People inclined not to check validity of climate changer claims

To The Daily Sun,

News report: "Prairie Fires in the West Continue to Burn". With severe drought the fires have burned tens of thousands of square miles since April and without rain may well jump the Mississippi by late October. Fires along the western edge of the Rockies are not expected to burn past the end of September.

Of course these "headlines" never made it into print as the Europeans hadn't arrived to publish them, and after they did it was a few hundred years before they made it out to the "West" to even know that they were burning.

Of course, by then enough CO² had been released over the previous 17,000 years to further warm the planet causing seas to rise some 300-plus feet allowing the Europeans to launch their boats across the ocean and stumble onto the continents.

Today's headlines of forest fires, floods, and other disasters are aiding in the writing of a new chapter in earth's history. The fires burn, the wind blows, rain falls because humans on this planet (especially those in what is known as the USA) are causing the "climate to change" by burning fossil fuels and loading the atmosphere with that most dangerous chemical CO². (water vapor comprises 98 percent of greenhouse gases, CO² only 2 percent)

Though information on any subject is widely available on the Internet, people seem inclined not to check the validity of the climate changers' claim of human cause. Especially in the face of "official government" propaganda. Reference Tom Karl Director of NCEI at NOAA. My letter to the editor of Feb. 27, 2015, page 4 presented data available on the ice ages which show the norm for the earth is warm/hot.

So even if the oceans rise 20 feet in the next 100 years that is only one-sixteenth of the rise since melting of the two miles deep ice over Canada began 17,000 years ago. Adherents of human-caused climate change want the 300-plus million in the USA to compensate for what the 2-plus billion in China and India are doing to the atmosphere.


G.W. Brooks

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What do you expect when Obama has Al Sharpton as advisor?

To The Daily Sun,

Watching and reading the mainstream media these days is like reading Alice in Wonderland presented as historical documentaries. The current president is a proven liar and incompetent, while the leading candidate for the Dem nomination looks to be a dishonest, untrustworthy sneak who is very likely guilty of influence peddling, taking bribes from foreigners and breaking regulations if not laws while acting as Obama's Secretary of State.
I read somewhere that Ann Coulter once said liberalism is a mental disorder and I'm not sure she was far from joking. After all look at the way things are being viewed by the left's media these days. All cops are suspect or criminals, all criminals are victims, 90 percent of the young blacks killed are killed by other young blacks, over 80 percent of interracial violence is committed by blacks against whites but whites are presented as racists hunting down blacks.

Also, some of us remember "Fast and Furious", where Obama and Holder sent hundreds of assault rifles to the drug cartels all while trying to take all the guns away from honest American citizens. Then, too, we still see thousands of illegal immigrants coming across our boarders and immediately getting public assistance and their children promised free collage educations while our kids come out of collage with staggering debt.

Meanwhile, Obama is negotiating with Iran, the leading exporter of terrorism, caving in on every point and giving the radical clerics a clear path to obtaining nukes. Let's not forget the promise made to bring people together in America in a post-racial presidency, but look how divided and polarized the nation is now.

What can be expected when Obama has Al Sharpton, a true racist and agitator as his chief adviser on race relations.

Political correctness is used as a club to blister those who would speak out against these truths. Smears and slanders substitute for honest debate by those on the left when they can't defend their positions or positions or actions of their leaders. And still after seven years of Obama's rule there fallback is to still blame Bush and call conservatives racists and the Tea Party radical.

Ann was wrong, no mental disorder here, just nasty, evil power-hungry Marxist socialists using any means to justify their ends. Anything to destroy America and claim the spoils.

Steve Earle

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Don't miss Jewish Food Festival in Laconia on Sunday (11-2)

To The Daily Sun,

Have you always wondered what good Jewish food tastes like? Well, here is your opportunity to taste some of those delicious homemade delicacies from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, July 12, at Temple B'nai Israel at 210 Court St. in Laconia.

Seventeen years ago, the first Jewish Food Festival in Laconia took place with only a few simple dishes. Now, there are dozens of foods made from authentic homemade recipes handed down from generation to generation. This year, there will be meat and potato knishes (flaky dough filled with a combination of meat and potato), stuffed cabbage (cabbage leaves filled with rice, onions and ground beef, then baked in a savory tomato-based sweet and sour sauce), matzo ball soup (rich homemade chicken broth and topped with fluffy matzo balls and carrots), Noodle Kugel (medium width noodles cooked in a sweet cream baked custard, topped with cinnamon frosted flake crumbs), cheese blintzes (lightly fried crepes filled with a mixture of farmers and cream cheese), potato latkes (grated potatoes and onions made into pancakes and fried), deli sandwiches stuffed with your choice of corned beef, pastrami, tongue, or beef brisket, and cold specialties such as chopped herring, chopped liver, or Israeli salad, plus a whole lot more. And to top it all off, there will be dozens of desserts, all homemade, and featuring such items as rugelach (triangles of a light cream cheese-based dough filled with pecans, raisins and cinnamon, rolled into crescents and lightly baked) and both raspberry and apricot strudel.

Because of unprecedented demand last year, all quantities have been increased to try to ensure that no one is disappointed, but come early anyway ... you never know how big the crowd will be this year.

There will be a large tent set up for your dining pleasure. You can even shop at the Nearly New Boutique which is set up for the occasion on the temple's front lawn where you will find many treasures. All major credit cards are accepted. For more details, visit the temple website or direct your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stu Needleman

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Immigration should benefit nation & vast majority of residents

To The Daily Sun,
It is said that people get the government that they deserve. This means not only how government deals directly with people (e.g., fairly, dictatorially, openly, legally) but it also means the consequences of the policies that our elected politicians implement.

San Francisco citizens have repeatedly elected politicians who made San Francisco a "sanctuary city", a city that refuses to enforce our immigration laws. Sanctuary cities are magnets for illegal aliens, especially criminal illegal aliens who commit fully anticipatable and avoidable crimes.

Now the family and friends of Kathryn Steinle mourn her murder by an illegal alien who San Francisco helped hide from federal authorities. Kathryn's murder was the direct consequence of San Francisco's being a sanctuary city. Her blood is obviously on the hands of her murderer, but that blood is spread over the hands of the politicians who made San Francisco a sanctuary city and the people who repeatedly elected those politicians.

Across our country illegal aliens murder, kill, maim, rape, terrorize, steal from and otherwise victimize millions of American citizens. The harm from these crimes is in addition to the harm to most American citizens, especially poor citizens, from lost jobs, lowered wages, higher taxes, and lower quality educations for American children.

But, illegal aliens are tolerated and even encouraged by politicians to gain support from special interests (e.g., immigration groups, unions, businesses, and government employees) and who put their personal interests above the good of the vast majority of Americans.

Immigration should benefit the nation and the vast majority of its citizens. Unfortunately both Democrat and Republican politicians have betrayed our county and the American people for their own personal benefit.

Our immigration laws are not broken, they are just not enforced. Politicians who claim our immigration problem is the result of not passing "Immigration Reform" are lying. Simply passing a law (crafted by special interest groups) that legalizes the people who overstayed their visas or who crossed our borders illegally doesn't make them the kind of immigrants that benefit our country.

As we consider who to elect to office next year, we must consider who will ensure that our immigration policies benefit our country, our national character, and the vast majority of the American people. If we elect people who continue the current immigration policies, then the blood of Kathryn Steinle and millions of other American victims will also be on our hands.

Don Ewing

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