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State retirees can't afford major hike in health insurance cost

To The Daily Sun,

As a retired police officer with over 30+ years of service into the state retirement system I am very angry with my state reps and senators, as well as the governor. They are are close to reducing our health benefits and adopting a major increase in the costs for health insurance — again! We can’t afford it! Go after the health insurance companies who raise their rates way too high as well as medication manufacturers who also raise their prices way too fast and way too high, with little or no oversight.

WE can’t afford what you want to do. I will never vote for this governor or these state reps again.

Donald Irvin

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Thanks to Scott Lamprey & Ken Oxton for all of their help

To The Daily Sun,

The Moultonborough Historical Society board would like to thank Scott Lamprey and Ken Oxton for volunteering their time and expertise to the Moultonborough Historical Society Museum building. Scott took the initiative, after the spring storm, to check on the museum and noticed that several shingles had come off the roof. He took it upon himself to repair the roof at his own cost. Likewise, Ken has taken care of the museum grounds, cutting the lawn and plowing the driveway. He has also done this at his own cost.

These efforts by community members are greatly appreciated by the Historical Society board. The board strives to ensure that the community and visitors have the opportunity to visit the museum to learn about Moultonborough’s rich history. They work with a very limited budget that depends on the good will and financial support of the community. Ken and Scott help us to provide this service through their good will and commitment to their community.
Thank you Ken and Scott.

Moultonborough Historical Society Board
Mary Lamprey Bare, Kathy Garry, Sam Perry, Barbara Perry, Tracey Russett, Jack Murray, Cathy Murray, Bob Patenaude, Jane Rice, Judy Ryerson, Barbara Sheppard, Fran Vincent, Marie Samaha

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