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Hector’s owners again supported Salvation Army’s Turkey Plunge

To The Daily Sun,

Recently, Carla and Carl Peterson, owners of Hector’s Restaurant in downtown Laconia, generously donated a percentage of all lunch and dinner purchases to our local Salvation Army Turkey Plunge. This marks the second year in a row that the Petersons have offered this support. We are very grateful for this outreach by a local business giving back to the community. It was truly a “win-win” situation as diners received a delicious meal in one of the area’s finest venues while the Salvation Army received much needed cash for its programming in support of our neighbors in need.

I urge readers to visit Hector’s for lunch or dinner and, when you do, thank the Petersons for their civic-mindedness. On behalf of our Turkey Plunge Committee, the Salvation Army and the countless neighbors who will benefit from this gift, a most sincere thank you Carla and Carl!

Pam Clark
Salvation Army
Turkey Plunge Committee


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How could police allow woman to drive off with my truck?

To the Daily Sun,

Dear Governor Sununu:

I am writing in hopes you will be able to inquire how a vehicle was given to me, and then, over a year later, taken away by the Gilford Police Department.

On October 16, 2015, I signed a purchase and sales agreement with the Town of Gilford for a house/property located at 26 Chipmunk Circle in Gilford.

I purchased the property and contents (as stated in the purchase agreement) on January 13, 2016. The previous owner never removed ANY of his personal belongings. As stated in the purchase and sales agreement and verbally by the town administrator and Gilford Police Department, "Any real and/or personal property on the premises as of the date of closing shall become the property of the BUYER and the SELLER shall relinquish all claims to ownership related thereto."

The dilemma: Included with the property there was a 1998 Ford Sterling, Model LT9513 Louisville 113, Heavy Duty, Diesel FLTBD. I contacted the Department of Safety verbally and in writing to try to get a title on the vehicle. I did a search of UCC Filings and had found nothing. The state did not have a current registration.

Over a year later, the Gilford Police Department contacted me to inform me that they had a lady who had a "new title" and she and the Gilford Police Department would be coming to get the vehicle. When I asked how they can do that because the town awarded it to me in the sale, I get no answer only that I have to give it to her.

Needless to say the Gilford Police Department and the woman show up to my home and leave (drive off) with the vehicle. The vehicle was a heavy duty truck, no insurance, no registration, no inspection and no plates. When I asked how they can do that I get no answer. Any other person would be arrested for driving a vehicle without the property documentation.

Bottom line, was the Town of Gilford and the Gilford Police Department legally obliged to take the vehicle from me once it was previously given to me?

Douglas Plummer


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