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Some of you need to get off your high horses & learn to live frugally

To The Daily Sun,

Now that Election Day is here and you have all nominated your friends for certain powers to be positions, please do not complain when they have no business experience to fall back on and they raise our taxes to spend on things we do not need.

Voting out of the way, it is time to get back to other things that concern us all like bad roads, creepy crawly things in drug store brands of popcorn, and price gouging at the gas pumps in anticipation of the new gas tax. (Speaking of which, whoever is in charge of the gas tax certainly is not spending it on road repairs as it is going to raises for people working in the highway department. Anyone looking for a raise should be limited to the 1 percent raise doled out to the people on Social Security.) As for the creepy crawly things in the bottom of your bags of popcorn, it would be advisable to make your own snacks as they would be more healthy for you. And besides, maybe this is just to getting you used to eating creepy crawly things as we slide backward into a Third World country.

Now for the road situation. Anyone living and driving in New Hampshire that can remember back 30 years ago, we had some of the best roads in New England, that is until some people started to complain that all the road works were given to the same company. When the contracts were given to people charging less for their work, the roads went to hell in a hand-basket very quickly. The company that kept us in good shape roadwise were paid more because they delivered an exceptional piece of work, making it known that sometimes you have to pay more for quality. Crossing the state line between here and Vermont, the roads over there are the ones we used to have here — better than average.

This leads us back to voting and the hope you have of your person getting elected and you reminding them it is payback time and they need to come across with the "grease my palm" for getting them into office. As for me, I am used to living on nickels and dimes, and some of you need to get off your high horses and learn to live frugally, too.

Bev Buker


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Meetings in Concord in middle of day are not in taxpayers best interests

To The Daily Sun,

The recent Belknap County Convention meetings have generated large (often standing-room-only) audiences. Given the unusually high level of public interest, you might think that the chair would do everything she could to create an open and inclusive process. Unfortunately, you'd be wrong. She has just scheduled meetings for the 19th and 26th of March, which are to be held at noon in Concord.

Rep. Worsman is the duly elected chair of the Convention and she has every right to promote a Tea Party agenda, but she also has an obligation to be transparent and to involve the public to the maximum extent practical. By scheduling meetings in the middle of the day in Concord, she is not acting in the best interests of the voters of Belknap County.

Please contact her and ask her to hold all Convention meetings in our county.

Steve Merrill


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I believe you, Ms. Huot, are standing for truth & justice in your church

To The Daily Sun,

In response to June M. Huot, I am aware of Pope Benedict's defrocking of 400 priests; the national news reported Pope Francis fired 300 priests and and active investigation into many more crimes. Could defrock many more, I call that Christian justice, for the victims.

I believe the majority of priests live godly lives, may God bless them and use them to lead people to Jesus Christ. I believe that God can save anyone, if he saved me June, and I came from the guttermost, he can save Mr. Veverka. I don't condemn Jim Veverka, I believe by faith, Jim will experience God's love and grace.

We are all sinners and need a savoir. God loved us all so much, that he sent Jesus Christ his only son to die for our sins, that we all have to do, is repent, and believe that we may be saved. (John 3:1-18)

You seem to think I'm self-righteous? Believe me, I was the worst sinner, and thank God for reaching out his hand, and saving me. Jesus Christ is not a right-wing Republican, or a Democrat, or an American, he is King of Kings, and Lord of Lord's; his Kingdom is not of this world, but in God's Kingdom of heaven. All my letters to the Daily Sun have always exalted Jesus Chris, not myself. 

There was a day, in October 1963 in Belfast, Ireland, that I went to hear an American missionary called T.L. Osborn preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, I went up to an old alter of prayer, and like the publican in (Luke 18:13) asked God to be merciful to me a sinner, I went home a new man.

Last but not least, I am comfortable that Jesus came into my heart and can say. I am not ashamed for I know who I have believed, and am persuaded that he (Christ) is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day (Tim: 1:12). "Bill McCoy is not a Republican June."

May God bless you June Huot. I believe you are standing for truth and justice in your church.

William McCoy


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Thank you Senators Forrester & Hosmer for N.H. Health Protection Plan

To The Daily Sun,

The New Hampshire Health Protection Plan extends private insurance coverage to an estimated 3,000 persons in our region in a fiscally responsible way.

As an emergency physician in practice in the region for almost 30 years, I have truly seen the human toll of what being without coverage means.

The bipartisan agreement that Senators Forrester and Hosmer voted for will directly help the health of those without insurance. Also, it will help lower the rate of increase in health insurance costs for those individuals and businesses that have purchased coverage previously, by reducing uncompensated care and treating illnesses at a less expensive stage.

Thank you, Senators Forrester and Hosmer, for your support of this truly New Hampshire solution so vital to the health and economic well-being of our region.

Paul F. Racicot, MD

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Virtue in not looking down on people unless you're helping them up

To The Daily Sun,
Kindness is a language we all can speak. Those who throw "mud balls" at others lose ground as Bernadette Loesch did in her recent Daily Sun letter dated March 12th. Loesch, a frequent writer to The Sun, mocked others for submitting articles to The Sun not to her liking.
If Loesch wants to promote what she believes are positive steps and policies by our U.S. president, she can do so freely and openly as she has for quite some time. But before heaping discredit on other people for what she perceives as one-sided viewpoints, Loesch should first take a look at her own progression of letters to The Sun. In doing so she might be a lot less condemning.
This letter isn't going to change how mature adults put forth their political views in public. Hopefully, however, The Sun's younger readers will take notice and see the virtue of never looking down on people unless they're helping them up.
The crux of today's writing is to make known that no one should be discouraged from sharing personal views on government practices and policies. I don't ever recall reading anything Loesch wrote that I might agree with, but it would never occur to me to send a letter to The Sun to denigrate her.
Diversion of thought is vital to every community. It promotes an exchange of ideas that often lead to better choices and better living. Anyone seeking to change someone's political views should do so by writing passionately on ideas they espouse. Intellectual diversion warrants encouragement not denunciation.
If history has taught people one thing it is that "triumph of evil" comes when good men say nothing. Tony Boutin, Steve Earle, Dale Channing-Eddy, Russ Wiles and Bob Meade ought to be hailed not assailed for taking precious time in submitting letters to the editor.
Long ago I learned that when you really like someone be sure to tell them because sometimes you only get one chance. So today is my chance to tell Tony Boutin, Steve Earle, Dale Channing-Eddy, Russ Wiles and Bob Meade how much I respect them and how much I enjoy reading their Sun articles.
Roland Jutras


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