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I appreciate the confidence Sanbornton & Tilton have shown in me

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to all the voters of the towns of Sanbornton and Tilton to express my sincere appreciation for your support at the polls on Tuesday Nov. 4, allowing me to serve as your new State Representative for the next two years in Concord.

I sincerely appreciate the confidence so many neighbors have entrusted in me with this important responsibility to serve you. In particular, I wish to acknowledge my wife, Karen, for her unconditional support and patience during this new life journey.

Thank you also to both Ian Raymond and Jane Alden my general election opponents for running professional and respectful campaigns. I will join Representative Fields in the coming weeks to serve cooperatively both for Tilton and Sanbornton.

My vision to you is to listen, study, and make decisions (some very difficult) in the best interests of our two neighboring family communities.

Brian S. Gallagher


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Isn't it time for you to join the Belknap Range Trail Tenders?

To The Daily Sun,

This week, Volunteer N.H., a non-profit organization, sponsored an awards ceremony, celebrating volunteers in New Hampshire. There were at least 117 recipients, and those are only the ones being recognized. For every recipient, there are dozens of others who are working quietly, changing and molding the face of New Hampshire, helping those who need help, not expecting accolades.

At Monday's awards ceremony, the local group Belknap Range Trail Tenders was recognized. It is made up of local residents, a group of over 99 people. Right here in our area, working on the hiking trails in the Belknap Range. These people for the most part are just like you and me, ordinary citizens who volunteer their time, lovingly caring for the mountain, so you and I can enjoy our hikes.

Isn't it time you join this silent army and volunteer your time? Look around you, there's always something good you can do. America is unique in its volunteerism. Be a part of it.

Peggy Graham

Secretary, BRATTS


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