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What is 'extreme' is a national debt the other side of $17 million

To The Daily Sun,

Well, the progressive nonsense machine is already beginning to crank up the heat in advance of the years upcoming elections. Anyone who doesn't tow the liberal-progressive political line is "an extremist" The Tea Party, Republicans, conservatives, Libertarians, anyone who doesn't follow the narrow-minded, regressive, authoritarian governmental program gets labeled and smeared by the all-knowing, all-wise, elites of socialism.

For example the Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already): these folks want low taxes, smaller less intrusive government, our laws to be enforced as intended by Congress, and the Constitution to be followed. Extreme?

Just what the heck is extreme about that? Nothing that I can see, yet these progressives sink to name calling, racist, anti-women, anti-union, anti-poor, redneck anything to try to discredit the people rather the engage in honest debate of ideas.

Now what I think is extreme is a national debt of $17.3 trillion and instead of trying to even slow the rate of growth or, my gosh, try to reduce that debt, the always smarter then you progressives just want to keep on spending and spending and spending. That my friends is extreme. They act like spoiled children at Disney World throwing tantrums when it's time to go home. How much more of this will it take of putting our unborn children into insurmountable debt before their futures will be that of economic slaves to our own or even foreign governments?

I would also suggest that it is extreme to design a health care reform law that increases the cost of insurance to working families, raises the deductibles and co-pays, sometimes by thousands of dollars, to a point that it is nearly impossible to use and then threatens to fine those who can't afford it. I should also mention that it creates something like 18 new taxes, one of which is on new medical devices. A sure way to keep wanted or needed treatments for being affordable or perhaps available. Liberals pass over these things as though they are of no importance, below them to even consider the impact they have on people. That is extremism in attitude to me.

Steve Earle


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Need scientific study of effect of wind turbines on bird population

To The Daily Sun,

An environmental disaster is brewing on the banks of Newfound Lake and its problem is blowing in the wind. The proposed Wild Meadows Wind Farm project is just a few miles off the lakeshore — the second of its kind on the Newfound Lake — and it has residents fuming.

It's a totally different vibe from what took place in Groton back in 2012, when the Iberdrola company erected a similar project at the north end of Newfound Lake. The Groton Wind Farm was rammed into fruition with little warning to residents.

Local politicians quickly took note after intense political pressure from a well-organized group of local residents came forth in November 2012, when three additional wind farms were proposed.

The questions that remains are: can this area support nine renewable energy projects? Will turbines outweigh potential collateral damage to wilderness, birds, bats and fish — not to mention aesthetic and noise considerations, as well as possible watershed pollution?

Should projects like wind farms in the Lakes Regions be allowed or should they be fast-tracked? Are the lakes in the region worth protecting? Was the word "scenic" removed from N.H. license plates for this very reason? Will wind turbines now be referred to as the state's birch tree on steroids (the great white birch)?

These next few wind projects will bring 100+ turbines, as high as 500-feet tall, to the shores of Newfound Lake. Will this spell disaster for our tourism? Resident are leading an effort to quash further wind development. There are environmental hazards with locating these turbines too close to our watersheds and the lake.

Several lakeshore towns are on the official voting record for opposing them. Town votes have grown exponentially in opposition from first-and-second town hall votes.

Many of us have spent our lives taking care of Newfound Lake and its environment. And we understand that wind developers want their turbines everywhere — it's a simple corporate strategy tied to corporate greed. Investors want more turbines in operation so they can collect more federal subsidies. More federal subsidies equals higher profit margins.

Residents see it a little differently. We view the skies around here as a superhighway in the sky. And we believe a scientific study needs to be performed to analyze the effects of wind turbines on birds, loons and eagles along with other lake ecology tests first.

We simply don't believe that there won't be any negative environmental impacts on our community, especially with Groton residents now identifying their problems.

One Groton resident outlined his simple "bird death formula" for me: He said imagine if each wind turbine kills two birds per year. Groton has twenty-four turbines and Wild Meadows will have twenty-three turbines — over 20 years — that's an estimated 1,900 birds killed. And if all four wind farms are built the "bird death calculator" jumps to 4,000 birds killed. He later identified his formula as being extremely conservative, saying it's more likely a bird or bat is killed monthly by each turbine.

Food for thought...

Ray Cunningham


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Joe Kenney is an honorable man who has served his country

To The Daily Sun,

When you read the letters to the editor from those on the left, such as the one by E. Scott Cracraft on Saturday, you can't help but notice the blatant hypocrisy.

He considers anyone who doesn't toe the progressive (or liberal) line as an extremist while he shows himself to be an extremist from the left. He tries to make Joe Kenney out to be someone from the dark ages who is going to eat your babies when nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Kenney is an honorable man who has served his country proudly and given his time to public service. He has stood up for the principles that this country was founded on but that is something the Constitution-hating liberals get stomach cramps over.
Now let me see, Joe voted against the greenhouse initiative which caused an increase in energy prices. He worked hard to prevent attempts to pass even more laws against law abiding citizens who possess firearms. He voted against expanding Medicaid which would have cost the taxpayers of this state untold millions of dollars in the future, (oh yeah, Obama promised us it would be paid for for three years and at 95 percent in the future and you know Obama never lies.) He voted in favor of the "stand your ground law" which those on the left cried over and over would turn the state into the Wild West. So I ask Cracraft to show one instance where this law has created a problem.

Kenney voted for the right to work law. I was a member of a union for 25 years, and I am in favor of right to work for numerous reasons which I would discuss with Cracraft if he so chooses. Kenney he is supported by Rep. Worsman who in my view is protecting the taxpayers of Belknap County from the big-spending commissioners. As far as Planned Parenthood is concerned, I don't believe anyone who is against abortion is anti-women, but that they are pro-life and if you think about it aren't pro life females women? Go figure.
The people on the left believe that co-operation means "agree with us" and will demean anyone who doesn't follow their mantra. When it comes to tolerance, those on the left are completely devoid of it and it is proven every time one of them submits a letter to this newspaper.
Even though there are reasons to vote against Mike Cryans I haven't seen anyone disparage him the way the left has disparaged Mr. Kenney. Those on the left also continuously bemoan the fact that there is some banter included in some letters, which in most cases is meant to add a little humor to the discussion, but one could conclude by their response that someone had performed oral surgery on them without the benefit of laughing gas. Thinking about it maybe a little dose of it would do them all some good.
Although there are radicals on both sides of the aisle you see the word used mostly by people from the left when anyone disagrees with their anti-constitution agenda and they have no legitimate response for it. I have found that most people on my side of the aisle are fiscal conservatives and social moderates who are willing to help those in need but not those who abuse the system, of which there are many. The U.S. Constitution has served us well for over 200 years, and when necessary has been amended to recognize the changes in our society.

The problem we have today is the fact that we have a president who believes he was given the power to make changes to this document without going to the people for a vote. These moves are illegal but when you have an attorney general who himself disregards the law it becomes very difficult to hold him accountable. Sen. Harry Reid is another uncompromising part of the equation. He may be someone who is very soft spoken but there are a lot of people walking around with knives sticking out of their backs which were put in place by him.
In the coming elections vote Republican if you want to return this state and country to prosperity.

Dave Schwotzer

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Let's elect individuals who will protect the Bristol taxpayers

To The Daily Sun,

Have we reached the breaking point on taxes in Bristol?

Who are we taxing? We are taxing the same base that has not shown any growth in recent years. If we vote to add all the warrant articles and additions totaling over $600,000 at our March town meeting, will add $2 to our tax rate. We need to stop this trajectory we are on and give the taxpayers a break.

Numerous projects and equipment have impacted the budget with increases in the past six years. We need to ask ourselves, "Will this make Bristol a more affordable place to live." Consideration for our taxpayers must be made and not continue to overburden our tax base.

I have heard that raising taxes will be good for Bristol and would not be a problem for people to pay. What's a few more dollars? Or I have heard the argument that they can sell and somebody else will take their place who can afford it. That attitude may have worked in the past when markets were growing, but presently this is not what is happening.

In the end it is up to the voters to show up at the polls (March 11) and Town Meeting (March 15) and make their votes and voices heard. We need to elect individuals that will care to protect the Bristol taxpayers and be prudent to consider the present and future of our town.

Ernie Richards


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We can't return to the 1950s; it takes tax dollars to run Bristol

To The Daily Sun,

"What defines Bristol in my view is the community spirit of people living here. They care so deeply about others, and this must surely portend a bountiful future for the Town of Bristol. What is important to me are our people and our future." This was written for our 2007 Town Report by a past selectperson.

This is what I believe and see in my town as I attend the many meetings for the TTCC, Kelley Park, Community Events Committee, Bristol Budget Committee, Minot /Sleeper Library, etc.

I have lived here for 65 of my 80 years. I have seen the town change from a small, self-contained town that provided most of what residents needed without leaving the town. But times change. This change is through no one's fault and we must accept the changes, try our best to make the changes benefit our town and its residents.

Town services change as society demands changes. The police department is much larger now because of the many problems that demand a different kind of policing. It is costly.

The fire department, now has 24/7 coverage. It is not a total volunteer department. It has professional firemen and with emergency services, ambulance and EMT-trained people who operate under stricter state laws. Members of the fire department require more training and better education. It is costly.

We have a great water/sewer department. It is well run and very efficient. It keeps us and our visitors healthy with clean water and much less pollution than was so in the past.

The highway department keeps the roads safe, cleared of snow when necessary and repaired as well. All of these services cost tax dollars.

The downtown has been reclaimed. It was a tough few months, but it will prove to be well worth the trouble.

At the 2012 Town Meeting the Bristol Voters agreed to build a much needed addition to the Minot Sleeper Library. It has been built and it is a testament to the positive vision of the voters in our town.

Carol Huber tells us that she wants to lower taxes. That is why she is on the Budget Committee. She is finding it an uphill battle. I have been on that committee for five years. I listen, question, and try to find reasonable ways to cut tax dollars. It sounds easy. It is not. We ask our department heads to go back and look at heir budgets, try to find ways to cut back, try to live with less and do more. Each year they do their best with really good results.

The people who are our town employees deserve to be paid accordingly, with health insurance and retirement benefits as the town can afford them. Some of these costs are out of our control. They still have to be paid for.

We need people to serve on our Selectboard that understand that taxes are here to stay, but need to be kept as low as reasonably possible. Bristol's tax rate is the 67th lowest out of 250 towns in New Hampshire.

There is no way we can return to the 1950s. It takes tax dollars to run a town. The voters determine what kind of town they want to live in and what kind of taxes they can afford.

When we vote on March 11 I will be supporting Rick Alpers and Shawn Lagueux for selectmen. They both have experience and think with a clear head. In my opinion they will provide the effective leadership that we need on our Selectboard.

Please, be informed Voters. Come to the meetings. Watch the Public Access Channel 24. I love my town and want only the best for all who live here.

Barbara Greenwood


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