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Sometimes drug addiction is not a choice but there is a way out

To The Daily Sun,

I spent the first 37 years of my life in Laconia and read The Laconia Sun everyday. I'm now retired and live in a different state and it breaks my heart to see all the news about drug addition in New Hampshire. Most people don't have any idea about drug addiction. In some cases the addiction was due to medical reasons. I have a first hand knowledge about the effects of opioid use as I was diagnosed with pancreatitis in February 2016 and spent most of the next year in the hospital. About 29 hospital admissions and over 180 days in the hospital and rehab centers. I had two major surgeries and almost saw the pearly gates twice. During this time I was on opioids every few hours just to control the pain.

The pain from pancreatitis is something I would not wish on anyone. I would get the attacks at anytime and my wife would take me to the hospital just so I could get my pain under control with an opioid. My doctor prescribed 60mg of OxyContin for me to take twice daily last November 2016. I was on that dose for four months and then I started a plan to get off OxyContin. For the next three months he would reduce the mg dose until I got down each month until I got down to 10mg twice a day. It was a real challenge each time. The first time my dose was reduced to 40mg twice/day, I would get severe muscle spasms and hot/cold flashes that lasted about a week until my brain got used to the lower dose. I fought really hard to get off OxyContin and I hope I never run that battle again.

Sometimes drug addiction is not a choice and I empathize with those that are addicted by no choice of their own. There is a way out and the state and local communities need to provide the much needed support for those who want to break the expensive habit.

John Ortakales

Fountain Inn, S.C.


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Can't say what I really think about Christina Fay; paper couldn't print it

To The Daily Sun,

Christina Fay is a cold-blooded dog abuser. She was caught point blank and she is guilty. The proof was right there — neglect. Now she has the nerve to try to get the charges dropped. 

I would like to say how I really feel about here but, of course, the paper can't print it. Let's put that woman to live in the same heartless conditions as the Great Danes she was, so-called, boarding.

Mike Mokes


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