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Daily Sun has always leaned left but it's gotten worse since Trump election

To The Daily Sun,

On Tuesday the 28th, one of your letters noted how many cartoons (an overwhelming number) are anti Trump. That writer also pointed out to you that anti-Trump citizens are only about one half our population. The editor's excuse at the bottom was a weak and transparent one. This paper, we all know, more the leans left and has ever more so since the election of President Trump. I don't so much mind that as I mind your trying to convince readers that you are unbiased. Please respect your readers enough not to think we are all fools.

A few of my fellow conservative writers have also been complaining that some of their letters never do see print in your paper. This would be a major change from when Ed Engler was running the operation there. Perhaps some closer attention to details by the printers?

Isn't Denise Burke the clever one, asking if the fetus we save is gay will we still respect it's rights? The answer to that is yes, Denise. Now did you support the rights of Milo Yiannopoulos's free speech out in Calinfornia last spring? How about Sarah Palin's or any of the many other conservatives speakers refused on campuses — shouted down or driven off by violent riots? Until the left can hold itself up as the paragon of citizens rights like they make out your question is an exercise in hypocrisy, Denise.

Steve Earle 


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U.S. hasn't had a market-based health care system in many decades

To The Daily Sun,

I write in response to Suzanne Allison’s letter on health care (Aug 23):

Your letter on health care comes from a far-left, socialist point of view no matter what you write of being concerned for all political views. First of all health care in the U.S. has not been “market-based” since the 1950s to early 60s. The 60s is when the federal government started getting its greedy, uncontrollable hands on health care and things started going south. Not that the “market-based” health care was perfect ... far from it, but it was very affordable for most people and created the worlds most advanced health and medical infrastructure that is being torn apart today. The problem arises when you clump everyone together and dictate that you now have to provide equally for all in the same system.

The original systems for covering those who couldn’t afford it, such as Medicare, Medicaid and the Kerr-Mills legislation would have worked to cover lower income elderly and indigent elderly respectively. One of the complaints of the programs is that the level of care was not comparable to someone who could afford to pay for care on their own. In these systems the medical decisions are heavily influenced by the ones who hold the purse ... government finance departments. The system started breaking down, as soon as it was enacted, from multiple angles ... politicians diverting money from the program to other (much needed?) projects, constant legislation for the care to cover more and more procedures beyond the basics and large scale financial mismanagement and waste. I would add the increases cost of care and equipment, however these cost increased were a direct result of massive federal and state government regulations. And of course don’t forget our courts with massively large litigation settlements driving malpractice insurance sky high (who do think pays for that?).

Your use of our current health care system as an example to go to single-payer, calling it a market-based system, couldn’t be further from the truth. The current system is as close to being socialized without being single payer as you can get ...a nd it is a complete failure as even you have stated. Going single payer will not solve the massive flaws of a social program.

This is the first of a two part letter. In part two I will make predictions of the outcome of a single payer socialist health care system based on other similar systems both in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Dave Nix

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