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Marc Abear & Joe Kenney are remarkable people we can vote for

To The Daily Sun,

Leaves on the driveway, acorns falling and a nip in the air, I see Marc Abear with a friendly hello, strong handshake and an inviting smile. "My name is Marc Abear and I am running for State Representative in Meredith and Gilford." Sensible, a good listener and someone who will work for all constituents.

As we four travel house to house via footing and car, I see Marc stopping and conversing with numerous citizens. Their issues and feelings are important, and Marc listens intently, sometimes spending 15 minuets or more conversing about health insurance, Common Core, taxes and the concerns people want to address. What will you do to help? I will listen and find a common sense solution. On November 8, please vote for Marc Abear.

Another man who travels among the leaves and acorns, who I think is a remarkable person, who everyone can admire for his strength and character is Joseph D. Kenney, executive councilor for District 1. I have watched Joe work diligently for We the People (265,000), in the Statehouse, at events and meetings, where Joe will mingle with everyone and converse on the issues confronting our state. Joe has stated "if it is a problem for you, then it is a problem for me and let's solve it together."

In Meredith, Joe was there when we needed a new Meredith Neck Road, the travel was terrible! Joe came and drove up and down the road and spoke to the DOT. The new road is great. Another issue in our town was the 3 roundabouts at the intersection, a petition signed by 500 citizens against, ushered in a town meeting. Joe was there in the front row listening intently, as the citizens spoke. Thank You Joe for being the best executive councilor. On November 8th, please vote for Joe Kenney.

Rosemary Landry

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First Belknap House Pumpkin Masquerade Ball was phenomenal

To The Daily Sun,

On Friday night, Oct. 21, Belknap House held its inaugural ball at Saint Andre Bessette Hall. You could measure success by the number of tickets sold that realizes a profit or accolades from attendees about how much fun was had, or the food and atmosphere. However, not only for all those reasons mentioned, but the Belknap House Pumpkin Masquerade ball was a phenomenal success based on community support and spirit. Friday's Ball was a witness to how much a community rallies to support our homeless family shelter. For this we are tremendously appreciative but more importantly truly inspired by the generous demonstration of caring.

Meredith Village Savings Bank sponsored this event at the Platinum Gold level and Franklin Savings Bank and UPS were Bronze sponsors. DGM Innovations Group were Contributing Sponsors and Saint Andre Bessette opened its doors and allowed event organizers access to its facilities and furnishings. This generosity launched the ball on good footing and many in the community followed suit with supporting this event.

Individuals and area businesses donated items to boost fund raising efforts by contributing items for the silent auction. Contributors included: Boston Bruins, Dapper Dimple Photography, Hermit Woods Winery, Hilltop Restaurant at Steele Hill, Marian Keifer, Lawson, Persson & Chisholm PC, Lyons Den Restaurant, Merrill Fay Ice Arena, Margate, Mill Falls at the Lake, Minor Realty, Nancy Meier, Ogelthorpe, Prescott Flowers, Soda Shoppe, The Studio and Wood and Clay. Local artists Dick Smith donated photography and Elaine Morrison donated art work. An oil painting was also donated by Alfred Columb.

Local artists also contributed their talents to transform the gym into an elegant ballroom. Under the direction of decoration designer Marlene Makowski, they include Jeri Bothamly, Matthew Gault, Heather Hilton Gault, Joseph Kildune, Elaine Morrison and Andrew Thorington. Judith Buswell assisted with designing the ball program. Ernie Gault built the sets for the decorations. Anne-Marie Lamarre and Erika Thorsell Photography took on the duties of ball photographers.

Advertisements in the Ball Program included Meredith Village Savings Bank, Belknap Landscaping, Lawson, Persson, Chisholm PC, Franklin Savings Bank, Pamela Gallant, Psy.D, DGM Innovations Group, Misiaszek Turpin PLLC and RFS Engineering.

Under the coordination of Nicole Malloy, the evening progressed with great ease and precision due to the well organized and warm reception of the many volunteers who gave their time to ensure the evening would be a success. Many also were involved with the set up and clean up after the event.

Many people continue to volunteer in all capacities to the Belknap House! For this the board of directors is truly grateful.

This event "took a village" to orchestrate and "the village" was ready and responded. A Very Big Thank You!

Edie Gault, Chairperson
Belknap House Pumpkin Masquerade Ball

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