Trump has opened that can of worms & public is responding

To The Daily Sun,

In spite of the liberal media trying to paint Donald Trump as a buffoon or a racist, it appears his message is resonating with millions of Americans. Their attempt to destroy him and his ideas before he ever got started failed tragically due to the senseless brutal murder of a young woman on the pier at San Francisco. Now the spotlight is shining down right on the sanctuary city issue.

This is an issue liberals never wanted to see the light of day, let alone a spotlight on it as it now is. That is because it is a sacred cow for the left. Flood the country with poor illegals, who they envision will at some time flood the voting booths and vote Democratic. If some murderers, thieves, rapists, what have you, come in, too, well that's just the cost of doing business. Except to the victims and families of the victims the cost is too high.

The injustice is too great no matter how it's spun as compassion or anything else. Trump has opened that can of worms and people are responding. It's time politicians on both sides come to recognize the cost is too high and close the boarder first. Then we can talk about those who are already here. We will then have time to weed out the bad ones from the good ones and make all our people's lives a little safer.

Moving on, it seems James Veverka doesn't want to talk about any of the left's questionable policies and plans. He would rather debate global warming theory and how many scientists agree or disagree. The operative word here folks is theory, and neither side can prove or disprove it. Besides, the U.S. is already far ahead of most developed countries, so I'd suggest to James that he sell his program to China and India and get off our backs.

Some of the subjects James wants no part of is the above sanctuary city questions. Also he has been quiet about Hillary Clinton's lies and misinformation campaigns such as she was subpoenaed to appear Congress as she denied. She did not turn over all her e-mails to State when she resigned. Her refusal to be interviewed by any reporters who will not throw up powder-puff questions for her. And then there is why did all that money from the Middle East come into her foundation (slush fund)? For a family that was dead broke after leaving the White House they sure made a big comeback. (Payoffs, influence peddling?)

Then there is this on going narrative about white privilege, white racism and the question of is it white people hunting black people? James doesn't want to speak to these issues because it's a losing hand for him and liberals. To many real fact to draw upon to disprove the false narratives of the left. Rather change the subjects and speak to unprovable theory then be caught in a net of leftist lies.

Steve Earle


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People used into from non-public to try & influence chief search

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing this letter to clarify several recent articles in the Laconia papers regarding information leaks in the town of Gilmanton.

I would first like to say that I was never contacted by either reporter to get my side of the story. I was not at all upset about the news of my retirement being publicized as I have been considering retirement for over a year now and have discussed it with many people. In fact, the selectmen released an e-mail on July 1st announcing my retirement.

What I was upset about was people using the information learned in a non-public meeting to try and influence the chief search to advance a personal agenda.

There was another meeting on June 30th where all parties said their piece and everything was resolved. There is no lingering dissension among departments or the Board of Selectmen. I wanted to clear the air because the articles were written after things had been settled and everyone involved had already moved forward.

Thank you and have a safe summer!

Joe Collins
Gilmanton Police Chief

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Countries around the world cower in fear of U.S. retaliation

To The Daily Sun,

An appeal by the Bush administration to the United Nations to take aggressive action against Iraq was denied in a monumental decision 10 years ago. Nonetheless, President George W. Bush ordered the bombing of Iraq in direct contradiction of the Charter of the United Nations. All but one Republican senator agreed with the president's decision. In retrospect, the majority of law professors deemed the attack on Iraq an illegal act, therefore, in effect, murder.
Opinion: today, most politicians agree it was a mistake. By mistake does it mean a tactical mistake, a strategic mistake, or a morally indefensible mistake? Can we correctly say that George W. Bush as commander-in-chief knowing full well the illegality of the attack ordered it bringing about the death of 500,000 men, women and children? 
Fact: murdering civilian populations is clearly a humanitarian crime according to every international court in the world in which we are a member. The perpetrators will be charged with crimes against humanity, found guilty and sent to prison. Therefore, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be found guilty and serve jail time. The law specifically defines murder. There is no circumstantial evidence to prove otherwise.
Opinion: of course that never happened. Countries around the world cower in fear of retaliation considering the military might of the United States and its propensity to strike at any target as it continues to do in the Middle East. The American public declined to censure and acquiesced.

Opinion: if our country claims to the citadel of freedom (to speak out) equality, and justice: Law must prevail. 

Leon R. Albushies

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Mark your calendar & bring the family to Sanbornton Old Home Day

To The Daily Sun,

Sanbornton has a fun time coming up. Old Home Day will be Saturday, July 25, starting with an 8:30 pancake breakfast at Lane Tavern (Historical Society's building). Demonstrations in Currier Field will include horseshoeing, portable saw mill, chainsaw carving, custom cars on display, blacksmithing and fresh cider pressing.

In front of Lane Tavern will be a Concord coach, as well as veggies stand by KREBS Farm. Ice cream by Cashew Creamery will be "roving". Old Town Hall will see Sue Hankard's Country Store, with crafts for sale. (Crafters, we can still use more. Call Sue at 520-1098.)

Children's games will be by the library — and in the library at 11 a.m. Odds Bodkin story-teller will perform his delightful art. At 1 p.m. is Wildlife Encounter behind the library. Vendors there, too, as well as Cow Pat Bingo starring Lila-the-cow. Elementary school principal Bonnie Kuras will workshop bubble-blowing pipes. Open house at Town Garage, our newest town building. Life/Safety building will offer demos by police and fire, also Balloon Burst Booth with volunteer officials getting wet.

Thanks to Franklin Savings Bank for the loan of the fun construction. N.H. Fish and Game's Chris Bryson will demo pelt identification. Boy scouts and girl scouts will be a presence near the pond, as will Laconia Indian Historical Association.

Tasty barbecue lunch will be served out of the UCC building, lower door entry, by Mountain View Church (former Second Baptist); also Mohawk Trail Riders will offer hot dogs/buns at the Life/Safety complex. Nineteen cakes served out as free slices with ice cream at 2 p.m. in Old Town Hall, while in the gazebo New Horizons Band will be enlivening the air. Parade line-up is at 3 p.m., walkers and floats and horses wanted. Moulton's Band will play. The parade is scheduled to start at 4 p.m.

We can't omit that it's the 50th year Lane Tavern has been owned by the Sanbornton Historical Society, and tours will be conducted there, as well as an art show happening on the second floor. Our T-shirts for sale ($5 each) feature the tavern and list the names of our many, many sponsors who helped make this all possible and to whom we can't enough say, "thank you."

Please put it on your calendar and bring the family. More is happening than is mentioned here. We have vendors galore. Parking in the school lot, with overflow at Town Garage. Sant Bani School's mini bus will shuttle people from site to site. Thank you to Sant Bani School. Contact Lynn at 934-6486 or Dave at 286-9590 for more info.

 Lynn Chong, Dave Witham

Event co-chairs

Sanbornton Old Home Day

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First, we have to stop controlling of our country by the wealthy

To The Daily Sun,

Our middle class is the key to the future success of the United States. Most Americans want to strengthen the middle class but, we are being prevented by the wealthy who have different goals.

A weak middle class has grave consequences. It results in not investing in the overall public good, including infrastructure and education. In the long run it is proper investment in our infrastructure and education that will ensure the well-being of our country. This trend of weakening the middle class has been going on for about four decades — a long time.

Investment in infrastructure and education actually drives future growth. Currently, we are beginning to slip back into Third World status with our poor roads and bridges, inadequate water distribution and sewer systems, electrical distribution systems, mass transit systems, modernizing of our airports, and a whole host of necessary components.

Our educational systems are not being properly funded and emphasized. Public schools are continuously being underfunded, which affects the quality all parents seek. The Community College System in New Hampshire. seems to be deteriorating, and higher education (once free) costs so much that students are in debt for years. We must get back to free and quality education at all levels to compete with other countries of the world for the foreseeable future.

Republicans, controlled by the wealthy, have not allowed infrastructure projects. Paid for free education is scoffed at, which is continuing the downward spiral of the overall education of our population.

Looking at other countries we can see that they are spending on infrastructure and they are making it easier for those inclined to get a top-notch education without incurring individual crushing debt. Compare their budgets to ours — it is easy to analyze.

The middle class is the key, with the values of the middle class, which included building up our infrastructure and educating our young people. But first we have to stop the power and controlling of our great country by the wealthy and their surrogates the Republican Party.

Tom Dawson

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