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Why are 'Maggie & the Dems' owned by the decling unions?

To the editor,
Here are a few facts/questions to consider about "Maggie and the Dems".
— Gas prices are projected to hit $4 to $5 shortly. What does "Maggie and the Dems" want to do? Raise the gas tax. This is on top of a 2 percent payroll tax.
— Defeat right-to-work. Where are all those high paying union jobs? We could get business from Vermont (IBM), RI and Maine with RTW.
— Defeat education credits. This hurts the poor and the middle class. Teachers' union wanted this. Guess Exeter Academy is out-of-the-question.
— "Maggie and the Dems" do not want Northern Pass, windmills or nuclear energy. What do they want? Fact: solar and wind provide only 4 percent of the total energy in the U.S.
— How about a tax on bicycles? They use the road.
— Raise the tax on cigarettes. If I do not smoke, what do I care? My choice,  unlike the gas tax.
— Why are "Maggie and the Dems" owned by the unions? Membership in unions fell 400,000. State (North Dakota) with the lowest unemployment is right-to-work.
Simply stated, we face in N.H., restoration of the payroll tax, rising gas prices, a new gas tax, and stagnant unemployment. I tried to find where the Dems were recommending spending cuts but there are not any.
My last question, can we use the "Kuster Plan" to pay our taxes? Pay when we are damn good and ready.
Jim Mayotte

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Obama has brought us evil with his method of divide & conquer

To the editor,
President Barak Obama now wants to determine whether our 3 and 4year olds should go to daycare! Another intrusion into the private family lives of our families. Every bill or executive order takes away our private property rights. We the parents decide what is best for each individual girl or boy we nurture. Family life is a sacred blessing handed down by natural law, not by governmental agencies, nor by our president! Microsoft has signed with the U.N., so we can begin getting U.N. studies in our classrooms. Our children's education should be filled with American culture and history. The U.N. is composed of communist and socialist nations who do not like our culture, society, or way of life, and want to change the U.S.A. Barak Obama wants to indoctrinate our children at an early age, by infringing on our basic rights as parents,and pushing his agenda of one-world government.
Families need to be aware of the teaching in our schools by taking part in their child's education in the classroom. Visit the classrooms, see the vision of studies that are taught and by whom, meet the teachers, find their character and personality and decide if the teaching materials are conductive to your thinking. You, the parents, should set the standards of education for your children.
We now have had four years of Barak Obama, a man who serves himself and not the people of this great country. He has brought evil to the people by his method to divide and conquer! He claimed four years ago to bring everyone together as one America, black and white, rich and poor. He has divided this country beyond the scope of our idenity. What kind of a personality can possess so much evil. Does anyone know what a "double-think person does when he is giving speeches? His traits are to know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies — he doesn't want the middle class to thrive, even though he says so. Tell me why is he taking jobs away by ObamaCare, pushing extreme regulations on small business, oil and coal, bakeries,and taking away from everyone by increasing payroll taxes? Another trait is to repudiate morality while laying claim to it — he is against water boarding, but he has no problem using drones to kill innocent people.
The definition of double-speak is to be evasive, ambiguous and use high-flown language intended to confuse or deceive. He says the rich should pay their fair share while knowing that the rich already pay 49 percent of the taxes, therefore pitting the poor against the rich. He claimed five years ago he was going to bring everybody together as one America, black and white, rich and poor. He is a divisive man, untruthful and unconscionable in spirit and heart.
He promotes false Racism and he has no problem promoting his racism to purposely place in the realm of ones mind, resentment against color, class, the haves and have nots. This certain trait is to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancel out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them.This is what Hussain Obama does, he uses logic against logic; he repudiates morality while laying claim to it, to believe that demoracy was impossible and that the party was the guardian of democracy. To forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed and then promptly to forget it again. How many times has the race card, greed card and the personality card become a part of his speeches which are filled with untruths!
President Obama campaigned last week to promote his plans for job creation, that he claimed would expand the country's middle class, fully aware that the Job Corps program had suspended enrollment in January to gross bureaucratic mismanagement of the country's largest job training program for low income youths, particularly African Americans! Which one of the categories above does this super, super deliberate mistruth apply. Just think about my message and the truth. Open your eyes and see this man's evil spirit! Do not walk around with your eyes and ears wide shut. Search out the truth!
Ron Paul quote on the drone threat: it is true, extra-juridical killing is the opposite of free justice in a free society. NDAA is unconstitutional. Read all about this on the Internet. Our House of Representatives promoted a bill in N.H. to outlaw this in our state. It is a follow-up to the Patriot Act promoted by this treasonist president!
Rosemary Landry
Rosemary Landry,

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You can watch entire spectacle of Convention meeting on Channel 26

To the editor,
I attended all three hours of the Belknap County Convention meeting last night as reported accurately in the Sun on Tuesday. If what people have read is as procedurally unbelievable as it was to me to experience firsthand last evening, I urge them to watch the unedited three hour version of the meeting, which will be televised in full, beginning Saturday, March 2nd, at 4 p.m. and again at 5 a.m. on Sunday, March 3rd, on public television access Channel 26. People have to see it to believe it actually happened.
The next meeting of the Belknap County Convention will occur Monday, March 4th, when the budget will again be on the agenda.
Kay M. Anderson

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Jim Chase's commitment to students & community is outstanding

To the editor,
Recently The Sun published an article about Laconia High School Athletic Director Jim Chase, and his upcoming retirement. The article addressed Jim and Pat's involvement and contributions to the Laconia Community for so many years, and chronicled their growth as educators, and as a family. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about one of our true heroes that walk in our midst every day. Mr. Drapcho again, has painted a clear and poignant picture with his words, of a family that has contributed so much to the children of our community, and continues to do so every day!
I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Jim Chase for many years. He is probably one of the most hard working and genuine souls presently in our educational, and local community. Jim is a perfect example of caring and character, the true glue that holds communities together, and his contribution will be felt for a very long time. Something else you may not know, but Jim Chase has volunteered for the Francoeur/Babcock Memorial Basketball tournament for all of its 20 years running, a feat very few have matched.
I salute you Jim Chase, for not only being a very fine educator for all these years, for all your willingness to help out whenever possible, but also for doing it the right way. Your commitment to your students, your family, and your community is truly outstanding. Thank you Jim and Pat Chase, we could not of done it without you.
Jim Babcock

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Nice to know there are people like you living among us here

To the editor,
To the kind shopper at Market Basket on Sunday, Feb. 24:
I want to thank you for your kindness and honesty. You found my diamond earring that was a gift from my late husband. I was so distraught when I discovered that I had lost it. I thought that making phone calls to the stores that I had patronized that morning would be futile. You cannot imagine how thrilled and relieved I was, when I was informed it was at the store. My heartfelt thanks to you. It is nice to know that there are people like you living among us in this community.
Cynthia Pelczar

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