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I am running for Franklin School Board as a write-in candidate

To The Daily Sun,

Franklin has received much negative press recently regarding its schools and government. I went to the Candidates Forum and was truly disappointed in the lack of substance in responses, especially among school board candidates. I know what the Common Core State Standards are and I strongly support them, unlike the three candidates at the forum who couldn't comment. It has prompted me to take action!

I, Gwen Hall, am running for School Board as a write in candidate in Ward 1, three term year. My Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education (K-8) and Master's degree in General Special Education (K-12) will be very helpful in fulfilling the duties of a School Board member. As a teacher of nearly 20 years, I know the difficulties facing schools and communities. I will strive to provide the best possible educational opportunities for students and staff of the Franklin schools. My children have attended Franklin schools and I am a proponent of public schools. I believe in being a positive role model, one who conducts him or herself in a professional manner in person and through many technological devices we now use to communicate. I understand the importance of holding yourself and those around you to a higher standard by building them up and supporting our roles through common goals.

Franklin's schools are rigorous, competency based and provide many opportunities for students with a limited budget. The administration, staff and students are most creative at meeting their needs. I hope to see Franklin schools recognized for their hard work and accomplishments in the future. Please support the Franklin School District by writing me, Gwen Hall, in for school board Ward 1 three year term.

Gwen Hall



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U.S. bombing raids criminal; we've killed hundreds of thousands

To The Daily Sun,

As a country, we have redefined our concept of morality, conducting ourselves with little or no restraint in making war without regard to national or international laws. We have repeatedly bombed countries excusing our motives as justified and necessary. But the glaring fact remains: our bombing raids are criminal and we are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people — and have expressed our intention of repeating bombing raids against Syria, which we cannot legally do!

We are told, over and over again that warfare is necessary to root out insurgents, militants and fanatics who pose a danger to us and other countries. That excuse is readily accepted by both houses of Congress, without hesitation. No one admits that warfare has created a huge industrial-complex that is immune and safe from the deaths and suffering of defenseless, poor people fighting in their own civil wars. The companies that make and deliver bombs are only interested in company profits. They don't have to face pubic scrutiny. But, our elected representatives are devoid of decisions based on what is morally right, but of bringing weapons contracts back to their state. We have, as a people, accepted this immorality and greed seeing our lives and fortunes and our own decency shrivel up: disinterested without compassion or basic humanity! Why are most countries afraid of us? Our conduct in the last 10 years has been one of violence against several mid-eastern countries, and we answer to no one!
I believe in people and their goodness. We should not let this reign of violence continue. We must renew our Christian/Judaic beliefs that every life is precious in the eyes of God. The world is desperate for peace. We have been called to initiate that calling!

Leon R. Albushies

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Northern Pass commercial misleading; Boyd no longer chief

To The Daily Sun,
I am not in favor or against the Northern Pass project but I am against misleading television commercials.
WMUR-TV is showing a commercial in favor of the project. It features Doug Boyd of Franklin. In the commercial he states he has been the police chief for 13 years. Boyd is no longer police chief. He is a member of the Franklin City Council. The commercial is misleading and should not be aired.

Gordon D. King

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Wind farm public relations effort continues to be a disaster

To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire does have an electricity problem — it produces far too much. So why is the state looking to allow foreign companies to harvest revenues that belong to in-state companies? Sacrificing local companies that provide a trickle down effect into the New Hampshire economy is not a smart move?

Wind contracts will require state regulatory approval and Governor Maggie Hassan will be caught in the cross hairs. She, after all, is pushing for wind farm developments across the state. And I'm sure she prefers to rub shoulders with the big boys — Iberdrola Renewables and EDP Renewables — than us common country folk. Imagine the talks she is having with them?

One question still remains: Why isn't Gov. Maggie Hassan seeking bids from local companies that already develop reliable electricity from our biomass, hydro and landfill companies to help procure additional renewable energy for the state's portfolio?

We've seen first hand how developers have made an extremely bad first impression. In fact, the public relations effort continues to be a disaster eleven months after their initial announcement. Take for instance Ed Cherian's Town Hall meetings recently. It's still characterized by deceptive, misleading statements, patronizing and dismissive treatment of residents' concerns.

Developers have consistently kept quiet and have failed to frame "Wind Farms" as just that, wind farms, somewhere way up there in Central N.H. where nobody goes and nobody cares. When in fact, "way up there" includes the playground for Boston and many other Northeast corridor residents. The state knows Newfound Lake and the Mount Cardigan area is a state treasure for thousands of visitors.

But the more egregious impacts of these wind projects, combined with Northern Pass, will factually impact this region with a true industrial feel. Massive steel turbines, transmission lines and Northern Pass will tower over the natural landscape from all directions. You will not be able to ignore it ... and neither will our visitors!

Again: Ask questions, demand answers and if you don't get them pound the table until you do! You are sacrificing everything.

Ray Cunningham


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Real war on women has claimed 28 million lives over 40 years

To The Daily Sun,

Those who support a woman's right to choose to terminate her pregnancy on demand have consistently claimed that those who support a right to life for the unborn are waging a war on women. This battle cry has been forwarded by rank-and-file supporters of abortion, as well as such liberal groups as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. It continues to be echoed unabated by the liberal media and in the political arena. One cannot escape noticing that this concept has been a war cry of the majority of the Democratic Party and has powerful support from our president
A real war has casualties. Many casualties. Since the Roe and Doe decisions were handed down by the Supreme Court, there have been approximately 56 million abortions in the U.S., terminating the lives of the most helpless of human life. About 28 million of these would have been little girls which in time would have become women. This is part (but not the only part) of the true war on females and women with real and palpable casualties. This means that a mother's womb is the most dangerous place for human life in America today. Each child alive today on average has been subjected to a dangerous game of four-chambered Russian Roulette. Out of every three children born alive, another life has been willfully terminated by abortion. This is a high percentage fatal gauntlet each person born since 1973 has faced and been fortunate enough to survive. The most dangerous weapons threatening life in America today are not guns or knives or any other weapon you normally might think of, but instead they are the abortionist's lethal tools.

Ah, but those of you cherishing the principles of Roe and Doe reject the above reasoning because the Supreme Court in its supreme wisdom has denied the personhood and right to life of the unborn. This dehumanization of the unborn has been necessary for the court to dance around the fundamental protections of life and liberty guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment. So you can say there have been no human deaths among the 56 million abortions if you base your opinion on the case law precedents of Roe and Doe. But the battle does not end there. Not by any means. By dehumanizing the unborn and stripping them of their right to life, the Supreme Court by case law precedent also left the door wide open for anyone to cause the death of an unborn child and escape culpability.

In Maine in 2003, Heather Fleigelman and unborn son Jonah (ninth months) were killed when Heather was stabbed numerous times during a rage by her husband. Her husband was convicted of murder for killing his wife but was NOT culpable for the death of his son. In the eyes of the law (Roe and Doe case law precedent), he had no son. The growth in Heather's womb was non-human and had no right to life. But the four family cats that Heather's husband killed in his rage were protected with up to one year in prison for each cat killed. In the eyes of the law, the cats had a value, Jonah had none. Nada. Zilch! The dictates of Roe and Doe WAGE A WAR against a woman's right to CHOOSE to carry her pregnancy to birth and have constitutional protective laws providing punishment for anyone causing injury or death to her unborn.

In my letters to The Sun published on August 8 and 29, I described at length the brutal attack in Wisconsin in 1992 on a pregnant Tracy Marciniak by her husband resulting in the death of her (and his) full-term son, Zachariah. Tracy's husband was not held responsible for the death of his son (by court standards, just non-human disposable tissue). Her husband was convicted of the assault on his wife (Tracy survived) but is due for parole in 2014. I also related the fatal shooting of Christina Alberts in West Virginia in 1998 during a home invasion, causing the death of Christy's unborn daughter, Ashley. Christy's shooter is serving a life sentence for her murder, but the jury was not allowed to be told that she was pregnant. Killing Christy's full-term daughter was not a punishable offense. These examples represent A PALPABLE ROE AND DOE INDUCED WAR ON WOMEN and are a BRUTAL INSULT AND INJUSTICE to the memory of the mothers, their unborn children and the families involved.

These two examples plus the testimony of others before Congress finally resulted in the federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act in 2004 on the fourth try (applicable under federal jurisdiction and the U.S. Military). Similar state statutes have been enacted both prior to the federal statute and subsequently. Supreme Court and lower case law rulings have affirmed these protective statutes which recognize the personhood and right to life of the unborn, directly opposing the principles of Roe and Doe. But these LEGISLATED statutes have come into existence only after backlash from numerous grossly unjust court rulings and over determined opposition from Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, liberal pro-abortion federal and state legislators, and rank-and file supporters of Roe (most have no clue about Doe). The principle of recognizing the unborn as a live human being with a right to life is now applied in 36 states; 27 in full (ANY stage of gestation) and nine in part (later stages of gestation). The many court case examples of how these statutes have been applied will have to wait for another time. But within the jurisdiction of 14 states, the unborn still have no rights if they are injured or killed by a violent act perpetrated against the mother. Maine and New Hampshire are two of these states.
George Brunstad


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