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Stick together; pay only rent amount you have been paying

To The Daily Sun,

Yeah, yeah we got a raise ... wait a minute ... 90 percent of the people who are on Social Security did not receive the so-called raise in their monthly checks — Medicare got the raise. Of course the people who overcharge you for your rent don't give a damn ... so there is a way for my fellow seniors who live in their own homes in a mobile home park

Today I wrote to my landlord thanking them for making me and a few others in the park where I live soon to be joining the homeless. They had the nerve to raise the rent by $25. For what? The roads in here are atrocious ... the water is turned off without notice ... and because they raised the rent, they shut down the phone so no one could call them.

Thank you dear landlords for making life a little harder. As for me I headed to the bank and shut off my automatic rent payment. Oh they will get a rent check but only for the amount I have been paying. My advice to the rest of you here in the park is to do the same and if there is a problem with the landlord we could all chip in and pay legal support.
Good luck to us all.

Bev Buker


  • Written by Edward Engler
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Current gun-control laws are sufficient, just enforce them

To The Daily Sun,

The Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act necessitates federal background checks to be run on any potential buyer of a firearm, and forbids the sale of firearms to any person who has a history of mental illness, domestic violence, drug abuse, or stalking/harassment. Any person that has been sentenced to one year or more or committed a felony is also banned from purchasing firearms. The Firearms Owners Protection Act requires local law enforcement to provide any information that indicates an individual may utilize the firearm for devious purposes, and for the individual to provide fingerprints and recent photographs for future reference.

According to the official website of the FBI, 92 percent of gun sales occur with an FBI official on the phone monitoring the sale and running the necessary background checks. In cases where the FBI does not find any issues with a person’s legal history, the buyer can still be subject to further investigation for up to three days before finally being allowed to purchase at the FBI’s discretion.

In addition to these heavily restrictive gun policies enacted by the federal government, nearly every state government in the United States has also passed gun control legislation. New Hampshire, for example, prohibits the storage of any loaded rifle, shotgun, or crossbow in a motorized vehicle. Alabama adds to the list of citizens forbidden to purchase to include those with histories of alcohol abuse and disorderly conduct.

No gun control legislation, aside from a complete, comprehensive gun ban, could have prevented what occurred in the devastating Parkland shooting, in which 17 children lost their lives. The local government was aware of the shooter’s potential to harm, as the sheriff’s office received a minimum of 23 calls. In this instance, the sheriff failed to prevent the man from purchasing firearms as according to the Firearms Owners Protection Act and, furthermore, did not report these incidents to the FBI. The issues with gun control in our nation rest not with the current legislation, but the current execution of existing legislation. Passing more restrictive legislation will do nothing if disregarded by local government.

Bryden Wright


  • Written by Edward Engler
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