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Political correctness prevents an honest discussion of issues

To The Daily Sun,

Whatever beneficent sounding name the Marxist-leftists now want to be called (e.g., liberals, progressives, Democratic Socialists) to hide their real intentions, they are getting lots of people killed. (And, I am not referring to the murders (Democide) of more than 100 million untried and unconvicted citizens in the last century by the "utopian" governments they want for us, as in the Soviet Union, China (PRC) and Cuba.)

I refer to the Marxist-leftist policies that jeopardize law-abiding people while increasing the danger from criminals and terrorists. If being a "gun free zone" has prevented a single act of violence, the evidence would be repeated endlessly. "Gun free zones" only provide safe spaces for criminals, terrorists, and crazy people to kill, rape, and/or rob defenseless people.

As demonstrated in Paris, Chicago, and all over the world, terrorists, criminals, and even insane people can get the weapons they want. No gun laws will stop them. Gun laws are only obeyed by law-abiding people.

Overly restrictive gun laws have cost many Americans, and others, their lives by making them defenseless in the face of danger. Battered and threatened women are killed waiting for gun permit approvals; their restraining orders didn't protect them. The high cost of gun permits make many people defenseless victims in high crime areas. And, since armed police were apparently absent, only armed civilians could have reduced the carnage in Paris or San Bernardino.

Anti-gun propaganda makes guns the problem rather than people with evil intent. This leads many responsible people to be unprotected or under-protected. Unarmed people are at the mercy of merciless people. Under-armed people are also in trouble. Unlike the movies attackers aren't often stopped with a single bullet, many hits are often needed. In stressful situations most shots (even by police) miss the target. To survive a dedicated attack people need "enough," maybe dozens of, bullets.

Marxist-leftists promote a casual attitude toward life. Forcing religion and morality out of education, equating cultures that approve of "honor killings" and executing homosexuals with our culture, promoting abortion and assisted suicide, making it difficult for innocent people to protect themselves from criminals, making excuses for criminals, and refusing to control gangs, drug dealers, and other criminals that prey on people, all demonstrate, and promote, a lack of respect for life.

The Marxist-leftists have increased our exposures to attacks by not protecting our borders, by encouraging illegal aliens, by releasing rather than deporting criminal (including violent) illegal aliens (17,000 in 2014 alone) into our population, by providing early releases to thousands of felons, by a revolving door justice system, and by allowing hundreds of thousands of refugees, immigrants, and students to come here from countries that inspire radical Islamic terrorists. The FBI director reports that there are terrorist investigations under way in all 50 states. More than 25,000 Americans have already been murdered by illegal aliens.

Political correctness prevents honest discussion, accurate identification of facts and problems, and optimal solutions. How can we defeat ISIS, al-Qaida, Boko Haram, or similar terrorist group if we refuse to recognize that their beliefs about Islam — regardless of whether they are correct — inspire their actions? How can we expect people to speak up and warn authorities about suspicious behavior if they fear being called racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homophobic, or some other vile term? Had the terrorists' neighbor not feared being politically incorrect, some intervention might have turned the terrorists from their radicalization and saved not just fourteen, but sixteen, lives.

I always want to believe that every American wants others to be happy, healthy, and safe. But it's impossible to believe that Marxist-leftists have these motives when their policies have, for decades, consistently led to harm for innocent people.

When tragedies like San Bernardino occur, President Obama doesn't take actions like closing the border, keeping terrorists and potential terrorists from our country, or cracking down on criminals or terrorist suspects to reduce the threats and make Americans safer. He won't even say we are threatened by radical Islamists. He doubles down on the policies that increase government power over law abiding citizens like those discussed above; policies that clearly get people killed.

The priority of Marxist-leftists like President Obama is not people's happiness, health, or safety, it is to grow government and increase their own power.

Don Ewing

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Thanks for participating in the Year-Round Library silent auction

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilmanton Year-Round Library would like to thank all those who participated in the Silent Auction.

Because of generous donations from local area businesses and individuals, there were more than 100 items from which to bid. Many visitors placed bids on their favorite items hoping to win during the two-week auction. The library earned over $2,000 through the event.

Special thanks to Burrito Me, Laconia Ice Arena, Harts Turkey Farm, MC Cycle, Capitol Center for the Arts, Winnipesaukee Playhouse, Jordan's Ice Cream, Subway, Gibson's Bookstore, Red River Theater, Eastern Mountain Sports, The Gilmanton Winery and Heavenly Scent Herbs.

Anne Kirby, Events

Gilmanton Year-Round Library


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