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Please consider running for position of Gilman Library trustee

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to the voters of Alton:

For almost seven years I have had the privilege of serving as a trustee of the Gilman Library here in Alton. I would like voters to know that I have decided not to run for another term, and that in March, voters will have an opportunity to elect a new trustee. This is a time when good people of Alton who love the library need to consider if they, or someone they know, might step forward to run for this position.

It would be wonderful if there were several candidates to choose from. I would encourage anyone who uses and loves our Gilman Library, to consider service to Alton by becoming a candidate for this important elected position. Trustees of the Gilman Library are charged with providing leadership, guidance, maintenance, and support for all aspects of this valuable community resource.

Some of the characteristics which would be welcomed on the board include interests in special programs for teens and young adults, innovative ways to involve volunteers in the library, understanding new developments in technology, and, of course, energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn.

In order to become a candidate and have your name on the ballot in March 2015, candidates will have to file with the Town Clerk in January 2015. If you might consider running for the office of Library Trustee, please feel free to call me with your questions, contact another trustee, talk with head librarian Holly Brown, or attend one of our meetings.

Thank you for the honor of serving as Trustee of the Gilman Library.

Linda Hess


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'You can keep your health insurance!' Was that a big Tea Party lie?

To The Daily Sun,

Scott Cracraft lets it be known he's a U.S. citizen, a veteran, and a taxpayer. Thank you for your service, Scott. You're one of millions of us.

Now as to Scott's letter naming the Tea Party as some kind of radical, big lie, fascist-like organization I must respectively disagree. Can't remember any "big lies" told by the TP. I do remember "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" and "If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance." And how about that the Benghazi murders were not a terrorist attack but a peaceful demonstration that got out of hand triggered by some anti Muslim YouTube video? As for some who questioned Obama's citizenship is it really unreasonable to question an unknown candidate with few credentials, no accomplishments of note and sealed records? I don't think so, and still wonder why he had to seal all his collage stuff if all is on the up and up?

Obama has proven to be a serial liar over the past few years, which gave rise to the Tea Party whose expressed complaint is they want the law and Constitution followed which they deemed Obama and progressives were not, and there is certainly enough circumstantial evidence to leave the question open to argument. Perfectly reasonable in my opinion, as is their concern over the ever-growing national debt. So what exactly is radical about that Scott?

When has the TP attacked the poor; their only complaint is you liberals are creating thousands and thousands more and with jobs scarce allowing hundreds of thousands more unskilled needy aliens into the country. Compassion is one thing, but destroying the middle class and throwing millions of our own citizens into poverty just for political power is criminal, I think. And yes, that is exactly what Democrats are doing.

Gridlock? Well I guess Scott never heard that 300 bills were passed by the House and sent to the Senate where Harry Reid quashed them, never even allowing them to go to committee for debate. Why, because Harry didn't like them. Okay for Harry and Dems to refuse to pass legislation they don't like but not for Repubs? Get real. Congress is not a rubber stamp for any one party or president.

Tea Party violence? When, where? Now that's just plain bull, Scott. Liberals keep bringing up that red herring every so often even though there is no history of any conservative group resorting to violence unlike left wing mobs and thugs. Even now left-wing agitators are responsible for Ferguson burning and mayhem. Just can't stand the rule of law or that all real evidence supports it was just and right.

All told, it appears to me the left will use any excuse, any lie or distortion to steal power then blame anyone or anything else for the harm it does to those they proclaim they are helping.

Steve Earle


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