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No responsible official has advocated eliminating gun ownership in U.S., no matter what letter writers claim

To The Daily Sun,

I want to point out two deluded people whose letters were published in this last Saturday’s paper. A disconnect with reality such as these two display should automatically prevent them from having any guns, but then again the president said it’s OK for crazy people to have guns, so maybe it is time to up the ammunition in my home.

1. George Brunstad: George espouses the very core of the GOP — to lie and confuse any facts that they so choose. First off, NO ONE in any position of responsibility has offered a solution of eliminating all gun ownership in America. This is a lie that has kept the Republicans popular and even thriving in states like New Hampshire and other weapon-happy states. And while as of today there have been 392 mass shootings in America (a mass shooting is one that kills and/or injures at least three people), we’ve yet to see a mass abortion.

George also repeats the lie that Hillary Clinton “emphatically confirmed” that the unborn have no constitutional rights, when what she ACTUALLY said was that she was against criminalizing abortion after 24 weeks because in some cases the health of the mother is in danger. And — by the way — New Hampshire is one of the states that allows an abortion right up to the 40th week. New Hampshire also allows the marriage of girls as young as 13. Do you think girls that young are capable of raising a child?

Multiple states have legislation that says if you kill a pregnant woman you can be charged with multiple homicides depending on the stage of the pregnancy.

Finally, George pointed out that 15 white men defined and refined Hitler’s "final solution.” Very true. That’s not much different than the 13 old white men who wrote the Senate’s health care bill that determines all health care options for women. It including deleting a woman’s right to contraception. Studies have shown clearly that if you take away affordable contraception for women, the abortion rate goes up. If you take away abortion rights then not only do illegal abortions occur, but the death rate for those women climbs exponentially. So back to the guns, George, what do you care about most? People already alive and thriving and raising families only to get killed at a concert? Or a fetus that has a primordial brain structure that only allows it to maintain a heartbeat? And George, since the introduction of President Obama’s health care act, abortion rates have gone down between 8 and 12 percent a year for the past seven years. But in the meantime, deaths of women and children have soared due to gun violence. Since the year of my birth in 1960, more people have been killed due to gun violence than all Americans killed in all of our wars COMBINED. Living, breathing people.

As to our president, his actions defending white supremacists and his talk about restricting the rights of anyone who disagrees with him are EXACTLY in line with what Chancellor Hitler did in Germany in the late 1930s. His policies are in line with those of Hitler, as well. And remember, too, that Trump’s list of “undesirables” are liberals, Muslims, the press and media, and black football players. But as usual for someone of your mindset, you’ll gloss over that in order to force your religious and moral views on the populace.

2. Christina Fay: She states that while she had 73 Great Danes, 13 were bound for new homes and that 50 of them would have been a good number. Clearly, she’s inhaled far too much Dane methane in order to think straight. Now I may not have an enormous mansion like she does, but I have had Great Danes. I have one now, as well as two French mastiffs, and I can promise you that the care and feeding of them keeps me busy. Multiple feedings per day, regular grooming and nail clipping, wiping them down daily, keeping them healthy, giving them things to keep their teeth strong and healthy, getting them to water multiple times a day, managing play time, picking up voluminous amounts of “dog exhaust” and exercise is a daily task. And to say that doing that for 50 is “doable”? She’s nuts.

How can you possibly spend quality time with your pets when you have that many? I’ll tell you that you cannot. My dogs live long lives and they don’t get or never had cherry eye or the infected feet or any of the other things that most of her dogs suffered from. They had those issues due to neglect. Her house was virtually destroyed due to neglect. Dogs died due to neglect. The real travesty here is that she was charged with only 12 misdemeanor counts of animal abuse and not 73 felony counts of animal abuse, neglect, and death. That would be far more fitting. A Great Dane is a beautiful and gentle creature that will love and trust its owner. Seeing her in a prison cell for a while as well as a lifetime ban on owning ANY animals would be a far more fitting sentence than the wrist slap she’ll probably receive.

Alan Vervaeke


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Hospice trees of memorial focus of poignant ceremonies on Dec. 9

To The Daily Sun:

There is a fir tree at the entrance to Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro and in four other locations around the lake. They are known as the Hospice Tree of Memories. Each December they are filled with small white doves hung in remembrance of a loved one with names carefully inscribed in holiday green on the back of each dove. On December 9, folks will quietly gather around trees in these five locations: The Medical Arts Building in Wolfeboro, the town halls in Alton and Wakefield, the Main Street Building in Ossipee, and at Moulton Farm in Meredith. Laconia residents will find the Meredith location the most convenient.

At these poignant ceremonies, the names of those being remembered will be read aloud. Some will weep, some will offer comfort and others will quietly remember. Music will be shared, devotions will be offered and participants will rest their doves on the tree branches. Leaving this special place and moment, each of us will feel the presence of our loved ones, as somehow, they still seem near. We realize with a full heart that love really does last forever and forms a bond that can never be severed.

The Tree of Memories is a favorite celebration held to support the mission of Central New Hampshire VNA and Hospice. We all know that we do not forget people of great courage and compassion; we learn from them — whether they are the individual confronting their own death or the person standing in support. What better way to remember and honor these individuals than to assist the continuation of the Hospice program through your donation.

This year it will be particularly meaningful for we have lost so many good friends and loved ones. There will be more doves to hang, more tears to shed, and more to remember. I encourage you to come join us at one of these quiet celebrations of life on December 9. You will be glad you did. If you stop by any of the trees in early winter, you will hear the doves singing as they remember loved ones.

“So long as we live, they too shall live,
For they are a part of us, as we remember them.”

For additional information, please contact the Central New Hampshire VNA & Hospice office at 800-244-8549.

Shirley Richardson, Chairperson

Hospice Advisory Board


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