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How could a walker’s footsteps be louder than a train?

To The Daily Sun,

After reading two letters opposing the WOW Trail in last week's Letters to the Editor, I am writing to show my support for the trail and address several of the issues brought forth from the opponents of the trail. As property owners, there are never any guarantees of what neighboring land owners will choose to do with their property. The rail trail proposed for use as the WOW Trail is state owned, not private. These landowners knew this when they purchased the property, after all — they must have noticed a railroad track abutting their yards. In fact, these residents have been crossing the state-owned land for years, using it for personal use to gain access to the water.

Ms. Evelyn Firth wrote about concern for the "quiet enjoyment" of the home being disrupted. I found this humorous considering these landowners purchased land next to a railroad track. How could the footsteps of a walker or the wheels of a bicycle be more disruptive than a train running through your backyard carrying dozens of passengers?

Another concern mentioned by opponents was the "type" of people who would be using the trail. As a user of the trail, myself, I would invite them to try the WOW Trail and see for themselves. If they did use the the WOW Trail they would see it is used by families, children, bikers, runners and walkers. We really aren't such a scary bunch! As a parent of two children, it is not easy to find a safe place to take my children biking, where I don't have to worry about oncoming and passing cars, or distracted drivers. I also look forward to the day I can cross-country ski on the WOW Trail instead of the rail tracks, as I already do, where snowmobiles come up from behind.

The WOW Trail is and will be a wonderful asset to Laconia and any other town it connects to. The people who use the trail are the type of people you want to have visit and live in your town.

Amy Good


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Some examples of how crazy it is out there in Roy Moore world

To The Daily Sun,

It's crazy out there in Roy Moore's world! Every day, the news (and some right-wingnut letters like Steve Earle's "sources," Demakowki's "science," the narrow-minded flag worshipers, and the one equating "mostly driver error" auto deaths with "mostly intentional" gun deaths) gives you these choices:

1. Eye-rolling. 2. Eye-popping and jaw-dropping. 3. Head-scratching — huh? 4. Contempt and disdain. 5. Falling-down laughing. 6. Mockery and ridicule. 7. Schadenfreude!.

Let me give you examples. An Alabama woman remembers hiding from "creepy and icky" Roy Moore when he stalked teens at the mall. (That mall banned him.) Trump just attacked Al Franken's behavior. Kellyanne Conway says Trump doesn't need to address Roy Moore issues because the story is eight days old. A Trump defender defended Roy Moore, using Mary and Joseph! Mary was impregnated without her consent!

Roy Moore held a news conference with religious-right leaders and then walked off when questioned about his corrupt sexual behavior with teens.

On MSNBC, South Carolina Christian Pastor Mark Burns compared Moore autographing Bibles to a woman being healed by Jesus Christ. Right-wing Christian homophobe Sandy Rios told people to ignore the "ick factor" and vote for Moore. She has also compared Roy Moore to Jesus Christ.

On Thursday's show, "Christian End Times," crackpot pastor Jim Bakker claimed that saying “Merry Christmas” had been outlawed a few years ago. Last Friday, he also claimed helicopters were in the Bible. Self-proclaimed “firefighter prophet” and Christian right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor claimed on Sheila Zilinsky’s podcast that the Illuminati sent hurricanes to strike Texas and Florida earlier this year as punishment against those who voted for Donald Trump in “retaliation for backing out of the Paris Climate Accord.” On Friday, End Times broadcaster and Christian pastor Rick Wiles urgently warned Christians that a “new Nazism” is emerging in America that will push them into ghettos and kill them. Former MBL pitcher Curt Schilling, who was fired from his sports commentary job after posting bigoted memes on Facebook, told Breitbart News radio listeners that the real “radical Islamic extremists” are Muslims who do not actively murder in the name of their faith. Huh?

Right-wing “journalist” Liz Crokin alleged that the fact that Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta likes to wear red shoes is a sign that he is a pedophile because the Illuminati uses the movie “The Wizard of Oz” to brainwash child sex slaves.

Alex Jones says, “Russia is putting up a fight against in the face of just absolute pure evil,” Jones said that Trump would work with Putin to fight the globalists and put “humans first,” adding that when he thinks about the globalists, he wants to “tear them limb from limb. Jones recently claimed the Texas church shooting was staged to embarrass Trump. Not to be outdone, Rick Wiles continues to insist that the recent massacre in Las Vegas was carried out by a top secret death squad controlled by a secret world government that is “a gay/lesbian Nazi regime.”

Christian right activist and former Colorado state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt declared on his “Pray In Jesus Name” program last week that Americans would not need health care if this nation would simply stop funding Planned Parenthood because, if we do so, “God will heal your diseases.” He has previously said that Democratic leaders are declaring that “if you don’t serve the devil, you can’t be a good Democrat."

Oh, yeah, Fox host Brian Kilmeade exploded over Roy Moore’s teen stalking: "I’d kick his head in." Happy Holidays!

(Extra reading. Roy Moore's history of contempt for the rule of law.

James Veverka

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