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$300,000 a speech Hillary is one of the greediest 1 percenters

To The Daily Sun,

Inciting anger and division while stoking envy is the stock and trade of Democratic Party. With the Scooby mobile megaphone on high, Hillary Clinton, is at it already. It's the same old country tune trying to sew anger and resentment. The same old Obama song with simply a higher pitched voice.
Hillary Clinton is going to do the same thing Obama did. Scream inequality till they get in office. Then fan it's flames with every policy. This country through out history has continually prevented either party from running things for 12 years straight. Excess spending and higher taxes from democrats and excess penny pinching from republicans run pretty thin after eight years going in only one direction.
But the electorate is changing. There are now more people "teated" to government in one form or another than ever. This makes such people "nose ring votes" for the Democratic Party. it explains why Democrats have never seen a new, trillion dollar government program their couldn't bear hug. The higher taxes to pay for it all is always well camouflaged. Obamacare is a perfect example. It is a lower class entitlement paid for out of middle class incomes. Twenty million didn't just drop from the middle by gravity, higher taxes forced them out. You think billions in subsides drop from the clouds?
Hillary is already crooning the same worn out donkey tune about inequality that Obama has sung for eight years while making this country more unequal, more quickly than any president in history. If Democrats had an interest to fix inequality they would have done it 100 years ago. They don't do it, and will never do it because with every increased dollar in wealth every person becomes more likely to vote Republican. This fact is well proven by every poll measure ever taken. Democrats only talk about inequality because it incites voters with anger and sparks envy. It is the most morally disingenuous, disgusting election ploy of all time.
Hillary spews moral outrage at CEOs who make 300 times more than what the average worker makes. Consider the hubris and hypocrisy of that. This is a woman who charges $300,000 for little more than an hours speech. Lets assume the typical event staff employee working those speeches for Hillary make $15 a hour. Hillary is making 13,000 times what those employees around her make per hour. Should I be mega phoning to the world the income inequality Hillary is producing all while she tries to get people "angered" over inequality. She decries the CEO for making 300 times what the employees around him make while she makes 13,000 times more than all the employees around her at every one of her functions. I haven' t seen her volunteering for any speech pay cuts ... have you? Hillary Clinton is one of the greediest "one per centers" in America. There is no CEO in America or Wall Street "slick" out-doing Hillary Clinton, all while she wails about the injustice of "inequality".
When she gives speeches she demands to stay in the "presidential suite" of the worlds very best hotels. She demands to be picked up in private, personal jets. That's not the end of it. Her support workers are paying taxes on their income. She isn't. All her speaking fees are funneled through the Clinton Foundation and " expensed" out. She pays NOTHING in taxes on her millions of dollars in speeches. In many cases the people paying the millions for those speeches are doing it for one reason, "to buy influence in the future". Hillary Clintons agenda has already been bought and paid for by the best pin striped pimps on this planet from Singapore to Saudi Arabia.
Tony Boutin

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Tea Party members have lots of very specific ideas for change

To The Daily Sun,

I was amused by June M. Huot's letter of April 14, 2015 requesting information about the TEA Party and making so many false assertions.
First, each TEA Partier speaks for him/herself or perhaps their local group, no one person or group speak for "The TEA Party" which is a movement of millions of Americans in thousands of individual groups.
We believe that our federal government today is bought (with political support) by special interest groups which have no concern for most Americans, or for the security and prosperity of our nation.
We believe that today's bought government is responsible for most of our nation's and our citizens' problems and that returning to government that works for all Americans requires adherence to certain principles including the rule of law, personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, and small, constitutionally-limited government.
Second, the TEA Party hasn't endorsed candidates for 2016 and no presidential candidates can speak for the TEA Party. Some candidates who might want TEA Party support may make silly statements. Huot reminds us of Governor Perry's forgetfulness which reminded me of Candidate Obama's claim that he visited "all 57 states".
Perhaps Huot likes our current income tax system with all its complexity, loopholes for special interests, worry about understanding ambiguous instructions, threats of fines or imprisonment, and the millions of hours and billions of dollars spent on compliance. Having recently completed my income tax, I think Ted Cruz's idea to replace the IRS with a Fair Tax or a simple tax that can be completed on a single page would be very welcome, and perhaps much fairer.
Huot imagines that she knows that Ted Cruz "likes shutting down the government", which is ridiculous since only the president has the power to shut down the government. It is Congress's responsibility to fund what Congress wants to fund. President Obama shut down the government to force Congress to fund what President Obama wanted rather than what Congress, the representatives of the American people, agreed should be funded.
I am amused to find that Huckabee's statement expressed exactly the opposite of what Huot claimed. Here is Huckabee's quote as reported in the Daily Mail: "If Democrats want to insult women by making them believe they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it. Let us take this discussion all across America because women are far more than the Democrats have played them to be." Huot's comments suggest she should agree with Huckabee's actual words.
Third, I am not aware of any TEA Party effort to "eliminate Social Security, Medicare, (or) Medicaid"; the TEA Party would like them to be fixed and solvent. Most TEA Parties would like to get rid of Obamacare because it hurts people, it isn't affordable, and government should not be between a patient and his/her doctor.
Fourth, Huot claims that TEA Partiers haven't offered any specifics. This claim suggests that Huot doesn't read letters from TEA Partiers or can't comprehend them. A few of my recent letters (3/21, 4/2, 4/9/2015) have identified a number of specifics for which I and most TEA Partiers fight: school choice (so each child can get a decent start in life), right-to-work laws (to promote job growth and make unions responsive to workers), approval of the Keystone XL pipeline (to create jobs, reduce energy costs and promote energy independence), reduction of excessive regulations (to promote job growth), and welfare reform (to keep families together and encourage work so people become self-reliant).
Other previous letters have, and future letters from me and others will identify other policies and legislation, typically with proven records of success, that I (and most TEA Partiers) support.
The TEA Party fights for a return to government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" so each American has a good opportunity to pursue, and hopefully achieve, their American dream.

Dow Ewing


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