To us she is just Kelly & she's a strong leader for New Hampshire

To The Daily Sun,

At a travel sports event for one of my daughters, I was speaking with another mom from that state who mentioned that New Hampshire was fortunate to have Senator Ayotte serving in Washington. I agreed that Kelly is a strong leader for New Hampshire and that her work on many fronts including supporting our military both those currently serving and veterans, opposing an online sales tax and standing against the reckless economic policies of the Obama administration are testaments to her impact in the U.S. Senate.

The other mom commented about my familiarity with Senator Ayotte's work and that I even referred to her as Kelly. She noted that in her state the senators were generally not referred to by first name and that access to them was very limited. I explained the nature of grassroots politics in New Hampshire and that we get time with our candidates and elected representatives which leads to us calling them by name. Kelly kept a very important promise to the citizens of New Hampshire. She has held Town Hall meetings in every county once a year since being elected. At these Town Hall meetings, Senator Ayotte discusses the many challenges facing our nation and outlines solutions. Thank you, Kelly.

Joanne D. Haight


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Progressive job-killing policies have been at top of Obama's agenda

To The Daily Sun,

Do you actually want poor people's lives improved? Or are you satisfied with feeling good by supporting helpful-sounding programs and politicians (despite their results)?

To escape poverty, people need jobs. For a job, you need an employer. Most people, like me, start in an entry-level job because, with limited or unknown skills and work habits, our contributions to an employer are small. Once employed, people can learn, contribute more, and earn more. So, entry-level jobs are key to escaping poverty.

To create a job, an employer must have a task worth the cost of performing it (wages, plus significant other expenses, e.g., benefits, taxes, training, administration, various insurances, work space, work equipment, and contingencies). The lower the total cost, the more work (jobs) an employer can afford. The higher the cost, fewer jobs will be created.

Most of us want everyone to be successful and earn a decent living. Politicians take advantage of our desire for good for others by promoting an ever higher minimum wage.

But, as you increase the cost of getting a job done (wages plus everything else), the fewer jobs, especially entry-level jobs, are created. For example, the CBO estimated that President Obama's recent minimum wage increase proposal would cost 500,000 jobs. Bill Gates discusses minimum wage:

Other factors also make it harder to get a job. Bad schools mean more people compete for entry-level jobs. Millions of illegal aliens compete, often off the books at less cost, for entry-level jobs. Finally, the more difficult our laws and regulations make it for a business to be successful (including raising costs per employee) the fewer jobs are created.

Politicians who tolerate illegal aliens, who support minimum-wage increases, continuing excessive regulations like Obamacare, increasing taxes and fees, obstructing development of our natural resources; and who oppose school choice are making it more difficult for poor people to get the jobs needed to climb out of poverty.

Unfortunately, President Obama has been aggressively doing all these things. These progressive job-killing policies increase the cost of running a business and the cost of each employee. These Progressive policies have prevented the economy from rebounding strongly and are why most Americans are poorer after five years of President Obama's policies.

Nevertheless after more than 50 years of propaganda, people who don't examine the results of progressive policies are fooled into feeling good about them by their benevolent sounding names, e.g., Affordable Care Act, and glowing (false) promises.

However, history shows that progressive policies hurt people. They steal people's freedom and opportunities and lock them in poverty. To actually help people, progressive policies must be replaced with pro-growth, job-creating conservative policies.

Don Ewing


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Perhaps voters will restore democracy to United States this fall

To The Daily Sun,

The Supreme Court has decided that moneyed sub-humans can spend as much as they want bashing their political opponents in TV commercials, equating this to Freedom of Speech. Is this what our founders had in mind?
The subtitle of "Broken Government", the 2007 book by John Dean, is "How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches". He makes a good case, and things have gotten worse since then, with the Citizens United decision, and the recent McCutcheon decision. And there's the Tea Party, with Ted Cruz shutting down the government.
Possibly voters will restore democracy next fall.

Dick Devens
Center Sandwich

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Droves of white people voted for Obama in 2008 & again in 2012

To The Daily Sun,

Professor George Maloof's April 3rd letter is arguably the most angry, biased and hate-filled letter that has graced the pages of The Sun in quite some time. I hope everyone takes the time to read his letter because there is no better advertisement for how off the charts, off the wall conceited and out of touch, academic snobbery has become.

Acting like an elitist dictator with a superiority complex, he trashes every white person who did not vote for President Obama. He also trashes Congress and sitting governors. He even claims that Fox News network hates Obama, gays, black people, immigrant Muslims, labor unions and women. He does not site even one individual or one comment from anyone on that network. That is probably because he does not even watch it and has not the slightest idea as to the content of the shows. Nice "fact checking" professor.

Perhaps the most inflammatory statement of all is his incredibly ignorant comment as follows: "Let's face it. 51 percent of white America is not "comfortable" with someone in the White House that doesn't look like them. They want their America back, i.e.: someone that looks like them." That is one of the most asinine and flat out stupid statements I have ever heard. In droves, white people voted for this man in 2008, even though he had no credentials other than being a community organizer and "hanging" with people who loved Marxism and socialism and hated capitalism. A similar voting record occurred in 2012 despite his horrendous first term record.

I don't believe any other Democrat could have won a second term if saddled with the same record as Obama — not Joe Biden, John Kerry, Al Gore or even Hillary Clinton. Mr. Maloof thinks our dear leader has been unduly chastised solely because of his skin color. If he sincerely believes that, then he is indeed the one who is a racist and a stone cold, blind ideologue.

There is no question that the "personal indignities" suffered by President Obama would have been just as forthcoming against Biden, Kerry or Gore and likely more so because in most quarters, he has been handled with kid gloves. It is his policies and ideology that are so offensive. Skin color has nothing to do with it. Got it, professor?

I said in a past letter that white-on-black racism is really quite rare and I stand by that statement, at least as it applies to conservatives. Most of the bigoted and racist remarks these days emanate from the halls of academia, Democrats, the mainstream media and the progressive liberal element in our society. That is where most of the white-on-black racism is occurring. Just ask Clarence Thomas, Condoleezza Rice, Allen West, Herman Cain, Ron Christie, Star Parker, Deneen Borelli, Mia Love, Ben Carson, David Webb, CL Bryant, Lloyd Marcus, Amy Holmes and the many hundreds of other conservative black men and women who have been crucified by narrow-minded, racist liberal types.

You, Mr. Maloof, think you are so brilliant in questioning my "cognitive abilities" for believing as I do regarding racism. In my opinion, you have shown yourself to be totally lacking in any awareness of our 21st century society. Your total lack of decorum and your suffocating arrogance have "enlightened" us all as to the destructive force that condescending, progressive tyranny of the academic elites has wrought upon this nation.

I don't know how else to say it, Professor Maloof's letter was despicable and disgusting. You would think someone with his "cognitive abilities" would have realized that before hitting the send button. If Professor Maloof is any indication of what tenure has done to our educational system, then we have indeed entered "through the looking glass." Educationally, we appear to be 180 degrees off course and have plunged deep into the scholastic abyss. Heaven help us all.

Russ Wiles



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Prof. Maloof is inciting a race war with his Liberal Loon Speak

To The Daily Sun,

Re: Maloof's letter, I will not take 685 words as he did to write such nonsense. In true Liberal Loon Speak, it was just attack without his solution. In my family and circle of friends, and political colleagues there is NO racism.
Perhaps Maloof is inciting a race war with his statements, or is he a racist? My feelings toward Obama have nothing to do with the color of skin. I have feared the man since he entered the White House. In my opinion, using the First Amendment, BHO is unqualified to be president, as is John McCain. Barack is lazy, not too bright, doesn't like my country, me, or my grandchildren. I don't want to hurt McCain's feelings, but I do not trust his decisions. I see Maloof has used my word for those who believe they need not work and contribute, but are first to be "takers". And, in N.H. chances are they are white!
Maloof is obviously picking a fight. He has accused the principled, white, common-sense Christian conservatives, which I am one of, for "crimes against humanity". And why, could it be he is the one full of hate. In one sentence he used the word NINE times. Go back and read the letter. Maloof can give his opinion of me and condemn a whole race. But my disliking a behavior or act, and Maloof hauls out "the bigot and race" card. For those who may have read his 685 word missive the paragraph about who we hate is an eye opener to his looking for confrontation. 265 words!
Niel Young

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