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Name me a successful socialist nation not dependent on others

To The Daily Sun,

First we again hear from James Veverka after a long silence, now it's Henry Osmer saying nearly the same things about my person.

Well, Henry read my response to Veverka in Wednesday's paper where your rather dumb letter appeared. I say dumb because Henry seems to believe we never had roads and highways, sewer systems and medical care, police, firemen or a postal service until socialists came to power. He cites Social Security and Medicare as though they are great achievements though both are going broke unless serious reforms are put in place. Of that there is no debate though Henry's side in this refuses to even consider any changes.

As for the internet it was not invented by the government, Henry. It came about by private sector scientists and researchers working outside the government. Google, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and every service on the internet are all private sector businesses. Where you get your ideas and information is a mystery to the rest of us living in the real world.

Am I obsessed with Muslims? Well, gee these guys are in the news constantly Henry or haven't you noticed? They are murdering people all over the world in the most heinous and vial methods imaginable. Aren't you at least a little concerned? Birther, me? All I did years back was question why Obama wouldn't put the issue to rest when it first arose. Remember it was a year or so before he finally produced a birth certificate? And to this day all the rest of his public records like travel documents (passports), collage admission records, grades or any of the other papers historically politicians brag about. Why not him, what is he hiding? And be sure he is hiding plenty.

Now let me refresh my question which Henry dodged by smart (butt) name calling. Name me a successful socialist nation not dependent on others? Can you manage a civil answer for that Henry?

Steve Earle

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Real honor is seeing residents enjoying Belmont bandstand again

To The Daily Sun,

We were proud to be named Belmont Old Home Day parade grand marshals, along with other Heritage Commission members, for the historic bandstand restoration. Our hats are tipped in thanks to the committee and Gretta Olson-Wilder, who coordinated the traditional event. The real honor is seeing residents of all ages gathering at the bandstand again, enjoying music and more.
And congratulations to village project volunteer leaders of the Tioga River Bridge and new river bank pavilion — Ken Knowlton and Mark Roberts, as well as Christine and Woody Fogg. They were also recognized as parade grand marshals at Belmont's longtime annual celebration.

Wallace P. Rhodes – President, Belmont Historical Society
Linda Frawley – Chairman, Belmont Heritage Commission

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