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Were Obama voters stupid? Let's just say they were uninformed

To The Daily Sun,

What an interesting letter from Todd Welch on Oct. 2. Todd says he just "doesn't get Russ Wiles." My, my, strange because I have no trouble at all "getting" Russ. Let me see if I can clear up a couple points Todd brings up.

Saying Obama won by landslides in his elections and asking if the millions who voted for him were stupid. Well I'd say uninformed more accurately describes American voters in many instances.The lore of electing the first black president was just too much of an attraction to pass up for many, in my opinion. Given Obama's record of the past eight years I think I'm on firm ground here.

Todd's second question, what would you do, addressed to Russ. I'll not speak for Russ, but I suspect the answer would be something like this. The government should be bound strictly by the Constitution. It should faithfully execute our laws. If a law is wrong there is a process for changing that law and that is not by executive order (as has been the Obama way).

I expect Russ Wiles can expand on this himself. But I put in my two cents just because I find Todd's letter so foolish. Every one of us conservative letter writers has over and over expounded about all the abuses, lies, deceptions, and misdeeds of the current administration.They are no secret as they have been reported in every newspaper, radio and TV stations in America. Conservatives have endlessly given voice to means of correcting these failures, so what's not to get?

The point is that socialism, (the Democrats' plans) has never worked anywhere any time it has been tried. It all sounds good, but like I said doesn't work. Look at all the socialist countries and all their problems, all their failings. Compare it to free market capitalism which created more wealth and raised more people up out of abject poverty and created a larger middle class then any time in human history, ever.

I do suspect Mr. Welch is someone who has been seduced by the glitter of the socialist promise but has failed to investigate its practicality. There is no free ride, Todd, no free collage, no free homes, cars, vacations; and to cap things off, there are not enough rich people who will fund all this free stuff.

If Hillary and her kind get elected in November the sucking sound you will hear will be all the capital, businesses and jobs going out of the country. In short order both the First and Second amendments to the Constitution will be history and equal justice under the law a quaint old idea lost to the expediency of socialist needs. Just how long do folks think peace and domestic tranquility can survive under those conditions?
Steve Earle


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We are indeed fortunate to live in such a generous community

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Altrusa Club of Meredith, I would like to express our appreciation to all the local businesses and individuals who, once again, helped to make our 2016 Cow Pie Bingo a huge success. This year's efforts were dependent upon the generous contributions of the following.

On Saturday, Sept. 24, at Moulton Farm, Ernie, of the Bert and Ernie Jersey Cow team, did indeed deposit a pie in a timely fashion, and made a Houston, Texas, resident richer by $5,000. Due to that individual's generous support of our Club, $2,000 of his winnings was donated back to Meredith Altrusa to increase the proceeds to more than $7,000 for our many Lakes Region endeavors. Our profits will be put to good use here in many different ways: our monthly, year-round community dinners, Altrusa scholarships for local adults pursuing continuing education, area Christmas funds and donations for families in need, as well as our many literacy outreach programs for all ages.

Cow Pie Bingo would not have gotten off the ground this second year without the help of many others. First, the essentials of the fundraiser were provided by John Moulton and crew again this year. The beautiful field and the calves who starred in the afternoon's events were a welcome sight on a lovely fall day at The Farm. Moulton's wagon rides and the corn maze brought in many of our Cow Pie Bingo watchers.

Adding to the field appearance was the gridding of 500 squares, lined by Russ Weeks of the Meredith Park and Rec Department. Also, many, many thanks to Wes Thomas and his new bride, Brandi, for both fencing the area off and handling the adorable team of Bert and Ernie, allowing the many children in attendance to make friends with the five-month-old calves. What a joy to see the young ones interact together.

Again, this year ... a shout-out to Middleton Lumber for providing us with signage stakes so folks could identify their square on the field. Thank you to our ASTRA girls and their "clients" who made the free face painting so popular, and the folks who purchased raffle tickets for Common Man Gift cards that afternoon, too.

To cover initial costs of Cow Pie Bingo, we appealed to several businesses early on in the spring. At the Cow Level, we received donations from the following: Berkshire-Hathaway Verani Realty, Kathy Bagley Realtor; The C-Man Family of Restaurants; Grappone Auto Group; Griddle in the Middle Restaurant; Lamprey Real Estate; Maxfield Realty; Meredith Village Savings Bank; Petal Pushers Garden Center; RE/MAX Bayside Realty; Roche Realty; and Sandwich Creamery; and at the Heifer Level, Cackleberries Garden and Gift Center. Your sponsorships helped to cover costs of tickets and production of T-shirts which read "Cow Pies Happen at Moulton Farm." It's nice to see so many of the tee-shirts being worn around town.

You may have bought your ticket at one of the many locations that allowed us to sell in front of their establishments throughout the summer. We are grateful to Aubuchon's Hardware in Meredith, Heath's Supermarket in Center Harbor, Hermit Woods Winery and the Chamber of Commerce during the Arts & Crafts Festival on Main Street in August, the Meredith Community Center staff, and of course, Moulton Farms again.

Lastly, many thanks go out to friends, summer residents, tourists, and family members of Altrusans who bought tickets for the event, enabling us to once again meet our sales goal of 500 tickets sold. Without your support, our event could not have achieved such success and our community initiatives would not be met. We are, indeed fortunate to live in such a generous and giving community. Thank you again.

Nancy Law
Chair of Cow Pie Bingo 2016
Altrusa Club of Meredith

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