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Democrats don't believe women are victims of their gender

To The Daily Sun,
I'm so pleased that my latest letter "amused" Mr. Ewing with all my "false assertions". If I may, I'd like to discuss a few of Mr. Ewing's assertions.
He states that: "We (the Tea Party) believe that our federal government today is bought (with political support) by special interest groups which have no concern for most Americans, or for the security and prosperity of our nation." This is a bit odd, given the fact that the Tea Party was founded and funded by the Koch brothers. They have pledged to spend just shy of a billion dollars on the 2016 elections. Rupert Murdoch is also a huge contributor. Frank Rich of the New York Times wrote a great article — "The Billionaires Bankrolling the Tea Party." He states: "Their (the Koch brothers) program opposes a federal deficit, but has no objection to running up trillions in red ink in tax cuts to corporations and the super rich; opposes the extension of unemployment benefits; and calls for a freeze on federal regulations in an era when abuses in the oil, financial, mining, pharmaceutical ... industries ... have been outrageous. The Koch brothers must be laughing all the way to the bank knowing that working Americans are aiding and abetting their selfish interests."

Mr. Ewing also states that Ted Cruz's shutting down the government, "is ridiculous since only the president has the power to shut down the government". Now the Republican House has tried to repeal the Affordable Care act over 50 times. They just simply don't have the votes to override a presidential veto. In 2013, led by Senator Cruz, the House attached an amendment to defund Obamacare to the federal budget (sound familiar?) I actually think that the Affordable Care Act needs some tweaking. You cannot, however, simply discard health care for millions of Americans. Nothing was in place to replace this coverage. Ted Cruz gave a nifty 21 hour speech during which he read "Green Eggs and Ham". We had a 16 day shutdown, which cost the government $24 billion.

Mr. Ewing then quotes Rev. Huckabee's "actual words". Not exactly. He neglected to quote the beginning of the statement. The reverend states, "I think it's time for Republicans to no longer accept listening to Democrats talk about a war on women. Because the fact is, the Republicans don't have a war on women. They have a war FOR women. For them to be empowered, to be something other than victims of their gender." Really? Actually it was the Democrats that that passed the Lilly Ledbetter Act. It was the Democrats that passed the Federal Medical Leave Act. This entitles eligible employees to a 12 week unpaid, job-protected leave with a continuation of group health coverage. It includes the birth of a child or the adoption of a child among other specific situations. The Democrats also support raising the minimum wage. They also are strong advocates of women controlling their medical choices. Democrats don't believe that women are victims of their gender. Rev. Huckabee's statements are disgusting and completely untrue.

June M. Huot

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Differences between Shi'ite & Sunni Muslims explained to TEA Party

To The Daily Sun,

Many new faces were among the regulars at the Lakes Region TEA Party on Wednesday night at the Moultonborough Public Library, to hear a presentation by a moderate Shi'ite Muslim living in our area. He explained the differences between Shi'a and Sunni sects of Islam and how they are practiced and how they react to non-Muslims. He told the group that all the terrorist groups (which he called ignorant and brain-washed donkeys) are all Sunni Muslims. Because he was held and tortured for aiding foreigners in Iraq, his name is being withheld here.

Answering a question regarding Sharia law, this speaker noted that Shi'a Muslims will adapt to the local laws and that the restrictive Muslim laws, made 1400 years ago, are voluntarily observed by each family.
There are many moderate Muslim groups being formed throughout the country, and the world, to combat the extremists, but it all takes time and perseverance.
The next meeting on May 20 will highlight Preppers. Come find out what they do!

Peggy Graham


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