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Laconia fire victims appreciated all the love that was shown

To The Daily Sun,

Back on Jan. 5 Jeff, Deanna and their two kids, Alexis and D-Kota, lost most of their belongings in a house fire in Laconia.

We saw God work miracles with Laconia High School sport program and staff. The kids go to school there and the family was helped tremendously. Blessings for food, clothes and much more was given.

Several months later and God's not done. Gilford High School, Middle School and elementary staff blessed them again. They received furniture, money, clothing, gift certificates for food stores, gas card, department store (purchases) and much more.

They appreciated the love that was shown.

You could see God as vividly as you see a gentle valley or hillside. He used everybody in a very special way. God bless you all.

John & Noreen DeForge


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My friend Jeanie Forrester will be governor for all N.H. people

To The Daily Sun,

I had the privilege of being at the Wicwas Lake Grange on March 30 to listen to Jeanie Forrester announce that she is running to be the next governor of New Hampshire. As I reflect on this opening event, here is what I got from last night's meeting: Jeanie Forrester brings people together. The hall was packed with people and I felt safe. I was surrounded by law enforcement past and present, military, honored N.H. veterans, and past and present local and state law makers. I was happy being with people that I see weekly at church, with fellow Grangers and with my neighbors both far and wide. There were children listening in from ages 6-14 and they were part of the process. I stood next to those sitting who were elderly and wanting to hear they would be protected in our state, and they heard that.

I have known Jeanie Forrester since she and her husband Keith moved to Meredith. I am proud to call Jeanie Forrester a friend and having served with Jeanie for many years on different programs and projects, I know Jeanie as a hard worker who figures out how to get it done, whatever "it" is. I heard Jeanie say she will be the governor for the people. I did not hear that she will be for "some" of the people. I did not hear she would be the governor for "her" people. I heard she will be the governor for "all" the people. I heard Jeanie say that she wants our cities and towns to have more power. I heard Jeanie talk about the challenges we are facing and then talk about ideas on how to correct these challenges. I heard Jeanie tell us that she believes in the Constitution and will work to protect the rights of this time honored document.

I left this event feeling good about our future and I know that with Jeanie Forrester as our next governor, you have the opportunity to feel good as well. I say to you, get to know Jeanie Forrester, our next governor. She is a governor for

the people.

Chris Kelly


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