With Obama in charge, U.S. leads world in economic growth

To The Daily Sun,

Bob Meade was blowing smoke when he recently used his column to take aim, again, at Obamacare (Affordable Care Act or ACA). He lamented that our economy doesn't have enough jobs and indicated that the number of words in the Obamacare statute is partially to blame. He says all those words have burdened employers and created an atmosphere of uncertainty. (I'm somewhat amazed that he's able to upload his columns at all: given the paralysis and uncertainty he must be feeling from the wordy software license agreements on his computer.)

So, this time it's the number of words that is the job killer: not the mandate that citizens have to have insurance or the expansion of Medicaid or the loss of inadequate insurance policies that he's yammered on about in the past. There's a good reason for that. Obamacare is not a job killer, according to Forbes magazine (yes, that Forbes, the business magazine that proudly proclaims itself to be "The Capitalist Tool") which said that since the provisions of the ACA have gone into affect, more than 11 million jobs have been created, and the unemployment rate has been cut nearly in half.

History doesn't matter for Bob and his fellow fundamentalist free marketeers, just ideology. Bob is an evangelist for unrestrained capitalism. And, he is correct that it is a terrific engine of innovation and creation. However, left to its own devices, it will consume itself and most of us along with it. That's why we needed child labor, minimum wage, and anti-trust laws and the eight-hour workday standard among many other wordy regulations. It's also why we needed word-filled rules to stop industry from polluting our rivers so badly they've caught on fire and from making our air unbreathable. Government regulation is there to balance the inevitable negative effects of unrestrained capitalism. In the absence of adequate regulation, industrial waste has poisoned the air in Beijing and made the water in Rio de Janeiro undrinkable as they let business run rampant over the environment.

These fundamentalists have been consistently wrong about so much in the economy. Facts don't matter to them. Not only have the stimulus, the ending of the Bush tax cuts, and the Obamacare taxes on the rich not killed jobs, the predicted higher interest rates and inflation haven't occurred, either, and both the deficit and the rate of medical inflation have declined under Obama's policies. In fact, with President Obama in charge, the U.S. leads the world in economic growth.

The reason that Obamacare is not a job killer is the same reason that the clean air and clean water acts didn't kill our economy as the naysayers predicted. If the rules are applied fairly (the level playing field), competition develops in these new markets — antipollution devices, for example. Capitalists rejoice as these new opportunities are created.

Capitalism is a big part of the reason we have such a wealthy society. Regulation is how we keep things fair and maintain a livable environment. There's a balance there. We need both.

Dave Pollak


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We extend our heartfelt thanks to John Molton & his staff

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of Altrusa International of Meredith, we would like to thank John Moulton and the staff of Moulton Farm for their support of Altrusa's Farm to Table program. Throughout the growing season, Moulton Farm has donated farm fresh vegetables to Altrusa to feed the hungry in the Meredith, Center Harbor, Moultonborough and Laconia area.

Every week, Altrusa members have delivered nutritious vegetables to food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters throughout the region. The generosity of Moulton Farm has assured that those whose budgets don't generally provide fresh produce could enjoy the delicious freshness and nutrition of fresh corn, tomatoes, squash and other joys of the season.

This is the eighth year that John Moulton has helped Altrusa to serve hundreds of others through this program. We extend our heartfelt thanks to him and his staff.

Lisa Davis

Judy Hodges

Lois Bradley

Chairs of Altrusa International of Meredith's Farm to Table Program

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Liberal policies have driven millions of good jobs out of the USA

To The Daily Sun,

The Aug. 18 Laconia Daily Sun contained two informative articles about how minimum wage increases affects jobs.

Michael Kitch's article "What if Laconia had a $15 minimum wage?" suggests that the impact on jobs depends on how the minimum wage compares to the local median wage, i.e., a minimum wage increase that has no effect on jobs in one place could devastate jobs in another place.

Another article titled, "Local employers say NYC-style minimum wage hike would be 'negative' for business" reports the impact on two New Hampshire employers. Sawyer Dairy Bar would have to raise prices which I believe would impact sales. The other employer says such a minimum wage increase would likely put him out of business, killing jobs for 120 people.

Nevertheless in his letter of Aug. 26, Dave Pollack advocates a minimum wage increase and plays politics with the important issue of Americans being able to earn a decent living. Advocating a minimum wage increase is a beneficent-sounding superficial proposal to cover up the major problems in our country caused by progressive/liberal, primarily Democrat Party implemented government policies.

Increasing the minimum wage does nothing to fix the problems that create so many poor Americans.
Conservatives want every American to prosper. While some Americans are poor because they are lazy, mentally ill, trapped in welfare, or have made other bad choices, most Americans are poor because progressive/liberal policies deprive many Americans of a decent education and good job opportunities.

With the enormous amounts of money we spend on education, the 50 federal job training programs, and various state job programs, every American, except some severely handicapped, should be able to get the skills needed to earn a good living. Unfortunately progressives/liberals force students into failing and a dangerous schools resulting in high dropout rates and graduates who can't even read. These people have great difficulty getting jobs because the contribution they appear capable of making to a business is often less than the minimum wage.

Minimum wage laws deprive many people of that most important first job which is the necessary step to future better jobs and prosperity. Conservatives fight for school choice so every child can get a good education in a safe school, offer the value for his/her wages, and has the basic skills needed to be able to learn to provide more value which justifies increasing wages.

Since the 1950s, progressive/liberal government policies (excessive regulations, taxes, personnel, labor, energy, etc.) have driven millions of good manufacturing and other jobs out of our country. We were the best place in the world to start a business. Now we aren't even in the top 10 of the best places to start a business, so investment and jobs go elsewhere. Conservatives have been fighting to again make the U.S. the best place in the world for investment so new jobs are created here.
Personal experience should make everyone understand that they can hire someone cheaper if there are more, rather than fewer, willing workers. Illegal immigration and even our immigration laws benefit the politicians, businesses, and special interests, but flood the labor market taking jobs, suppressing wages, and hurting American workers.

Anyone who tolerates or approves of illegal immigration and the flood of current legal immigration hurts American workers. Conservatives want to stop illegal immigration and fight for immigration laws that benefit American workers rather than foreign workers, businesses, other special interests, and politicians.

Plentiful and inexpensive energy provided a competitive advantage to American businesses, especially in energy intensive industries such as manufacturing, allowing our businesses to prosper and provide millions of well paying jobs. But progressives/liberals have been fighting against the exploitation of our energy resources for many decades. Depending on foreign sources of energy weakens our national security, funds our enemies including terrorists, and increases energy costs for Americans. Higher energy costs have been one major factor in the loss of millions of good American jobs and reduced wages in remaining jobs.

Progressives/liberals call for a higher minimum wage which sounds very sympathetic. But this is like putting a band aid on a festering compound fracture; it may look like you are doing something but the real problems just get worse.

Progressives/liberals fight against efforts to create an environment where every American worker has the skills and job opportunities which allow them to earn a decent living. It appears that progressives/liberals don't really want Americans to be educated and prosperous because educated people can see through their false solutions and prosperous people don't need the reliable but paltry handouts that make dependent/poor people reliable Democrat Party voters.

Only conservatives are fighting for the policies that enable every American to prosper. While most candidates claim to be conservatives when they campaign, many politicians, once elected, legislate or govern as progressives/liberals because those policies benefit themselves (the politicians). Thus careful assessments of candidates' records are needed if Americans want to elect politicians who will actually solve America's problems and help every American prosper.

Another indicator of a candidate's dedication to really fixing America's problems and helping most Americans is how much a candidate is vilified by those who benefit from current policies, i.e., the Republican and Democratic Party establishments, special interests and the media.

Don Ewing

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Many of her fellow Democrats have lost faith in Hillary

To The Daily Sun,

After reading a Letter to the Editor by Michael J. Brady of Pelham (headlined) "I have reached my limit
on Clinton's e-mail controversy," I have to admit the Republicans are trying to find the extent of all those e-mails. And for good reason.

This last Monday (Aug. 31) night, 7,000 more e-mails were released. The State Department says roughly 150 contained classified material, whether it was classified at the time of Clinton's correspondence matters little because she knew the routine.

To even compare this to Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice is a joke.

I think the Democrats think the people should overlook all the various problems she has gotten herself in, and make her the perfect candidate.

I think the Republicans have a good reason to have reached their limit and have her indicted if it can be shown she broke the law. Of course, it won't matter as the president will pardon her anyway.

The one thing is a fact and that is many of her fellow Democrats have lost faith in her. She has dropped in the polls, 45 percent in Iowa since May. Run, Joe, run.

L. Michael Hatch


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Did Obama just throw Hillary under the bus. . . once again?

To The Daily Sun,

In the what the heck else is new, we see CNN (the Clinton News Network) is trying to stack the coming Republican debate against Carly Fiorina, the star if the "Happy Hour" debate a couple weeks ago. Carly's poll numbers have jumped her up into fifth or sixth place since then, but CNN is using a formula pre-debate-heavy polling that would keep her off the stage. CNN, long known for its unflinching support for the Clintons, appears to be at it again.

Carly has been one of Hillary's sharpest critics and the most straight-talking candidate running. When asked a question she actually answers the question asked with a sensible answer. No evasion, no off-track other subject, just straight common sense good understandable answer. This is one well educated, intelligent woman who would be Hillary's worst nightmare in a debate. (That is if Hillary actually wins the Democratic nomination before going to jail).

Just in case you were wondering how bad things are getting for Hillary, MSNBC's Morning Joe show just tore her apart for her linking Republicans to ISIS terrorists. I believe the word they used was "detestable". They noted that if a Republican had done the thing the "world would have stopped". Harsh criticism from a far-left network indeed. And still she blames a right wing conspiracy. This woman is blind to the fact that she is the only one to blame because it has been her own wrongdoing, lies and attempted cover ups that have undone her.

So when do Democrats officially dump the dead wood? The president's press secretary just announced that Obama thinks Joe Biden would be uniquely qualified for the presidency I hear, or words to that effect — I missed it myself. If correct is that paramount to endorsing ol' bumbling Joe?

If Biden should get the nod does that mean Bernie Sanders goes quietly into that good night or perhaps we should ask do his socialist supporters gracefully switch allegiance? Just think only weeks ago they were making fun of the Republicans 16 or 17 running hopefuls. And I must ask, did Obama just throw Hillary under the bus ... again?
Well it sure is looking that way. Stay tuned this could be a really bumpy ride for the formerly appointed Hillary Clinton and the soap opera spinning out of control over there on the left.

Steve Earle

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