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Name-calling is used by some people when they run out of facts

To The Daily Sun,

I wonder if more people would be writing letters to the editor if they didn't have to fear someone responding to them with personal attacks.

I wrote a letter last week stating that I was impressed with what I saw about the Trump family. In response, one of the frequent writers called me naïve. I've never personally attacked or criticized any of the writers to this paper. If someone wants to express an opposing opinion, that's okay. Calling someone you don't know, naïve, is not. I doubt this person knows very little about my age, educational or military background, my political or business background or anything else about me.

The display of jealousy and envy by certain people who write to this paper is quite evident. Also, this person who "critiqued" me, proved a point that other writers have made, and that is when people of a certain political belief can't back up their statements with facts, they resort to name-calling.

Dennis Robitaille

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Using Gilmanton as dump for sludge is a disaster in the making

To The Daily Sun,

Biosolids/sludge are safe. At least that is what our government would say. Here is a list of few products they told us were safe: DDT, MBTE, BPA, PFOA.

Biosolids/sludge may contain arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, molybdenum, nickel, zinc, synthetic chemicals, radioactive materials, and anything that could go down the drain. Land-spreading of sludge means these materials are either absorbed by the crop or remain in the soil. What about run-off from stockpiling? The means of using our Town of Gilmanton as a dump site for bio solids is a future disaster! Remember they are telling us it is safe.

(Wednesday) I read in the Daily Sun that a road trip is planned for Friday, leaving the Gilmanton Academy at 8:30 a.m. to the Concord wastewater facility. Call Marshall Bishop. Why is a town selectman even involved in this issue? Who is paying for the bus?

The Gilmanton Planning Board, on petitioned warrant articles, makes recommendations on zoning amendments to the town, not the biosolids/sludge committee. This committee has been overloaded with pro biosolids members. What do you think their recommendation will be?

Spreading sludge is contaminating Gilmanton's land and water. How long will it be before our government tells us? Why wait for the day when the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services is testing our wells and handing out bottled water. Let us not be another Merrimack.

Sandi Guarino



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