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Every time we try to make house look nice we're hit with stop order

To The Daily Sun,

My wife and I have lived in Gilmanton for 44 years. This house has been in my wife's family for around 150 years. I am a 60 percent service-connected disabled U.S.M.C Veteran. My doctor took me out of work in 1995 and I've been on SSI since and paying full taxes on this house and another since 1988.

I get no rent income from this old farm house. The Historic Commission told me I could not tear it down, but I could pay full taxes on it even with no one living in it. My daughter said she would give me the money to pay the taxes and use her own money to fix up the house. For seven years now we have been fixing up the inside of the house to make it a home for my daughter and her family and, I wish to add ,thanks to God and a very caring doctor, she is in remission now. But she has been fighting cancer for about two years.

Every time we try and make the house look nice and correct we are hit with stop work notice which could result in misdemeanor or felony persecution or a fine. We've had people coming onto our land taking pictures. We've gotten phone calls, registered letters, and when I've gone to a meeting at the Historic District Commission I'm told instead of $183 windows, I have to use custom made windows at a cost of $670 each. They will not take $3 out of their own pockets, but they have no problem taking thousands out of mine. And all the time they are using your tax money to make my life extremely difficult! One of their members (workers) told me that if I want out I must hire a lawyer! You mean to tell me I have to pay a lawyer to be able to work on my own house! I don't think so.

People this is America. We have our God given rights guaranteed and protected by our state and federal Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Who do these people think they are. And I did not like the manner in which I was treated in the last meeting I attended. I think these people need a life. I encourage others who agree with me to write letters to a newspaper of your choice. Thank you and one Nation under God.

Roland A. Hueber


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Libraries aren't bad; people who shove them down throats are

To The Daily Sun,

Just like Obamacare it started out on a false premise. The library said they would be self supported but you could just feel what was going to be coming down the pike.

This is a private entity and should not be soliciting our tax dollars. To those liberals who want to shove this down our throat, I say get all your friends with the "Library Yes" signs and find a way to fund this without bothering folks on fixed incomes and the majority of us that will never walk through the door.

Libraries are not bad. People who shove them in your face are.

Kevin McCauley


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