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Please vote to buy used ladder truck for Belmont Fire Department

To The Daily Sun,

On Saturday Feb. 21, a letter in The Laconia Daily Sun from a Belmont resident asking town voters to vote "No" on four articles the will be on the town warrant and voted on at the March 10 voting day. Those articles are #3, #6, #12 and #26.

I am speaking in favor of Article 6, which is to spend $300,000 to purchase a used ladder truck for the Fire Department. Under RSA-31:95, the funds to purchase this vehicle will be paid for from the Fire and Ambulance Equipment and Apparatus Special Revenue (Comstar) Fund.

With the purchase of the vehicle coming from the fund, it will not increase the tax rate. Over the past 20 years, this fund as saved thousands and thousands of dollars for the taxpayers of Belmont for the purchase of equipment.

Please vote "Yes" on Article 6.

Albert "Tykie" Akerstorm
Former Fire Chief


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Library serving Gilmanton is a positive & economical manner

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to ask Gilmanton voters to support the Gilmanton Year-Round Library this year at election time. The request is less than last year by more than $6,000, so there will be no new tax impact.
The library board was able to raise the $18,000 additional funds for this year and $25,000 to go toward the 2015 year keeping the request to $45,000.

The board is very fiscally responsible. The board can apply for grants if they have town financial help. More services and programs are available. E-books are now available for Gilmanton residents.

New families expect to have a library and most come to the library within weeks of moving to town.
School children are now regularly walking over to the library for after school programs and have come to expect the service.

The library is serving the needs of this community in a positive and economical manner.

Consider the facts and do what is right for our community. This request has only a positive impact on all residents. Please support Warrant Article 25 on March 10 when you go to vote.

Anne Kirby


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