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Please stop sending us all of this political junk mail

To The Daily Sun,

Last month my Laconia single-family household has received an unbelievable collection of double-sided glossy color mailings from politicians of every color ... mostly blue and red. Almost all have come in daily duplicate if not more, since both my husband and I receive our own copies. The daily stack has been generally four to eight deep and I now wish that I had kept them and counted them so that I could report accurately the absolute waste of paper, trees, manpower and mostly of money that could be used to feed the poor, house the homeless, fix the roads, improve healthcare and schools, almost anything you could imagine.

But instead, all this money is now filling up our landfills and (at least I can hope) our recycling bins. This goes as well for the plastic and metal signs at every corner, which will never decompose.

When will this indiscriminate waste end? It gets worse every election cycle, and I'll tell you that the only piece of paper that has had any impact at all was the simple black and white letter that arrived today from my voting precinct thanking me for voting last time and encouraging me to vote this time.

We, the voting public, are not stupid, and are not swayed by the wave of colorful garbage with which the post is being clogged. I will vote. I wish I could vote for only those who never sent me a piece of anything in the mail, but, sadly, there are none of you. In this age of electronic communication, you need to get with the program and employ these lower impact options to spread your messages.

While some voters still prefer contact via "snail mail," you need to research your constituency better and figure out who they are and target your efforts with more fact based intention. I submit my heartfelt plea to those of you who are elected: Please make your first order of business to create a serious bipartisan effort to end all this disgusting waste of resources. Then maybe you will have actually deserved our votes.

Kathryn Cranford


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Hillary was not called a carpetbagger by liberals in New York

To The Daily Sun,

I have never written a letter to The Daily Sun, but I feel compelled to do so now. I am disgusted by the lies and distortion of the truth that dominate the political scene. In my opinion, the so called "War on Women: many of these adds were pulled when it was discovered that the Obama White House paid its women employee's 86 percent of what it pays men.

Hobby Lobby decision: They actually pay for 16 out of 20 listed contraceptive medications, the four they do not cover are the proven abortive medications. Saying that Hobby Lobby does not pay for contraceptive medication is not completely true. The real "War on Women" is occurring in the Middle East where 13 year old Malala was shot in the head because she went to school in Pakistan. The add that stated that Scott Brown and Frank Guinta are part of the "War on Women" because they voted against Planned Parenthood. Truth: several years ago it was learned that Planned Parenthood spent 80 percent of its government funding for abortions. There was a law that stated that the taxpayers' money could not be used to fund abortions. Instead of holding Planned Parenthood accountable for breaking the law, the Democrats instead rewarded them by proposing a new law that allowed tax payers to fund abortions, this is what Scott Brown and Frank Guinta voted against.

Jeanne Shaheen comes from Missouri. Scott Brown has been a New Englander all of his life. His mother and father both worked in New Hampshire. He lived in his grandfathers home in New Hampshire on a and off since he was a toddler. When both President Bill Clinton and Hillary moved to New York after the presidency they had no ties to New York except that there was an open Senate seat. She was not called a carpetbagger by the Democratic Liberals because its okay if it is done by them.

ObamaCare: President Obama delayed many of the taxes and compliancy standards so that they would not affect the 2014 elections. Don't forget, "If you like your doctor, you can keep him". Wait until we all see what is coming! Fact: one of the big news media sources investigated all the big money donors. They found that the Koch Brothers ranked 17th on the list. Numbers 1 through 16 financed the Democrats.

Other scandals: IRS, NAS, VA Hospitals, Benghazi and backdoor deals. I am tired of the lies and cover-ups. I know who I am voting for on Tuesday. It's not the liberal Democrats.

B. Garneau


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