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I don't enjoy bearing bad news but I will be faithful to share it

To The Daily Sun,

In response to Denise Burke's letter. I sincerely apologize if my writing made you feel like I was saying God didn't love you. It was not my intent. God corrects His children because He loves them. Not because He doesn't.
As to the Holy Grail of the Lakes. As I said, at the beginning, God didn't speak to me about this. I started out defending a brother in Christ. If it hadn't been for your little joke at Bishop Blake's expense; I don't believe I would have engaged the subject at all. I don't enjoy being the bearer of what by some will be considered bad news, but I will be faithful to share it. If the owners of that establishment do not repent; God is going to close it down.

John Demakowski

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Without free market principals & tort reform health care bill is junk

To The Daily Sun,

Speaker Paul Ryan has said because of Senate rules, we have to pass Phase 1 of the American Heath Care Act now and then Phases 2 and 3 later. If they add anything about tort reform or free market then they would need 60 votes. This way Phase 1 needs only 51 and Phases 2 and 3 need 60. President Trump would go to Democratic states to try to get the 60 votes to get Phases 2 and 3 to pass.

I am not stupid. Free market and tort reform are the most important parts. If they don't pass then we have junk for a health bill.

I want Congress to put all together and if it passes great and if it does not, then we are not stuck with the junk and not have the important parts of the bill.

The proposed bill will have a fund for patients with severe medical problems like cancer, or heart disease with funds going to states.

New Hampshire will get screwed again. With the feds opioid help, more money goes to states with larger populations and not where the population is worse. New Hampshire has the third highest deaths per capita in the nation, yet because our population is low, we will get much less funds to help. Our tax money will go to other states.

I have car insurance and house insurance. It is my responsibility as an owner to maintain my home and my car. If something horrible should happen, then hopefully insurance kicks in and helps me. But I decide what should be covered in my policy according to what I want covered and what I can afford to pay. I can buy insurance from a company out of state.

Why can't medical coverage be like that?

I have seen examples of concierge medicine and like it. A Kansas physician charges $50 for adults and $10 for kids each month. It covers unlimited visits. It covers things like stitches, broken bones, X-rays. He negotiated with pharmaceutical companies and get medicines for 5 percent pharmacy costs to patients and patients get them at cost. Some things are not covered, but the physician negotiated with other physicians and services are much cheaper. Patients only need catastrophe insurance and that would be cheaper.

Isn't that better than getting either state or federal government involved?

Speaker Ryan, work now to give voters what the Republican Party promised.

Linda Riley

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