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Grant funds are critical for those most in need of health insurance

To the editor,
In just a matter of months, New Hampshire will have a new "Health Benefit Marketplace" where Granite Staters can more easily shop for health insurance through a "one-stop shop" that facilitates apples-to-apples comparisons of insurance plans. Many will be able to buy insurance using premium tax credits.
Knowing how to use the new online Marketplace and understanding the insurance plans available will be critical, especially for "pre-Medicare" seniors who may have health issues, people seeking coverage for the first time and people with disabilities. Giving these people the information they need to be able to access the Marketplace and an understanding of what's newly available is critically important, not just for their understanding of how the Marketplace works, but also for their health.
Unfortunately, few people in New Hampshire know about the changes coming or have the information they need to make the best choice about what plan to buy and how to access financial assistance.
New Hampshire has been awarded a grant to fully fund an effort designed to provide crucial information to residents and their families to help them learn of and understand their new options for coverage and financial assistance. This will provide everyone in N.H. the information needed to make informed decisions. We will be able to make sure that those uninsured residents who have never had health coverage before and who may need extra help navigating the new system can get help from trained "assistors." This effort would be designed in New Hampshire for New Hampshire residents. In other words: local control of local information.
Currently, the N.H. Legislature is considering whether they should accept these funds into the state. Time is ticking. Please contact your legislators and let them know that without access to these grant funds, N.H. residents with the greatest need for assistance won't get it. And local service agencies, who are already doing more with less, will be left face to face with a lost and confused clientele, wondering why we don't have the resources to help them.
Let's provide the information everyone needs to use the Marketplace effectively. Let's give local agencies a chance to provide assistance to people where they live or work.
Please contact your legislators and ask for their support of these funds to provide vital services for our community. You can find out who your local legislator is through the NH General Court website at http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/.
Lakes Region Partnership for Public Health
Lisa Morris, Executive Director
Board of Directors:
Sally Minkow
Margaret Pritchard
Denise Hubbard
John Beland
Kate Miller
Christine Santaniello
Alan Robichaud
Susan Wnuk
Dr. Richard Wilson

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform will harm most Americans

To the editor,
Soon Congress will decide what to do about 11 to 33 million illegal aliens who are only here because politicians didn't enforce our laws and didn't keep their promises to close the border and end illegal immigration. Few other issues more clearly show the difference between government for the people and government for the special interests. Illegal aliens harm Americans in many ways, e.g., by criminal acts, by stressing schools and hospitals, by taking jobs and depressing wages, and by forcing higher taxes to fund welfare for illegal aliens and the American workers they harm.
Illegal aliens benefit businesses, government workers and their unions, criminals, politicians and various special interests.
Politicians say we need the "Gang of Eight's" Comprehensive Immigration Reforms (created with input from special interest groups but not from law enforcement (ICE)). I have a bridge to sell to anyone who believes this bill will fix the illegal alien problem or benefit most Americans.
They say illegal aliens will pay back-taxes and fines. The typical illegal alien has a 10th grade education and competes with the lowest income Americans. People with these incomes don't pay federal taxes, they get subsidies. Will they pay any meaningful fines? No. The subsidies they receive will greatly exceed any taxes or fines they pay.
Politicians say illegal aliens won't be eligible to upgrade from their limited welfare worth $14,387 (in excess of the taxes they pay) to full welfare benefits, provided by real taxpayers, worth $35,113 per household for 13 years. This won't be enforced. Illegals shouldn't get welfare now!
Politicians say illegals must go to the back of the line for citizenship. Want to bet? Politicians say their plan isn't amnesty. Maybe they're right. Rewarding, rather than penalizing, people for breaking our laws is far worse than just amnesty, it's amnesty plus!
Politicians say we can't be tough on illegal aliens because it hurts their children. Maybe they think we shouldn't imprison robbers, rapists, and murderers because it hurts their children...?
Politicians say they will build the fence and stop illegal immigration. They broke these promises before. Where is the fence they promised just a few years ago? They shouldn't get to deceive us again.
The "Gang of Eight's" Comprehensive Immigration Reform will continue to harm most Americans. It's time to stand up for American citizens, not let them be harmed to benefit illegal aliens, politicians, businessmen, and other special interest groups.
Tell Senators Ayotte and Shaheen, Congresswomen Kuster and Shea-Porter, and President Obama to reject Comprehensive Immigration Reform and all its false promises. Just close the border, stop all taxpayer provided subsidies for illegal aliens, and enforce severe penalties for knowingly employing illegal aliens.
Don Ewing

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Please say, 'I chose Franklin VNA & Hospice', this is your VNA

To the editor,
Franklin VNA & Hospice has proudly been providing home care services to your community since 1945. Now entering the sixty-eighth year we have reaffirmed our mission statement and will continue to offer you quality home care and hospice services. This is your community. This is your VNA.
If you need home care or hospice services it is always your choice to select an agency. We work with all licensed physicians and all hospitals. The choice is always yours! Choose your community VNA.
Over the past 12-18 months, several other home care agencies have expanded their service area into our communities. This has been confusing to some of you. We have received a number of calls from community members who thought they would be receiving care from Franklin VNA & Hospice, but instead were contacted by another agency.
If a home care agency contacts you and you would prefer care from us, please tell them so. It is your right to choose.
Plan ahead! If you are going into the hospital for surgery or for a procedure and you will need home care following, call us so we can help you plan the transition home. We are specialists in home care and we want to serve any member of our community that needs assistance.
When being referred for home care or hospice, speak out. Say, "I choose Franklin VNA & Hospice". This is your VNA.
Jane White
Executive Director
Franklin VNA & Hospice

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Seeds for this feud were sown by commissioners 2 years ago

To the editor,
The post and pre-election political diatribe regarding Belknap County Convention is not justified or deserved, but not unexpected. Laws are not obscure regarding county PUBLIC BUSINESS. Clearly, the Right-to-Know is the law which keeps the public apprised of the actions of the elected official.
Other laws such as county appropriation laws require the commissioners to propose a budget. After the convention resolution of its annual budget or supplemental budgets, other laws require the commissioners to administer the individual appropriation for the individual purposes, annually.
Nothing is obscure regarding RSA 24:14, I — Appropriations by the county convention shall be itemized in detail and a record thereof shall be kept by the clerk of the convention. The executive committee of the county shall have authority to review the expenditures of the county after adoption of the county budget. Such review may occur as often as voted by the executive committee, but no less than twice each year. The convention may require the county commissioners to report once each quarter to the convention or to the executive committee the expenditures of the county as compared to the budget as voted, in such detail as determined by the convention. The county convention may require that the county commissioners obtain written authority from the executive committee before transferring any appropriation or part thereof under RSA 24:15. The county convention may adopt a policy regarding the acceptance of grants.
I-a. In this chapter, an appropriation means an amount of money authorized for a specified purpose by the legislative body.
To invoke provisions in the law requiring the county commissioners to obtain written authority from the executive committee before transferring any appropriation or part thereof under RSA 24:15 should be commended. Enforcement of laws that habitually have been considered below the historical strong commission verses the weak conventions is not usurping control.
Why has the 2013/14 convention taken action to introduce the long needed checks and balance? Back on December 06, 2010 the newly elected delegation held the convention's organizational meeting. At that meeting, following the election of officer and executive committee at-large officers, a presentation by the commission of its proposed budget for FY 2011/12 took place. No record of a "Public Hearing" is recorded.
On 20 December 2010, "the chairman (Rep. Alida Millham) reviewed the Right-to-Know Law and asked everyone to read it. Everyone understood the open, public process that will be followed."
On 14 March 2011 convention meeting re: Public Hearing on 2011 Belknap County Budget: "Rep. Accornero then asked the commissioners if they planned to do whatever they want with the stimulus money regardless of what the delegation says? He demanded a Yes or No answer. Commissioner Philpot responded by saying that they have different jobs (delegation and commissioners). It is the commissioners job to manage the affairs of the county and the day to day operations and they will not delegate that responsibility. It is what they are elected to do. The commissioners need to do their job and the delegation needs to do it's."
"Rep. Accornero followed up by again saying that the commissioners just give the delegation the budget and then they say that they will do what they want anyway. Commissioner Thomas reminded him that the commissioners have statutory responsibilities and there are statutory responsibilities of the delegation."
The line in the sand was drawn, hence began the frustration of the 2011/12 convention and the current 2013/14 convention.
No elected official shall set themselves above the Law.
Thomas A. Tardif

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Fault on both sides of the aisle for push to deregulate derivatives

To the editor,
A recent New York Times article brought to light current legislation passed by the House Financial Services Committee. The legislation which passed with a vote of 53-6, allows for the deregulation of derivatives. This practice of deregulation was at the cornerstone of this country's financial disaster five years ago. In addition to the stupidity of repeating such policy, the legislation was largely written (70 of the 85 lines) by Citigroup. Unbelievable!
Fault can be found on both sides of the aisle. Every Democrat, Republican and independent should be outraged by the actions of the House Financial Services Committee. They may have a short memory about the country's economic downfall five years ago, but many U.S. citizens, especially the middle class have not forgotten. I encourage all citizens to research this legislation and contact ones representatives regarding your position on the matter.
Marcia Hayward

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