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I fear Stacie Sirois’ opponent is too focused on athletics

To The Daily Sun,

Please, please, vote for Stacie Sirois for Laconia School Board, Ward 5.

Stacie has been a leading member of the board since the Huot renovation and the building of the stadium and the turf field. She has led the board during the recent negotiations leading up to a five-year contract with the teachers and has been board chair during the past years when we have had four superintendents in three years and three high school principals in just one year. This has been an awful stress on all, including our teachers.

Her opponent, Mr. Roy, has told me that he must "stop the bleeding" in sports teams. While I have been a varsity and JV coach and understand the need for athletics, academics must come first, and I am afraid he Is too interested in sports.

We need Stacie Sirois to be re-elected to the School Board.

Mal Murray

Laconia School Board, Ward 1

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Please help LHS students collect socks for our needy neighbors

To The Daily Sun,

Laconia High School’s Key Club, Interact Club and Student Council are partnering up this month to take part in Sockstober. If you have not heard of Sockstober, it is a drive to donate socks to our community members in need, they may be suffering from homelessness or displaced for other reasons. There are many food drives throughout the year, but many forget how important socks are — especially during the colder months. Sockstober has been a tradition at Inter-Lakes High School for the last three years, they have collected over 3,000 pairs of socks during that time. Inter-Lakes is looking to collect 10,000 pairs of socks this year and have asked neighboring schools to help with this wonderful cause.

We are asking that you join us in our attempt to collect socks through the month of October. There will be boxes in the lobby of Laconia High School, please feel free to drop off pairs of socks any time during the day. We will also be having a sock drive during the last home football game of the season on Friday, Oct. 27. Please contact me with any questions at 524-3350 and spread the word!

Karen Abraham
LHS Key Club Advisor

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