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Colleges simply refuse to create a more cost effective model

To The Daily Sun,

I often write satire. There is no person who writes to The Daily Sun whose views scream for satirical responses more than Scott Cracraft. I am leaving out the "E" in his name for brevity. I am sure the "E" does not stand for "E"xcellence in education or "E"conomy in education. The surprise Trump victory has turned the normally just "wacky bulldog contingent" that Scott leads into a viscous, fuming, furious, foaming, junk yard variety
There won't be any positive analysis by Scott or the bulldogs about what Trump has in mind to fix the the ECONOMIC MESS being left to him by Obama. If Trump fails, which he sure could, are the bulldogs going to accept Trumps failure as all Obama's fault the way they did when Obama was sure his failure was all Bush's. Dogs have small brains with short memories, especially the junk yard breed. So we can be sure Scott will not remember Obama's often repeated BS excuse. A Trump mistake will be 1,000 percent Trumps.
Satire is a method civilized people use instead of weapons to respond to what is uninformed, inflamed, partisan rhetoric screamed with the singular purpose to influence public opinion. Scott's intent is not to educate the electorate except to an extreme distillation of far left beliefs and thinking. Academics like Scott and Leo Sandy, before him, are victims and hostage of "GROUP THINK." Your student suffers badly for that. There is zero intellectual difference on campus as it involves politics. Education elites scream the praises of inclusivity on campus as it relates to race, religion etc. except one. Right brain thinking and appreciation for capitalism and free, open markets. They are not welcome.

"Professor thinking" surely is inculcated in a thousand different ways into the student body. How can it not be? The voting block age 18 age 28 are by a huge majority Democrats. By age they are the largest supporter of Democrats, overwhelmingly. That is not some COINCIDENCE! That is brain washing directly into students from educators. TAXPAYERS should be SCREAMING for it to STOP at the top of their lungs. It is educator ARROGANCE PERSONIFIED. The same as "UNION-PROFESSOR THINK" that holds the college campus in its tight grip that drives up tuition non-stop, burying your kids future in debt before it starts. EDUCATORS DON'T CARE or they would fix it. The problem, It is NOT in their self interest to fix it. Worse, They want their failure buried in "Free."
Colleges simply refuse to create a cost effective model and better product because it would cut LABOR needs on campus in the billions. Tens of thousands of professors like Scott would become jobless. That is why capitalism and right thinking can't arrive on campus. More than 80 percent of all academics in America lean HARD LEFT in poll after poll. The psychologists and history professors like Scott are "left" by more than 90 percent. Conservative speech and logic on campus is as unwelcome and protested today as it has ever been in history. Thanks directly to Scott and Leo. We are NEVER to get "reasoned logic" from Scott Cracraft. It would betray his employment self interests, it would betray his brain washed logic and a right leaning professor is as popular professionally and socially on campus as turkey in a chicken coup.
Tony Boutin

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The liberal thinking process: the things I know nothing about won't work

To The Daily Sun,

So Johan Anderson writes a letter about taking a giant step backwards. It's interesting that he he doesn't even know anything about the new tax plan and medical care plans are — "whatever they are" — but claims they don't work.

I guess this is the liberal thinking process. Hope he never gets elected to the state House if he is going to use lack of knowledge to determine how our state should be run.

Like Nancy Pelosi said, "We need to approve this bill so we can find out what's in it."

Chris Johnson
Center Harbor

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