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The left engages in selective outrage & selective empathy

To The Daily Sun,

Remember when the Democrats where in charge and the Justice Department refused to defend a lawful federal order for political reasons? Oh, how they showed reckless disregard for our Constitution, acting as an enemy of our Republic. Defending taxpayers and our sacred document was getting in the way of their ideological dreams of an open society. Hello George Soros. Remember how Obama and his Alinskyites turned the EPA and the IRS into political attacks dogs against conservatism and capitalism while the DOJ looked the other way? Hello gun-running Eric Holder.

Remember the numerous orders issued by President Obama that violated immigration laws? The DOJ and Eric Holder pretended there was nothing to see here, so move along all you folks who think laws matter in a land holding tenuously yet tenaciously onto its borders, language and culture. Hello Michael Savage.

Yet now when President Trump comes in and says that we will actually enforce immigration laws, the acting, Obama appointed, attorney general says, "No, I'm just not going to enforce lawful orders."

We have 80 million visitors a year into this country and we're not supposed to be allowed to vet a tiny portion of that number to secure our safety? By not thinking clearly and rationally about our immigration policy, are we not threatening the safety of our citizenry and risking the same immigration implosion that is happening in Sweden, Germany, France and other countries who thought open borders was a safe bet for their citizens?

Chuck Schumer, Bill DeBlasio, Jerry Brown and Rahm Emmanuel shed tears, not for the victims of carnage caused by released illegal aliens in sanctuary cities. No tears did the progressive left shed for the families of those who died in Benghazi or for the families of those killed by terrorists across cities in America. No tears did they shed for the murdered babies whose leftover body parts were sold for profit by the sick and twisted Planned Parenthood organization. Nope, they are too busy attacking Republicans who are trying to get at the truth.

So just what is making the Democrats cry? Jack Hellner says, "having a president who enforces the laws that Schumer and others wrote and seriously vetting refugees is what finally made Schumer cry." Jack notes that, "the media, Hollywood, Democrats, professors and the paid protesters have selective outrage, selective empathy, and a great disregard for the law of the land."

The conclusions seem pretty clear to me. The Democrats do not care about you John and Judy Public. You are merely a means to their progressive ideological ends. And the mainstream press reporting is feckless and worthless because they no longer believe searching out and reporting the truth is a worthwhile endeavor. No, they think it is more noble to broadcast the lies of the left. That is the result of the educational indoctrination of the progressive left.

So John and Judy Public, voting is just not going to be enough to help President Trump bring back law and order and safety and borders into this country. We should all not be afraid to speak out with the courage of our convictions, regardless of the relentless name-calling and derision that will be heaped upon us by the corrosive left in this country.

Russ Wiles

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The tale of a pair of large, fake-gold filigreed earrings

To The Daily Sun,

On day last summer I was walking on the Meredith docks when I saw a smart-looking older woman with a friend. Since I just love talking to people and finding out their story — if they don't want the converse, that's fine, too, I stopped to say hello. While we were having a convivial conversation I was briefly interrupted by her admiring my earrings — they were large large, fake-gold and filigreed. After many repeated compliments, I finally took them off and said, "Would you like them?" With a sparkle in her eye she removed her crystal, drop earrings, gave them to me and we went away "new women!" You might think this is the end of the story, but — no.

I learned that she lived at Golden View and I had intended to visit her but was a little slow on the up-take and before I did she moved to South Carolina. Well, my church, Trinity Episcopal, brings services to Golden View and one day I made another friend who asked me to visit her there. This time I was a little more responsible. The day I went to visit, guess what? I discovered she made jewelry and lo and behold there were a pair of earrings that look just like the ones I had given away. I mentioned the similarity and she told me this story:

She was given the earrings by a very lovely resident who was told my other Golden View residents that they were too big for her (like is was their business) and she reluctantly gave them to her jewelry-making friend. When I told her my story she insisted on giving them to me and I love seeing them on my jewelry rack and wish I could meet with the true owner. 

Talk about "what goes around comes around!"

Susan Goodnough


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