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Abolish daylight savings time; it's just a twice-a-year nuisance

To The Daily Sun,

I agree with Jane Hills' letter in the February 27 issue of the Union Leader: Abolish Daylight Savings Time. It's a twice-a-year nuisance to billions of people.
And why not abolish the Electoral College, so everyone's vote counts?

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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God moved the day they closed the door to that builidng as a church

To The Daily Sun,

I will leave this battle of the Holy Grail cross with a saying from one of my favorite childhood movies — "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." This quote was said by the actor Gene Wilder — " I said good day Sir!," hich means basically, I have had enough of your drivel, so be gone. The cross will stay up no matter how much the "bishop" begs for its removal. God has not/nor will ever stop loving me simply because you say he will. Same goes for my so called "fate of doom" you keep saying I will suffer at God's hands for speaking my mind. No matter how much you point that finger none of it will ever happen. And finally, no one gets to "judge" for God — me,you,or anyone else (titles included). My existence is not here for your acceptance. The Bible is full of light, hope, and love. It is not all that brimstone, pain,and judging you sing. I have always chosen to see the light (even in people) and will continue to do so even with all your "arrogant" busy body condemnations in this paper.

It's not a church anymore no matter how you try to phrase it. The Kennedys own it and a deed trumps you and the "bishop" any day. God moved on the day they closed the doors to that church, maybe John should follow? Are you going to cry this same song for St.Joseph's? Are you and your friend going to stir the pot with the new owners if sold? If destroyed and turned into a parking lot, are you going to protest the parking of cars on holy land?" If turned into apartments is the "Bishop" going to bug the tenants for bringing booze into their homes? If turned into office space, will the zoning board have to consult with you and the "bishop" for who can rent space? When does your nonsense of nuisance end? You can huff and puff all day long and it still won't change the facts. It was a church that was sold,then was turned into a lovely restaurant, and you and "bishop" do not have any say about that property, end of story.

Denise C. Burke

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