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As a woman, I found Mr. Robitaille's letter insulting & disgusting

To The Daily Sun,

As I opened the paper Wednesday morning, getting ready for the ridiculous rants of conspiracy and ludicrous spewing from the local Trump supporters, nothing could prepare me for the letter from Dennis Robitaille. Nothing!

First, off where do you get your information? Do you have a personal "in" with the White House and staff? Do you have legal documents signed by Hillary, proving your insightful information? Do you have her on a recording saying whatever it is today she supposedly said or did that offended you and the Trump-ets? Or do you sit in your home and just pull it out of thin air. I believe in facts, not fantasy. And these bold-faced lies do no good for our nation or the people in it. You and others are nothing but troublemakers! And when the table is turned on your candidate you all cry foul, but the other candidates are fair game daily.

Secondly, as a woman I found your letter not only offensive, but truly disgusting. Your "boys will be boys" way of thinking is what leads to/causes sexual harassment,physical abuse, and rape. I hope you do not have a wife, daughter(s), or granddaughter(s). Because, I can assure you if any of those things ever, God forbid, happened to them you would be singing a whole new tune, sir.

I raised four young men and I have no doubt they looked at Playboy, or talked about sex with friends, or shared a dirty joke. But, I can say that is as far as they ever will take it. And they have something, well many things, your candidate lacks: respect for women!

Trump has been proven time and time again he lacks that ability for women. If they are too heavy, he calls them pigs and slobs. If they are unattractive in his "world," they are called dogs and disgusting animals. He stated he would date his own daughter, not even funny.

Women in the military are expected to be sexual assaulted. And how the only way we as women, can achieve anything in our lives is through the use of our sex appeal and then labels "us" gold diggers for that. Should I go on about his comments about veterans, Hispanics, African Americans, gays, handicapped people? Oh no, why bother you already know, and yet you still idolize this false god with orange hair and Botox lips.

If you have Netflix might I suggest you watch some real documentaries such as: "Matt Sheppard," "Dear Zachary," "The White Helmets." Watch BBC documentary "Behind Closed Doors." Maybe that will help with your theory of "men will be just men" and deal with it attitude. Try broadening your viewing and reading material please. This song and dance that is constantly sung over and over, day after day in this paper is getting redundant. He has had numerous affairs and left wives for younger trophies and yet all you can bring up is Bill's affair. You all need new material. So far only your candidate has constantly and comically supplied it for us.

And no, I am not a Hillary supporter either. As Dolly Parton said, "Both candidates are nuts." Maybe she should run in four years. So far she is the only one that said something sensible. Good luck and I am sure I will receive backlash from this letter and honestly I don't care. I will not respond and I will still sleep soundly every night no matter what you have to say.

Denise C. Burke


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Is now finally the time for us to fear what Trump is threatening?

To The Daily Sun,

I normally do not write a letter to the editor more than once a week or no more than every two weeks. In light of the fact that election fever is mounting by the moment and a very deep-seated anger is being verbalized by Trump loyalists this letter has become an essential necessity. Many of Trump's followers are calling for some type of revolution if he does not win on Nov. 8. What do these threatening words mean?

It is now time to ask these all important questions:

1. Did Al Gore threaten revolt after Bush was placed into the presidency by the Rehnquist Supreme Court, even though Bush did not win the overall vote?

2. Did Nixon threaten to revolt when he knew that Congress was going to impeach him for the Watergate debacle?

3. Did Reagan threaten revolt after it was revealed that he brokered the deal known as Iran-Contra?

4. Did Bush/Cheney threaten revolt after it was revealed that they got us into an unjust war over bogus WMDs?

We now have in Trump a man who is clearly encouraging and inciting his followers in very negative and troubling ways. Trump is not discouraging them against revolting, as is his running mate, Pence. He is not encouraging or urging them to calm down when he insinuates that our system of voting is corrupt. He is not telling his followers that if he loses this election, Mrs. Clinton will be the winner and he will gracefully concede.

He is calling our system of voting rigged. This man is threatening those in his adopted party for not supporting him.

Is it now finally the time to be fearful of what Trump espouses?

Bernadette Loesch

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