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The word your reporter was looking for was 'mores', not 'morays'

To The Daily Sun,

In (last Friday's) article about the "Free the Nipple" movement, reporter Gail Ober has Laconia City Councilor Brenda Baer saying, "in theory the law against females baring their breasts at the beach is discriminatory but she agrees with it because of the morays of women of her generation."

Unless tropical eels had some improbable effect upon the social attitudes of Councilor Baer, the word that she used is probably "mores." But thanks to reported Ober for the laugh.

Bill Lamb


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Please come to your senses & return statue you stole from my steps

To The Daily Sun,

I live at 23 Messer St. Last Saturday the statue of an angel was taken off the steps of where I live. To the person or persons who did take it I hope that you feel real good about yourself.

That statue was not that old. A very good friend gave it to me about five to eight years ago. The value of the statue was not great. But a gift from dear departed friend is priceless. So I hope you are happy.

I will be checking the pawn shops and you will be caught. Do the right thing and return it.

Tim Kraft


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