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Beware N.H., GOP is turning North Carolina into a dictatorship

To The Daily Sun,
The only way the GOP'ers can win a major election is to suppress voter's rights. They will give the excuse that it happens a lot, once or twice every 10 years, maybe. Hardly ever a conviction, so the no-spend party will spend millions to change the voting laws to outlaw most everyone's vote.

This could happen here if they gain more power in the next election. In N.C., student's parents will be fined if the kids vote at their school, they are making it almost impossible to register as most ID's are not accepted. They need state issued ID cards only. Almost impossible to get. But rest assured as the cost is paid for by the voters after which their right to vote will be eliminated. There are other new laws down there, most of which make the word equality obsolete. Teachers will be forced to teach heath care lies to 6-8th graders. Public schools are closing and 90 million is being invested in private schools. Remember Romney and son Tagg. They will be making a fortune on these private schools. Numerous unemployed will be kicked off and benefits cut off. I agree that collecting is not for life but in an emergency it is essential. This is not a democracy in N.C. but a dictatorship, with the GOP running it all.

My advise in New Hampshire is to NOT let it happen here or some freedoms will disappear.

Jon Hoyt


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What percentage of inmates will really be rehabilitated with new programs?

To The Daily Sun,
I first want to commend you for the article you printed in The Daily sun on the horrible conditions at the Belknap County Jail. I must have gone through a whole box of Kleenex while reading how these people who have smoked dope, sold drugs, invaded homes, stolen items and snatched purses from people in parking lots should have better living conditions. Maybe we should set them up with a situation like the Taylor Community, but first, before we spend $42 million plus hire 21 new staff members, please be honest with the taxpayers in the county and let them know just what the percentage of inmates will really be rehabilitated because we have all these educational programs for them — and we should be told what its going to cost to hire 21 new personnel. Also, what will all these new programs cost?
The conditions at Belknap seem to be a lot better than tent city in Arizona or the conditions our proud service troops endure in foreign lands. GOD BLESS THESE TROOPS, if it was not for them we would not be able to discuss these matters.
I personally am not against a better facility but please be honest with the taxpayers and let them know what they are really getting for all this money — and please don't throw out false numbers.
Thank you for letting us vent.
Charlie Flanagan

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VA does offer out-patient care in Manchester & elsewhere in N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

I enjoyed Bob Meade's article regarding veteran's benefits that ran in the July 23 edition. It was well written and informative. I would like to add a bit of additional information to his next to last paragraph, in which he stated there is no VA hospital in New Hampshire. That is true in the sense that there is not an inpatient facility, however, the VA operates the VA Medical Center at 718 Smyth Road in Manchester, . A variety of primary care and specialty clinics can be found there as well as several other services that may be required by the veteran. This facility also operates four Community Based Outpatient Care ( CBOC ) clinics in Tilton, Portsmouth, Somersworth and Conway.

Veterans who require inpatient care are provided care at other VA hospitals in New England, primarily in Massachusetts. Through an expansion of inpatient care, the VA has contracted with Concord Hospital. This provides local care for the convenience of the patient and his/her family and meets the intent of the bills submitted by Sen. Shaheen (SR239) and Rep. Shea-Porter (HR190) to provide N.H. veterans with the same level of care that the VA provides to veterans in other states. For more information log on to www.manchester.VA.gov.

Robert Lucas



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Martin/Zimmerman incident revealed corruption of our media

To The Daily Sun,
The Zimmerman-Martin incident and aftermath is sad on many levels. Martin is dead. Facing death threats, Zimmerman lives in hiding. Both families are devastated.
People, "getting justice for Trayvon" create other victims. The media demonstrated its corruption. Political pressure forced an indictment when one may not have been warranted, raising questions whether any of us can be assured of getting fair treatment by the law. The usual race-baiters did their best with the help of the media and President Obama to roll back our progress to a colorblind society.
People make claims without any evidence. A recent headline declares, "Would Zimmerman have picked a fight if he hadn't been armed?" There is no evidence that that Zimmerman either confronted or started any physical interaction with Martin. Others say Martin would be alive if he were white, yet who considers race, or anything besides survival, when someone who is killing us? The prosecution, the defense, and FBI investigators indicated that race was not a factor. If you spent many lonely hours trying to protect your neighbors from further harm, would the race of a suspiciously acting person change your actions? No.
Others say the shooting wouldn't have happened if Zimmerman had acted differently (although he acted legally). But it wouldn't have happened if Martin had just continued home, if Martin hadn't been expelled from school, or maybe if Martin hadn't been taking behavior-altering substances.
The police felt there was inadequate evidence to charge Zimmerman with a crime. The jury apparently agreed, even though they were denied much evidence about Martin's character including that he had been discovered with burglar tools and stolen property.
Why did the media sensationalize this incident? Why alter Zimmerman's 911 calls? Why suppress exculpatory evidence and publish misleading photos and information about Zimmerman and Martin? Why use the term "white Hispanic" for Zimmerman who is half-white, just like President Obama?
Was the media just trying to create a story? To fan racial hatred? To distract minorities from how much they are suffering under President Obama's policies? To distract the public from Obama's scandals?
Do Obama and Holder have so much contempt for our justice system and the American people (police, prosecutors, judges, jurors, etc.) that they feel entitled to determine the outcome of this (or any) incident? Or, did they too welcome a distraction from Obama's failures and scandals?
As sad as this incident is for the Martins and Zimmermans, it is equally as sad for our country. This incident reveals the total corruption of our media, the Obama administration's inappropriate influence on our justice system and their willingness to stoke racial strife for political gain.
Don Ewing

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Government $16T in debt while business reports record profit

To The Daily Sun,

George Bush made a push to privatize Social Security (SS) accounts with the intent to improve returns and INCREASE the size of benefit checks. Even back then it was clear SS was INSOLVENT, requiring either higher taxes or further dilution. FDR's infamous Ponzi scheme had already been significantly WATERED DOWN several years before. SS simply runs OUT out of money to pay in FULL the PROMISES made by government. It is one of the greatest swindles ever perpetrated on the American public. SS is a BLOOD SUCKER on YOUR pay check for 40 years. Then when you retire, the benefits SHRINK and SHRINK again. Big time crook Bernie Maddoff copied FDR's plan. The only difference, Bernie couldn't say to his DUPES, as government does "I am REDUCING your benefits ANYTIME I see fit". The two men are great CON ARTISTS, cut from the same cloth, one a hero, the other a bum rotting in jail. Democrats demonize privatizing SS vehemently, not with facts but fear. Not from any belief the idea won't work, but that it WILL. The last thing Democrats can allow to happen is middle class America raising its living standard on some elephant idea they oppose violently. That would set the party image back 50 years.
We need to make SS solvent going forward with out forever raising SS taxes or continually diluting it's benefits.
1. The SS PONZI Funding mechanism of Bob paying for Mary has to STOP. The amount of revenue under this scheme (it is not a plan) becomes totally dependent on the number of people working at any moment. That is like building the foundation for your home in a swamp. That is why benefits keep getting CUT and CUT again significantly around every bend.
2. The money is YOUR MONEY, from your first dollar of contribution. NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S! Who do you want to have your money? YOU or government?
3. We MUST offer people OPTIONS from just investing in LOW YIELDING treasury debt. IT SIMPLY EARNS TOO LITTLE and condemns every middle class American to lower living standards for 20 plus retirement years. YOUR check should be DOUBLE and WILL BE. Not by BETTING on a PONZI SCHEME that heads for BROKE at every junction. SS benefits need to be BE CUT AGAIN. IF the cut is delayed, the eventual CUT will be DEEPER. It will never right itself with 10,000 people turning age 65 every single day for the next 20 years while the labor participation rate sinks ever lower because we have made WELFARE more ATTRACTIVE than working.
The U.S. stock market just hit another RECORD this week. It has OVERCOME every recession and obstacle it has faced in the past 100 years only to march on to new heights. If SS had been invested in EVERY AMERICAN BUSINESS for the past half century through the stock market the checks hundreds of millions of retirees would have gotten over the past decades and the checks those retired on SS TODAY would be getting would be DOUBLE in their amount. Countless TRILLIONS in wealth that should have gone to retiree SS checks have been LOST following the great FDR retirement scheme to ONLY INVESTING IN DEBT, not equity as GOVERNMENT PRE-SPENT every penny because SS was NEVER PRIVATIZED to begin with, as it should have been. That would have removed the CONTROL from government to YOU. No red blooded Democrat is going to allow you control.
Government is $16 trillion in debt while business reports RECORD PROFITS and vitality during a world wide recession. We need to tie the middle class wagon to the success of business, not the failure of government. NOT DOING SO has been the single, BIGGEST mistake of the past century costing Americans untold improvements to their living standards.

Tony Boutin


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