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People who make excuses for Muslim terrorists are not liberals

To The Daily Sun,

Wednesday morning I was pleased to see my letter to the editor expressing my anger at liberal media and predicting they and phony liberals would be writing excuse after excuse for the Muslim terrorist massacre in France.

Right on cue, immediately below my letter, was another doing exactly what I predicted. The writer of this letter blamed the victims, made excuses for the Muslim terrorists and this person says he's a liberal. He is not. He is as far from a liberal as a person can get. He does not stand up for liberal values only hides behind them for convenience when it suits him.

I'll refrain from labeling him but say only, he is not a liberal.

Steve Earle


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Sanbornton residents: look for 6 question survey in your mail

To The Daily Sun,

The Sanbornton Budget Committee meets every month to discuss both ongoing town finances and the upcoming FY16 budget. However, very few if any residents bother to come to the committee meetings to make their concerns known.
In an effort to encourage resident input to the upcoming FY16 budget, four members of the committee have produced a survey that will be mailed to all Sanbornton residents the week January 19th. The survey is being paid for by committee members and is not funded in any way with town money. However, due to the cost of postage, we were not able to include a postage paid response envelope with the survey.
I want to encourage all Sanbornton residents to look for the survey in the mail, take the time to answer the six simple questions, and then return the survey.
Answering the questions should take no more the 60 seconds i.e. how do you feel about property taxes — too low ___, about right____, too high? etc. The bottom part of the survey provides directions on how to return your answers; e-mail or snail mail. For the cost of a 1st class stamp or the effort necessary to push a computer button you can make your views known during the Sanbornton budget process.

Roger Grey

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