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My goal is to ensure that we get best value for our tax dollars

To The Daily Sun,

My name is Leslie Suranyi, Jr. and I am running for a seat on the Gilford Budget Committee.

I settled in Gilford as a full-time resident in 2001 to practice as a neurologist and raise a family. I chose Gilford as it is a community that reflects my core values, including personal freedom.

My goal is to represent the Gilford community and ensure that we obtain the best value for our tax dollars. I seek your support and vote on March 10. See you on election day.

Les Suranyi, Jr., MD


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Punxsutawney Phil should go witeness protection in South Dakota

To The Daily Sun,

To the governor of Pennsylvania, I feel your plight!

It is reprehensible to think that the Merrimack Police Chief would issue an "arrest warrant" for a poor ground hog who is just doing his job. I share your fear that Dog The Bounty Hunter will soon be traipsing through your state, camera crew and all, to apprehend poor Punxsutawney Phil. Might I suggest you contact the federal marshals and see if you can't get him into some type of witness protection program.

I know you plan to contact our governor about the matter, but I'm just not sure that she has the ability to pardon groundhogs particularly with the amount of snow he has caused in our state. Going the federal marshal route is probably best. I would ask that you steer clear of Buffalo, N.Y., though as my understanding is they are a bit, shall we say, under the weather from all of their snow as well.

South Dakota is a nice anonymous place and he may even be able to get work in a different field. I hear they are looking for dental assistants out there.

Good luck with everything,

Hillary Seeger


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Can't blame people for not trusting government about health

To The Daily Sun,

Sixty years ago, my parents trusted our government enough to enroll me in Dr. Salk's tests of the new polio vaccine. I got badly sick from the shot, but I didn't get polio. Now, many young parents tell me they don't believe what the government says about health.

President Ford told us that if we didn't get vaccinated against flu, there would be a lot of deaths. Didn't happen.

Dr. Koop, President Reagan's Surgeon General, asserted that AIDS would break out into the heterosexual population. It didn't.

Dr. Enders, President Clinton's Surgeon General, lied about a defective batch of condoms because she didn't want to undermine the credibility of her condom distribution program. These incidents convinced us that what we're told about AIDS is more political than medical.

For decades, the government told us to eat less fat and more carbs. Come to find out, the data were cherry-picked and the recommended diet has led to obesity and an increase in diabetes.

Waiting lists are the VA went down once the government put in an incentive program. Turned out that the bureaucrats lied to get fraudulent performance bonuses, and many vets died while waiting for treatment.

Mr. Obama's multimillion-dollar consultant, the genius from MIT, said that Obamacare had to be filled with lies because of the stupidity of the American voters.

When we found Ebola in Texas, the CDC, which had said they had everything under control, had to upgrade their protection protocol when the first nurse got the disease. They had to upgrade again when the second nurse came down with Ebola.

I can't blame my friends for not trusting anything the government says about health.

Bill Taylor

New Hampton

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If 9/11 was terrorist attack what do you call bombing Iraq?

To The Daily Sun,

Amid reports of ghastly killing, perhaps we need to look at warfare perpetrated against the Iraqi people. Our military carried out attacks specifically designated to annihilate the nation of Iraq by every possible means. Those means included destruction of food supplies, water supplies, medical accessibility, transportation and power sources. It could be aptly described as a tactic used by the Nazis leading up to World War II.

The intent was to completely wipe out every living person, one way or the other. The result was the death of 500,000 men, women and children. They died as a result of the war — by starvation, lack of clean water, unattended wounds. They perished in the worst circumstances possible — in bombed-out houses, being shot by gunfire or incinerated by exploding bombs dropped 24 hours a day.

These facts are the reality of the terror and bloodshed on a nation that was never a threat to us, indicted on phony documents, innocent of any crimes against our nation. Many of our national leaders say (the war) was a mistake. Today many people ignore this war as if it never happened! If 9/11 was a terrorist attack, what do you call the bombing and invasion of Iraq?

God of mercy and justice lead us out of the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. Bring every soldier home. Restore our lost morality and erase our devious reasoning. Let the truth be known and forgiveness be granted to ourselves for our inhumanity and errors.

Leon R. Albushies


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Historic district regs have become substantially more restrictive

To The Daily Sun,

Gilmanton voters we are asking for your support to remove our non-historic property, 533 Meeting House Road, from the Gilmanton Historic District. We seek removal because we have tried to work with Historical Commission but are continually denied. We are not trying to change the intent of the Historic District adopted by the voters of Gilmanton in 1977.

The issues we raise have developed since the district's inception and are contrary to the district's intent and unfairly restrict property owners. What are these issues? The commission habitually imposes contradictory decisions that confuses and alienates property owners. The commission has adopted overly restrictive regulatory changes, with little or no public review, further restricting property owner rights beyond what was originally agreed upon. The commission is mostly unwilling to consider options that would benefit property owners, but harmonious with the district's goals and vision.

During the past 10 years, regulations have become substantially more restrictive when it comes to building materials, lighting, and roof and siding designs compared what was originally agreed to by the voters. How can this be when the purview of the Historic District has not changed but more types of quality materials are available? Do you realize there is strong language in the regulations recognizing that changes to houses defined as non-historic must first and foremost be harmonious to the period of the house, but yet this language is consistently ignored by the commission? These actions are disturbing in that it affects property owners choices, and in the long run, their pocketbooks.

Granted, we chose to purchase and live in a Historic District. Along with that choice, we accepted that our options to alter the outside of our buildings were lessened in order to protect the visual impact of the district's unique historical architectural design. At the time of purchase, we evaluated the balance of the loss of personal rights with the benefits of the property. But how did we know that this balance could change due to more restrictive regulations or just as damaging, inconsistent interpretations of the regulations by the Historic District Commission?

Historic District regulations can be altered or added by the commission after considering public comment. Public comment is mostly acquired through advertised public meetings. For the Gilmanton Historic District, there have been three publicly noticed meetings during the past five years soliciting comment on proposed regulation changes. All the proposed changes being considered were more restrictive, but public participation during these three meetings were zero, zero, and one attendees. Proposed regulatory changes are not brought before the town for a vote.

The commission can and does, adopt these regulations under the assumption that no comments mean public agreement. Hence, the property rights agreed to at the time of purchase can become vastly more restrictive and unacceptable. Is this the best system?

We do not accept that the lack of comment verifies public agreement, or that ignoring language that allows alternate choices for owners of non-historic properties is fair to property owners or to the district. Regulations governing building choices must meet the objective of protecting the visual harmony of historic buildings but also reflect the original intent of the voters of Gilmanton and should evolve along with technological advances in building materials.

Regulations that both protect the district's intent and the property rights of residents are in everyone's best interest and best ensures continued public support. I requested a regulations discussion be included during the Historic Commission's next meeting. The commission chose to ignore my request. We have found this to be their modus operandi.

Craig & Mary-Beth Gardner


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