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Thank you all for walking & talking WOW Trail last Saturday

To The Daily Sun,

Last Saturday a hearty group of interested residents showed up on a brisk morning to walk with us along the state-owned railroad right-of-way between Lakeport and Weirs Beach to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the continued expansion of the WOW Trail. It was an interesting discussion and I was encouraged especially by the willingness of Bill Ratcliffe, a property owner along Paugus Bay, who took the time to meet us and courteously voice his concerns, offer suggestions, and begin a constructive dialogue. It's this sort of reasonable discussion among neighbors that makes me proud to call New Hampshire home.

Let's continue these conversations. Do you live along the state-owned railroad right-of-way and have concerns or questions about the project? Please give me a call or send me a note. I'd love to hear from you.

I read the following quote the other day, "The next time someone starts listing all the reasons an idea won't work or can't happen, ask them to give you three reasons it can."

As we continue to discuss this or any projects that aim to bring economic development and a better quality of life to the area, I hope that we all might come to the table with open minds. Let's assume some good faith in each other, ask the difficult questions, and find resolutions that will make innovative projects a reality.

Thank you again to all who walked and talked with us last week. I'm looking forward to next time. My e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and my phone number 603-520-8952. Please keep in touch.

Gretchen Gandini
Executive Director

WOW Trail

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Health insurance companies are now, in effect, subsidizing the American taxpayer

To The Daily Sun,

I have no idea where Robert T. Joseph, Jr. gets his facts or more importantly his conclusions. In Saturday's Sun, Robert wails for "Medicare for all," using the same, worn-out drum beat of empty thinking and BANKRUPTING logic that has permeated Democrat's thinking for the last half century. The actual costs for Medicare has exceeded its original cost estimate by hundreds of billions of dollars. Medicare has done nothing but DISTORT both the DELIVERY and PRICING of health care since its enactment in 1965, igniting a cost trajectory that hasn't stopped in 50 years. Everyone NOT on a government plan pays greatly-inflated costs for insurance and care so government can pay less with the result of provoking outrage at private enterprise as being greedy.
Medicare, restricted to age 65 and older, is already bankrupt in the trillions (not billions) going forward. That's for just 20 percent of the population. Imagine the added tens of trillions of new debt if we were to pay for 100 percent of the people. What an awesome, economic KILLING MACHINE of destruction that would be. Further, people age 65, and over each have had tens of thousands of dollars confiscated form their paychecks for 40 YEARS to PRE-PAY Medicare's cost. They have tens of thousands more deducted from their Social Security checks in retirement to pay for more. It still is NOT ENOUGH to pay all the bills. Hence the monster, projected bankruptcy. Payroll deductions for Medicare need to be increased immediately if we are being honest with ourselves.
Both, Bernie Sanders and Peter Shumlin were elected governor of Vermont on the fantasy and bold faced LIE they repeatedly told saying they would deliver single-payer health care to the state. Shumlin finally announced last year, under great public pressure, that enacting single-payer health would severely jeopardize Vermont's economy, causing taxes to be raised double digits across the board in order to bring in sufficient money to pay for just 700,000 people. He said "no dice." If such legislation threatens Vermont's economy, imagine what it would do to the country. A country already DROWNING IN DEBT left to us by our kind brothers Bush and Obama.
According to Robert, insurance companies are the problem with health care. If we remove them, all will be well. Guess what? The insurers' are running FROM the ACA exchanges. They are losing their backsides in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The low premiums government allow not only don't produce a profit, they produce gigantic loses. Many states are now left with only one insurer. Insurance companies are in reality subsidizing the American taxpayer through those losses passed on to stock holders rather than taxpayers. Robert needs a reality course to understand the profound harm Medicare has done not only to health care but health insurance in this country.
Tony Boutin

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