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County meetings aren't for spreading gossip & idle speculation

To The Daily Sun,

At a Belknap Commissioners' meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 3, Commissioner DeVoy stated that people who allegedly made
inaccurate comments about Commissioner Taylor's advocacy for a new tax were associated with the "Burchell/Smolin" campaign.

I support Mr. Smolin, but our campaigns are in no way linked. By his willingness to smear me with no evidence, Mr. DeVoy does precisely what he accuses others of doing, viz., making a statement with no facts to support it.

Commission meetings should be a public forum for deciding public policy and not an opportunity to pursue gossip or for idle speculation.

Dick Burchell
Belknap Commissioner, District 2



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If I agree with you I become an enlightened & responsible person

To The Daily Sun,

A response to Alan Vervaeke:

Even though I am a homeowner, taxpayer, graduated with honors from a four-year college (education degree), served time in the military, was elected and re-elected as a town meeting member for 12 years, appointed to a couple of city board positions and ran a successful business for 35 years, I'm grateful the Lakes Region has someone like Alan Vervaeke. If not for him, I would have not known that I am naïve and lack understanding of what a responsible citizen is.

I guess if I agree with his view of the presidential candidates, I too can be an enlightened and responsible citizen. This would also make my life easier, since I can give up thinking critically and just read his bias interpreted version of world events.

Dennis Robitaille

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