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Nothin in the Judeo-Christian ethic requiring us to commit suicide as a nation

To The Daily Sun,
Dick Devens (in his letter of Sept. 17) wants our nation to accept many more Middle East Muslim refugees. If oil-rich, Muslim Saudi Arabia won't take any Muslim refugees from nearby countries, then I don't see why the U.S. should take any, especially considering our own difficulties and who the refugees are, the risks, and costs.
There are about 57 Muslim countries. The Muslim refugees would more smoothly integrate with those countries. Why don't they take the Muslim refugees? Perhaps the Muslim countries know something that most Americans don't know about the refugees.

We typically think of refugees as women, children, and old men, but the U.N. reports that 72 percent of the "Syrian" refugees are men, mostly young men (http://goo.gl/31yJ59). One wonders if these young men aren't willing to defend their families, homes, and countries, how much loyalty, respect, or help should another country expect from them?

ISIS has promised to infiltrate terrorists among the refugees. Apparently Muslim countries won't take the risk, why should we? The FBI director says these refugees cannot be vetted to exclude terrorists, that there are currently terrorist investigations in all 50 states, and many immigrants have already committed terrorist acts here.

In 2013 the U.S. accepted 240,000 immigrants and almost 40,000 refugees from Muslim countries. Between 2001 and 2013, the US has resettled 1.5 million immigrants from Muslim countries. As legal residents they are receive work permits (competing with American workers) and are entitled to full welfare benefits. (http://goo.gl/pqu6Kj)

Immigrants in general receive welfare at a higher rate than native Americans, but Middle East immigrants receive welfare at even a far higher rate. Almost all Middle East refugees receive at least one form of welfare, over 91 percent are on food stamps, almost 70 percent receive Medicaid or other Health insurance, over 68 percent receive at least one form of cash assistance, some get housing assistance, TANF, SSI, etc. (http://goo.gl/hGyGT7)

As wealthy as our country is, it apparently isn't wealthy enough to pay our current bills without borrowing from the earnings of our children and future generations. It's immoral to continue adding to the burden we pass on to future, even unborn, taxpayers so that we can feel good about ourselves today.

If Dick Devens feels so strongly about taking more refugees, perhaps he should personally house, feed, clothe, educate, provide health care and funds for the Muslim refugees ... and take the risk that they will behead him and his family.

Perhaps one reason why few Muslim nations accept these refugees is because these refugees are really part of an unarmed invasion of the Christian world, another tactic in their 1,400 year old plan for Muslim domination of the world. The Muslim goal is a world like Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan under the Taliban where women are treated as slaves, suffer FGM and "honor killings". Gays and apostates are executed; and non-believers are executed or treated as second-class citizens.

There is nothing in our Constitution or the Judeo-Christian ethic that requires us to commit suicide as a nation or culture by letting into our country people who don't believe in our ideology, way of government, freedoms, culture, tolerance for diversity, and who have been killing people with different beliefs, non-Muslims and other Muslims, for over 1,400 years.

The U.S. foreign born population has grown rapidly from less than 10 million in 1960 to 40 million in 2010, not allowing time for assimilation and burdening American taxpayers. Considering our nation's debt, deficit spending, and unemployment problems, it seems to me that all immigration should be severely reduced, and immigration that burdens American citizens, that promotes diversity rather than assimilation, or that opens our nation to terrorism, must be ended.

Don Ewing

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Anyone recognize this dog named 'Vince' – from Meredith?

To The Daily Sun,

In June of 2010 our family adopted an Alaskan Husky from the Humane Society in Laconia. They guessed his age at three years old and they gave him the name "Vince". We thought about other names but Vince seemed to fit him nicely. They said he was picked up as a stray in Meredith around March of 2010. If anyone recognizes this photo we would love to learn his real age, name and original family to share stories and photos with. Please contact me on Facebook or by telephone.

The Humane Society told us he had a high prey drive and was very intelligent and needed intellectual stimulation. He became a family member immediately and the kids were crazy about him, however they could not walk him as his pulling was almost impossible to control. I gave him long walks and began to have him run along my bicycle to spend his energy and for exercise. We both enjoyed that, as in winter he had to run in the forest snow to exercise. He would always return to me. We camped in our back yard tent and he loved that! We even had cable TV in the tent. Vince also enjoyed going on car and canoe rides. You don't realize how much you care for a pet that is a family member until you have to say "goodbye".
On Sunday, Aug 20, 2015 I took Vince for a quick ride to the Gilmanton dump as he was acting tired. I knew he must not be feeling well. He jumped up into the van and let out a mournful cry. I checked his paw as I thought he may have something in it. I didn't see anything. After quickly dumping the trash and recycling I noticed he was laying down on the middle seat instead of the front passenger seat where he started. As I got home I went to help him out to avoid hurting his paw and he was in distress. We quickly jumped into the van and rushed to Meredith Veterinary E.R. As they were discussing our options he passed away after about 10 minutes.

We all knew he had a big piece of our hearts and he loved us and we love him. Now he is gone and everything I do and everywhere I go I think about how much he loved to be my shadow. We adopted a former sled dog from the N.H. Sled Dog Rescue in Jefferson, N.H. in January to keep Vince company during the day. In the short time they knew each other they really enjoyed each others company. Her name is "Tiny" and she is five years old. We decided to rescue another former sled dog from there last week. She is Tiny's aunt and her name is "Sydney", she is six years old. Unfortunately these dogs are a high flight risk and will run away and be next to impossible to catch. They come with a satellite tracking system should they get away.

Anyway, if someone recognizes the dog named "Vince" from Meredith or anywhere else and know the origin of "Vince" in early 2007-2010, please contact me. Adopting another dog certainly helped to ease the sorrow as I now am training both dogs to run along side by bicycle individually and they love that! I use two collars and two leashes due to the high flight risk. They may be less apt to run away after some time has passed. Please look me up on Facebook to see these wonderful dog's photos and videos and to contact us should you know where Vince came from. And if you have a pet/ amily member, include them in as many family activities as they'll enjoy. We even took Vince to the Weirs Drive-In several times. It is extremely sad to put down a family member/pet who is sick, it is even more difficult to have your best friend die suddenly without any warning or preparation. Vince has visited me in my dreams several time since and that makes me feel better. I still talk to him because I know if he could be anywhere right now it would be around us. Thanks for any help you can be.

Joe Laurendeau


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