenue for the state of New Hampshire would be if casino gambling were legal. Over 30 states offer legalized gambling of some kind. If casino gambling is so bad, why did Maine, Ohio, Kansas and Maryland jump on the bandwagon?

The issue of the gaming industry gaining undue political influence is a "red herring." Let's pass right-to-work so the unions don't have so much political clout. Republicans tried but 33 Republicans sided with the union. That is political influence.

The estimated total revenue is about $650 million; critics asked where is it going to come from? It will come from meal tax, booze tax, room tax and other taxes. When we move from Florida, we wanted to bet on the big horse races, e.g., Kentucky Derby. We cannot do that legally in New Hampshire.

Who will go to the casinos? Tourists from Canada, Europe, and the United States will go to casinos. When we were in Ireland, we bet on the horses. When I go Foxboro to see a football game, we play Keno.

Money will not be shifted away from local restaurants, shops and theaters. Excellent examples of this are The Flying Monkey and Tupelo, people eat at these places, but the restaurants around these places are crowded. It is called competition.

The argument that our state will change from a family-friendly state to one that specializes in gambling is totally ridiculous. Tourists will not ski in New Hampshire because we have gambling; want to bet that they will? People from Massachusetts will give up their houses on Newfound Lake, because we have gambling? I do not think they will.

Casino gambling/gambling is the right choice for New Hampshire. If we do not pass it this year, let's get some new people with new ideas

Jim Mayotte

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Please reconsider any plans to do away with Independence Day parade

To The Daily Sun,

Here it is, May. Time to start planning to celebrate Independence Day. The last I heard was that there might not be a Laconia parade this year. I believe that it was due to staffing and budget issues in the Parks & Recreation Department.

This is a plea to seriously review these issues, and to determine how to make this happen. And it is a call to local groups and businesses to help with coordinating and supporting the parade. Of all of the national holidays, this is one of the most important, the beginning of our country. If you look at the heading of the document, it refers to the 13 United States of America. Note the capitalization. And it is the document where the signers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

And in having a parade, I suggest that we stress the patriotic aspect from participants. It is not about who has the biggest truck, or which politician has the biggest following. It is to recognize and celebrate the Declaration of Independence. Perhaps some kind of recognition for the best, on topic participants, would be helpful. This could be as simple as a paper document from the city and council. And keep in mind, that we are not celebrating the 4th day of July, we are celebrating the anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Walt Stockwell


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