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Sen. Ayotte was elected to do a job, just as Pres. Obama was

To The Daily Sun,

With the passing of Justice Scalia, the country has lost a person who had a deep and abiding love for our country. While I may not have agreed with many of his decisions, I know that his belief in the glory of this grand experiment in governance of the people, by the people, and for the people was something unique.

It, therefore, saddens me when the process of replacing Justice Scalia — a process embedded in the Constitution (The president) shall nominate . . . judges of the Supreme Court) — has become laden with plainly partisan political platitudes.

Most recently, Senator Ayotte has sent an e-newsletter in which she states that with "so much on the line for the future of our country, the Senate should not proceed with a confirmation process until the American people have spoken by electing a new president in November."

Senator Ayotte — an attorney and a former Attorney General for the State of New Hampshire — should then follow her own advice. As a senator whose term expires the end of this year, she should not proceed to consider or act on any legislation that comes before the Senate because there might be a new senator next January. Similarly, the members of Congress should not consider or act on any legislation that comes before the House of Representatives, and the president should not take any executive action.

Senator, you were elected to do a job just as President Barack Obama was elected to do a job. Moreover, as a United States senator elected by the people of the State of New Hampshire, you have a constitutional obligation to do that job.

Your position is a slap in the face of Justice Scalia.

Patrick Wood


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Who is teaching the terrorists wrong Islamic scripture? Why?

To The Daily Sun,

There was a little article in The Laconia Daily Sun last week, advertising "Information about Islam," to be put on by the Unitarian Church in Laconia on Sunday. I encouraged my Muslim friends to attend with me, in case the presenter needed more insight.

The presenter, Reverend Drew Moeller had a well-planned, well thought-out PowerPoint presentation from his experience at Harvard University. He presented two types of practicing Muslims, the Sunni and Shi'a, their six beliefs and their five pillars.

However, there were many questions from the audience, which interrupted the flow of the presentation many times. Rev. Moeller and his Muslim assistants from Jordan, Indonesia, and Iraq attempted to answer the questions as they came.

The audience was more interested in finding out the facts about terrorists and the fear of their taking over this country. Some of the questions were: "We don't see the Muslims pushing back against the terrorists." "Why aren't they doing something?" "Where is the Muslim outrage of what's being done in the name of Islam?" "Are you afraid to speak out because you will become a target?" "Why should we go to a mosque to find information, we are not the problem, they are."

The answers were that we should go to a mosque and ask questions, they will gladly welcome us and answer us. Muslim refugees come from oppressed countries and were not allowed to speak out in their own countries, therefore, they don't feel they can speak up here. Americanized Muslims know they have freedom of speech, but we aren't hearing from them. Muslim leaders in America are speaking out, but the media does not report what they are saying.

After two hours, the group thinned out and those left asked questions about women's rights (according to the Koran, they are equal), and the assimilation of Muslims in our society and the meaning of Jihad. One question that brought laughter from them was "Would you be happy if the whole world were Muslim?".
In summary, we discovered that culture and religion are so intermixed, that people don't understand that many countries' cultures do not constitute Islam. The terrorists take their cues from the Hadiths (acts and sayings of Mohammed), rather than purely from the Koran. So, to true Muslims, their "religion is being bastardized by donkeys."

But where are the terrorists coming from? Who is teaching them wrong Islamic scripture?

Peggy Graham

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