Calling all West Virginians: time to celebrate 151st Anniversary

To The Daily Sun,

Welcome all transplanted West Virginian's! Come to a celebration of West Virginia's 151st anniversary of when we seceded from Virginia (yes, we really did) and declared ourselves a state. No matter how long you've been gone from the hills and hollows there are some things that draw you back.

So, if you can relate to the following you may be from West Virginia...

— you'd give someone the shirt off your back

— you can pronounce Kanawha and Monongalia and Appalachian

— in elementary you had to learn all 55 countries and their county seats

— you know real barbecue isn't cooked using charcoal or propane

— your grandmother cooked green beans with salt pork in a pressure cooker until they melted in your mouth

— you can sing at least the first verse of "Oh Those West Virginia Hills"

— if you have a lengthy telephone conversation with someone who dialed a wrong number

— you measure distance in hours

— you know if another Hillbilly (or, being more politically correct, another Appalachian American) is from southern, central, or northern WV as soon as they open their mouth

— your parents have threatened to send you to Pruntytown

— it drives you crazy when people think you're from Virginia

— when you fry bologna, you know where to cut the edges

— when asked where you are from, you name your county

— you wave to 99 percent of the cars you pass on the road

— you are sure that America is a gift from God and this is Almost Heaven

So, if you were born, raised, and went to school or were sent to Pruntytown, West Virginia, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information of our gathering coming up next Friday, June 20 in celebration of the wonderful, wild West Virginia.

P.S. - We are grateful of our adopted State of New Hampshire and relish in the beauty and her people. Thank you for opening your arms to us.

Catherine M. Tokarz



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State imprisons healthy teens & ignores others in need of help

To The Daily Sun,

Justina Pelletier was allowed to go home to her family yesterday.

If you do not know who Justina is, I will tell you. She is a teenager with mitochondrial disease. She was seen by doctors at Tufts. Justina had the flu and was advised to go to Children's Hospital in Boston. Within hours of her being seen, it was decided that her illness was psychological. Her custody was awarded to the state and she was in Children's Hospital and later a mental institution for about a year or more.

Her health deteriorated. Any person with intelligence would realize that she was find under the care of Tufts and not under Children's so put her back under Tuft's and her parent's care. After almost a year, she was allowed to see her doctors at Tufts, but not allowed to go home. Yesterday her parents took her home and now have custody of her.

This is the nightmare of every parent.

What I do find interesting is the Pelletier's took very good care of their daughter. She did not have a mental disease. She has a physical disease and Tufts doctors were taking very good care of her.

There are other parents that have problems with their children and ask for help in having their children, either put in an institution for care of see mental health professionals. But nothing happens. No care is given to these children/teens. Parents are not helped...

People with schizophrenia think they are fine and the rest of us crazy. They do not take their medicine, and the horrible attacks and killings are happening. This has happened since the shutdown of a huge number of mental institutions. Now we do not have the beds for the people who need help.

What happens is, these young people get guns and kill innocent people.

The state imprisons innocent and healthy teens and ignores teens in serious need of help.

Instead the states and federal government want to limit our Second amendment rights.

There is nothing wrong with our Second Amendment rights. People who need mental health help need it and should get it. The safety of our citizens depends on those who need help to be to get it now before more attacks happen.

Linda Riley


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Judi Taggart (6-18) 131

To The Daily Sun,

I am honored to help plan an informal gathering to celebrate the retirement of Alan Robichaud from Granite United Way. Alan has touched the lives of countless individuals in our community, both directly and through his involvement in a myriad of organizations and groups. During his exceptional career, Alan has been recognized for his outstanding efforts by receiving many awards, most recently the Captain Ralph Bristol Award from Granite United Way.

We invite community members who know Alan to stop by the Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce conference room at 383 South Main Street in Laconia, on Tuesday, June 24 between 12 noon to 2 p.m. to wish Alan well in the next chapter of his life.

Questions can be addressed by calling me at 493-9524. Thank you.

Judi Taggart

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New state energy strategy to be discussed at LRCC

To The Daily Sun,
The N.H. Legislature required the Office of Energy and Planning, in consultation with the State Energy Advisory Council, to develop a strategy "to ensure that the state's energy policies and programs support the state's economic, environmental, and public health goals". Public comments will be welcomed at a presentation of the draft State Energy Strategy on Thursday, June 19 at the Lakes Region Community College, 379 Belmont Road (Rte. 106), in Laconia. The meeting will be in the Center for Arts and Technology, Room 236 (the new building, closest to Rte. 106), starting at 6 p.m.
The Draft Strategy is available at Written comments may be submitted until July 25, 2014.
Rep. Herb Vadney,

Member, N.H. Energy Advisory Council


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Liberal doctrine has only brought us to brink of economic disaster

To The Daily Sun,

After reading the latest from Bernadette Loesch, my thoughts to Don Ewing, Russ Wiles and Bob Meade are these: The truth be known, there is no logic or reasoning Bernadette is ever going to accept from us or anyone else unless it is pre-soaked in a tub of Kool Aid. A tub made by union workers paid twice what they are worth, pulled in a blue wagon whose cost is entirely subsidized by government by a team of dumber-than-dirt donkeys getting free Obama veterinarian care.

I think the best we can do guys is simply ignore the ratings that confirm the old saying, "You cant teach an old donkey new tricks."

I have to say, for me it is a toss-up which one of them gives me the best laughs, Bernadette or James Veverka. Bernadette apparently wants to be able to hold 20 minute conversations while out shopping in the morning with working people on the job no doubt to tout the great things Obama is doing as some business owner pays that employee the highest wages possible (to make Bernadette happy and him broke  including paying Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, disability insurance, vacation pay, holiday pay, plus state payroll costs and likely contribute to a pension.

Fellows, there is no way we can reason with Bernadette. This is a person who could not run the simple finances and inventory control requirements of a lemonade stand let alone understand the complex challenges and issues involved in running a real business, with real issues, real payrolls and real competitors in a global economy. Bernadette has never run a business in her life. She just collected a guaranteed paycheck from the people taking all the risks. What we are hearing from Bernadette is totally uninformed, hyperbole with hypocrisy as high as it gets. A person who wouldn't know gross margin from net margin or capacity utilization from capacitor alteration or selling short from being sold short.

Bernadette's uninformed, farcical rantings (and that is what they are) illustrate as perfectly as anything can exactly what is wrong with America today. The liberal doctrine of Democrats pursued since FDR has only brought us to the brink of national economic disaster. The never-ending government subsidized, ballyhooed, trillion dollar promises made by FDR JFK, LBJ , Clinton and Obama have led this country where I ask?

Answer: to a country in global decline, education decline, middle-class decline marked by record debt, record welfare demand and record wealth inequality. Guess what? Bernadette Loesch is still screaming for the same failed "donkey" solutions this country has implemented over 75 years that all promised to improve equality. Programs from SS to Medicare to disability insurance to higher minimum wages and higher income taxes. Clearly, not one of those policies or programs worked even a tiny bit. In fact, every social program and welfare program is broke and underfunded in the trillions as I write this, while the government-run VA hospital system has just been accused of killing several service men from delayed appointments and then instructing thousands of people that work in the hospitals to lie about it. That any person would want more government after witnessing this 75-year failure of Democratic policies strikes me as someone truly insane, devoid of rational analytical ability.

Tony Boutin


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