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Why inbreed nation's top job wiht tiny handful of family dynasties?

To The Daily Sun,

We could have three possible presidential contenders in 2016, from the right, whose father ran for president or was president. On the left we have Hillary Clinton, whose husband was president for eight years. For a country founded on the principle of hostility to inherited wealth, we seem quite tolerant of inherited political dynasties.

Jefferson drew a distinction between the natural aristocracy of the virtuous and talented which he called a blessing to the artificial aristocracy founded on wealth and privilege which he saw as a strangle hold on the nation. I suggest to you the extraordinarily wealthy Bush and Clinton families have a stranglehold on the politics of the nation. This path guarantees the same tired, old solutions will be applied to an ever expanding list of night mare, economic and social problems that defy solution by either party. This direction all but assures new thinking will be non-existent while partisan gridlock and government dysfunction will again be assured. The sound bite "Chelsea Clinton for president in 2024 "is a lot more likely than "Molly Main Street for president."

Who believes Americas heritage is strengthened by "inbreeding" of the nation's top job to a tiny, handful of incredibly wealthy and powerful family dynasties?

Democrats scream outrage over the Supreme's Citizen/United decision for fear politics will be unduly influenced by business interests. Consider that hypocrisy given the left enables one family in America, out of tens of millions of families to stranglehold politics for their singular, self interests. If Democrats' fear of outside influence on politics were honest they would be screaming obscenities over the Clinton Foundations acceptance of hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign countries donated to curry favor with Bill and Hillary Clinton in hopes of influencing future foreign policy decisions in their favor. No one hands tens of millions to anyone without expecting something of great value in return.

American business can't influence American politics without heated condemnation from liberals, but Saudi Arabia can buy all the influence it wants without so much as a peep. Money from the Koch brothers is evil, but $20 million from some foreign king, queen, prince or sultan to the Clinton foundation is a blessing.

I am sure Bernadette Loesch, the Dear Abby of donkey droppings can put a spin on this that turns it into Clinton cotton candy.

Tony Boutin

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Tilton: In Pat Consentino you have got a winner of a selectman

To The Daily Sun,

What do you do with a person who:

— Loves their town?

— Will help all the people in the town and other towns?

— Is viewed as a true representative of the people?

— Does not have a 'hidden' agenda'?

— Has the knowledge and skills to be a selectperson?

— Is a local advocate for seniors and veterans?

— Is a true professional?

The answer to my questions is, "You re-elect Pat Consentino". Although I am a resident of Sanbornton, I am a big fan of Pat Consentino. She has assisted me on several veterans' issues.

If I could vote for Pat, I would be the first in line. Tilton-Northfield, you got a winner. Re-elect Pat Consentino.

Jim Mayotte


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