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Day Away provides days of respire for caregivers of loved ones

To The Daily Sun,

The Day Away program in Bristol would like to send a warm thank you to all who have helped to make our first year so successful.

A special than you to The Bishops Charitable Assistance Fund of Manchester, Meredith Village Savings Bank, Bristol Board of Selectman, Service Link of Lebanon, Garlyn Manganiello of Basic Ingredients in Bristol for proceeds from the Run Your Buns Off Charitable Road Race, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation of Concord, NHEC Foundation of Plymouth and all other friends and volunteers of the program.

Day Away provides a day of respite for caregivers of a loved one in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease or related dementias. Day Away is also a social program for qualified participants and allows them a day to socialize and make friends with the supervision of a registered nurse. Openings are currently available. If interested, contact Fran Olson, Administrative Coordinator at 744-6828 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Thank you to all the generous organizations and individual donors who have made our first year a success.

Fran Olson and staff/volunteers

Day Away



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Commissioners didn't try to change law, they just disobeyed it

To The Daily Sun,

I was taken to the woodshed a couple of times for a letter to the editor that I presented for publication last week. Let me just say they weren't the first nor will they be the last.
Rep. Luther in his response misconstrued a couple of my statements. I didn't write that Mr. Logue or any other administrator didn't "have" to mingle with the residents. What I said was they usually didn't, and that is not just Mr. Logue, but his predecessor as well. Whether they should or shouldn't I'll leave for someone else to decide.

He also felt that I was taking it upon myself to speak for the majority of all the taxpayers in Belknap County. Let me say that I believe the voters/taxpayers of Belknap County did a fine job of speaking for themselves in the last election and that is all I usually state.

Rep. Luther spoke to Commissioner Nedeau's past service to his community, county and state, which I have no reason to doubt and which he should be commended for. The problem I have is with his last few years as commissioner. He, along with the other commissioners, decided at some point that they could flaunt a state law regarding money transfers. I'm sure this law was enacted so that there would be oversight of the commissioners and so that money couldn't be moved at will. I seem to remember someone at some point in time stating "if you don't like a law, work at changing it, don't disobey it." I'm sure if the commission had paid heed to that statement they wouldn't have ended up at war with the convention.

The other issue is the money used to upgrade their offices. This money could have been put to good use in the nursing home or in the jail but instead was used for their comfort. When the question of where that money was spent was put to Deb Shackett, county administrator, by The Laconia Citizen, her answer was "it was used to upgrade a 'wing' of the complex." I consider that lying by omission.

Now as far as Mr. Nedeau's resigning is concerned, I don't think that when you take your oath of office that there is sentence in that oath that reads, "I will faithfully serve as long as the people I am serving with promise to agree with me at all times and will not raise their voices to me." I also doubt that statement was part of any speech when he was running for office. I believe when you choose to run for office you owe the people who voted for you the expectation you will finish your term unless hampered by health issues.

Let me finish by saying I don't expect everybody to agree with me (what a shock that would be), but I would hope they would not agree with me because they didn't correctly consume what I wrote.

Dave Schwotzer

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