Latest letter proves that parrots can read but not write

To the Daily Sun,

In response to the letters the past couple weeks, I was glad to see that we have two writers giving out prizes for the most wacked-out letters of the month. The first award for the "Loo" going to two writers were the correct choices. I am sure as I read the constant BS that comes out of Steve Earle, he has a lock on the "dumb" foolery award.

Steve's letter in Daily Sun of Sept. 2 states and I "quote" I read Henry Osmer's statement that he would have to see to believe I have a DD-form 214. Where did this come from Steve? I asked Mr. Wiles in a letter dated Aug. 14 if he had served in the military. Mr Wiles wrote in his column Aug. 20 that he served in the Army. My letter dated Aug. 27 I responded by saying, "If you have a DD-form 214, thank you for your service. However, pretending to be a right-winger who has questioned the birth place of President Obama, I would have to see it to believe it. Awk, awk.

This twisted letter by the Duke Of Earle proves again that parrots can write but they can't read. I would suggest to Mr. Earle that he get up off his brain and give it a chance to breathe. And furthermore, have Mr. Wiles proofread your scribblings before you send them to the Daily Sun.

I want to assure Mr. Wiles that I have never met Mr. Ververka or Mr. Cracraft. I am very impressed with their letters which are written in a manner that me and others don't have the ability to do. To close Steve, clear your head. We discussed your service at the town dump. Remember? Awk, awk. "Ramblin on"

Henry Osmer


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FBI estimates that half of all criminal gang members are illegals

To the Daily Sun,

It's absolutely amazing how uninformed and ignorant of the facts Bernadette Loesch is concerning illegal aliens and crime. In her last letter here she started off claiming they add nothing to the U.S. crime rates. What hog wash! Check Snoops there Bernadette and you will find that in Los Angeles alone 97 percent of all murder warrants are for illegals, FBI estimates half of all criminal gang members are illegals, prison in California have anywhere from 25 percent to 37 percent illegals incarcerated at the cost to taxpayers in the billions.

Stop getting your info from the jerks at MSNBC, Move On or where ever. They make you sound like an idiot.

Steve Earle


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Government only thinks of themselves instead of working for us

To the Daily Sun,

We have seen black lives matter protest. How about blue lives matter (policeman)?

I am so sorry to see so many of our cops get killed by these jerks. Many of them are illegals in this country. Funny when you need a cop they will not be around to protect you because of what is going on. Instead of protecting the cops they are protecting the bad guys. What is wrong with this country in the way people are thinking? They are not the enemy.

The bad guys want the excuse to make trouble from the other side. So many things are wrong and unfair. What are we doing about all this? Does anyone write to these so-called officials that are suppose to be working on our behalf and protecting the American? I say, no, they are not. The government only thinks of themselves at this stage of the game.

Better think twice and vote for someone that will take this country back once again. We need to see Obama and his crew all leave office. None of them is worth it. They are all useless.

Also, the U.N. is a joke. They should demolish them and the IRS. They are bigger crooks then anyone. What are they good for?

Where is our outrage on the Iran deal? Why are the prisoners from Gitmo released? What is wrong with our government? Where is our protest on all of this?

I say, God bless America. Yes, I said, "God." Let's put him back in our lives. All law enforcements matter.

Anna DeRose

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Whoever gets my vote needs to recognize climate change threat

To the Daily Sun,

A registered Undeclared now, I get notice of Republican and Democratic events. I've talked with Gov. Christie at Tilt'n Diner, additionally heard him in Franklin speak on drug addiction. I've followed news on Kasich, but not heard him. (Thursday) night my husband and I heard Jeb Bush in Laconia.

I took a question to ask Bush, but wasn't called on. Gov. Christie had let me know that he's not anti-science. Is Jeb Bush? But Bush spoke highly of Pope Francis and said he can follow the pope's lead and both practice his faith and be fine with science. Something like that. My unasked question was almost answered.

While President Obama is in Alaska to get support for efforts against climate change causes going unchecked, he also has given Shell Oil permission to explore and drill for oil in our fragile Arctic waters. Tragic. Unforgivably poor reasoning there — or defeatist bowing to the energy industry. Whoever gets my Feb. 9 vote needs to recognize climate change's dire consequences and pledge to prioritize cutting down our carbon emissions, energy industry be damned.

Screening for acceptability as respectable, the Republican candidates an Undeclared could look at are Christie, Bush, Kasich, as I see it now. All are articulate, and have experience as work-horse governors. Being effective "across the aisle" is a must, or we waste more years with problems left festering.

Lynn Rudmin Chong

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Urge your lawmakers to override Gov. Hassan’s budget veto

To the Daily Sun,

On Sept. 16, the state House of Representatives will vote to override Governor Hassan's veto of our state budget already approved by both houses. The budget as submitted is completely balanced and in most instances either level-funds or increases funding for all critical services provided by the state of New Hampshire. After painstaking adjustments and allocations, this budget in its present form reduces the onerous Business Profits Tax and Business Enterprise Tax taxes so costly to our small businesses. Additionally, there are no new taxes or fees in the Republican-submitted plan.

While we clearly understand that politics is quite often an agenda and ego-driven pursuit, there comes a time to set personal ambitions aside for the betterment of our great state. Regardless of party affiliation, I encourage all New Hampshire residents to ask your local lawmakers to override the governor's veto on Sept. 16 thus setting New Hampshire back on course to a fiscally sustainable future. We deserve nothing less than a fighting chance to safeguard generations to come from burdensome debt that is sure to result from the bloated and unbalanced state budget proposed by the governor and the Democratic Party.

State Rep. Peter J. Spanos
District 3, Finance Committee


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