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John Kasich is the guy who actually balanced the federal budget

To The Daily Sun,

 To everyone: read all the literature, and try to do enough independent research to see who is telling the truth and who has a chance to deliver on their promises.

This year I have been actively supporting Ohio Governor John Kasich since before he announced his candidacy. This is the man who actually balanced the federal budget back in 1997. That resulted in surpluses that allowed us to pay down about half a trillion dollars of our national debt. Then he left Washington and both Republicans and Democrats spent the surplus, the recession hit, and the debt exploded to almost $19 trillion. After about 10 years in the private sector, John was motivated by the dismal situation in Ohio to re-enter the fray and run for governor.

Under his leadership, Ohio has gone from an $8 billion shortfall to a $2 billion surplus. Jobs are up. Taxes have been cut, and the state pension system is back on a solid footing. By virtually all measures of economic progress Ohio is doing significantly better than the rest of the country. Once again Kasich got the job done.

Of course now that he's rising in the polls, the attack ads are heating up. Right to Rise, the Bush PAC, has implied that Kasich is a profligate spender and is trying to raise taxes. If you read the Cato Institute report they use as a citation you will note it confirms that Kasich has cut taxes. Let me point out again that a badly underfunded pension system is now pretty solid and that Ohio is running a surplus.

I urge anyone who has not yet seen John Kasich in person to get to one of his town halls. So far there have been at least 75 and he's working on getting to 100. He is knowledgeable, reasonable, prepared, and has a genuine (verifiable) record of accomplishing what he sets out to do. Did I mention he has a plan to balance the federal budget in eight years or less?

If you can't get to one of his town halls at least look at the real numbers and not spurious distortions and make up your mind based on relevant facts.

Barbara Givot


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Why is United losing hundreds of millions selling Obamacare

To The Daily Sun,

In her shout outs with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton says she wants to keep building on the "successes of Obamacare." Might I ask what the hell those are? Tens of millions of Americans lost their doctor after Barack Obama starred straight into the TV cameras saying, "I promise, you can keep your doctor." Tens of millions more Americans lost their provider.

Tens of millions more have been forced from one insurance plan to another. The majority of the Obamacare co-ops that should have been called co-flops went bankrupt leaving taxpayers on the hook for billions. Tens of millions more Americans now own huge "out of pocket" deductibles assuring they will pay all their health care costs.

The biggest disaster of all: costs. Wasn't the first reason Obamacare was enacted was to stop the incredible explosion of health care costs? America wasted two years of other progress arguing over health care costs. We were assured and reassured Obamacare would stop or slow those costs. Health care costs have done nothing but explode even higher since the enactment of Obamacare. We didn't get Obamacare, we got the "Obamashaft."

The scariest disaster of Obamacare has yet to arrive. United Healthcare, the largest health insurer in America, and the largest Obamacare provider by membership recently reported it lost $475 million participating on the Obamacare exchanges last year. That massive loss after the billions in subsides funded on middle-class taxpayers backs. United projected lower losses for 2016. They have already revised that estimate saying the losses for this year will be even larger than last year. They could exceed $500 million.

If the largest, most efficient insurance company is losing its backside participating in the Obamacare delusion imagine what the other, smaller insurers are experiencing. Humana, the second-largest player has also reported major losses. United Healthcare is doing all it can to stop taking new members because it is estimating losses of 16 to 17 cents for every dollar of premiums it takes in on the exchanges. The more new Obamacare business it takes the more money it loses. United is threatening to leave the exchanges in 2017. If they don't, stockholders will rightfully sue them to leave. Every other insurance line of United Healthcare is performing profitably.

Why is United losing hundreds of millions of dollars selling Obamacare? The company is forced by government to charge the healthy and the sick the same price. They are losing that level of money because anyone can get insurance at anytime. They might as well wait till they're sick to sign up. A small penalty is better than thousands in wasted insurance the young likely don't need. The short enrollment period of eligibility was supposed to stop that hole, but so many exclusions (more than 30) have been added, it is now meaningless. Literally, not knowing you were going to become sick is an exclusion to buy insurance anytime. It is a joke.

Obamacare has become like disability insurance. No one is ever denied, no matter how bankrupt things go. The risk pool of Obamacare isn't a risk pool, it's a cesspool. United's membership rolls are stuffed to the brim with "sick people" who cost millions more to treat than they are paid in premiums. That is how United Healthcare is likely to lose $1 billion in a short 24 months selling the illusion that Obamacare solved some health care problems. Hillary wants to keep building on that bankrupt, house of cards.

Tony Boutin

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