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Your numbers have to make gays sleep better at night, I'm sure

To The Daily Sun,

Steve Earles' Mormons? Steve Earle's Mormons? In James Veverka's latest pipe dream he again goes off on an anti-Christian rant citing some supposed Pew Research study, but doesn't give any citations with which to check his research. Oh well, so what?

We can certainly trust Muslims who are instructed by their Koran to blend in and lie until strong enough to take over and force Sharia on the infidels. And Islam is surely the religion of peace, except when they blow people up, run them over with heavy trucks and all manor of other "peaceful conversion techniques," right James?

One thing James cites is that 42 percent of (American) Muslims are accepting of gays and lesbians, higher than evangelicals and Mormons. All right I'll accept that, but the difference is evangelicals and Mormons disapprove of that lifestyle, while the 58 percent of Muslims who do not accept it want to kill gays. Has to make gays sleep better at night, I'm sure.

Steve Earle


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In time we can reverse many of Obama's disastrous policies

To The Daily Sun,

The United States of America has been provided a great relief from the departure of Barack Obama from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Let's review the Obama legacy.
— Barack Obama is the first president in American history to fail to deliver a single year of at least 3.0 percent GDP growth.
— The Obama "trickle up" policies have resulted in 95 million Americans without work. More Americans than ever are on food stamps. The national debt stands in excess of 20 trillion dollars. Unquestionably the Obama economic policies have been an abysmal failure.
— Obamacare is a disaster, just as predicted. Millions of Americans lost their plans they had and or lost their doctor. Premiums have skyrocketed, in some states premiums have raised more than 100 percent. Obamacare has resulted in higher costs and less care. Twenty million people have not gained insurance as claimed by Democrats, even with the most un-American mandate in place.
— The Obama standard of trading a traitor of the United States, Bowe Bergdhal for the release of five terrorists is no longer an American strategy.
— Fast and Furious, where Eric Holder and the Department of Justice ran guns to Mexican cartels is over. Families of Border Patrol agents killed by fast and furious guns will never see their loved ones again.
— America will now have a president who doesn't view ISIS as a "jayvee" team.
— Barack Obama's policies resulted in record high tuition costs at colleges and universities around the country.
— The Iran nuclear deal was and is a catastrophe. Iran was responsible for countless roadside bombs used in Iraq to kill and maim American soldiers. Barack Obama turned around and paid ransom to Iran for American hostages.
— Barack Obama was no ally to Israel. All one has to do is look into Barack Obama's background to discover that none of his policies should be a surprise. Barack Obama's mentor was Frank Marshal Davis. Davis was widely known for his writings in the Honolulu Record. In his columns he would often mirror Soviet propaganda. He blamed American capitalism for starting World War II, he was an advocate for wealth redistribution, and was also a voice for the nationalization of industry and government health care.
— Barack Obama in 2010 famously said, "we (Democrats) don't begrudge success that's fairly earned. I mean, I do think at a certain point you've made enough money." A stunning quote to many, but again, not to those familiar with Barack Obama and his life's story. And of course America won't forget Barack Obama's reverend of 20 years, American hating anti-Semite Jereamiah Wright.
— Barack Obama used the IRS to target political opponents.
— Barack Obama's VA created fake wait lists to make things appear better than they were for our veterans waiting for care. The VA system is essentially single payer health care for roughly nine million veterans. The VA has failed countless veterans. Yet we have some who advocate for a single payer system for 350 million people! Insanity.
— The Obama effect for the country has been catastrophic. The Obama effect on the Democratic Party is good for the country. The day Barack Obama was sworn into office, Democrats held 29 governorships. Today the number is 18. When Barack Obama came into office democrats controlled 27 state legislatures. Today the number is 12. Democrats lost in record numbers as well in 2010 (Obamacare) and 2014.
— Barack Obama ended the Iraq war to fulfill a campaign promise prior to the 2012 election. Thus the vacuum was created that allowed for the founding of ISIS.
— Barack Obama was a president who put party and ideology before country. Barack Obama was a student of Saul Alinsky and his book "Rules for Radicals." I encourage all Americans to read this book, to help one understand the ideology of many on the left. Hillary Clinton was also a student of "my good friend," Saul Alinsky writing her college thesis on him and his book.
— All one has to do is turn on the national news to see the state of race relations in Barack Obama's America.
— God bless our country, politicians are temporary, their effect can be long lasting, but in time we can reverse many of their policies that harm our great compassionate country.
Patrick Wetmore

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