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I look forward to helping keep Northfield on straight & narrow

To the editor,
Thank you, Northfield, for taking the time in spite of the inclement weather to go to the polls on Election Day.
I look forward to serving with Selectmen Bluhm and Shepard to keep the town on the straight and narrow, while meeting the needs of our departments and assuring that Northfield remains a great and affordable place to live and do business.
I truly appreciate your support and thank you for such a convincing win!
Kevin Waldron

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PMHS teachers ask you support at Barnstead School Meeting

To the editor,
The Prospect Mountain Teachers' Association would like to extend a sincere note of thanks to the school board, the budget committee, and all of the citizens of Alton who turned out on voting day and moved our school one step further toward being the strong bulwark of education we all want it to be.
This week, the citizens of Barnstead will have the same chance at the school meeting to lend their voices to what they want the future of their community to look like. We fervently hope that they will show the same dedication to their children and vote in the affirmative to ratify the PMHS teachers' agreement. We know a strong educational experience for our children is good for everyone — it is one of the best ways to ensure that both the towns of Alton and Barnstead continue to grow as strong communities.
We ask you to please attend the Barnstead school meeting on Saturday, March 23 at Barnstead Elementary School at 9 am.
The PMHS Teachers' Association

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Lots of people contributed to success of student chess tourney

To the editor,
On Friday night, March 15th, the 12th Annual City-Wide Chess Tournament was held at Laconia High School. There were 28 players in the completion, from elementary, middle and high school. With over 50 spectators cheering them on the event was a wonderful success.
I would like to take a moment to thank all the people that made this event such a success. The Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region donated funds to purchase trophies for the three first place winners that were laser designed by Ken Martin, Huot Career Tech Center Manufacturing teacher. The donated funds were also used to purchase Skate Escape passes that were given to each participant. Janine and Erica of Skate Escape generously matched our purchase of passes. Sandra Lawton from Funspot also donated gift cards for the three 2nd place winners. Special thanks to Project EXTRA! who donated pizzas and water for players and their families. Mayor Michael Seymour wished all the participants good luck and kicked off the tournament. These players start a few months before the tournament practicing weekly to hone their skills. This would not be possible without the coaches who volunteer their time each week. I would like to extend a special thank you to coaches Ramsay Eliason, Greg Schneberger, Bretmarie Witt, Betsy Damon, Ernie Bownes and Ed Emond. Ed Emond was also instrumental in helping with the coordination of setting up the brackets and helping with the rules of the tournament during playing. I would also like to especially thank Andrea Condodematraky and Deb and Taylor Williams for all their help for their help during the tournament. Deb Williams has assisted in the planning of this tournament for all of the 12 years. This event would not be possible without her help.
The winning players were Susan Ross, High School; Garrett Pitt, Middle School and Gavin Pitt, Elementary School. They will be presented with their trophies by the Laconia School Board at their next meeting.
Janet Brough
Administrative Assistant
Laconia School District

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Hopefully, Republicans on convention are part of a tidal wave

To the editor,
The Belknap County Convention demonstrated the clash of two different interests, both committed to fulfilling our Ccounty's obligations. One group considered the burden on property owners, renters, and others who pay the county's bills. The other group represents government employees, unions, and other special interests which benefit from the money taken from taxpayers.
This year, politicians at every level of government proposed tax increases. Yet, taxpayers suffer from high unemployment, under-employment, reduced take home pay, tax increases, and price increases in nearly everything that people actually need, e.g., food, gasoline, health insurance. The U.S. median income has declined $4,000 in just four years. President Obama's policies continue to kill middle class jobs, cut working hours, and drive previously independent people onto unemployment and welfare, and, frequently, into despair (which is a personal and national tragedy).
Even while middle income Americans' incomes have declined and people have been forced to tighten their belts, governments continued to tax more, spend more, regulate more driving up our cost of living, add new functions and employees, and, with rare exceptions, increase wages and benefits. Government programs, employees and special interests have mostly been spared the severe cuts endured by most private sector employees.
For most taxpayers, the direct and hidden costs of government is one of their top expenses, often greater than car payments, fuel, food, or even mortgages. (Go ahead, add it up! Remember the hidden taxes and regulatory costs which add about 15 percent to almost everything you buy.) Even while families struggle to pay their bills, the cost of government grows and grows and grows while the amount of money left after taxes shrinks and shrinks and shrinks.
Do you work, try to save, and struggle for yourself and your family or just so politicians can spend your money; wasting it, giving it to their friends, or trading it in return for votes?
The Republican majority in the Belknap County Convention are, hopefully, part of a tidal wave of representatives, hopefully from both parties, who fight for the people not the special interests. Our representatives endured, and those that follow will probably have to endure more undeserved invective hurled by special interest groups who strike back at the audacity of anyone threatening their accustomed taxpayer funded largess.
People who pay the taxes shouldn't have to struggle more than the people who receive money taken from taxpayers. Representatives who fight for the taxpayers deserve our gratitude. Thank you!
If Americans want freedom, prosperity, and opportunity for themselves, their children and grandchildren, then they are going to have to elect more representatives committed to fulfilling government obligations more responsibly, efficiently, and affordably.
Don Ewing

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Here's how a couple of local residents can get their grandson on TV

To the editor,
I dare say that among your paper's readership there are enough jazz fans that they may appreciate knowing about a treat they can soak up by watching (and especially listening to) LRPA-TV Saturday night. That is when the New York University Steinhardt Music Education Jazz Ensemble will show the listener how selections ranging from "Eleanor Rigby" to "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" are best preformed.
If your readers are sufficiently intrigued to tune in and enjoy the NYU Jazz Ensemble, the time is 9 p.m. this Saturday night and the place is LRPA-TV's Channel 25. While the undersigned would like you to admire our grandson, Tom Longabaugh (the trumpeter in the top row, left), we really think you will be struck on how good a bunch of college students are in rendering jazz as it deserves to be played.
It would also be a reasonable wonderment on how a couple of local residents can get their grandson on TV? The answer is that federal regulations require cable companies to provide a Public Access channel in their menu of channels. On the western side of Lake Winnipesaukee the Public Access channel in Metrocast's line-up is LRPA's Channel 25. Public Access is exactly what it name implies: Any member of the public can have a video they submit played on Channel 25 as long as it does not violate community values with respect to decency and so on. Additionally, in the Lakes Region the person submitting their video for airing has to be a resident of a town that is a member of LRPA. In Belknap County those communities are Alton, Belmont, Gilford, Laconia, Meredith, and Northwood.
If there are additional re-plays of the NYU Jazz Ensemble on Channel 25 after Saturday night, that can be learned by going to http://www.lrpa.org/custom_shows.php.
As they say in the business: "Thank you for watching,"
Bob Longabaugh
Alton Bay

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