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I believe non-profits will be exempt from new Meredith vending fee

To The Daily Sun,

Please be advised that upon reading the article (about the approval of Motorcycle Week vendor fees in Meredith) in Thursday's paper, I wanted to write with minor clarification and a few points for understanding.

The Board of Selectmen has been and are in agreement that non-profits would be excluded from the fee. In a meeting when this was first brought to the public, we advised them that for as long as we (the American Police Motorcycle Museum) are here in Meredith, we wanted to have a place in our field for them every Motorcycle Week. Our plan was for it to be all military-related, and that they could all sell the things that help them to help other veterans. We don't charge any fees to them and we were just looking for assurance that they would not be charged.

The only thing that worried me (during Wednesday night's Town Meeting) was the mention of sale of items during Motorcycle Week required the fee to be paid. The veterans' groups raise money by selling things more than simple donations. These men and women have become very special to us because the things they do for our service members melts our hearts. The Meredith Board of Selectmen has been totally supportive of this.

Secondly, since we have come to Meredith we have met several local people who asked why we did not open up our field more to vending during Motorcycle Week. These were not commercial vendors but people who lived in the area that had parts, motorcycle clothing or other items people coming to Motorcycle Week might purchase. We have been letting them vend for free also because, quite honestly, they don't make a lot of money and it helps to promote our business.

The example I shared Wednesday night was of an elderly woman last year who asked me if she could set up and sell off her Motorcycle Week memorabilia last year. She made less money than the proposed fee and most of the stuff she sold; I bought and it is now on display. We also let people in the area park their motorcycles on the property with a for sale sign with no charge. We do not allow anything offensive to be sold. No alcohol can be sold or consumed, and in five years of Motorcycle Week, we have not had one problem. Our feeling about Motorcycle Week or any event in the Lakes Region is that we all need to be ambassadors by welcoming and assisting those that come to this beautiful region.

I fully understand the point of view presented by the Meredith Selectboard in the proposal as it is their function to look at the big picture and make decisions, some tough and some where disagreement is plentiful. I don't believe in the one size fits all theory which is why I brought up a fee schedule that would be affordable to the people who are not commercial vendors. Although my math was off last night, this also has the potential to bring in more funds than the cost of manning the fire stations and police coverage. Distributing the excess funds evenly to the police and fire chiefs for them to make an equipment purchase they might not normally afford in their budgets is good public relations for all involved.

Wednesday night was the first meeting of this type that I have ever attended and we found it extremely interesting.

D. Frederick

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Left has forgotten lesson Gov. Bradford learned in Pilgrim days

To The Daily Sun,

Bernie Sanders has convinced untold thousands that Democratic Socialism is finally the correct form that will prevent socialism from destroying our society, as it has with all past civilizations throughout history. How many millennials are aware that Venezuela, one current socialist country, is on the verge of collapse despite being awash with oil reserves. It is now awash with economic misery and nearing economic collapse. Our educational system, corrupted by the progressive socialists of the left, no longer teach our children the realities of life. So naturally they believe that free college education and free health care really means free, ignoring the laws of common sense and economics. They are told by Mr. Sanders and the progressive left that if only the evil one percent would pay their fair share, all the rest of us could really have all this free stuff.

As Dr. Thomas Sowell reminds us, "Under any economic system, those costs are either going to be paid off or there are not going to be any colleges. Money is just an artificial device for getting real things done." So while college costs continue to skyrocket, mostly due to government interference though all sorts of subsidies using "other people's money," that spigot would dry up after Bernie burns through a decreasing supply of "other people's money."

Perhaps Mr. Sanders and the left have forgotten the lesson Governor Bradford learned when he tried to "spread the wealth" of all the Pilgrims, whether or not they actually produced any goods or services. People were starving, and so Governor Bradford decided that the profit incentive of capitalism and entrepreneurship was far preferable to socialism by government decree. Joseph Stalin convinced his people that "sharing-the-wealth socialism" would be terrific. Stalin lied and millions died through starvation.

Obamacare gives us a marvelous example of socialism in this country today. The terribly misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is protecting fewer people along with skyrocketing insurance costs. Watching the left-leaning writers attack Tony Boutin has helped to crystallize for us how the mindset of share the wealth socialism can corrupt the thinking of otherwise intelligent people. It has been a polarizing force, as the few who have been helped by Obamacare don't seem so concerned with how it has hurt so very many more.

Socialism is also incredibly wasteful. When accountability is taken out of the hands of individuals and given to bureaucrats to control and disperse "other people's money," waste and fraud proliferate. Socialism is also, out of economic necessity divisive, as folks quarrel over the ever shrinking statist pie.

Even though we have ample evidence of how the rich transfer their wealth elsewhere when the government tries to confiscate too much of it, those of us uniformed and indoctrinated by academia, remain convinced that the rich can actually be taxed enough to pay for all of our "free stuff."

Again, Dr. Sowell offers us insight into the minds of enduring delusions, created from waters long muddied by the Democratic, socialist left. "Who would not want to live in a world where college was free, along with many other things, and where government protected us from the shocks of life and guaranteed our happiness?" Impractical idealism and delusions of grandeur define the left. So does death and destruction, and yet so many remain convinced that the Democratic Party is the party of compassion. It just blows my mind.

Just as prescription drugs and street drugs offer folks the illusion that their life will be better with these intoxicants and pain killers, so does the hallucinatory belief that socialism will also make them feel better. Sadly, reality bites and it will not. It never has and never will.

If we keep electing politicians from the left, who love socialism, and that includes Ms. Clinton, well then we will indeed soon "feel the burn" of economic misery and a drastically lowered standard of living. The bureaucratic elites will delight in their opulence while dispensing bread and circus to the rest of us.

Don Quixote rides with Hillary and Bernie. Will someone emerge as the conservative "Lone Ranger" to stop them and remind us that, "If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride"? If not this year, then the sun will surely soon set on this constitutional republic of ours.

Russ Wiles

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