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Rubio sounds the way Obama did when he made great speeches

To The Daily Sun,

I wonder what people are thinking, knowing Cruz won by someone saying that Ben Carson has dropped out of the race and that gave Cruz the votes he needed. It should have been Donald Trump the winner. They played dirty. Talk about the fix is in. Then, the coin toss was a joke. That is wrong.

As far as Rubio goes, he sounds the same way Obama did when he made those wonderful speeches we all fell for. Well folks, we have a chance to fix this. Do not make another Obama mistake. Think before you make your vote. Let's break the dynasty of the Clintons, and Bushes. Enough of them.

Socialist/communist is the same thing. Why are the parents of these college kids not telling them what Bernie Sanders is really all about? Nothing is free. Someone has to pay for the college they go to and it will be on our backs. Wake up and use your mind to see beyond the speeches which always sound too good to be true.

Anna DeRose

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Consider candidates who have integrity & treat others with decency

To The Daily Sun,

The purpose of this letter is twofold. First, as a citizen and the wife of the supervisor of the checklist in Laconia Ward 2, I would encourage EVERY ELIGIBLE VOTER to go to the polls on Tuesday, February 9. You may register at the same time. There area number of candidates from which to choose, and all eyes are on our small state on that day. PARTICIPATE!

The second reason for this letter is to remind voters that it is not okay for a person, including presidential candidates, to be rude, disrespectful, brash and discourteous and then proudly hide under the umbrella of "not PC." Rules of common civility need to prevail despite a person's stand on political correctness. It trust that on election day voters will consider candidates who have integrity and who treat others with moral decency.

Barb Lewis




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