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Ayotte is no stranger to crossing the aisle to help environment

To The Daily Sun,

As a voter, I always take the time to look past the headlines and television ads and do my own research into where each candidate stands. With Earth Day this week, I thought I would do a little bit of homework and see where our candidates for U.S. Senate stand on environmental issues.

Now here in New Hampshire, we all know it's important to conserve land and protect our clean air and water. It's an issue that many of us vote on, and so it's important that we have leaders in Concord and Washington who agree. Fortunately for us, we do.

Senator Kelly Ayotte is no stranger to crossing the aisle to do the right thing on the environment. She supports the Clean Power Plan to help protect our air from carbon emissions, and was the first Republican to do so. She listened to the concerns of her constituents who were worried about unanswered questions about the Kinder Morgan pipeline's effects on our environment, and was the first statewide official to come out against the project. And she's been clear that she believes climate change is real. (That shouldn't have to be a concern, but sadly it is!)

After researching all this, I am glad that Kelly is our senator, and will definitely be supporting her re-election this year.

Kelley Teunessen


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Goodwill has moved to Belmont; did people not hear the word

To The Daily Sun,

I am amazed at how many people are continuing to drop off furniture, most of which looks torn and broken, and boxes of items in the closed downtown Laconia Goodwill parking lot. They closed the doors to that facility on March 12, and have posted many signs stating not to drop off at that site, but to bring items to their new site across from the Belknap Mall only five minutes away.

However, people continue to use this parking lot as a downtown dump site and it is becoming an eyesore for many who live in the area and for downtown in general. The noise late at night from the cars and people pulling up to help themselves to what they might want is a major disturbance for those who live nearby.

The drop boxes are also a problem. People are putting things in them and that's great. But others are getting in the drop boxes shoulder-deep — one person was actually stuck in the box over the weekend — they are pulling the bags out and what they aren't taking they leave on the ground to blow in the wind.

There have been things taken and thrown along the sidewalks on Water Street and the bank parking lot. The parking lot is not a dumpsite and something needs to be done to stop this.

Goodwill has posted signs. It was in the newspaper that they have moved, there is no reason for people to be dropping their things off in the parking lot.

Deborah Craig

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