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This year we have a chance to put some adults back in charge

To The Daily Sun,

In 2010, I ran for the House of Representative as a fiscal conservative. As a business owner, I could see the problems we were having in Concord with the over-spending lead by the Democrats and a governor who could not hold the line even while raising taxes and fees. It took two years to clean up the $800 million hole the Democrats had created and lied about for four years. The job got done at the expense of a lot of needed projects.

It cost the Republicans the House and almost the Senate however, we did manage to bring in a small amount of money over and above the expenses. The last two years have not been fun watching the governor and the Democratic majority go right back to the same old yo-yo legislation and yo-yo spending. Raising taxes and spending more than is coming in. Like little children in the toy section or the candy section of Walmart, the "Give me, I want....." rhetoric goes on.

This year we have a chance to put some adults back in charge and get control of the budget by some who follow state spending like Charlie Arlinghouse, who say the state could be in the hole again another $200 million. That's why I am voting for some real proven conservative leaders. I will be casting my votes for Herb Vadney, former selectman from Meredith and a fellow House of Representative for the past two years. Also, George Hurt from Gilford, a former state representative and businessman with an impressive background of service on boards and commissions for the state. I am also supporting Russ Dumais, a local business man from Gilford with an impressive background of community service.

These are the kind of people we need to take the leadership roles in Concord and manage this states fiscal affairs. We do not need seat warmers in Concord we need leaders.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

State Rep. Robert Greemore


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Other candidates have more qualifications & experience than I do

To The Daily Sun,

Since I announced for a run for state representative, a lot has changed.

The main reason I decided to run was to help put new leadership in the County Convention. As it turned out, my wish was granted before the time to sign up.  The two people I hoped would be replaced decided not to run. I hope the new leadership will run the Convention in a way that respect is given to all the members, no matter which party they represent. It also would be nice everyone is given a chance to give their opinion.

There are many other candidates with more qualifications and experience than me. Even though I will be on the ballot, I plan to support the four candidates who win in the Primary.

The one thing I learned is how many special interest organizations that send you letters of their interest and questioners. The only one I sent back was the one from the NRA, of which I am a member. I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment.

If I was ever elected, my special interest would be the people of Meredith and Gilford.

I have not run an active campaign, no fundraising, no hand-out cards, no signs and no other political events.
I want to thank all those people that encouraged me to run and offered to help finance my campaign.
If I should ever win in the Primary, than I would run a full active campaign and would need plenty of help.

I want to wish all the other candidates good luck.

A lot more important than me winning, is the re-election of Jeanie Forrester, our state senator, and Joe Kenney our executive councilor.

L. Michael Hatch

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