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I had great experience participating in LPD’s Police Academy

To The Daily Sun,

I am honored to have had the recent opportunity of attending and graduating from the Citizen Police Academy with 15 others at the Laconia Police Department. We met Tuesday evenings for the last 12 weeks. Lt. Simmons had prepared classes which were packed full from touring 911 to meeting the prosecutor for Laconia. The 15 people in the class were aged 17 to 70, from many different backgrounds, and just ordinary people interested in bettering our community.

I was most impressed by the performance standards which our police men and women hold themselves to. Some have gained expert status in the field and all are very professional. Additionally, it was interesting to learn that Laconia is one of a few accredited departments in New Hampshire.

I'm very pleased and humbled that LPD gave me this opportunity to take a look inside their world. And I'm very proud of what I took away. I'd like to encourage anyone who wants to learn the workings of the justice and safety in Laconia to apply to the program.

Thank you and God bless you all first responders who keep us safe. Keep up the exemplary work, LPD.

Jeanne LaBarge


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If Mr. Schwotzer can’t keep his letters civil, refrain from writing

To The Daily Sun,

Shame on Mr. Schwotzer! In his letter of response to a Robert Johnson, wherein he took exception to Mr. Johnson’s position Mr. Schwotzer attacks the character of Mr. Johnson. If I wrote such a letter, I’m sure my dearly departed mother would roll over in her grave.

Mr. Schwotzer owes Mr. Johnson an apology. If we cannot engage in CIVIL discourse, we should refrain.

David B. Stowe, DVM

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