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It's important to understand high-performance governance

To The Daily Sun,

The interviewing and hiring of the next Franklin School District superintendent is of significant importance to the entire community. In the last few years some progress has been made but much remains to be done.

The hiring process of a new superintendent, with new candidates, provides a great opportunity to move ahead. The current superintendent came out of retirement to help make the transition to really improve the district. He is doing a very good job of helping the district prepare for a more productive future but will retire this year.

In the last few years much progress has been made around the country in non-profit board governance with a lot of the early work done by hospitals. There is beginning to be data available in public education (The School Board Effect). The impact of governing style on student improvement is starting to be noticed. Some school districts will now improve faster than others.

It is important to understand what High Performance Public School Board Governance is all about. It is very clear that both our school board members and the new superintendent will need to understand the specific responsibilities of each in order significantly improve student academic performance. I also believe that increased transparency of board actions would be much appreciated and quite useful by many of the education stakeholders of the community.

I hope the School Board will also determine what our best course is with The Common Core System that is receiving so much negative interest around the country and in New Hampshire. A vast amount of time, money and effort has been invested. (Useable — Results?)

My suggestion is that we ,"The unelected Franklin community residents", first encourage our School Board members to determine a School District vision of what our school system can and should become. What are the targeted metrics of success? It is very important to have community understanding and we need a public education vision (of our future) that the community will strongly support. We will need clear target levels of performance in key areas.

We will need update reports (from the School Board) on progress in key areas. One of the most important predictors of improving academic performance in most public school systems is how well the School Board and the superintendent operate in concert to achieve predetermined academic outcomes and desired future improvements. The classic overarching obligation of a public School Board is ensuring the organization's resources and capacities are deployed in ways that benefit its stakeholders.

Bill Grimm


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Is availability of NARCAN going to take heroin use to a new level?

To The Daily Sun,

Something tells me that no matter what I write here, it will not be well accepted. I guess that's why we still fight to express our own opinions.

I applaud the invention of NARCAN. I think it's a valuable and necessary drug.

There are a lot of times that someone has been experimenting with heroin and has no idea what they are doing and perhaps don't mean to, but do overdose. Some could be coerced into trying it at a party, or on a date or with their peers and NARCAN can save their lives. I say thank God.

However, here is my difficulty: Now that we do have NARCAN, the addicts know this, they know they can be pulled back from the abyss if caught in time. Now this begs the question: Is this going to take the heroin use to a new level, to see who can do more to see if they can get close to death, to push the envelope?

I know many out there say, "Let them die." Others have said "thank you" for my second, third and even fourth chance.

Where does the line get drawn? Letting a known addict continue to push the envelope to "see", or do we do everything we can to save a life?

I have no dog in this fight, so my opinion is that of asking you all to come to the Stand Up Laconia meetings and help this town, the neighboring towns, and parents and husbands and wives and who all else get a grip on this drug once and for all.

When is enough enough?

Judi Leavitt


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