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A lesson in multiculturalism, plus a restraining order and a gun

To The Daily Sun,

One of the big questions we face in our country today is whether Muslims can be good neighbors and assimilate into American culture. As usual, I have a true personal anecdote that might help understand the problems between our world and theirs.

Our young lady, we'll call Miss M, graduated from a liberal university, majored in sociology. There she was taught to embrace diversity in all of its forms, and, being of mixed heritage herself, that philosophy made perfect sense. She befriended a young man at school, from a wealthy Arab country, and they began dating. Her mother and I warned her that he might not be a good match for her, and she told us that was racist thinking and mind our own business.

So we made every effort to accept him and included him in family gatherings as we would any of her friends. Hey, here's a very charming, well dressed, and educated guy from a wealthy family who drives a BMW. What is not to like?

As their relationship progressed, he became more controlling of her life, complaining about her other friends, and the way she dressed, where she went and so on. Being of an independent mind, she decided to break off from him. His reaction was with threats, physical violence against her, and property damage as is customary in his world when a woman will not obey a man's wishes. He had no desire to "assimilate" into our culture.

Now Miss M has received a lesson in multiculturalism, along with a restraining order and a gun. I don't know what happened to the young man but I do wish him all the best when he lands back wherever he grew up. Yes, he is the only Muslim that we have met, and he may not represent the entire Muslim culture, but he sure did fit the stereotype. It's not racist to expect foreign visitors to respect our American way of life. If they can't be trusted to behave in a civilized manner, they should get the hell out.

Alan Moon


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We need to rally against this type of socio-economic bullying

To The Daily Sun,
I have written in once about the elitist attitude of the gated communities who have stuck there noses up at the proposed WOW Trail extension from Lakeport to the Weirs and some would have said that my view was a bit harsh. With Jerry Milligan's letter on Tuesday, the members of the South Down Shores as well as South Down and Long Shores have only confirmed my perceived image of them.
I should say now and perhaps should have mentioned before that I in no way claim to represent or speak for Mr. Allan Beetle or Mr. Milligan. I have only met Mr. Beetle briefly, years ago at an event. My thoughts or feelings are my own. However, Mr. Beetle's actions of improving the community here in Laconia are greatly appreciated among my circle of friends and cohorts whom frequent the WOW Trail. It has become a part of the community that we can all be proud of and is an enjoyable, healthy part of our lives. It was a gift given to us through the actions of people like Mr. Beetle and Mr. Milligan and the hundreds of other volunteers and donors who went out of their way to do something good.
Now they wish to extend their vision along a state-owned railway and run it by a gated-community who don't wish to have to look at citizens of their home town who 'do not belong' around them. The email that they sent Mr. Milligan is nauseating to me. It represents the very essence of snobbish behavior. I can understand them objecting to the project. That's fine. They obviously are selfish beyond repose and feel that they must not have their view of the lake impeded upon. I get it. However, going out of your way to threaten a legitimate small business owner and the livelihood of his family is a whole other level of arrogance. This crosses the line of public protest into shady territory.
I hope that the surrounding communities of Laconia, Meredith and Gilford will hold these attitude-filled empty threats as an indictment of the type of people that want to stop a project that would only bring happiness and even prosperity to a much greater number (and quality) of people. We need to all rally against this type of socio-economic bullying and help out however we can to ensure that the next extension of the WOW Trail happens. We cannot let petty, gated-community tyrants dictate how and if we can improve our way of life.
We need to make the extension happen. If you agree with me at all please donate to the WOW trial (P.O. Box 6832, Laconia NH 03246) or get to the fundraiser Sat. May 20 at Gunstock.

Thomas Lemay

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