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Creationism goes up against mountain of scientific evidence

To The Daily Sun,

Sweet tears of Teabilly Butthurt! Did you see the Ayatollah steam coming from James McCoole's ears? Then Steve Earle asks whether believing in creationism makes a person bad. What does that have to do with anything? This may be a little over Mr. Earle's head but politicians and science teachers should be up to date on the latest scientific consensus and discoveries. Creationism goes up against mountains of scientific evidence and does not belong in schools or government. It's not about being good or bad, it's about competency. It is of paramount importance that policy makers make their decisions based upon the latest knowledge.

Creationists are today's geocentrists. They refuse to accept the mountains of evidence that support evolution from common descent. Mr. McCoole certainly does not belong on a school board where providing up-to-date education is of primary importance. By the way, those three right-wing school board members in Jefferson County, Colorado, who made a stink about the Advanced Placement American History curriculum were recalled last week and kicked off the school board. Let that be a lesson to conservatives who want to push their history and science from an alternative universe in public schools.

Mr. McCoole, forgetting it is 2015, not 1015, claims that there is no evidence for evolution by common descent. Maybe he should read some science instead of books and sites which advance religious apologetics in the guise of science. Below I have included some links. One is about eing apecies which demonstrate speciation in the here and now. The second presents 29 examples of macroevolution. This will not be easy but one has to start somewhere. As I wrote a while back, one can ditch literal readings of ancient religious texts, redefine what creator could mean, and still maintain some sort of faith. As Thomas Paine said, the Bible is an insult to the Almighty. Its the dogmatic doctrines that have to go.

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are full of tales that require gullibility on steroids for acceptance. Supernatural nonsense like revelations, visions and dreams, virgin births, original sin, hell-fire, salvation and a need for a savior, resurrections, angels, demons, Satan, prophecies, and much more have to be tossed in the trash bin of mankind's worn out ideas. Deism is compatible with today's science because it doesn't make ludicrous claims like claiming to know what God is or what IT thinks. Evolution by common descent is a big problem for ideas such as original sin and salvation because with evolution there was no "fall of mankind" so there is no need for a savior. If humanity is actually ascending by means of natural selection, the tribal superstitions of the Middle East which became the three great religions have it completely backward.

The problem with learning about evolution is that it is a study which brings together many fields of science. Evolution is supported by so many lines of evidence that a young Earth creationist has to ignore genetics, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, immunology, physics, astrophysics, geology, archaeology, paleontology, paleo-climatology, botany, bacteriology, virology, and more in order to maintain belief. One can't learn this subject overnight.

With Intelligent Design believers, it's not as bad because they have faced the facts of the geological record and the distant galaxies that are billions of light years away. But they still cling to myths like Michael Behe's "irreducible complexity," which claims that there is an irreducible level of biological complexity that could not have evolved from any previous state. This has been widely refuted and rejected because it's demonstrably wrong. There are no examples of irreducible complexity.

James Veverka

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More than 225 guests enjoyed Lakes Region Uncorked event

To The Daily Sun,

What an amazing event. Lakes Region Uncorked 2015, held Nov. 5 at Church Landing, was both a successful fundraiser for Lakes Region Community Services (LRCS) and also an enjoyable evening out for all who attended. Our many guests, vendors, sponsors, donors and volunteers went above and beyond to make Uncorked, which has become the Lakes Region's premiere event for locally-made wine, beer, mead, coffee, foods and desserts — the biggest and best yet.

It is so gratifying to live and work in the Lakes Region, and enjoy such community-wide support for an event showcasing local businesses and raising much appreciated funds for the individuals and families we serve. In our work, LRCS is committed to working locally and Uncorked is a way to celebrate and honor this.
This year's Uncorked featured 23 vendors, 70 silent auction items, a 50-bottle WOW (Wall of Wine) donation table, more than 225 guests and 11 sponsors. We are still counting donations, auction proceeds, and ticket sales. However, it is clear that when all is said and done, the event will have raised significant funds to help individuals and families served by LRCS.

Thank you to title sponsor, Meredith Village Savings Bank, and all of the corporate sponsors of Uncorked 2015: CGI Business Solutions, LRGHealthcare, Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, Franklin Savings Bank, Leone, McDonnell & Roberts, M&P Insurance, Prescription Center, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, RMON Networks and Wood & Clay. Our thanks also to the Common Man and Mill Falls for their event support.

Mark your calendars for Nov. 3, 2016, to join us for Lakes Region Uncorked 2016.

Christine Santaniello, Executive Director

Lakes Region Community Services



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