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My personal goal is to organize veterans in support of Jeanie

To The Daily Sun,

The Senate and House have convened for the summer and it is time for the candidates to start running full-time for the various offices. My favorite public servant, Jeanie Forrester, our present state senator, is holding and attending events from one end of the state to the other. This campaign is for all the people — grassroots from the word go.

There are so many campaigns that tout all their big-shot friends and fellow politicians. That is fine; everyone should be welcomed to help a candidate, but for Jeanie it is most important to get to everyone.

In order to be a good governor you need to know what the people of New Hampshire want her to do to improve the state. Jeanie listens, and will tell you she doesn't have all the answers, but it is up to all of us to make sure she knows what the people's concerns are.

Try to get out and meet her. You can also write, email, or call her with any questions you may have. If there ever was time we need to turn things around in New Hampshire after all the years of Democratic governors leading us, it is now.

I plan to help in any way I can. One of my personal goals is to organize veterans who wouldlike to support Jeanie. You can email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call me at 603-279-4930

Personally I don't mind those who don't support Jeanie to contact me for reasons they don't agree with Jeanie on, or things they would like changed.

One of the greatest things about America, we have the right to agree to disagree.

L. Michael Hatch

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When did it become hateful to insist on living by your own values?

To The Daily Sun,

Loretta Lynch was supposed to have more integrity than Eric Holder, the previous Department of Justice ringleader. Of course that would not take much, but saying that we may never know the motivation of Omar Mateen stretches credulity, does it not.

Yes I know, the DOJ, at the likely behest of President Obama, redacted out all Islamist references from the 9-1-1 calls he made during his horrific slaughter at the Pulse club. The outrage was so intense that they had to do a 180 and show the transcript intact. But she is still saying it, for goodness sake.

Palestinian-loving socialist Bernie Sanders also asserts that we may never know. Steve Earle wants to know why the left continues to give cover for radical Islam and so do I. This is a perfect example of why the left's good intentions get people killed, again and again.

So good is the mainstream media in promoting leftist ideals and ignoring the truth, that conservative/independent family and friends of mine were not talking about yet one more radical Islamist terrorist attack inside this country. Their comment was, "I don't see why people need to have assault rifles?"

The Orlando slaughter is not about gun control, for goodness sake. Well, except for the fact that the club was a gun-free zone, or should I say, a free-fire zone. Terrorists are inside the gates and the left wants to make it more difficult to obtain assault weapons.

I'm never sure what constitutes an assault weapon and I will bet most on the left don't have a clue either. In any event, that will do nothing to stop these Islamist terrorists who are streaming in through our open borders and "diversity" culture. With a President Clinton in charge, these massacres will almost assuredly increase in the future.

Read about "America's Jihad Playground in Florida" by Michelle Malkin. It will shake you to your core to see all the names of those radicalized just in the one state of Florida. She names names and lots of them.

Ken Gorrell had a great column in this week's Weirs Times where he talked about "The Immigration Joke." He mentioned that we are in the fourth peak period of immigration, which is much different from the first three periods. Ken explained how the economic factors are much different now. He went on to say, "The other big differences are that there was no welfare state during the first three periods, and the security threats came mostly from foreign militaries, not a global network of terrorist organizations."

"In the lofty circles of those who see themselves as citizens of the world, it is considered unworthy, if not hateful, to insist on living according to your own Western values or to resist importing people who increase your chances of being killed," reported Thomas Sowell this week. He goes on to say, "some people demand American citizenship, as if it is an entitlement, while burning the American flag and waving the flag of Mexico. And the apostles of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" watch in silence. That includes the president of the United States."

Now even Great Britain has awakened to the two-headed monster that is threatening their country. Citizens have decided that the left, that is the European Union, by and large, is big, centralized government tethered to Brussels and is not in their best interests. Lou Dobbs believes that British citizens have decided that they still prefer the concept of sovereignty where citizens still feel connected to the powers that govern them. What a concept. I wonder where they got that idea from?

K.T. McFarland declares that we should hope for a 1980s renewal of Reagan/Thatcher proportions in order to get our economies booming again and together take on radical Islam once and for all. Yes indeed, Great Britain voted for freedom, economic prosperity and national security, all diminished under the European Union.

Perhaps President Donald Trump can reinvigorate our relationship with the British folks and restore power to the people, which is why he congratulated our neighbors for their courage. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were against the move, even knowing that the EU was yet another example of an unaccountable power forcing rules and regulations on countries where its people have no say. Ah, but it's the way of the left where good intentions trump costly and often deadly results.

What would President Hillary Clinton do for our economy, freedom and national security? isn't it crystal clear?

Russ Wiles

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