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Thank you to Gilmanton Fire Department for their very quick response

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Gilmanton Fire Department for their quick response to the building fire at my son's home on April 15. Their actions in putting out this fire were incredible. With the help of mutual aid units, this fire was under control within a short time.

This fire was reported to the fire dispatch center by a neighbor, and also reported by the Mt. Belknap Fire Tower.

A big thank you to family members, friends and the police departments in Gilmanton and Belmont for their help, as well. One never knows when help will be needed and it's nice knowing that these people are around. God bless all of you.

Albert J. Akerstrom

Retired Belmont Fire Chief

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Majority of folks don't bother with the sand-box politics of Moultonborough

To The Daily Sun,

Here's another response which insinuates the Moultonborough version of the "democratic process." Is this the whine, expressed by the junta at the 2016 Town meeting?

Ahhh! Yes, another "whine and cheese" cry, in the town that wants to "market itself." Still in search of what it is trying to peddle! The whine is familiar, but cheese does smell, however!

What other town allows a member of the governing body (selectboard) to have a personal "soapbox" to bleat personal opinion, as though it was dogma? There's the MoBoSpeaks Bog (sic) to sell the cheese:

Regarding some Bog rants regarding the petition for a Sspecial Town Meeting:

— "Please say no thanks when asked to sign.

— "The public does have a right to know: A quick note on a few recent comments about possible petitions for special town meetings. I don't support what I have been told may be coming, but just as citizens have the right to petition for a special town meeting, the public also has the right to know who signs these petitions. If there is a proper petition, it will be posted here on the blog."

— "Asking who signed this petition is a legitimate question. I want to know who is responsible for again causing dis-sensation in this town. I am certain it is the same list of usual suspects that complain constantly and do nothing to help. Special meeting will cost MY tax dollars and all because this small group thinks that the selectmen aren't doing a good job. I think they are and I am sure many more do as well."

Translated ... Hunt them down and punish the heretics!

Oddly, the MoBoSpeaks Bog comments are usually "Anonymous." The Bog doesn't allow any contrary opinion. It is censored, by not posting dissent. So much for the "democratic whine." Why don't these brave souls use their real names? See below!

You must use your name for a simple letter to the editor! It must be the Bog's firm convictions of fair play, truth, justice, and the MoBo way.

The frequent use of the word "I" (sounds like eye) is more than a common phenomenon, in the Bog. The MoBo version of the Illuminati, lean toward the conspiracy theorist philosophy: if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffled them with you know what.

Don't know if it'll help, but I'm (oops, an "I") not part of any group. No relation to the renowned MoBo version of the "Hatfields and the McCoys," nor any other town inbreeding specimen. Just an independent resident who bought town property back in the 70s, became a resident in 1996, and enjoys the Lakes Region, notwithstanding the "screams of the wounded banshees" now and then, in the MoBo village square (circle).

There just might be something to getting out of town for a few months a year. Beats watching town hysterics.

The town, one of the more property-rich, with all that lakefront, does have one of the lowest tax rates in the state. The majority of folks don't bother with the sand-box politics. For a town of around 4,000 with around 3,700-3,900 registered to vote, it's a good place to call home. That number of registered voters seems high, especially when 250-350 voters show up at Town Meeting.

Although a couple hundred folks rule the town, a big thank you to those non-resident MoBo taxpayers who pay taxes, but cannot vote.

Joe Cormier


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