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Here are names of winners of Belmont Football ATV Raffle

To the Laconia Sun,

Friends of Belmont Football would like to thank the community for a very successful annual ATV raffle fundraiser.

Without the support of individuals and businesses, our Belmont athletes who are currently contributing at the junior varsity football level in Gilford would be in great need of additional financial support. We can't thank you enough.

Here are the winners: First prize: Polaris 4-wheeler ATV, Paul Davis, Canton, Mass. This gentleman was so excited. He could not believe that he won. He said that he never wins anything and was just so excited. Second prize: $250, Laurie Harte, Warner. Third prize, $100, Sean Embree, Belmont. Fourth prize, $50, James Dearborn, Laconia. All winners were very happy to support these athletes.

We would like to thank HK Powersports and Tammy for working with us on this promotion and helping us purchase the ATV.

Special thanks goes to area businesses who acted as ticket agents and/or displayed banners, counter displays, posters, etc., and let us display the 4-wheeler outside their businesses to attract raffle sales: D&D Market, Brookside Pizza ll, Belmont, Winnesquam Market and Deli, Airport Country Store, Gilford, Belmont Village Store.

This fundraiser was, by far, our greatest success. We are nearing one year of fundraising and will be looking forward to our Christmas tree sale this coming season around Thanksgiving. We hope to see you there, and thanks again for all of your support.

Friends of Belmont Football


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Thanks for voting for me as a write-in candidate in Grafton 8

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to thank all of the residents of Hebron, Holderness and Plymouth who voted in Tuesday's Primary, and especially to those who voted for me as a write-in candidate to serve as a New Hampshire State Representative for Grafton House District 8. Thanks so much to everyone who held my signs, asked their friends and neighbors to write my name in on the ballot, and who otherwise supported me at the polls Tuesday. With your help, my name will now appear on the ballot as a Democratic candidate for the New Hampshire House for District 8 in the general election on Nov. 4.

I am truly honored to you have your vote and your support. Thank you.

Of course, the upcoming election is not about helping me. It's about helping New Hampshire. It's about improving public education, access to higher education, and services that benefit all families. It's about promoting good jobs, investing in our future, and promoting the sustainable growth of the state's economy. It's about New Hampshire's natural beauty, something we must protect and conserve.

I will be working hard in the coming weeks to meet with as many residents of Hebron, Holderness, and Plymouth as possible, and to listen to your ideas and your concerns. I am committed to doing my utmost to earn your support and your vote on Nov. 4. I also intend to work in a bi-partisan manner to serve all of the citizens in District 8.

If you are interested in my campaign, would like a yard sign, or would simply like to meet to discuss the many issues we are facing in New Hampshire, feel free to visit my campaign FaceBook page, or call me at 686-0625. I look forward to hearing from you.

Travis Bennett

Candidate for State Representative


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Where was John McCain during VA scandal in his own state?

To The Daily Sun,

Re: VA Investigations about Phoenix Deaths, Sunday, Aug., 27. 

I would like to know what Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain, himself a veteran and POW, was doing when all of this was going on in his home state.  All I hear about him was that he was wanted an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice. What about his senatorial duty? 

My friend was station at NAS Norfolk, VA, when senator McCain's Navy jets aircraft had mechanical trouble. My friend Mark told me that McCain, so his aircraft would not crash into populated areas, maneuvered his aircraft seaward and, I believe, ejected safely out of the aircraft which entered into the water. 

Fine he did a smart thing, what did he do while Phoenix VA was needing congregant oversight? NB: Politically I am independent. 

Bill Carberry


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Andrew Hosmer's commitment to public service is clear

To The Daily Sun,

I voted for Senator Andrew Hosmer in the primary and I will vote for him in the general election on November 4th. It was so nice to see him at the polls in Gilford. His character and commitment to public service is clear as he engages with constituents — even those who may disagree with him. Every time I see him he always wants to know how I'm doing and if there is anything he can do for me.

I'm supporting Senator Hosmer because he's committed, hard working and a friend of senior citizens. I know he'll continue to look out for what's best for his constituents. I hope you'll give him your support as well.

Muriel Middleton

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Dave Pollak is a reasonable guy; let's elect him commissioner

To The Daily Sun,

David Pollak is a candidate for the Belknap County Commission. I met Dave a week ago and believe that he would make an excellent commissioner.

For one thing he is giving the "county jail problem" a lot of thought and research time. He's done a lot of reading. He continues to talk to anyone with something to offer on the subject, and he's toured three jails and has at least two more on his schedule. There is no doubt that he can help craft a solution that would be best for our county.

Second, Dave, a 10-year college professor, has a very wide command of the social sciences. For example, he has taught psychology, philosophy, American government, sociology, human growth and development, and critical thinking. And, in a past life, he worked as a construction manager in New York City.

Third, he's a reasonable person. Dave doesn't care what party you are from. If you have a good idea, he will listen.

My vote will be for David Pollak. I hope you join me.

Thomas W. Dawson


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