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We're creating unnecessary stress & anxiety for county workers

To The Daily Sun,

My opponent and I had been invited to visit with the residents of the Belknap County Nursing Home. I was able to spend over an hour talking with residents and staff and hearing their stories.

As I was leaving, I spotted a woman tottering down the hall leaning heavily on an LNA who was listening intently to her companion. At a table by the door, a resident was sitting with a staffer while slowly eating a piece of cake. Another resident rolled up in his wheelchair and offered me a piece. I've been carrying it around for a couple of days to remind me of the folks I'd met.

Before my visit, I hadn't realized how many people's lives are touched by the nursing home. However, once I started telling this story, my eyes were opened. Everyone, it seems, has a story about the nursing home. A parent of one of my daughter's hockey teammates told me that his mother had been in several nursing homes and found ours to be the best, by far, because of the care provided by the nursing staff. "It takes a special person to work there," he said. While eating in a downtown restaurant, I met the owner who told me that he'd spent three months in the nursing home rehabbing after surgery. He had only positive memories of the staff and agreed that the people who work there "really care." I saw that with my own eyes.

We are creating unnecessary stress and anxiety for those valuable employees by messing around with their health insurance payments. If we want them to increase the amount they pay for health insurance, we should negotiate in good faith. At the very least, the executive committee should approve the transfers requested by the county commissioners to fulfill the county's contractual obligations to our employees and let them do their jobs without worry.

If you believe contracts should be honored and you want to return civility and common sense to county government, please vote for me on Nov. 4.

David Pollak

Candidate for Belknap Co. Commission


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Russ Dumais's experience & common sense make him a leader

To The Daily Sun,

I have lived in Gilford for the past 21 years. I have worked with Russ Dumais for many years, both as a small-business owner and a friend of our community.

I have found Russ Dumais to be of the highest integrity and honesty in our business. I have found his experience and common sense have made him a leader. His experience working in local government has given him an ability to do the right thing.

I believe his choice as state representative is the right choice.

Bill Gorse


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