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Voting for Trump was attempt by 'old white people' to regain their youth

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. Meade completely misses the point about "old white people." We aren't denigrating their past! Heck, we've congratulated them, thanked them, and honored them. The POINT is that a vote for Donald Trump was an attempt to regain the glory of their youth, and that "glory" had a lot of buried ugliness they still don't want to see. It's a reactionary attempt to keep things the way they are, like some parents do by overprotecting their children.

In another decade, white people will be a minority behind what we now consider "minorities" — blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and assorted others. In 50 years, Christianity will no longer be the largest religion on the planet when it is surpassed by Islam. CHANGE HAPPENS and all you have done is to stick a crooked orange finger into the proverbial dike for the next four years. In the long run, it is only going to hurt us. And you.

What will you do when Social Security and Medicare are gone? What will happen to your retirement when the stock market goes haywire? Or to your taxes when folks can no longer afford to drive to this area to boat and ski? Or your medical insurance disappears? This country was founded on perseverance in the face of fear. Instead, you've surrendered to it. And MY generation and that of my children will end up paying for it.

Alan Vervaeke

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Insurance companies are the culprits sabotaging Obamacare

To The Daily Sun,

VP-elect Mike Pence made the rounds of the Sunday news talk programs this weekend. A couple of the bullet point he covered:
1. The China/Taiwan phone call apology tour on behalf of President-Elect Trump: Governor Pence's painful facial expressions spoke volumes during the interviews. His useless fallback of a "blame the media" copout was repeated time and again. So very sad. Mr. Trump broke diplomatic protocol — PERIOD! Then Mr. Pence tried to turn it around to accuse President Obama of reaching out to Castro's Cuba as a correlation. This is ludicrous!

2. Mr. Pence is spinning faster than a toy top in trying to cover up the very fact that he, as the sitting governor of Indiana, made a deal with the Carrier Corporation. Governor Pence outright handed the Carrier Corporation millions of taxpayer dollars in order to keep a few hundred jobs in his state. He then ignores the very blatant fact that many other corporations are still "running" overseas with American jobs! Hypocrisy at it's very worst.

3. Governor Pence and Mr. Trump continue to repeat "Repeal and replace the ACA," while unwilling to admit that insurance companies are the true culprits in this scenario of sabotaging the ACA by continuing to raise deductibles and premiums. Will the incoming ticket ever admit this to be fact? NEVER! They must "stick" to the GOP/Tea Party mantra of "Repeal and Replace" BS, or face losing power themselves!

Bernadette Loesch

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