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Doesn't expanding Medicaid speak to kind of society we want to be?

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to District 2 Senator Jeanie Forrester:
I am writing this in response to your column in The Laconia Daily Sun this past Saturday, November 16, stating that "You are not going to vote in favor of Medicaid expansion" for 58,000 of our neediest and most vulnerable residents. Have you talked to any of your constituents that are actually receiving Medicaid and those that could if you would vote to give them the chance that most of us who can afford health care get? If you did, I think you will find that many of them are the same rock solid N.H. taxpayers you say you are protecting from expanding Medicaid.
Every day in N.H., indeed, all across the United States, new cases arise that some one's family member will need the services of Medicaid be it because of job loss, a catastrophic illness like cancer or Parkinson's disease, brain damage from a heart attack or stroke, possibly paralyzed. In many of these situations, the family members are not equipped to take on their loved ones care be it financial, or the medical know how required to help them, or the time and yes the patience to take on such a life changing event.
For some of those that those that get the care they need, they will again become contributing members of society and for the rest it insures that they will be cared for as long as need be.
By accepting Medicaid expansion, which falls under the Affordable Care Act, it gives all the states the opportunity to take care of those without health insurance and it does not cost us or the state a single penny for the first three years. N.H. can opt out at the end of three years. Or, low and behold, we have a healthier society because folks are getting the preventive care they need and the emergency rooms are no longer their first option. After three years we can stay in the program by paying only 10 percent of the costs to our state.
Doesn't this speak to the kind of society we want to be? These folks are our Katrina and Hurricane Sandy victims, except that we let the federal government come to their aid. Let's do the same for our residents that live day-to-day with medical challenges that most of us don't have to worry about.
In reading a book I just bought called: "The Bully Pulpit, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and the Golden Age of Journalism", there is a sentence in there in respect to a different matter but I find it very fitting to this topic. It was said by Teddy Roosevelt about President McKinley's delay in making the decision to go to war. Teddy said to his bother-in-law, "I am more grieved and indignant than I can say at there being any delay on our part in a matter like this. A great crisis is upon us, and if we do not rise level to it, we shall have spotted the pages of our history with a dark blot of shame."
I agree with the above statement by Roosevelt; let's be proud that we are there for them when they need it the most.
Give it a try for the three years it will not cost N.H. any money at all.
To those reading this letter and agree with it, please take just a moment to tell Senator Forrester that you want Medicaid Expansion for our residents. It is ABSOLUTELY FREE for the first three years and we have the option to opt out thereafter. There no reason to not take it now. In her newsletters she states: "As always, I want to hear from you". . . please call 271-4980 or email her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Do it, you feel better I promise.
Paula Trombi

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Learn more about how Education Support Professionals serve

To The Daily Sun,

The annual observance of National Education Support Professionals (ESP) Day is on November 20, during American Education Week. As a paraeducator at Elm St. School, I'm proud to be a member of a team that works together to ensure the success of all our students. I'm equally proud to join in celebrating the invaluable contributions ESPs make to quality public education.

Today, ESPs do more than provide support to children — we help to transform public education one school and one student at a time. In celebration of National Education Support Professionals Day, I invite parents and community members in Laconia to learn more about how ESPs serve as essential partners in making great public schools. We are One Education Workforce Serving the Whole Student.

I encourage parents, students, and community members to take time to thank ESPs and recognize their hard work. ESPs touch the lives of their students and the future of our nation.

Kim O'Neil
EAL President
Laconia School District

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We know that many support effort to save the Hathaway House

To The Daily Sun,

Members of the Laconia Heritage Commission have had a losing battle trying to encourage the reuse of our significant historic dwellings. We witnessed the loss of the Tilton House, the Putnam House and the Baker House to parking lots. We are struggling to save the Hathaway House. We and others decided a stronger message needed to be presented to Cafua Management Co. LLC, owners of many Dunkin' Donuts stores in our community and the northeast. When they lost their lease across the street and purchased 1106 Union Avenue in Lakeport, including our beloved historic Hathaway House, the community led by the late Wanda Tibbetts, president of the Lakeport Community Association, responded and an agreement was made to restore the Hathaway House, not demolish it. We were all pleased with this decision.

However, it was very short-lived when Cafua submitted plans for not only a new Dunkin' Donuts store but a strip mall requiring the demolition of the Hathaway House. It was obvious that they lied and we had to spring into action again. Fortunately, "Save the Hathaway" supporters were also supported by the Laconia City Council and the Laconia Planning Department and Planning Board.

Again, they promised to restore the building and research was completed to paint it the original colors. They started removing the paint without following environmental guidelines for removal of lead paint. They stopped and left the wood vulnerable to the elements. There is no working electricity or sprinkler system in the building. The building was placed on the market. Some made attempts to inquire about the sale of the property but reached dead-ends. Often the "for sale" sign would be on the ground. This led many to believe that they did not intend to sell the building. We heard it was offered for a practice burn. Recently all of the windows were removed from the first floor and boarded up. Windows on the second floor were broken or left open. This all spells orchestrated deterioration to many. It is at this point that we feel they have no intent to sell but are planning to seek demolition through the Laconia Heritage Commission. Now they are saying they don't own the Hathaway House, that Laconia Real Estate Co. LLC does, but Cafua (Dunkin' Donuts franchiser) is listed as the agent.

We know there are many who support efforts to save the Hathaway House because you have spoken to us "over the fence". We decided our strong message must be witnessed by more and so we picketed Dunkin' Donuts last weekend. You gave use thumbs up, you tooted your horns, you responded on Facebook and you signed our petitions.

Please, go one step further and join us picketing to "Save the Hathaway" in front of Dunkin' Donuts at 1106 Union Avenue, Lakeport on Saturday and/or Sunday, November 23 and 24, 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. Stop in Laconia Antiques on Main Street to sign our petition.
Dorothy Duffy
Laconia Heritage Commission

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Michelle Malkin - White suburban kids too dumb to score well on Common Core tests?

Just when you thought the Obama administration couldn't antagonize America any further, along comes Education Secretary Arne Duncan. He didn't just attack "white suburban moms" and children over their criticism of the Common Core "standards"/testing/data-mining program. The feds' top educrat also managed to insult every one of the nation's minority families and educators who oppose Fed Ed's threat to academic excellence, local control and student privacy.

On Friday, while defending the beleaguered Common Core program in a meeting with state school superintendents, Duncan unleashed a brazen race and class warfare attack on grassroots foes. As The Washington Post reported, Duncan sneered that he found it "fascinating" that the revolt came from "white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn't as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn't quite as good as they thought they were."

As a brown-skinned suburban mom opposed to Common Core, I can tell you I've personally met moms and dads of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds and parts of the country over the past year who have sacrificed to get their kids into the best schools possible. They are outraged that dumbed-down, untested federal "standards" pose an existential threat to their excellent educational arrangements — be they public, private, religious or homeschooling.

Duncan's derision exposes the very control-freak impulses that drive Common Core. He condescendingly implies that the only reason "white suburban moms" object to Common Core is that their children are too dumb to score well on tests — which, by the firsthand accounts of educators from urban New York City schools to rural Kentucky schools to every corner of the country, are a complete and utter mess.

Thousands of moms and dads immediately took to social media to speak truth to bigoted Fed Ed power. The nonpartisan Mothers Against Duncan (MAD) group on Facebook declared: "Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has insulted the Moms of America and our children! This MAD group is intended to be a gathering place where America's Moms can show him that he picked the WRONG group to mess with!"

Patti McKelvey wrote: "I am so angry about the latest comment out of Arne Duncan's mouth. I find it incredibly insulting. I am a clinical laboratory technologist. I have two (Master's) degrees. I am a grandmother. He has stirred a real hornet's nest now — white suburban middle-class women should not be messed with. Nor should parents of any race, creed or religion who care about their (children's) education."
Daphne Scott Yuhas posted: "I ain't white, and it doesn't matter a damn, but I am a Mom, and I am now in angry Mommy Bear mode! Watch out!"

Elle Commanderr, a "white former urban now suburban pissed off mom," directly addressed Duncan: "Education without representation is as egregious as taxation without representation. Our children are not YOUR children nor do we wish to 'assimilate' them to this nonsense in ANY area I know of ... suburban, urban or otherwise."

Michigan homeschool mom Karen Braun, who signed her letter to Duncan "Your boss," ripped the tone-deaf bureaucrat: "Secretary Duncan, you and the feds may control the purse strings, but WE (moms of every color and location) control our 'brilliant' children's shoe strings. We have the final authority, and we're saying no to your 'higher standard' and your high stakes tests... YOU work for US! Get that right, and you and the mothers of America will get along a whole lot better."

Duncan now says his dog-whistle tirade was clumsily worded. But he's used the same talking points before. What's crystal clear is that Duncan and his top-down dictators presume that only technocratic elites in Washington can determine what quality standards and curricula look like. He pretends that minority parents and students in inner-city charter and magnet schools with rigorous locally crafted classical education missions simply don't exist. A textbook liberal racist, Duncan whitewashes all minority parents and educators who oppose Common Core out of the debate.

This is a White House war on uppity women and children of all colors. Duncan's a bigot, a bully, an elitist and a foot-in-mouth fool all rolled into one — and he continues to enjoy the support of the president. The relentless Beltway attacks on Common Core critics also give lie to the oft-repeated claim that the top-down initiative was "state-led" and grassroots. It should not go unnoticed that the most vocal and defensive advocates of the beleaguered Fed Ed boondoggle are not local teachers or parents, but pale-faced Beltway bureaucrats and their corporate allies.

(Syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin is the daughter of Filipino Immigrants. She was born in Philadelphia, raised in southern New Jersey and now lives with her husband and daughter in Colorado. Her weekly column is carried by more than 100 newspapers.)


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Mr. Ewing needs to read 'Deadly Spin' before opining about health care

To The Daily Sun,

Don Ewing needs to read the book "Deadly Spin: An Insurance Company Insider Speaks Out On How Corporate PR is Killing Health Care & Deceiving Americans" by Wendell Potter before he opines about the Affordable Care Act and just how it will impact people's quality of life.

Bernadette Loesch

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