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I consider Carly Fiorina heart & hands above the other candidates

To The Daily Sun,

Some great letters here in Saturday's edition of The Sun. Made mine sound kind of, well not as good. We dragged Hillary up out of her mud soaked record and showed her for what she is, a self-serving, lying phony. Then there was that one anti-Trump letter that, well was shear mud slinging. But oh well, anyone who reads my letters knows I'm no Trump fan.

Still I have a comment to make to Republicans, conservatives and others such as the purists at National Review. Follow the Buckley rule, that is vote for the most conservative candidate who can actually win the general election. That person is the person who wins the nomination, not the most conservative, or religiously correct, or tells the best jokes. It's the one nominated. Now, in the primary I intend to vote my conscious and that will be for Carly Fiorina, whom I consider heart and hands above the rest. After that the signs on my lawn will support the Republican nominee because that person is the only one who can stop the Marxist-socialist nominee of the other party. The only one who can stop the nation's slide into chaos, bankruptcy, and totalitarianism.

Vote your conscience in the primary, but then for America in the national election.

Steve Earle


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Bernie is the only one speaking to the needs of wage earners

To The Daily Sun,

Some of us old retired guys (I am 71) remember when the economy was good. There were jobs, education, health care, growth and prosperity for all. There were lots of rich people and rich corporations. A better future seemed to be a given. That is no longer the sense of the society. Something happened to change the shape of our fiscal health. Some of you remember that we had a fair, progressive tax code that perpetually stimulated the economy. That is gone. It has been replaced by the grossly unfair tax code that we have today. Bernie Sanders proposes a regaining of the concepts of taxation that made us all prosper... a fair, progressive tax code. You should know that.

That isn't all of the truths that Bernie Sanders addresses in his campaign. The issue of available and good-paying jobs is paramount in the minds of many. You know that Bernie is the only one speaking honestly to the needs of wage earners. You also know that small businesses are getting nowhere fast. You know that it is the big corporations and the super wealthy that are behind that as they make obscene profits for themselves alone as they drive small business out of existence. They don't pay their fair share of taxes and they hide their money off shore, leaving you and me to pay the essential bills.

Social Security ... Bernie is the only one standing up for seniors. He wants to improve its funding design and to raise the COLA adjustments. The same can be said for health care. It is crazy for us to be the leader of the industrialized world and to have the expensive, for-profit, insurance industry-owned health care system we suffer under. You know that too.

Add to this list, education funding, infrastructure rebuilding, mass transit, climate change policy, equality for all and it is clear that Bernie is the only one addressing the real needs of our country. And you know all of that as well.

Bernie Sanders is the only one who honestly speaks to the real concerns of all of the people of America. That is why we should all vote for Bernie for president on Feb. 9.

Terry Downs


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