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There are excellent candidates to replace actors in delegation

To The Daily Sun,

"Bad" members of the Belknap County Delegation: Representatives Worsman, Greemore, Tilton, Vadney, Burchell, Comtois, Holmes, Fink, Sylvia, must be voted out. They continually, disrespectfully, and needlessly berate the county commissioners, who were selected by local voters, by the way. The commissioners are serving admirably in the face of such adversary.

The delegates' mean-spirited decisions have placed unnecessary burdens on the county's public employees — the people who care for our elderly and keep us safe from harm.

Their latest spiteful act is to institute pay cuts to the lowest paid employees in the nursing home industry via charging them to cover the employer's portion of the health insurance premium. This is unacceptable, as well as illegal, as it is certainly a breach of the employment contract.

These employees have had their constitutional rights compromised by this aggressive and vindictive group of politicians bent on "saving taxes" at the employee's expense. We can no longer keep burying our heads in the sands in the name of "fiscal efficiency". It is called being cheapskates!!

This bad group of people does not represent the true and common core of Republican ideas of the past, and certainly insults the ideas of Abraham Lincoln. At times I feel embarrassed to say I am a Republican, particularly after nearly 50 years of uninterrupted voting record.

Such negativity and narrow-minded politicians have no place in our county government. Their vicious acts can't be tolerated. Your vote can and will change this.

Fortunately, Ms.Worsman has chosen not to run again and Jane Cormier left the delegation to run unsuccessfully in Hookset.

Frank Tilton should resign his position. He certainly does not deserve another term in the N.H. General Court.

There are excellent candidates to replace the "bad actors". One is Dave Pollak. Dave will provide a voice for working families. He will work with both parties to preserve the public's health, safety, and welfare. He has bold visions for moving the country forward. He, along with Jeanie Forrester both deserve to vote for their vision as well as their history of dedicated service to our communities. Jeanie strives to serve her constituents. She answers e-mails personally, as does Dave. Ruth Gulick offers compassion and hope; she cares for our communities.

It is time for fresh faces on the delegation committee. Voting out the "bad guys" reflects a time for change and provides fair and civil treatment for the employees at Belknap County Complex, Jail, and Nursing home. Please vote out the Tiltons, Vadney's, Greemore's, Burchell's, Comtois', Homes', Finks' and Sylvia's. It is time for these "bad guys" to go!

Robert T. Joseph, Jr., RN, ASN, BA, EMT-1

New Hampton

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We need someone of caliber of Kathy Rago in our state Senate

To The Daily Sun,

I met Kathy Rago several years ago when she moved to Franklin from Texas. I was impressed by her can-do approach and admired her perseverance in completing and achieving tasks and goals she set for herself. I learned that she is the type of person who follows through and does what she says she will.

We need someone of her caliber representing us in the state Senate, and I unhesitatingly commend and recommend Kathy Rago as state senator for District 7.

Dennis Reed

State Representative, District 2

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How could anyone who is pro-life stomach Barack H. Obama?

To The Daily Sun,

Using my Ph.D (Promoting Heated Discussion), how about this? First congratulations to The Daily Sun for providing so much space for "Letters". Obviously we agree that providing public discourse is a good thing! My wife and I suffered through three debates on NH1.

The Garcia-Kuster portion was awful if one is a supporter of Marilinda. What Kuster got away with, talking three times after the candidates had already spoken. Too bad when she is in a town meeting with voters and constituents she clams up when asked about Benghazi. She just refused to answer questions. Same moderator for Guinta-Shea Porter. The same moderator was favoring the Democrat. Same moderator for Havenstein- Hassan. By then, someone must have –pointed out to not be so blatantly Democrat.

When asked last year to moderate mayor/City Council forum it was my first and last time in that setting. The people attending want answers. As for my favorite candidate, Kathy Rago, after what I have witnessed with debates this year, I would have been unavailable, too. To prove my point; how many liberals show up on my radio program? None.

There was brief discussion during the first few minutes of my show Thursday about Pat Wood's letter praising Obama. We all love and respect Pat, but how can anyone who is pro-life stomach Barack Hussein Obama in the least? Killing the unborn babies, defending the the gay agenda (NO 1st Amendment for me), and killing America are Obama's top issues.
Niel Young


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It's time for Gilford & Meredith to give Lisa DiMartino a pink slip

To The Daily Sun,

We've all seen the LOL or ROFLMAO acronyms in the text messages we receive from friends. I have to tell you I was laughing out loud and almost rolling on the floor laughing a month ago when I read Ms. Lisa DiMartino's chest-thumping Sept. 19 letter here in The Daily Sun.

Twice in the headline she used the word "I". In the body of the letter, she said either "I" or "me" no less than 20 times. I thought I was listening to a speech given by our esteemed president.

But Ms. DiMartino's letter went off the tracks when she only told you half the story. If Paul Harvey, the award-winning radio newsman, were still alive, I'm sure he might say, "And now you're about to know the rest of the story." as he presented to you the following facts that Ms. DiMartino conveniently left out of her letter.

In her letter, Lisa talked about how she moved in the "right direction" and "worked hard" as your representative. After reviewing the following list, you may say to yourself, "With representatives like Lisa DiMartino, who needs enemies?"

Don't be fooled by soft and gooey letters like Lisa's. The true measure of your representative is how he/she voted down in Concord. Look at the votes and then decide how each vote affects you on a personal level.

Tell me if Lisa's votes put more money in your bank account, helped your family make ends meet or if you lost more of your rights.

In 2013, Lisa voted to expand Obamacare in NH (HB-271), direct tax dollars to fund abortions (SB-194), divert money from Highway Fund so roads deteriorate faster (HB-617), raise electricity costs (HB-306), increase taxes on your home heating oil (HB-185), increase cigarette taxes (HB-659), increase taxes on fishing licenses (HB-2 Am.1219H), increase boat license fees (HB-411), further restrict law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed firearms, to ask Congress to restrict free speech (HCR-2), enable residents of other states to vote in NH (HB-119), and accept expired student IDs as proof of New Hampshire voter eligibility (HB-595).

I could go on and on and on with Lisa's voting record, but I feel the editor will not print the long list. If you want to see Lisa's poor voting record, just go here: http://go.timcarter/lisa

Here's what you need to know about Lisa DiMartino. Just about every new law she voted for did one of two things: It either took away more of your rights, or it took money out of your pocket. The bills she voted against at the Statehouse were ones where you and I would get back more of our rights or we could keep more of our money.

It's time for you to give Lisa her pink slip. I'm not going to vote for Lisa in November and if you do, I don't want to hear you whine or complain when your taxes go up, your car needs an alignment from the potholes in our roads, or when you finally realize that each day more and more and more of your rights have been taken away.

I'm voting for Glen Aldrich as my state representative because Glen wants to repeal laws that infringe on our rights. Glen really wants to shrink state government and Glen understands the Second Amendment.

I know Glen personally and I know he'll do everything possible to reduce taxes, eliminate waste in Concord and do whatever is possible to keep the government out of my daily life and yours, too.

Tim Carter


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How can Iraqi soldiers bear burden of fighting even more war?

To The Daily Sun,

While we properly focus right now on upcoming elections, we can be distracted from costly choices our government is making: war again, war some more. And war tools, like the controversial drones-bombing, that can make as many enemies among the people as hit targets, because our misses are tragic.

I want my Rep. Carol Shea-Porter and Senators Ayotte and Shaheen to push for alternatives to the failed military strategy, and push for a debate and vote around military authorization for dealing with ISIS.

What are the alternatives? How can Iraqi soldiers bear the burden of fighting more war, when whatever age they've reached, for the last 11-plus years they've lived with family deaths and destroyed communities? We did that. If they run away from battles to survive, isn't that understandable?

Alternatives to war, please?

Lynn Rudmin Chong


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