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Forrester has demonstrated immense capacity to get job done

To The Daily Sun,

Jeanie Forrester is a highly effective elected official who listens carefully to the concerns of her constituents and always advances our interests. I'm very grateful she is our state senator.

In her first and second terms, Sen. Forrester took on many important issues and got real results. In her leadership role as Senate Finance Committee chairwoman, Jeanie helped to build a state budget that was fiscally responsible, balanced, and compassionate. She held the line on taxes and fees by spending only what we have while managing to help our most vulnerable citizens: children in need of services, domestic violence prevention, youth substance abuse prevention, services for our developmentally disabled citizens on the wait list.

Jeanie demonstrates each and every day how much she cares about her constituents. She's there for us in Concord and in the community as well — attending community events, volunteering for important causes, and keeping us informed of legislative activity via her Capitol Steps newspaper column.

As the sponsor of many important bills that passed into law, Jeanie has demonstrated immense capacity to get the job done. If there ever was a time when proven experience and solid leadership was needed, it's now. I would like to thank Jeanie for her hard work, dedication, diligence, determination, integrity and grace. She's the real deal.

Please join me in supporting Jeanie Forrester on Nov. 4, a day when actions speak louder than words.

Tim Naro


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Democratic candidates have no understanding of state debt

To The Daily Sun,

Last week's candidate forum in Northfield showed voters three Democrat candidates who don't understand a critical issue facing the Granite State: our billions of debt.

The Democrat candidates Lorrie Carey, Leigh Webb, and Deb Wheeler, told the crowd debt isn't an issue at all. When asked, none knew the state carries dangerous levels of debt and none expressed concern that increasing interest payments on that debt and all future borrowing must be accounted for in our state and local budgets. None suggested they understood that we have an underfunded pension system even.

Rep. Carey stated her belief that because the state has a constitutional obligation to present a balanced budget, the idea that the state carries any debt is impossible. Coming from a political neophyte this would be merely laughable. But this stunningly inept comment came from someone who has completed two years as a representative. Webb's and Wheeler's comments were of a similar nature.

Run-away debt costs taxpayers more whenever government borrows money for school buildings and the like. The recent credit rating drop caused our interest rate on borrowing to increase by 50 percent.

Carrie, Webb, and Wheeler showed they just don't understand what's facing our state. By contrast, the Republicans, Carolyn Virtue, Jason Parent and I, Greg Hill, understand the seriousness of this issue. We know that runaway debt limits the future economic growth that you and your children are depending upon.

We ask for your vote Nov. 4.

Greg Hill


Candidate for State Representative

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