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Thanks Tyler St. Market, for helping me recreate childhood memory

To the editor,
In these very stressful economic and political times I have recently found the need to try and find a brief ray of sunshine to recharge my batteries. Believe it or not I stumbled over this much needed oasis at the Tyler Street Market in Laconia.
Several months ago our family had lost the matriarch of our clutch at the grand age of 97. Spending most of my childhood summers in the North Country on the grandparent's farm had taught me many life lessons and skills that would bolster me later on in life. As part of this dear sweet woman's legacy, she had left behind a book of all her recipes and food preservation techniques for the next generations to carry on. I can remember coming down for breakfast to the smell of homemade country sausage sizzling in the pan. This has been locked in my childhood memories ever since. Considering this tablet a pearl not to be thrown back into the ocean, I vowed to bring back some of these treasured and near extinct concoctions. But how and where to begin?
On a quest for some standard cuts of meat one day, a friend recommended the Tyler Street Market. A great little shop run by the Davis family. While there on a cold January Saturday picking up some hamburg and a couple of steaks, I happened to mention my dream to the owner Randy. He immediately jumped at the chance to help me in my journey of resurrection. Randy helped build a list of products and schedules of things that would need to be done. An order was placed for the proper cuts of meats required and within a week my kitchen was turned into my very own memory mill. The prep work was done to the letter and as the first sample was lift from the pan and tested by all in attendance, there were nothing but smiles of contentment all around. Under Randy's tutelage the batch was spot on.
The Davis family really cares about the products they produce. The meat is fresh and they will custom cut to order and the prices are quite reasonable. In an economy like this it is very important to shop locally to support local business. So I would strongly suggest a trip to the Tyler Street Market to satisfy all your carnivorous urges.
To Randy and his crew, it cannot be said enough: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. . . for bringing back the good olde days.
Daniel Downing
Center Tuftonboro

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Don't elect people who are for Sustainable Communities Initiative

To the editor,
I was at a selectman meeting in Meredith on January 28. During the open comments part of the meeting, five citizens expressed their concerns about the Granite State Future program, water, and property rights.
One citizen held up a copy of a letter signed by Mr. Edgar, Meredith's Community Development Director. This letter was sent to HUD offices in Washington,DC back on September 9, 2011.
Mr. Edgar admitted he had not read all of the documents that had to do with the Granite State Future, but, wholeheartedly endorsed the "Sustainable Community Initiative", and the Granite State Future.
Other names on the document were William M. Edney, code and health officer and Angela LaBrecque, town planner. Why was there no communication to the Board of Selectman or the town manager before this letter of commitment was sent to HUD? Who is managing the Town of Meredith? Do we really need a community development director and a town planner? We are paying two people for one job, I think our spend mentality and keeping our property taxes down has not been for all residents benefit.
Another disturbing path is the unelected committee members. There is no check with the residents of Meredith concerning their intentions and visions.The volunteers might have no idea about the long-term effects that their committee will be implementing, and I believe many others share this unknowing truth.
This issue with the HUD document was only discovered 15 months after Mr. Edgar signed his name. Why was it not discovered earlier? Again, who is managing our town? This whole matter should awaken the residents of Meredith. Was Mr. Edgar voted into this position by We the People?
Other towns in the Lakes Region have also sent letters of commitment concerning Granite State Future to the HUD offices in Washington,DC. They are as followers: Barnstead, Wolfeboro, Tilton, Ossipee, Moultonborough, Laconia, Franklin, Effingham, Belmont, Andover, and Alton.
I felt very uneasy leaving the meeting. When you see the facts about Granite State Future and their connections with HUD-1044 foundational regional Fund Grant Program, you will also be uneasy!
Each Regional Planning Commission will develop its regional plan, working with HUD to achieve predetermined mandatory outcomes stipulated by HUD. A wide range of un-elected municipal officials, staff, volunteers, regional organizers, businesses with a financial interest in planning, and active citizen leaders are at the core of the Granite State Future as it moves forward.
This includes the Lakes Region Planning Commission located in Meredith, who has Mr. Edgar listed as an advisor. He is part of the Energy Committee.
The facts about the Granite State Future were outlined succinctly by Tim Carter. I was appalled there were no questions or statements except for Mr. Lovett, whose overall view came from his business credentials and not any facts.
Herb Varney expressed his concern and caution about GSF. Mr. Carter also asked the board and town manager for a workshop to talk about GSF, and the board took no initiative in response to the request, I find this very disturbing in many ways.
The silence of the selectmen transmitted to me, a Meredith resident, that the Selectboard is not looking out for our concerns. We the People should have had an open discussion with all the residents about this issue. There should be a workshop scheduled and the Lakes Region Planning Commission should be present to answer to the facts presented by Mr. Carter.
I would suggest the residents visit the Granite State Future site (www.granitestatefuture.org) and see what is being presented. Then they should reach out to Mr. Carter and get the 20 page document of the real facts for themselves. Mr. Carter gave these to each of the Meredith Selectmen.
I believe a time should have been set aside to speak with the concerned people of Meredith. It is our First Amendment rights to be heard and not just pushed aside.
Granite State Future is trying to be pushed down the throats of all the towns in the state. Here in the Lakes Region this effort is being driven by the Lakes Region Planning Commission. The main purpose of the GSF is to apply the Sustainable Communities Initiative from Washington ,DC onto the people of New Hampshire. The HUD documents that are part of the GSF clearly state that HUD people will take over planning control of our community. They want to side step local government thereby taking away our sovereignty.
Sustainable development brings the rights and freedom of individuals into direct conflict with the rights of the community at large. Federal Grants provide the funding, non-government organizations (NGOs) provide the leadership and local governments provide the targets.
When the grant runs out, there will be an increase in property taxes, bonds will be bought by the town to cover the expenses of this Sustainable Community. One only has to look at the town of Ashland, they are going broke, and taxes are being raised and soon the Federal Government will commit to the town. One of the organizations of the Granite State Future is HEAL and I hear that they are ingrained in the town. One just has to google this organization and get the facts.
I attended a Meet and Greet at the Community Center. The candidates for the selectman and library gave their resumes and why they wanted to be elected. A question concerning GSF surfaced. Mr. Louis Kahn said he had read all about the Granite State Future and didn't see anything wrong and that one could pick and choose what you wanted from the initiative. He said it wasn't binding and that there were issues in the program that were beneficial.
Mr. Kahn is an attorney and he should know better. It clearly states on page one of the HUD-1044 grant instrument that it's a legally binding agreement. It is not an al a carte, advisory document.
He's completely wrong about the no strings attached statement and you don't have to do all. The strings are all the money, we the town has to pay because nothing is ever free from government. This should be a real concern for the people of Meredith. I have been to meetings in other towns where the selectmen do not want the federal government interfering in towns. I don't want our quaint town to change!
The March elections are almost here and our community should seize the opportunity and elect a common sense person, who is an individual and not a follower! Someone who will listen to We the People, a frugal person who looks at our present economy and wants out taxes low, and our freedoms secure and in tune with the N.H. Constitution. Our rights as citizens are at risk if we elect people who are for Granite State Future and Sustainable Communities Initiative.
Rosemary Landry

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Even in enlightened societies many are accustomed to old ways

To the editor,
When President Obama signed and renewed the "Violence against Women Act" a couple of weeks ago, it got me thinking about the plight of women in our "Enlightened Societies". Since brevity is an art form we won't go into the status of women in the developing world — which is there for all to see.
The book of Genesis relates two accounts of how Adam and Eve "evolved". One subordinates Eve to Adam having been created as his playmate and fashioned from one of his ribs. The other gives her complete equality. Now one would think that the New Testament would take a stand and choose between the two. Indeed MY MAIN MAN did choose and raised the status of women not only to equality but in a few cases showed partiality to them.
One would also think that the New Testament vision for women would prevail in modern society but alas it was not to be. Rules are made by men and we can thank "Saint" Paul, and "Saint" Augustine for resurrecting the "subordinate" role for women. Naturally there are women and organizations that resist these biblical ideas but the sad fact is that even in our "enlightened" societies there are many who have grown accustomed to the "old ways". For them, women will always be in fourth place as the title suggests, and of course there is plenty of altar linen to be washed and ironed.
George Maloof

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Too much safety is going to break our municipal budgets

To the editor,
Lately there has been a lot of talk of towns running out of their road maintenance budgets. Laconia has been on the news because the winter budget is used up. I have been in Laconia many times after they have received a dusting of snow, and the entire road crew is plowing and salting every road and sidewalk.
Voters should start paying more attention at the Town Meetings and budget votes. Every year it seems more and more equipment and materials (salt and sand) is needed, yet the winters of late have been on the average more mild. It seems these days that the mangers and road agents are sending the crews out at the first sign of a snow flake, and they remain out until well after the storm is over, plowing, sanding and salting multiple times for every storm. How many times do we see the State Highway trucks and local town trucks plowing dry roads and salting barely wet roads and sidewalks when the sun is already out melting everything?
These guys doing the work are just being told what to do by the bosses, and they do a good job, but whatever happened to having some common sense with taxpayer money? If we get an inch of snow on a day when the forecast calls for sunshine, why not let nature do it's thing and save some money? Or better yet, let people learn how to drive on a little bit of snow. Our road agent had guys come in on Christmas Day to clean up barely a quarter inch of snow. This kind of thing would not have happened a decade ago, taxpayers and selectman would have spoken up. These days it seems that everyone is scared to say something because it's all in the name of "safety". Well, too much "safety" is going to break our budgets.
Martin Carney

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Belmont: please vote yes on Article 25 and no on Article 2

To the editor,
There are 27 warrant articles on the Belmont Town Meeting ballot. All are worth citizen time before voting at the Belmont High School today. Articles #2 and #25 are cornerstones for building the kind of community citizens have continually endorsed with voices, energy and support for more than 10 years.
Article #2 proposes Belmont's major entries — our front doors — on Route 106 and Route 140, add another, more or expanded trash facilities. Vote no if you value water, the still-farmed land on Depot Street, or wonder how it would complement the $1.7M+ taxpayer investment in the village.
Article #25 seeks $,5000 for a Heritage Commission fund to match grant and other opportunities. In the past five years the volunteer commission has delivered $100,000+ in direct funds, and about $50,000 in equipment and services — both from other than local taxpayer sources. I'm privileged to serve on the Commission and ask for a yes vote.
Yes on #25 and no on #2 are votes for dollars and sense. Both reflect the 2002 Master Plan vision, in part "...The Town recognizes its potential for growth and is committed to the protection of its unique natural resources, history and recreational opportunities ..." Thank you.
Linda Frawley

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