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You're lucky to have such a qualified candidate for Police Commission

To The Daily Sun,

We are writing to endorse the candidacy of Tom Tarr for the Laconia Police Commission.

We have known Tom, his wife Sandy and their family for nearly 30 years. We know of no other candidate who would be as qualified for the Laconia Police Commission, given his long and exemplary career in New Hampshire criminal justice, which has spanned some 40 years.

Since 1992, until his retirement in 2014, Tom has served as Chief U.S. Probation Officer for the District of New Hampshire, managing and directing all federal probation and pre-trial service activities in the state. From 1985 through 1992, he held the position of director of the New Hampshire Probation/Parole Division, with responsibility for managing and directing New Hampshire's statewide adult probation/parole system.

While his experience speaks for itself, we also know that, if elected, he will perform the duties of Police Commissioner with honesty, fairness and integrity, hallmarks that he exhibited throughout his career and traits that he embodies as an individual.

Voters of Laconia would be hard-pressed to find a more qualified candidate for the Laconia Police Commission.

We urge you to vote for Tom on Nov. 3.

Don & Denise Labrie

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Smallest band at the Dover show more than held its own. BRAVO!

To The Daily Sun,

Last Saturday night I went to the 46th Annual Dover Band Show. There were nine high school bands that participated in the event. Every band gave a wonderful performance. They were delightful to watch and listen to.

At fewer than 40 members, the Laconia High School Marching Band had the smallest number of members in their precision marching band. They proudly took the field and performed an outstanding collection of composer John Williams' work that included, among others, excerpts from Star Wars, Superman, ET and Jaws movie scores. They were every bit as good as so many of the bands that had many more members.

Under the direction of Debbie Gibson and percussion director John Cardin, the band performed precision steps while playing difficult music. I am so proud of every single member of the band, including the two majorettes, and especially the one brave color guard. Emily was poised and graceful as she performed her movements that went along with the music. All of you deserve to be proud of yourselves. BRAVO!

I believe the gift of music is a gift that last forever. You will have the gift of music the rest of your lives. Thank you Debbie, John and Phil, and to all the music teachers who give our children such an incredible gift.

Great show! Thank you all!

LHS music director Debbie Gibson will be retiring at the end of the school year. She will be greatly missed.

Sandy Frazier


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