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Gilford voters will learn a lot Feb. 6, 8 at deliberative sessions

To The Daily Sun,

Gilford’s Budget Committee Chairman and I don’t agree on a lot when it comes to the Budget Committee. For instance, I like to present data to support my arguments as part of a civil discourse, whereas he prefers empty rhetoric and threats of litigation. As an example, I recently wrote a letter to this paper pointing to the (now) eight-year (2011-18) track record of the Budget Committee's shaving a mere 0.16 percent ($465,000 of $295 million) off of the Selectmen’s/School Board’s recommended budgets — despite scrutinizing those budgets for 2,000-plus hours of meeting time alone — as Exhibit A, that there’s got to be a better way to serve the taxpayers. (No business person would hire a consultant that ineffective, even for “free.”) His rebuttal contained not one fact, as he again chose to assail my character instead.

One thing we likely both agree on, though: If there are two nights of the year Gilford’s taxpayers should get involved with, it’s the School and Town Deliberative Sessions on Feb. 6 and Feb 8, respectively, starting at 7 p.m. You learn a lot about how the town and school operate, and have the power to significantly alter the budget with a single vote. Mark your calendars.

Fred Butler

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Sun’s editorial cartoons are cruel and hateful

To The Daily Sun,

It seems as if 90-plus percent of the editorial page cartoons are anti-President Trump. Surely there could be more balance there reflecting some of the good things that have come out of this White House.

And it is amazing to see the hatred continually expressed toward our president. Most of those letter writers forget their mothers told them that if you cannot find something good to say about someone, don't say anything. The same applies to those who continually insult President Obama. Like and support him or not, he was our elected president just as President Trump now is.

Attack positions and actions taken, but not the person's character. The percentage decimal point in front of those who knew one or both men personally has many, many zeros after it, so how can so many cartoons and comments be so cruel and hateful to someone not really known by those attacking the two presidents' character?

Jim Raschilla

Alton Bay

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