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I will work dilligently for you on the Belknap Co. Commission. Thanks

To The Daily Sun,

To the voters of Tilton, Belmont, Barnstead and Gilmanton, thank you for your support in the District 2 County Commissioner

I intend to work diligently on, and to consider fairly, the issues which face Belknap County.

Dick Burchell

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We're now in mid-Sept. & still no 5th member of Bristol Selectboard

To The Daily Sun,

Last March, the Town of Bristol had a very close race for two positions on the Board of Selectmen. The recount was Rick Alpers 338, Shaun Lagueux 325, Paul Manganiello 322, Andy O'Hara Jr. 277, and 2 write-ins. Obviously, Rick and Shaun were voted in.

On May 22, Joe Denning resigned from the board, creating another opening. One could assume that Paul Manganiello would be appointed (as been done in the past) especially in view of a three-vote difference with Shaun and a 16-vote difference with Rick. Many of us were amazed when the board asked for letters of interest and interviews soon followed.

We are now in mid-September without a new member ... a board of 4 not 5. Did the people not speak in March? Does the board have its own agenda? Are they determined to pick the "chosen one?" How disappointing for Paul and all of us who believed our vote counted.

Jan Barrett


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