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Bob Kingsbury's views were those shared by many Americans

To The Daily Sun,

I read with great sadness of the passing of Bob Kingsbury, a true patriot and gentleman who loved his country. I had the great pleasure and honor of meeting Mr. Kingsbury at several rallies and meetings over the past two years. He stood out to me as a very patriotic gentleman who was proud to have served his country. At a time when I was researching my father's service in the army in WWII and tracing his footsteps through the European theater of operations, Mr. Kingsbury was a wealth of information and was more than patient and gracious with his time.

My father, too, fought at the Battle of the Bulge. Mr. Kingsbury was kind enough to relate some information on that battle to me as well as give me some very informative publications he had written on the subject. His thoughts and insight into that great Battle gave me a much better picture of what my Father and so many other brave young men had endured.

To read that Rep. David Huot did not think Mr. Kingsbury's views made him a candidate to serve the public was really offensive to me. We need more people like Bob Kingsbury! He was the epitome of a true American patriot and a part of that greatest generation the likes of which I fear we may never see again. It might interest Rep. Huot to know that Bob Kingsbury's views are the views many Americans share, myself included. His passing is a great loss and he will be greatly missed by me and many others at future rallies and meetings.

Christine Wittmann

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Rep. Huot's remark is a confirmation of the trouble we are all in

To The Daily Sun,
It is quite telling when a former judge and sitting state representative can write about someone who has just passed away as though it doesn't matter what he says about him. I am referring to the recent letter Mr. Huot wrote, which had tasteless comments about the Honorable Representative Kingsbury. It is confirmation of the trouble we are all in. Mr. Huot of ALL people should know that Representative Kingsbury was ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE. It is clear that Mr. Huot's vanity supersedes his intelligence, because by Mr. Huots standards, when he lacks the ability to agree with Representative Kingsbury, he thinks Representative Kingsbury shouldn't have served the people who elected him! Mr. Huot has shown his true, dirty, liberal colors. Mr. Huot lacks respect for our God-given rights to ELECT WHOM WE CHOSE and the long honored right for Representative Kingsbury's TO SERVE AS AN ELECTED OFFICIAL.
I for one will always remember the time Representative Kingsbury took to talk to his constituents and listen when they spoke. He is going to be sorely missed by those who love this state and country. Representative Kingsbury had more class in his baby finger than Mr. Huot will ever have, because with Mr. Huot's over inflated ego, there is simply no room for class.

Barbara Howard

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Rep. David Huot should be ashamed of himself, an apology is owed

To The Daily Sun,

This is a response to Rep. David Huot's letter to the editor dated Sept. 10 (http://www.laconiadailysun.com/index.php/opinion/letters/71361-rep-david-o-huot-9-5-114-priority), which gave "recognition" to a great man, the late Rep. Bob Kingsbury, a soldier, father, friend, and patriot.

I initially thought it was nice of Rep. Huot to "reach across the aisle" with his (limited) admiration of Rep. Kingsbury, until I got to the point in his letter where he said "...some of us did not think it wise that a person with his views should serve in public office..." I just about fell off of my chair!

I was going to keep my opinion to myself but as I carried on my work at my computer that awful gut feeling didn't go away; something just kept tugging at me to not "just sit around and complain (but to voice my views) openly and honestly," a virtue Rep. Huot's letter seems to extol.

So here is open and honest: I can't believe that Rep. Huot, an elected official — a judge for 30 years — who is purportedly so well acquainted with our legal and political process to have decided the fate of thousands of litigants spanning three decades — would have the arrogance and haughtiness to condemn Rep. Kingsbury's "wisdom" for serving in public office because of a view or set of views that he holds which happen to contrary to the author.

That narrow-minded reasoning is tantamount to saying "unless your opinions can be inserted comfortably into Judge Huot's little partisan container, it would be unwise to serve in public office." That one line of Rep. Huot's "reasoning" alone exemplifies the depravity of partisan representation, calls into question the "wisdom" and discretion he used for so many years on the judicial bench, and has made an abject mockery of the 70-year legacy of Rep. Kingsbury's service. He should be ashamed of himself and he owes the late Rep. Kingsbury a public apology.

Josh Youssef


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Bob Kingsbury was true warrior for high standards & principals

To The Daily Sun,
After reading Rep. Huot's lip service to the Honorable Bob Kingsbury, I feel moved to respond.
Mr. Huot, don't look now but your progressive bent is showing. Many, many of us do not think it wise that a person with your views should serve in public office. I would think that Bob would find it a compliment that you never agreed with him. He was a man's man, who knew what was important and that is truth, freedom and the American way, led by the Constitution of the United States and the New Hampshire State Constitution. No wonder you "can't remember anything on which Bob Kingsbury and I ever agreed". Representative Robert Kingsbury was obviously everything that you are not. You must not believe in the Constitution. You must not believe in individual rights. You must not believe in personal property rights and freedom. You, sir, must be of the "collective" mentality. He was duly elected by his constituents whom he served well and to the best of his ability. Are you saying that the majority of citizens who voted for him and put him into office were wrong? Apparently so. Voters please take notice, all of you were wrong in voting for Representative Kingsbury according to Mr. Huot. Oh, and by the way, I am proud to say that I shared many of Representative Kingsbury's "views" and was co-sponsor on at least one of his bills and supported others.
Bob Kingsbury was one of the most honorable men I have ever met and I will miss him. His heart was true and brave and he was truly a warrior for high standards and principles. He loved his country, his cause and his people with passion. Just a very great man. My sympathies are with his family and many friends.
You were a true hero Bob and I will always remember you.
The Honorable Susan C. DeLemus

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Wind farm developers have left long trail of broken promises

To The Daily Sun,

Once again I feel compelled to write on the subject of Wind Farms around Newfound Lake.

First, I would like commend and thank "NH Wind Watch" for standing their ground on these wind developers.

Developers are playing legal games with the state of New Hampshire. Clearly developers intentions are to undermine the N.H. Constitution until they get what they want. So, I ask myself, how many times have developers met privately with some of our N.H. politicians for help? Developers after all have paid lawyers, lobbyists and have experts that are allowed to dictate to the state of New Hampshire. All the while the meetings that we are allowed to attend we must sit quietly and watch as most of our politicians do exactly what they want — public sentiment is damned.

Keep in mind that project developer Ed Cherian, was quoted as saying that "we would not build here if the community did not want us to." That statement alone has echoed through this community since those words left his lips. This alone has created a dysfunctional relationship with our community. Once again I say to Mr. Ed Cherian, thanks so much for your concern for the citizens of Grafton County — because his is your biggest lie to date. If the industrial wind turbines will not affect property values — why not provide us with a guarantee? If the industrial wind turbines will not affect our watershed — why not provide us with a guarantee? If developers say they will provide the community with more local jobs — why not provide us with a guarantee?

Some people who may not be following this story closely may not know that developers are full of broken promises and we've been witnessing them first hand with the Groton Wind Farm. Ask yourself why developers have the right to due process and why homeowners can't object based on basic rights.
Isn't it ironic that the every wind developer who wants to do business in our community is also willing to sue us too? If this is how they treat Grafton County residents now, how do you think they will treat us once they get their foot in the door? Make no mistake, it is a large company that could care less about this community and its citizens, it's all about the money. Nothing else...

Developers have played this game a thousand times before and developers know from experience that people in small towns will not stand and fight for their home value, health or safety.

Prove them wrong — you have the N.H. Constitution behind you.

Ray Cunningham

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