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To submit a letter to the editor, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Letters must contain the author's name, hometown (state as well, if not in New Hampshire) and phone number, but the number will not be published. We do not run anonymous letters. Local issues get priority, as do local writers. We encourage writers to keep letters to no more than 400 words, but will accept longer letters to be run on a space-available basis. Editors reserve the right to edit letters for spelling, grammar, punctuation, excessive length and unsuitable content.


Meredith Rec Holiday Open House & Tree Lighting a great success

To The Daily Sun,

Once again, we are so humbled to live, work and play in such an amazing community!
The Meredith Parks & Recreation Department would like to express a huge thank you to everyone who helped and participated in our Annual Holiday Open House and Tree Lighting event on Sunday, Dec. 4! I would like to start out by thanking our awesome group of staff members and volunteers who helped facilitate games, activities, snacks, arts and crafts and more during the open house at the Meredith Community Center, without the staff and volunteers this event would not have been possible! A BIG thank you to SANTA for joining us for both the open house and the tree lighting — he's a busy fella but we were happy to enjoy a few hours with him! A big, big thank you to Trinity Episcopal Church in Meredith and their volunteers for baking delicious cookies with our After-school Program for everyone to enjoy during both events!
We also would like to thank the Meredith Fire Department for supplying SANTA'S sweet ride, Meredith Police Department, the Public Works and Building and Grounds Department for all the awesome lights at Hesky Park, the ASTRA girls for puppet Storytime during open house, Ashley Doten and the girl scouts as well as Deb Dow and the Kinder Choir for their beautiful caroling during the tree lighting. Most importantly — we would love to thank all the friends and families who came out to the events to enjoy some holiday fun with us! It truly warms my heart to see the children and families enjoying themselves at these events — it's why we do what we do!

Sarah Perkins, Program Director

Meredith Parks & Recreation Department

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I'd hope N.H. college kids in other states would want to vote here

To The Daily Sun,

After this past election there is just so much to write about and respond to I am being kept very busy, thanks to progressives. A short letter caught my eye here on Saturday. Charles Wibel thinks Alen Vervaeke is in need of an intervention because he has become "unhinged" by the election results. My comment: Oh, you noticed that too, Charles?
Scott Cracraft writes in defense of out-of-state collage students voting in our elections, to which I have an alternate view. To me I would hope that the N.H. kids that go off to school in say USC, Texas Tech, West Virginia or some other state would get absentee ballots from N.H., where they have their roots and interests, not the state where they are just going to school and likely have no long term commitment to. That should be the same for our out-of-state students here in N.H. What with early voting and absentee ballots so easy to get, why not? It would eliminate much of the concerns over voter fraud. Then all to worry about is the influx of campaigner workers that come in for a few weeks then show up at our poles to vote and go home the next day. Yes it does happen sometimes and as the Democrats like to say, "Every vote counts", just not twice. One other thing about elections I think it is overdue that the federal government issues national identity cards, just like most other country's do. It would go a long way to quell any concerns about illegal voting. Maybe President Trump can find a few moments to fit it in though he has tons of work to do repairing all the damage Obama has done to the U.S.
Keep the issues coming liberals, I have lots of time on my hands.
Steve Earle


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