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Would be nice if conservatives would use facts instead of myths

To The Daily Sun,

Climatologists have successfully projected sea level rises with amazing accuracy. Dave Schwotzer on the other hand not only does not understand this but makes an outlandish statement about Al Gore and sea level. He remarks, "At one point he claimed that the oceans were going to rise by many feet which would have occurred by now according to his timetable." Gore never said that.

Climatologists in 1990 projected a 6-7 centimeter rise in sea levels by 2010. [1] That is right on the money. The 2013 IPCC report also expresses high confidence in projections of thermal expansion of the oceans [2].

Warm water expands so it's not just melting land ice that causes sea level rise, it's the warming of the oceans, too. Warmer oceans also lose their carbon sink abilities which leaves more carbon in the atmosphere which warms the oceans even more causing a positive feedback loop. Not good.

The oceans have warmed significantly in very recent times. They rose 6 cm in the 19th century and 19 cm in the 20th. Just 3 meters of sea holds more heat than the entire Earth's atmosphere and the present sea is only able to absorb one-third of the industrial CO2. The majority of the planet's heat is stored in the oceans. [3]

It would be nice if conservatives would use facts instead of right-wing myths and falsehoods in their letters. I will address his other claims in another letter.




James Veverka


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GOP senators devoting selves to tax breaks for big businesses

To The Daily Sun,

I was just thinking about the N.H. Senate and House budget proposals and I am saying to myself, "What are they thinking?"

I know the Republicans are firm in their belief that everyone would be better off with lower taxes, but taxes serve a very critical and worthwhile purpose. There are many things the government provides that simply could not be provided for by private businesses, such as open roads and bridges network, our public school system, and of course a steadfast social safety net.

Then there are our military and security agencies, through which a safe and stable society is maintained for all. In New Hampshire, our state government provides many services for students, our elderly and disabled, as well as many New Hampshire-focused jobs and business initiatives that specifically serve Granite Staters and make us more competitive both within America and abroad.

Republican state senators have decided to devote themselves to tax giveaways that will disproportionately benefit large businesses. Their cut to the Business Profits Tax will see 76 percent of the cut go to the largest 1 percent of corporations and will cause the state to lose $80 million overall in this next budget cycle alone. That's a lot of money that could be going to schools, roads, or helping to care for our most needy citizens.

So readers, when was the last time you went to your employer and asked him/her to lower your income? That's exactly what these Republican senators have done with our state revenues.

Paula Trombi


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