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Kelly Ayotte has left the rails of fiscal conservatism

To The Daily Sun,

On Monday, July 20, Sen. Kelly Ayotte put on a telephone Town Hall meeting. I listened to about as much of it as I could stomach. The senator has some very strong records on the issues involving veterans' affairs. But even in that as she asserts being a strong advocate for the veterans, the recent VA scandal has occurred on her watch, albeit not with her party owning the White House.

Republican Party neocons such as John McCain, however, do definitely own a lot of the VA scandal for refusing to recognize and fund their current "Mission Accomplished!" legacy costs from 10-11 years ago.

Most of us remember Sen. Bob Smith having a very strong record on the environment. With Kelly we are not too sure, but can see where she is very willing to empathize with the NIMBYs opposing improved environmental initiative issues and still follow the ideology of Keystone XL which will "NbeIMBY," while U.S. crude over-capacities continue to build, smaller oil companies are failing along with their debt, and WTI drops once again below $50. The U.S. gluts of domestic crude production are also pressuring the banking, real estate, and steel industries of the U.S. oil-producing regions.

The U.S. is already facing a decline in jobs in the oil and gas and ancillary industries and the senator is still gung-ho for Keystone XL ideology. To her credit Kelly has supported the DOT funding, U.S. land and water conservation funding and low-income fuel assistance, all of which help the Granite State.

On a few other issues Kelly has clearly gone rogue. One caller to the audio Town Hall meeting asked specifically about "controlling the U.S. borders." Kelly quickly deflected that question and went on to speak to the last immigration bill she supported and was passed by Congress that has failed abysmally in controlling the U.S. borders. She used words like "undocumented", and "pathway" in response to explaining her support for serial amnesty for illegal immigrants, or more correctly, criminal aliens, while getting as far away from the pointed question as possible. She did not want to answer that question about securing the border.

Another question came in on the New Hampshire heroin epidemic. In her responses as to how much money she would push into New Hampshire for amelioration of that, she made not one remark about gaining control of the borders to dramatically curtail the supplies of heroin flooding into the country. Kelly just does not get "securing the border ... first." Instead, she has sold out on the issue to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

A NIMBY from the Monadnock region called in asking about her efforts to stop the Kinder-Morgan pipeline. She had some long responses as to how she was laying down barriers of red tape and writing letters to the Inspector General at FERC to ensure there will be "adequate hearings" on the views of the public, and how the project could possibly be stonewalled by questioning the process of its approval and quality of its state-of-the-art construction materials, safety systems, and metering and flow technologies to be employed in its construction. Kelly sounded very much like the pontificating anti-business governor in Concord rather than a pro-business pro economic development advocate for the majority of the Granite State which will be increasingly sourcing the natural gas from this resource connected to U.S. domestic gas production from Ohio.

For more than 20 years and from the time before Energy North was first bought out, New Hampshire has relied on natural gas supplies either imported as LNG, and more dominantly in times of normal demand, on the offshore gas fields of Sable Island, Canada. The Kinder Morgan pipeline will deliver gas to the Beverly, Mass., hub where Energy North/Liberty Utilities sources their supplies to service the Merrimack Valley gas supply main reaching all the way into the Lakes Region. Because of the age and depletion of the Sable Island gas fields, and prohibitive cost of further offshore drilling in the proven lesser places of gas around Sable Island vs. near all-time low adjusted for inflation natural gas prices, Atlantic Canada is running short of natural gas. So, a great deal of this Kinder Morgan Gas will be shipped to Canada via the SEMPRA pipline that brings that gas "down" from Canada now, when it has its flow reversed.

Make no mistake about it. A lot of that gas coming from our own domestic U.S. jobs-creating Marcellus and Utica gas fields is going to be servicing business and the too few retail consumers in New Hampshire that have natural gas service. Maybe more than 50 percent of it will be exported to Atlantic Canada as well, but only because the New Hampshire supplies of natural gas from there are running out. Kinder Morgan is an environmental improvement over the very pernicious green house intensive Canadian Oilsands productions planned for shipment via Keystone XL that are to be exported as crude from U.S. Gulf ports with no value added U.S. jobs in refineries that will not be built in the U.S. to avoid high U.S. value-added labor costs.

Clearly Sen. Ayotte has left the rails of fiscal conservatism when she continues to rail against the "wasteful" spending when she was in the last campaign talking about more than a 0.75 percent cut in the U.S. $4 trillion annual budgets. Eliminating 100 percent of that "wasteful" spending of $30 billion still leaves the actual real spending and that spending problem intact. But the senator from a sugar-producing state has a different version of what constitutes "wasteful" spending vs. what a senator from a state like Virginia thinks about "waste" in defense spending.

Kelly is running for re-election it is supposed, unopposed in the Republican Primary. I guess she can just go rogue on the issues New Hampshire Republicans really care about. Unfortunately the senator seems more intent on pandering to special interests and the voters for more spending free lunch to continue to build her political ambitions for a vice presidential nod than to continue working hard on the issues that the conservative voters of New Hampshire sent her to Congress to accomplish five years ago.

She is promoting more spending, more emergency appropriations, as that which "preserves retirement programs and does not raise taxes.", as an "opportunity" "to balance the budget in 10 years...."

Who in Congress is not against enhanced revenues to pay for a single emergency shadow banking, spending resolution appropriation? There is no chance we are going to see her advocate for real actual spending increases to be limited to 50 percent of the percentage growth in the U.S. GDP to allow the Laffer curve to eventually work. Ten years. Isn't that a little after the Vice President Ayotte announces for the presidency? The time when the national debt is approaching $35 trillion? Sen. John E. Sununu was being groomed for an eventual presidential bid but something Greenspan, Bernanke, and his party leaders did to him side-tracked those best-laid schemes.

Tim Sullivan

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Buy made-in-America products; they are out there if you look for them

​To The Daily Sun,

What is it going to take for this country to wake up? It seems the door is open to the criminal illegals to come to sanctuary cities and kill innocent Americans. This is a sad mistake. This is only one of many of Obama changes in our country.

Anne Coulter was right when she wrote her book, "Adios America." Since Obama has taken over we have gone down hill. Meanwhile, our veterans are homeless. What is wrong with this picture?

Then you have the Muslims. I wrote to The Laconia Sun 10 years ago, predicting this was going to happen. Why are we bowing down to them? They do not believe in God. They are Obama's people. I have never seen or heard a good Muslim come forward and say we are not like those other Muslims. Where are they? Why are so many here in our country if they do not believe our way of life? The world is going to hell in a hand basket with all the garbage that is going on.

Let's pray to God to heal our nation and take our country back. Only buy made-in-America products. They are out there if you look for it. Maybe under a no-known brand. But, they are out there. You just might save someone's job. We need to bring all the jobs back to America that are making the other countries rich while we go down. Does that not make sense?

Anna DeRose

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