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Check to see how your GOP reps actually voted on the issues

To The Daily Sun,

Our Republican colleagues are the masters of political spin, using so-called facts and numbers to tell stories that are not actually true.

While the majority of the incumbent Republican House reps did eventually vote for a state budget that included funding for the state university and community college systems as well as a limited expansion of Medicaid coverage, they did so to meet the state constitutional mandate of passing a budget by July 1.
Individual votes, however, tell a different story.

On SB-576, which included penalties for possession of fentanyl and funding for the state's controlled prescription drug monitoring program, these state reps voted "No": Glen Aldrich, Robert Fisher, Ray Howard, Peter Spanos, Mike Sylvia, Herb Vadney and Peter Varney.

On HB-1696 which proposed the continuation of Medicaid expansion, including coverage for substance abuse disorder services, these state reps voted "No": Glen Aldrich, Robert Fisher, Valerie Fraser, Ray Howard, Peter Spanos, Mike Sylvia, Herb Vadney and Peter Varney.

On HB-1000, which allocated funds to fight the state's opioid crisis, these state reps voted "No": Glen Aldrich, Ray Howard and Herb Vadney (and Robert Fisher, Mike Sylvia and Peter Varney were absent).

Please check to see how your state rep actually voted on the issues important to you before you vote on Nov. 8.

Lew Henry

Kate Miller


Belknap County Democratic Committee

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Scott Burns will be dedicated to representing us in Concord

To The Daily Sun,

I would like to ask you to consider Scott Burns at the polls in November. Mr. Burns is running for state representative for Merrimack County District 2 — Franklin (Wards 1 and 2) and the town of Hill.

Scott serves on the Franklin School Board and has been a passionate advocate for quality education and fiscal responsibility. State adequacy funds for local schools has been declining and Scott is working hard to ensure that the state fulfills its financial responsibilities.

Scott is keenly aware of the environmental impact of irresponsible disposal of such things as lead paint and mattresses and has worked on legislation that calls for improved waste management.

I have the pleasure of working with Scott on the Franklin Mayor's Drug Task Force and have witnessed firsthand his dedication to curbing the use of illegal drugs and educating children and families of the dangers associated with illegal drug activity. The task force is funded through grants, and Scott has been instrumental in fund-raising activities in order to sustain the task force. Recovery is equally important in this war on addiction and Scott can be credited for establishing the Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center.

These examples of Mr. Burns' service to our community just scratch the surface, but illustrate his dedication to represent you and to advocate for those issues which are so important to us.

Again, please consider Scott Burns as you cast your votes on Nov. 8.

Bob Lucas

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