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People are sick of listening to candidates put each other down

To The Daily Sun,

We need to get NASA on the ball and speed up their plans to send humans to Mars. I have a funny feeling next year at this time Mr. Russ Wiles, Mr. Don Ewing, Mrs. Anne DeRose and the rest of their gang are going to want to volunteer to be the first to go. Not only will there most likely be another Democratic president but its going to be a woman. OMG!

For people who are so American, you hardly speak any English. Its more like jibberish. I could say its going to rain tomorrow and you would blame President Obama. I could say its going to be a long cold winter and it would be a liberals' fault. Democrats may not be doing the best job but let's not forget we're the ones who vote these people into office. If the political party that you're affiliated with and the candidate representing it is so fantastic why don't you spend less time blaming everyone else for this country's problems and focus on getting them elected? You only know how to write negatively. Instead of constantly bashing in your articles why don't you start educating instead?

So many people in this country don't vote because they are sick and tired of listening to these candidates putting each other down. You're doing the same. Why don't you teach people who may not know or who aren't quite sure themselves why you think this country would be better off with a Tea Party Candidate or what a "proper" Republican could do to make things better than they are? Doesn't it take votes to win an election? Wouldn't it make more sense to try to persuade people with positive ideas and visions of a better America. When I read your articles, I'm reminded of Statler and Waldorf, the two old men that sat in the balcony box in the Muppet Theater, heckling every aspect of the Muppet Show.

I don't think anyone wants to believe in negativity. And try not to use such big words when you write. We're not all as smart as you or are (don't) know it all(s).

Todd Welch

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What kind of person would steal a wreath from grave of our son?

To The Daily Sun,

We lost our son seven years ago, six months before his 21st birthday. Every year on his birthday, we bring to his grave a wreath with a big birthday bow and a rose for each birthday we missed with him. Every year, Prescott's adds a rose; like birthday candles on a cake, we add a bright blue rose (his favorite color). There were seven blue roses this year; she added a white rose for contrast. It was beautiful.

I brought the wreath over to my son's gave at Union Cemetery on Monday, Nov. 16, the day before his birthday. Today, Nov. 17, I went to bring my son a birthday balloon and found the wreath stolen.

The wreath was a symbol of celebrating the birth of our son and just a precious reminder of our love for him. How heartbreaking it was to see that wreath missing!

This was not the first thing stolen from him. What type of person would steal from a deceased person on their birthday? We ask if anyone has seen this wreath, or know of it, to kindly ask that person to return it to our son's grave, or, better yet, to our house at 17 Cedar Street in Laconia — no questions asked.

This picture of the wreath was taken in 2012, for his 25th birthday. Three more roses were added since.

Thank you to anyone willing to help.

Dave & Marsha Richardson


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