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Tired of candidates pretending to be independent, critical thinkers

To The Daily Sun,

I am tired of the fear mongering, the perpetuation of myths, the half truths and downright lies. Never let the facts interfere with the mud slinging. If even just a little bit sticks, "Mission Accomplished." But I am most tired and disgusted by the candidates pretending to be independent, critical thinkers in public while pandering to the extremist right wing conservative ideology behind closed doors hoping the voters won't catch on. In the forefront of that behavior is Joe Kenney.

I will never forget the candidates forum last February at the Meredith Community Center how Joe went out of his way to disavow any connection with the Tea Party or any other ideology that might be losing favor with the mainstream independent voters. He was "Mr. Congeniality," promising to represent all the constituents in our district. That promise lasted just long enough for him to fool voters, get elected and once again, we were deprived of an excellent mind, a proven collaborator and problem solver, Mike Cryans, endorsed by Ray Burton's entire family. Well fool me once Mr. Kenney, shame on you, fool me twice Mr. Kenney, shame on me.

Joe Kenney's support of the extremist Tea Party, ALEC-driven agenda shows no respect for the intellect of the people of New Hampshire, their independence or their needs and belief in strong community loyalties. Even Chris Sununu voted for the Planned Parenthood contract Kenney opposes. I say "No" to Kenney's Tea Party ideology trying to take New Hampshire back to the 1950s. Those were great days with great opportunities and needs, but not appropriate to 2014.

It is time for real leaders and collaborative problem solvers like Mike Cryans to put skills, experience and common sense to use in moving New Hampshire forward and meeting the needs of New Hampshire people now and in the future. Please join me in voting for Mike Cryans for Executive Council and say "No" to the Tea Party agenda and the candidates who pretend to think for themselves.

Janette Lozada

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There's little behind irrational fear mongering about Free Staters

To The Daily Sun,

As I write, it is the day before the election. Soon your phone will stop ringing and your mail box will not be like a Halloween adventure filled with scary tricks and few treats.

I'd like to thank the good people of Belmont for having allowed me to serve you for the past two years. It certainly was a learning experience and I will take those lessons with me forward if re-elected or not. Over the past two years I've been fortunate to meet and work with some of the most dedicated and hard working people in the state.

In the last days running up to the election there were many people making attacks against Free Staters. We've read many of that type of letter here in The Daily Sun, and I believe that most people will look at the sources and see that there is little behind their irrational fear mongering. I know that most of the people I know and work with in the Lakes Region care little about the Free State Project, or are very welcoming to those of us who've made the move.

I've addressed in detail the remarks made in The Daily Sun on Nov. 1 by Mr. Condodemetraky on my website at mikesylvia.org/LDS. I won't bore you with all the details here but I will address one concern. Mr. Condodemetraky was upset that the state roster listed my name and no other information. I apologize for any part I may have had in the lack of information listed by the state. I have found the staff at the Statehouse in Concord to be very thorough and professional. I don't know how it is that I am not listed on the roster, perhaps a form went astray. The world is changing, land-lines and phone-books are fading into the past, those who have looked have found me. You can find what you need at mikesylvia.org.

If this is printed on Election Day, I urge the people of Laconia to get out and vote for Dave DeVoy, thank you.

I look forward to building a better Belmont and Belknap County in whatever capacity the people of Belmont have chosen for me.

Mike Sylvia

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