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Elite true believers invent excuses for failures of Pres. Obama

To The Daily Sun,

Peggy Graham wrote a very simple and reasonable reply to Scott Cracraft's vile attack on the Tea Party. Bet a coffee and doughnut Scott won't even consider attending a TP meeting to see the truth for himself.

The elite, true believers, have to invent excuses for the failures and faults of their fallible demigods like Obama who live by the "any means justifies the end" credo. They find our Constitution, our laws just to inconvenient to live by and sense they can't convince a majority to change them. They, in frustration, resort to call names like children do all the while calling for civil debate.

So Scott, go to a TP meeting if you dare so you will have some idea of what your talking about.

Steve Earle


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All should be involved in keeping Belknap Mill museum thriving

To The Daily Sun,

In her new book, "A History of the Belknap Mill", Carol Anderson details the story of the way in which the Belknap Mill developed to produce quality products. She takes us inside the minds of those who developed and perfected the machinery used to make hosiery. As a result of her research, she reveals a story of the people of the area, the way in which they came together to work toward perfecting the intricacies of knitting socks, and the pride they had in doing so.

As happened with many of the other mills in the area, when the Belknap Mill was no longer needed to produce a product, some people wanted to tear down everything from that era. But community members came together to fight against many setbacks to preserve the Belknap Mill and create a museum to help maintain an appreciation of the accomplishments of the citizens of Laconia.

Everyone in the city should show their pride in those who came before them by becoming involved today in keeping this museum open and thriving. In addition, this book should also be mandatory reading for all high school students in the Lakes Region.

Denise Crompton


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