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Please join me in supporting Senator Andrew Hosmer on Nov. 4

To The Daily Sun,

I'm supporting state Sen. Andrew Hosmer in this election because he's been a strong advocate for education and he works tirelessly for the people in our community.

As a mother of two public school children, I would like to see them receive a great education so that they have the opportunity to achieve success.

If New Hampshire is to have a strong economy it must support education from kindergarten through technical school and college. Whether it's our public schools, charter schools, the Huot Technical Center, Lakes Region Community College or New Hampshire's University system, Sen. Hosmer is a strong, committed advocate for teachers, parents and students. He was a leader in the fight to freeze tuitions in New Hampshire. Because of his work higher education is now more accessible and affordable.

If you believe a robust economy needs strong schools and a well-educated workforce, please join me in supporting Andrew Hosmer on Nov. 4.

Susan Collins


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Not okay for Robert Kennedy & Hillary but okay for Scott Brown?

To The Daily Sun,

With all the lies and deception being disseminated by the right, it's hard to distinguish fact from fiction — could this be their strategy? It's unfortunate, but deceit and lies have become a staple of American politics.

In Saturday's Sun, I was alarmed to read Mr. Young's letter declaring that "Obama Forcing New Gun Buyers to Declare Their Race and Ethnicity." Apparently Young is regurgitating the right-wing outlets' claim that the Obama administration is using the standard form for the federal gun background checks to engage in racial profiling and to find out who has guns because the form asks about race and ethnicity.

Young fails to tell us that the form (Form 4473) has asked for this information since 2001 — eight years prior to President Obama's inauguration. The form asks buyers for information such as name, height, weight, date of birth, and race and ethnicity. The form was revised in 2012, but still asks the standard questions, including race and ethnicity. The form has asked for this information since at least 2001, and the identifying information is destroyed within hours of a background check being processed.

The claim that the Obama administration is racially profiling and tracking gun owners has been touted by Fox Nation, where commentators are badly misleading about the history of the gathering of this information. In addition to the race and ethnicity question appearing on the previous version of the form, the questions have been included for at least the past 13 years.

Anyone in the least bit interested in the truth, rather than hate and rancor, could have done the research and uncovered this obviously misleading news story. It appears that Young unquestioningly accepted conservative deceptive reporting, thus calling into question his ability to make unimpaired commentary on other matters.

Years ago, two national figures, Robert F. Kennedy and Hillary Clinton, moved to the state of New York for the sole purpose of pursuing political office — conservative Republicans were outraged. We now have the same scenario unfolding here in New Hampshire with the candidacy of Scott Brown, but because he has an (R) after his name, Mr. Young doesn't seem to mind.

What could be Brown's rational for moving to New Hampshire other than being motivated by mere electoral opportunism. He is not running to represent the people (and by people, I mean all people) of New Hampshire. He is running to represent the political agenda of the Republican Party. Considering that he ran twice in three years for the Senate from Massachusetts, and also considered running for governor there, it will be tough to run away from the notion that this is just a continued, calculated move by him to get back into public office.

L. J. Siden


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