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There is absolutely no excuse for leg-holding trapping of animals

To The Daily Sun,
I could not agree more with Hillarie Goldstein of Franklin when she writes in her letter, pointing out the horrible, prolonged pain and terror trapped animals are subjected to.
I think perhaps her assumption that the alternative — hunting, "kills them quickly," might often not be the case either, the wounded animal managing to get out of sight and out of range of the hunter but left to survive in pain and handicapped. However, agreeing with Ms. Goldstein, "Hunt if you must."
In any case, in my opinion, there is NO excuse for leg-hold trapping FOR ANY REASON EVER!

Guy Stoye

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Senate must not approve any nominee who'd take away gun rights

To The Daily Sun,

Gun owners, your right to own a gun is in real jeopardy.

When President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Circuit Court Judge Merrick Garland, had the opportunity, he wanted to allow the District of Columbia to take away people's Second Amendment right. If a city can take away your gun rights, so can states and the federal government.

Judge Garland was nominated to replace Supreme Court Justice Scalia who cast one of the five votes (vs. four) needed to protect American citizens' Second Amendment rights.

Judge Garland is falsely described as a moderate, but had Judge Garland been on the Supreme Court instead of Justice Scalia, Americans' constitutional right to own a gun would have been eliminated.

Had Judge Garland been on the Supreme Court instead of Justice Scalia, any city, state, or the federal government could outlaw some or all guns or accessories, incarcerate you for owning prohibited items, or authorize SWAT teams to descend on your home and take your guns, as they did to New Orleans homeowners during Katrina.

Most Democrat politicians (e.g., Obama, Clinton, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, et. al.), despite their denials, want to take guns away from law-abiding Americans. They say it is for our safety. But history, e.g., in Germany, Great Britain, Australia, and American cities, teaches that taking guns from law-abiding citizens emboldens criminals and results in more innocent victims.

If the Senate consents to Judge Garland's appointment to the Supreme Court, your right to own a gun will disappear. Then only criminals will have guns.

If you believe that citizens should have the right to own a gun for lawful purposes, e.g., hunting, target shooting, to protect yourself, your family, or others, then you better help stop Judge Garland from becoming the next Supreme Court justice.

Tell Senator Mitch McConnell that the Senate must refuse to consider Judge Garland or any judge who would take away Americans' constitutional rights. Contact Senators Ayotte and Shaheen and demand that they deny consent for Judge Garland's appointment to the Supreme Court.

Don Ewing

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