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Thank you Belmont; major responsibility of democracy is participation

To The Daily Sun,

We want to thank the numerous candidates for office and the voters who turned out for their participation in Belmont's Annual Town Meeting day. It was a bright, sunny day full of the promise of spring.

Many of you stopped and asked questions of the candidates regarding their positions on various matters of importance to the town and you also fact-checked much of what you had read in the paper.

You are to be congratulated; this year's voter turnout was greater than in past years. You took the time out of your busy lives to participate in the democratic process and for that we thank you.

It was a pleasure talking with each of you (Tuesday) and we hope you continue to be involved in your community, "we always hear about the rights of democracy, but the major responsibility of it is participation."

Donna Cilley


Ruth Mooney




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BudCom member who supported disband initiative should resign

To The Daily Sun,

I want to thank the Gilford voters for resoundingly defeating the petition warrant article that sought to disband the town's Budget Committee, brought forward by two former Budget Committee members, one elected and one appointed by the Gunstock Acres Village Water District.

As previously noted by another letter writer who served on the Budget Committee for several years, those two individuals contributed little or nothing to their time on the committee. My own observations were that both of those members were often late or absent from full committee and subcommittee meetings; the appointed member often abstained from voting on important issues without explanation, and the elected member was in the habit of frequent "contributions" to discussions by voicing the inane phrase "But is that germane?"

But they are both now gone from the Budget Committee, so we move on.

However, it seems to me that a current member of the Budget Committee who thought so little of its importance to the town that he not only supported the petitioned article to disband the committee but actually had a yard sign in his front yard advocating that position should do the right thing by resigning from the Budget Committee immediately and allowing the remaining members to fill the vacancy with someone who believes in its purpose and mission.

Norman J. Silber

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