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Denise did claim to speak for God; let me repeat her exact words

To The Daily Sun,
Denise, but you did claim to speak for God. You said this of Bishop Blake — I've copied and and pasted this right from your letter: "So I will leave with this: Last night God spoke to me,and he told me you were a "few fries short of a happy meal," truth be told." You even put it in quotes.

John Demakowski


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Edelblut is a visionary man, as parent, educator & business leader

To The Daily Sun,

I have already called Executive Councilor Joe Kenney and encouraged him to vote "Yes" for Frank Edelblut for New Hampshire Education commissioner. Frank lost the governorship by only 800 votes. New Hampshire loves Frank and he is a superb candidate.

The primary function and responsibility of the education commissioner is the education of every student, whether private or public. Every parent knows that all children have a different learning tree and the branches emerge at different ages for every child. Frank will address this issue and he believes that every child/teen deserves a superb education.

I have three children, but I have really educated six, because of my private/public commitment to the education of every child/teen. My children went to parochial school, but I paid public taxes also, which equals six. I never worried about the monies because that made my heart and spirit content.

Common Core represents a clear and present danger to our children/teens. Common Core dulls the mind, there is no stimulation and it destroys the critical thinking of our young student minds. The zagged method of teaching math is frustrating to students and can undermine and destroy their desire to learn. Our American history is in a dumb-down process. There is no challenge to the sciences, they are also in a dumb-down process.

Frank Edelblut is a visionary man as a parent, educator and business man. Frank has the experience of a true learning tree, by home-schooling seven children. Frank will be attentive to the needs of our children during their formative years and the all important teenage years. In Frank's mind the parents are always inclusive.

Theology teaches us what is right and wrong. Frank's theology degree will deliver insight into the many avenues of the developing mind of our children. Frank had amazing instincts as a business CEO, building his own company, and he will build an educational system that is astounding and will mirror educational excellence and strengthen the student individuality.

Please call the Executive Council office and tell Joe and all the Executive Council to vote "Yes" for Frank Edelblut ... Education commissioner. The number is 603-271-3632.

Rosemary Landry

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