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Johnny Van Tassel knows everybody; he will work hard for you

To The Daily Sun,

Johnny Van Tassel was with our Sanbornton Department of Public Works for seven years, and director for two years when he went to work for Northfield in the same capacity last year. During the entire seven years he operated the Transfer Station, with a Level 4 certification. Bill Whalen praised him in a newspapers for taking care of the very muddy roads of our warm winter 2012-2013.

Please vote on Tuesday, May 13th to elect Mr. Van Tassel as your selectman. He knows everyone. He gets along with people, which is so important in our small town. He will work hard for you.

Chris Hobby


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Fact NRA wants Ted Nugent on their side speaks to an ugly truth

To The Daily Sun,

“A Chicago, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel ... weaseled his way into the top office in the United States of America."

This little gem is a quote by Ted Nugent, musician and NRA board member. Ordinarily one wouldn't pay any attention to racists fools like Ted Nugent if it weren't for the NRA embracing him.

It's obvious that racism is alive and well in this country given the near-record number of hate groups and the explosive growth of armed militias and conspiracy-minded, anti-government groups. Obvious to all, expect perhaps to one or two contributors to this forum. Anti-government extremist groups have increased by more than 600 percent since Obama was first elected.

Here's the breakdown: Ku Klux Klan, 163 groups; Neo-Nazi 143, White Nationalist 128, Racist Skinhead 126, Black Separatist 115, Christian Identity 37, Neo-Confederate 36, Anti-LGBT/other 191.

I'm not even going to talk about Cliven Bundy (the millionaire welfare recipient) who Republicans were quick to embrace until he went off the deep end.

The fact that the NRA wants someone like Ted Nugent on their side speaks to an ugly truth ... a truth that is fueled by our growing diversity and the election of our first African-American president. Of the 2,035 hate and extremist groups in the U.S. New Hampshire can claim seven of them. That's far too many for a state this size.

George Maloof

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A dedicated father against a guilty school board & administration

To The Daily Sun,

On the way to my 1-hour weekday commitment I neglected to pick up The Daily Sun. When my wife and I began our other job I picked up paper. Wow! A giant picture of Gilford resident Billy Baer in cuffs. This must be a mistake, restrained and taken to the police station around the corner? What ever did he do?
Heck, was there a big front page picture of the driver of the car that jumped the curb on Messer Street killing Lily Johnson and seriously injuring her classmate?
My wife said that perhaps this was a good thing; readers will see what happens to a dedicated father, facing a guilty school board and administrators for allowing his young daughter to read such a book as "19 Minutes" without the knowledge of the parents. Here is what can happen to you if you use your First Amendment to express your concerns in TWO MINUTES.
We are learning what happens behind the walls of the Government Indoctrination Centers (public schools). Billy is a good man, and parent. For those who might like to hear the Saturday morning radio program where Billy and the callers discussed this book and the contents, you may feel as angry as Billy, and myself. Visit wezs.com (The Advocates podcast Hour 2 and then half way through Hour 3 we discuss further). This father came to the meeting to stop abuse of all students, and he is arrested?
Billy and Doug Lambert are my guests Wednesday during my 1-hour weekday radio show.
Niel Young

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Reset our moral compass by voting to raise the minimum wage

The The Daily Sun,

At the last meeting of the Belknap County Convention, Rep. Frank Tilton stated that the county commissioners' failure to pay the legal bill of Registrar of Deeds Barbara Luther was the single biggest failure of leadership he had seen in a career of over 30 years of public service.

The commissioners had sued Ms. Luther in her capacity as registrar, not personally, to attempt to force her to allow them to be custodians of funds properly owed to the State of New Hampshire. The out-of-court settlement resulted in the vindication of Ms. Luther's position.

The article by Roger Amsden, published on May 1, details another example of the commissioners failure to properly maintain the existing county jail and to plan for its repair and/or replacement. When told by almost everyone who looked at their plans that something on the order of $30 million to $40 million was not affordable, the BCC doubled down on their proposal and would not consider any alternate plans which were presented to them.

I note that the commissioners state that they will await the seating of a new convention, seemingly indicating their confidence that the two commission seats in play in November will stay with the current occupants. Commissioners Philpot and Thomas will face rigorous opposition should they decide to run again for posts which they have so badly mismanaged.

In the meantime, there is something which can be done to advance the jail planning process and that is to implement the recommendations of the Bennett report, which are to do an assessment of county capabilities, and do an assessment of the various county criminal justice departments.

That these reports have never been completed is one more incidence of failed leadership.

State Rep. Richard B. Burchell

Belknap 5 - Gilmanton

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Reset our moral compass by voting to raise the minimum wage

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to New Hampshire state senators:

We all know that our current minimum wage isn't much, but it's all that many hard working families have. The bill to raise it would add a mere $70 to the paychecks of full-time workers. That is hardly enough money for a day in Cancun, but about enough for a much-needed bag of groceries, groceries purchased with earned money, not food stamps. Families would be earning more and spending more, producing a worker-driven stimulus package. Taxpayers would then not need to subsidize corporation's poverty wages with public assistance.

There are many sound economic and societal for raising the minimum wage, such as: a vibrant economy, job creation, higher productivity, stable families, time for civic engagement, but the over-riding reason is moral. It is evil for the richest country in the history of the universe to have any families living in poverty, any children hungry and homeless. This is a stain on our humanity.

We all know that $7.25 an hour will purchase next to nothing and won't support a family. But these workers, who have no political power, no bank account, but a family to feed, can't jeopardize their meager paychecks. They can't "take-it-or-leave-it" they must "take-it-or-else."

We all know that unions and government are relentlessly hounded by well financed corporate forces, limiting their ability to rescue these workers from poverty. Life supporting economic and nutritional aid is even being eliminated by some governments. The last chance we have to reset our moral compass is to raise the minimum wage. After all, wages have shrunk for generations, while productivity has skyrocketed. It's past time for our workers to share in those gains.

Senators, I implore you to do what is not only economically intelligent but morally right. Pass this bill.

Lew Henry

Gilmanton Iron Works

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