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Video shows why Timber Hill Farm’s neighbors complain

To The Daily Sun,

Andrew and Martina Howe, the owners of Timber Hill Farm located on Gunstock Hill and Old Lakes Shore Roads in Gilford, submitted an application for site plan approval to hold wedding receptions and other catered events for up to 200 people, with parking, bands, lights, port-a-toilets, and alcohol. Events of this nature are a commercial use under the Gilford ordinances. But the applicants claim it's agritourism and therefore a permitted agricultural use.

I encourage readers to view a YouTube video of one of many wedding receptions held on the farm last year and make their own determination. It was taken from the abutting neighbor's backyard and is on record in the Planning Department office.

Interested readers can google: to view it.

Here's what's happened:

1. The Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA), which controls permitted "uses" under the ordinances, approved agritourism as a permitted use, thereby allowing the catered events in the residential zone. The town attorney had previously written a contrary opinion based on a recent state Supreme Court decision.

Andrew Howe has been a chair and member of the ZBA for many years and has established close relationships with one or more members. Did these relationships impact the ZBA's actions? Many feel it did.

2. Andrew Howe received a letter from the Gilford Planning Director notifying him that site plan approval was required for the events. Nevertheless, the events were conducted without approval. Did he believe the town wouldn't do anything? Well, it didn't, and why not? If someone else did it, I am certain there would have been consequences.

3. The site plan application was heard Monday evening. Numerous residential property owners spoke at this and prior meetings asking the board to deny the application. Others wrote letters or signed petitions of opposition. At the meetings, only a few residents support it. The meeting lasted from 7 p.m. to almost midnight. Meetings usually aren't continued past 10 p.m. Pushing the application through benefited only the applicant since wedding receptions had already been booked for 2016. The Planning Board knew it.

The vote was a tie leaving the chairperson with the deciding vote. He voted for approval. A few days earlier, he and the Town Planner met to discuss the application and prepare a draft of conditions for approval for consideration.

Nothing was prepared for consideration in case of denial. Why would the chairperson participate in preparing the draft unless there was a "mindset" to approve the application prior to it's being heard. When you've helped prepare a draft of conditions for approval, how do you vote against it?

Also, were board members influenced by the chairperson's participation in drafting the conditions for approval? I happen to respect the chairperson as an individual and board member, but a serious mistake was made in this instance harming the interests of residential property owners.

Many residential owners on Gunstock Hill and Old Lakeshore Roads feel their interests have been ignored in favor of the well-known applicants. If readers view the video mentioned, it will open their eyes and aid them in making their own determinations.

Bill Seed


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I don’t think it’s a phobia to fear radical Islamic terror attacks

To the Daily Sun,

Well, I voted for Carly, my favored candidate. Okay, Trump won and I accept that. Did anyone see the Huffington Post headline though? It says New Hampshire went racist, sexist and zenophobic (there spelling). Here we have a perfect example of how the extreme left, sponsored by George Soros, elite, ideological, Marxist socialists view all the rest of us.

Racist because we think it's a bad thing that the black murder rate in Chicago shouldn't be blamed on legal gun owners? That criminal and drug dealers in prisons are disproportionately black? Seriously, those are facts not racism.

Sexist, because we don't believe the abortion factory that is Planned Parenthood should receive federal money? We don't believe other people should have to fund the irresponsible sex activities of some women?

Xenophobia because we fear the possible results of allowing the southern boarder to remain an open invitation for the drug cartels to flood the nation with heron and cheep labor and a foreign culture? Or that we fear bringing in a hundred thousand Muslim "refugees" liberally sprinkled with Isis terrorists?
Note to the uneducated: A phobia is an unreasonable fear of something.

I don't know about them, but I do fear radical Islamic terrorists that hijack airliners and crash them into buildings. I do fear home-grown Islamic terrorists who explode bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. And I do fear radicalized Muslims who bring homicidal wives into this country then massacre fellow workers at a party. And I'm not sorry because there is not one bit of "phobia" about it.

All the left's name-calling and attempted guilt-tripping isn't going to work on me or anybody with a brain in their head. The Marxist socialists trying to take over this country will do or say anything. We have seen the endless lies, distortions, smears and slanders from Obama, Hillary and all their stooges and minions for years now and because traditional Americans have stood up and finally said, enough. Well, we are all racist, rednecks, ignorant, sexist, or any of their long list of phobic this or that's. They can all go to blazes.

Steve Earle


(Note: The Daily Sun refrained from correcting spelling in this letter)

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