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The potential for tax relief to our small businesses is considerable

To The Daily Sun,

During this legislative session and in an effort to provide financial relief to small businesses across New Hampshire, the House and Senate have authorized the Department of Revenue Administration to implement a sweeping tax amnesty program.

Under this program, significant discounts on previous tax consequences are available through March 2016. I strongly urge any and all interested to explore the DRA website at for the particulars. The potential for tax relief to our small businesses is considerable, and the DRA will be able to answer any questions entrepreneurs may have.

This type of legislation doesn't come around very often, but is consistent with majority policy. It is the majority's hope that these policies will continue into the next session as well.

State Rep. Peter J. Spanos
District 3, Finance Committee


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Your support needed to aid unfortunate furry residents of Franklin

To The Daily Sun,

The Franklin Animal Shelter wants to remind you that winter is right around the corner and we can begin to feel the chill in the air. Most of our cats and dogs in Franklin are looking forward to a cozy winter in a loving home.

Unfortunately, not all animals in our city are as lucky. Some suffer from hunger, neglect, cruelty and abandonment. The Franklin Animal Shelter provides a place where Good Samaritan rescuers; Franklin police and those no longer able to care for pets can turn for help. The shelter provides food, warm beds, needed medical attention and loving care.

Your support is needed for us to continue providing these services to our unfortunate furry residents and help them on their way to the happy forever homes they so deserve. Please visit our website at: Every gift matters.

Be the set of hands that saves a set of paws.

Christine Dzujna, Director

Franklin Animal Shelter

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