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Donald Trump & Bernie Sanders are the only ones listening to us

To The Daily Sun,

The upcoming presidential election very critical. There are two candidates who stand out. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. This is not an endorsement of these candidates. Rather, both are conveying a message that all candidates need to hear. In some respects, they may even need to redefine their own message. None of the candidates is listening at all, with the exception of these two gentlemen.

There is a concern about immigration, Social Security, safety, managing minority rights, disability rights, the illegal drug epidemic, and the economy. All of these are on people's minds. We worry about our families, homes, as well as our safety. Our highways are among the worse and unsafest in the world. (Remember the sinkhole on I-93. How many more are waiting?) The infrastructure is crumbling. Environmental change is happening faster that scientists have predicted. Airlines and highways get subsidies, but Amtrak struggles on. Mass transportation is critical to our economy and our survival. Is it really safe to live here now?

But no one is listening. No one is hearing our cries for help to reduce these problems. Why should we supplement illegal people, as hard working as they are? Why should Social Security go to people who do not contribute? Why are middle-class citizens, who work so hard, bear the burden of the challenges immigrants face? We the people are becoming the very kind of immigrants and minorities who are here. One can understand the very cause for immigrants and minorities. It is an attitude that needs to be changed, not just forcing the cluster of poverty to unwanted locations in a community. All of us come from ancestors who were immigrants.

This country was founded on the principle of hard work. But the large companies still do not give what their workers deserve, those who contributed to their growth. The country is not run by the people. This country is run by a wealthy few, stomping on those who helped to create that wealth. This is what needs to change. Both Trump and Sanders are promoting this cause. Republican as well as Democrats need to listen, we the people have a message, that is not being heard.

At the turn of the 20th century, people came to this country to work, to learn English, and become part of the American Dream. Their cultures have enriched this country. Today, it seems subsidy is demanded, not asked for. Immigration, today, taxes the very heart and soul of the ancestors and their subsequent generations. This is not just immigrants. Rather the citizenry of this country as a whole, immigrants, birthrights, generations together. This is about "Black Lives Matter." People who have been denied their inalienable rights as provided by their Creator. It is about all of us.

No one is listening to any of us. There is division in this country as never before. The current campaigns should focus on healing these divisions, improving the economy, giving healthy control back to the people. The other issues would then heal by themselves once everyone realizes we are all in this together.

But no one is listening except the people. This is the message being conveyed by Trump and Sanders.

Robert T. Joseph, Jr.

New Hampton

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Thank you for your assistance with the correction

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in reference to letter written by me on Aug. 14 in The Daily Sun.

The letter appears to have been written after some events had already taken place. I sent this letter to Daily Sun on Aug. 5. I received notice on Aug. 9 of word or words missing in a sentence, to correct and resend it. I sent it back on Aug. 11. It was printed Aug. 14.

The main purpose for this letter is to clear the minds of anyone who may find it necessary to comment.

My thanks to The Daily Sun for their assistance in the correction.

Henry Osmer


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