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I hope this outpouring of support will lead to park improvements

To The Daily Sun,

As many of you may know, I submitted a letter to The Laconia Daily Sun earlier this week regarding the poor conditions at Prescott Park here in Meredith. I cannot express enough how impressed I was to have The Sun's reporter, Michael Kitch, contact me in such an expedient manner to learn more about my concerns. Michael was entirely professional with me and made me truly feel that the issue is important to him, as well.

I was informed that there would be immediate follow-up looking into the conditions of the park and to uncover how it possibly fell into such disrepair. I just wanted to write this second letter to thank the staff of The Sun, particularly Mr. Kitch, for wasting no time investigating a concern of a citizen in our community. It feels great to know that one person can make a difference, as I have learned through this experience.

In addition, I have received an overwhelming amount of support from other members in our community, including through social media, and I would like to thank all of those who have taken time to express their support and even provide me with their own concerns they have come across visiting our town's park.

I am very hopeful that with such an outpouring of support from fellow citizens, there is no doubt that we can improve our park, and in turn the lives of all those who call the wonderful town of Meredith home.

Kenny Hill

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The liberals goal: no big business, no capitalism & no middle class

To The Daily Sun,

According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party) emerged from the German Workers Party, but soon was anti-big business, anti-capitalism, and most important, anti-bourgeois (middle class). It went on to control the press and businesses, many times through strong arm tactics. Finally Germany was entirely a totalitarian country.

Although the liberal press and many political pundits continue to stamp Donald Trump as "Nazi," it seems that the best possible comparison this election year is the Democratic Party. The party and current candidate won't lead the country to Hitler's unspeakable end model, but they give voters a clear picture where the country is headed under continued Democratic socialism.

No big business, no capitalism, and more important, no middle class. Just the lower income citizens will remain depending on the government establishment and elite for them to meet Maslow's lowest level hierarchy of needs. The rich will get richer and poor get poorer. Not the American you want, is it? And scary too, isn't it?

If that doesn't motivate you to vote for Donald Trump and change America for the good, what will? You can change where America is headed and make it a great country again.

Jim Raschilla
Alton Bay

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