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Lindsey Frank Golf Tournament raised over $15K for David’s House

To The Daily Sun,

The 1st Annual Lindsey Frank Memorial Golf Tournament was held at Waukewan Golf Club and raised over $15,000 dollars to benefit David's House, a home away from home for families of children and teens being treated at CHAD and/or Dartmouth Hitchcock. Without the amazing help from the volunteers and our major sponsor, CruCon Cruise Outlet it would not have been possible.

We would like to thank our hole sponsors and businesses that donated raffle items. When looking for a product or service please keep in mind the generous business listed: CFO Cycles, Waukewan Golf Club, Stephens Lanscaping, Conway Tree Service, Twin Oaks Construction, Overhead Door Options, Mask Construbtion, RN Peaslee & Sons, Frase Electric, American Air Systems, The Hair connection, The Krueger Family, A Cut Above Landscaping, Parafunalia, CruCon Cruise Outlet, Realgreen, Bayside Rentals, Price's Pools, The Bob House, Cascade Spa, Robin Stokes and Family, Bootlegger's, Asian Bodywork, Alan Bilodeau, Carrie's Eco Spa, Georges' Diner, Moulton Farm, Squam Lake Inn, Cider Belly Donuts, Cahoon Carpentry, Brett Stewart Stonework, East Coast Foundation, Hayward and Company, Bellawoods, Bryant Paving, Aubuchon Hardware, Linda Escot (Lindsey's aunt), Hoss1, Charlie Murphy, Bauen Corporation, LR Ice Racing Club, The Frank Family, Miracle Farms, Remax Bayside, The Canoe, The Fitness Edge, Middleton Building Supply, Chick-A-Dee Station, Jason Baldini (LCC), SOL Acupuncture, Viking Tire & Alignment, Chequer's Villa, Frog Rock Tavern, EM Heath Hardware, and Sean Kennedy-Snap On.

If we omitted someone please accept our sincere apologies. We are looking forward to June 2014.

 Adam Cahoon & Nick Leighton

Tournament Organizers


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Support GOP candidates who keep their word after the election

To The Daily Sun,

If I were a wealthy person I would send money to any primary challenger to Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham. The same should be happening for the 2016 GOP Primary with Kelly Ayotte. Of course the goal is to have an honest republican who keeps their word after the campaign. It is always fun to watch the elite republican establishment scurry to protect one of their own. The reason for the small "r" in republican is to show what many of us think of today's GOP.
Both McConnell and Graham are worried because they know they are of no help to the America loving Joe until election time, and then, let's hope it is too late!

With the exception of Dennis Fields, I support the hard work/decisions of the GOP members of the County Delegation. Please don't let us down. Support those who understand that without a government job, nothing is for certain.
Niel Young


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Only the court system can clarify the county budget discussion

To The Daily Sun,

Lewis Carroll to one side, it does seem strange that Rep. Huot puts such little faith in New Hampshire's court system, most especially since the learned gentleman is a retired judge. Could his reluctance stem from the confidence by the convention's attorney that the case for line item authority is pellucid? Could it be that this representative is not in fact representative of the ordinary people of Laconia but instead is a shill for the favored few?

Only Rep. Huot knows his motivation but there should be a concern on the part of everyone involved that it is good public policy to have the statutes under discussion be clarified; the only place that can be done is in our court system.

Rep. Dick Burchell
Belknap 5


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Waterski Boat Classic was a success, look for us next summer

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to thank Winnisquam Marine, Mike Testa State Farm Insurance and the Lake Winnipesaukee Historical Museum for helping to make the second annual Lakes Region Waterski Boat Classic a success. It was a beautiful day and many people turned out to enjoy the free boat rides and displays of boating memorabilia.

Special thanks to Lynda Laflamme of the Historical Museum at Funspot for help in researching local boating history and loan of race related memorabilia. Thanks to the boat owners, the Magnums in particular for their generosity in sharing their rides. Look for us again same time next summer.

Tom Scribner


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Requirement of 5-foot fence along WOW Trail defies common sense

To The Daily Sun,
I am writing in response to two recent letters to The Daily Sun concerning the WOW Trail and the Winnipesaukee River Trail, the first one by Gretchen Gandini, newly appointed Exceutive Director of the WOW Trail and the second by Peter Davis of Laconia. As a board member of the Winnipesaukee River Trail Association, I was delighted to see these letters which bring to the attention to the public of the benefits of the trails not only to the communities where they are located but to Central New Hampshire. Not only are there beautiful vistas along the trails but the trails can be very useful tool in the development of the region. Ms. Gandini wrote so elegantly about how much the WOW trail can contribute from an economic prospective by making reference to a recent Belknap Economic Development Council Study in spending because of the number of using coming in to use the trail. In addition to the health benefits as well, the trails are a great place for both individuals and family to walk, run or bike.

One other thing that is often overlooked is that some people use the trail as a mode of transportation. I think that this supports Mr. Davis's comments the need to complete the trails in timely fashion for a variety of reasons and one of the major concerns is of rising costs to build the trails.
In Mr. Peter Davis letter, one of the things that he mentions is the required five foot chain linked fence that is required on the WOW and the Tilton Section of the Winnipesaukee River Trail, not only is it very costly but an eyesore and prevent larger animals from getting to and from the tracks to the river. This requirement just adds to the cost of building and maintaining the trails and at times at least of the Winnipesaukee River Trail and I would imagine the WOW Trail as well. There are many other states where there are very active and high speed rail and there aren't any fences between the rail and the trail so leads to question why this is necessary in the State of New Hampshire which has one of the smallest active railroad systems in the country. It simply defies common sense to have such a requirement in this state.
So why not get there and enjoy the benefits of the trails and if you can support some of the events that occur throughout the year, lots of fun for all and a great cause!
Charles L. North


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