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LRGH Auxiliary gift shop is open on Saturdays during holiday season

To The Daily Sun,

The LRGH Auxiliary would like to extend its sincere appreciation to the patrons who purchased merchandise from our shop at our recent annual store-wide sale.

This annual sale is one of the final fundraising events of our fiscal year that helps us to earn the dollars necessary to support our charitable endeavors, which help to enhance patient care in the LRGHealthcare community. The money raised help support many projects and programs, great and small, from simply providing a lovingly designed, hand-sewn stuffed animal to a child in the ER to supporting the purchase of needed medical equipment or providing scholarship grants to students seeking a career in a medical related field.

Once again, in the season of giving we extend our gratitude to our customers who support our efforts with purchases. The LRGH Gift Shop is completely operated by volunteers to benefit the LRGH Auxiliary.

Finally, we would like to thank in advance the volunteers who have offered to work from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays in December until Christmas. The Auxiliary is pleased and grateful to be open on Saturdays during the holiday season.

The LRGH Auxiliary Gift Shop Committee

Susan Dalton, Chairperson

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Criticizing nation's reaction to terror from comfy Gilford is one thing. . .

To The Daily Sun,

After reading through Mr. Albushies' rant on how the terrorists are "only" foot soldiers with no means to harm us and we should move on from the 9/11 experience, one is left wondering if he might not have had the same thoughts about Pearl Harbor.

Mr. A. seems to forget that these "foot" soldiers did on 9/11 have a very efficient air force of four large planes. They have used a small navy to badly damage several of our navy ships and kill or troops. They have managed to blow up a Russian plane with a smallish bomb. They have killed a sizable number of people in Paris and are known to have 30,000 well armed (read tanks, artillery and missiles) available to move about the entire Middle East. And hopefully, even the pacifist Mr. A. will admit that there is every reason to suspect they have and will use a suitcase nuke should the proper occasion arise.

Criticizing our and other nation's reaction to terror attacks from the comfort of rural Gilford may make him "feel" good about himself. However, we suspect many that went through 9/11 or lost loved ones in the hundreds of other terror attacks around the world including the very recent Paris killings may have a different take on the subject.

Charles Wibel


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