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Good old covered dish supper is best way to get people together

To the editor,
Covered Dish Suppers are popular with churches, clubs, and other friendly organizations. Seems that I've enjoyed them at various churches for at least 74 years. On the way to last Sunday's excellent dinner at the Gilford Community Church, Joan and I discussed the problem with getting some older or disabled people to those, and their perception that one must bring some food. Not so! There is always more than twice the food that can be eaten! And always people willing to drive to bring those who might have transportation problems.
After waiting for about 25 minutes, and seeing the tremendous task ahead of consuming such a big variety of great food, I suggested to Pastor Michael Graham that getting started might be in order. His nice reply was it wasn't up to him, and, oh "I hope you don't plan to write an editorial on this". Hadn't crossed my mind till then. But thinking of the many good older friends who had not gotten there to help us with the excess food, it seemed Michael had a good suggestion with that. So, here it is, mostly finished with the introduction.
If you belong to a church, fraternal order, club of any kind, remember that the good old Covered Dish Suppers were the best way to get people together for pure fun and idea exchanges. Promote them, but when doing so, be sure to remind the seniors, and all, that they are welcome whether they bring food or not: their appetite and company are most important, and they can make someone happier by letting them bring you to and from the supper! Just ENJOY!
Jack Stephenson

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Participate in & enjoy Town Meeting; it's an inherited treasure

To the editor,
SB-2 advocate Bill Whalen's botherment with turnout for Town Meeting bothers me. The "approximately 150 Sanbornton residents who attend town meeting" deserve applause. SB-2 would replace that large number with darned few, keeping track of news reports on such.
SB-2's process can include discussion and altering of warrant articles at a required budget hearing (a meeting!), but no final decision-making. SB-2's law, as written (40:13), veritably squirms with "may nots" about that warrant-article altering, throwing doubt on what's behind SB-2's establishment as an alternative to Town Meeting.
Coping with SB-2 at long last a voter is alone in a booth with all the articles on her ballot. No one with whom to discuss. I see potential for exasperated, thrown-up hands and a straight line of "no" voting.
Mr. Whalen went last year to Sanbornton's Town Meeting, using the microphone often. Bravo! People participate in our democratic process, where we are citizen legislators, making time for our town's well-being by coming to Town Meeting, speaking, listening, and there together deciding.
Our town's budget is important; our money spent perpetuates our town. (Everything shouldn't get a "no.") This is where Mr. Whalen's insistence on private voting booth time doesn't convince. He thinks of Sanbornton only in terms of this year and his taxes. Just vote no and get it over with. He doesn't care about a long-term Sanbornton that will succeed him beyond his time here. Yet he came to our town, liking it, because those preceding him did care.
Before May 14's voting share this letter with others, and bring it to May 15 Town Meeting too. Vote no on Question #1, and protect Sanbornton Town Meeting — then participate, even enjoy it. Town Meeting is our inherited treasure.
Lynn Rudmin Chong

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All that phony talk of liberties meaningless because he's Muslim

To the editor,
I was humored by the folks on the right who consider Senator Ayotte an actual representative of the people. Evidently, according to her, she is fighting out of state interests in the gun control battle. Out of state? Like energy corporations and gun nut groups? Marland's cartoon in the Monitor was simply brilliant because she is a lapdog of the NRA just as she is lapdog of corporate lobbies. She ignored 89 percent of the people when she voted against expanded background checks. Ayotte ought to go.
Her latest legal gymnastic stunt is joining Peter King, Lindsay Graham and ole crab-king himself, John McCain, in pushing for the Boston bomber to be considered an "enemy combatant". Really? It was only two months ago and the far right was apoplectic about the presidential use of drones. All of the tea party and pseudo-constitutionalists were crying about how every American citizen has to be given their unabridged constitutional rights. Now, of course, because the bomber is a Muslim, all that phony talk of liberties is meaningless.
Did anyone notice that John McCain wants to put troops on the ground in Syria? Are we really that stupid? He certainly is.
James Veverka

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28 dogs & cats were given their rabies shots at Saturday clinic in Bristol

To the editor,
The Bristol Lions Club held its annual rabies clinic at the Bristol Fire Department on Saturday, April 27. Dr. Steve Westland and his assistant Heather, along with Brooks and Cheyene, got the job done. Twenty eight dogs and cats were given their rabies shots. Some were a bit more cooperative than others but the bright, shiny day, along with Dr. Westland's quiet manner, helped. As the firefighters were out on an emergency medical call and the station was locked, we improvised. Volunteer Dan Arsenault borrowed some chairs from Parkhurst's. Many thanks to Fran for loaning the chairs.
Lions and volunteers included in the group were Paula Denning, Gerry Gagnon, Terry Phelps, Dan Arsenault and Joe Denning. Our Members and Volunteers filled out forms, held pets, and otherwise made the event a success.
A great big thank you to Dr. Westland and the Bristol Veterinary Hospital, the Bristol Fire Department and Parkhursts for providing this valuable service to the community Most thanks go to those folks who brought their pets in to receive their rabies shots.
Joe Denning
Bristol Lions Club

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Don't compromise our security by turning greenbelt into Central Park

To the editor,
Mr. King, you are right in that I should have thought about services before I bought at South Down. I knew, as a private community, I would be paying for additional services, but never had any idea as to the extent that South Down and Long Bay subsidize the City of Laconia in actual dollars until after I moved in. Also to the extent that the city nickels and dimes us to death and actually costs us more money in the end.
Every year since then, it has been one surprise after another. First it was being charged to use the dump where most everyone else gets free curbside pick-up. The town I came from in N.H., most people used the dump, including recycling, but it was free to use. Everyone was treated the same. You had to recycle or you couldn't use the dump, period! There was no free curbside pick-up. At least Laconia is starting to force the recycling issue.
Then if we want police patrols, SD has to pay. Next there are people from all over town coming to our small private beach and using our facilities. Maybe even some of those kids walking along the tracks? Now we have to pay for beach monitors so our residents can use our own beach which we ourselves maintain.
Then the WOW trail comes along and wants to cross our pristine waterfront property (which we pay higher taxes for), erect a fence, limit our access to boat usage in our marina and docks, tear through our beach club, turn our greenbelt into "Central Park" and compromise our security that we have to pay extra for. I have nothing against the WOW trail, just not coming through the property that I purchased and enjoy and reducing my values and costing me yet again more money to maintain than I originally thought when I purchased.
On top of that, we at least were able to manage our own coverage requirements (or so we thought) until recently, when the city ZBA decided to get involved in our "private community". They dragged out a recent variance for well over a year, pitted neighbor against neighbor, and again cost SD residents tens of thousands of dollars in legal expenses without having any clue of how our private community operates. "There when we don't want you, not there when we do!"
So stop with the petty criticisms of our community, because without our subsidy (revenues without the costs) Laconia city taxes would go way up based on the costs that are already incurred to support the non SD and LB areas.
Just think, with all these other things going on, some people in the city couldn't even be bothered with separating their own trash while getting free curbside pick-up!
South Down

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