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I wouldn't be free college, it would be taxpayer funded college

To The Daily Sun,

Okay, I'm getting a little long of tooth and grey of hair. Denial is futile; I am losing the battle with age.

Anyway, these thoughts prompted me to think of Bernie Sanders, an old guy pushing an old idea: Promise monstrous giveaways, bribe the low-information, greedy people among us to vote your way. Take from the rich give to the poor. Yep, that's the ticket! Hmmm, wait a sec; some say if you confiscated 100 percent of all rich people's assets you'd pay the nation's bills for a paltry three months or less. What then?

Where I come from, when we seek improvements we don't ready, fire, aim, but we first agree that improvements are necessary. We identify and prioritize our improvement tasks and then go and look for people or organizations that've made significant gains in these same areas. We analyze, understand, create a plan, seek approval and move forward. What are Bernie's benchmarks? Which country will he emulate? Who would we become? What are the costs?

Worse, both Hillary and Bernie are on the same path. Both want to eliminate college tuition, among other socialistic steal-from-the-rich schemes. Great ideas. Supporters, like the pundits who dominate the supposedly neutral public radio, call this the plan for free college tuition, not the plan for taxpayer-funded education. Big difference. As the federal government (according to Rand Paul) continues to borrow $1 million a minute against a gargantuan debt of over $18 trillion, who are we kidding? We can't afford any of this.

In my opinion, the reason Hillary and Bernie don't hold up another country as their perfect ideal, the one country they would find who've embraced the same siren song of socialism is Greece. Compare our national debt to our GNP, and then do the same comparison for Greece; a very similar trend line.

Nope they'll never mention this will they? The liberal media and the low-information voters will buy it, hook, line and sinker. Once swallowed there's no going back, not for at least a generation or so. Couple these plans with open borders, sanctuary cities, unchecked government growth, union-run, government-controlled public education; we don't have a prayer. Or perhaps better said: we all better start praying. Praying that the conservatives we see appealing for your support on the debate stage soon coalesce and get their act together.

Let's face it, all the bickering and battling we see on the debate stage doesn't generate the notion that someone on that stage should be handed the reins of power. Not by anyone's standards. My opinion: Take the entire group of conservative presidential candidates, put them in a secure room (octagon cage?), lock the door and give them a day to figure it out. In a perfect world, when the doors opened we would see in sequence, all marching to "Hail to the Chief" the nominee for president and vice president followed by the remaining cabinet positions. Kinda like the start of an NFL football game. Spectacular! Just the fact that the conservatives could agree on something would be a huge attention grabber.

But fielding a full bench and presenting the entire proposed leadership team; unprecedented! It's this kind of out-of-the-box thinking that would I think put this election into the hands of the adults in the room. More importantly this might prompt a win for conservatives. Conservative policies will put America back on the tracks of success; for everyone.

A free lunch is a nice to have. A good job is a must-have.

Yep, growing old isn't fun, but with age comes wisdom. Let's see more of this from the people who would lead us.

Dave Rivers

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Dr. Carson never applied to West Point & they don't offer scholarships

To The Daily Sun,

Just a correction to Mr. Earle's letter from the Friday, Nov. 13 newspaper.

Dr. Ben Carson was not offered either a scholarship or an appointment to West Point. He wrote he was told he could "probably" attend if he so chose.

You have to actually apply to get in and must also have congressional nomination in order to attend West Point.

Also, there are no scholarships to West Point as attendance is free for those appointed.

Dr. Carson never applied to go there.

How is this "liberal media bias?"  He was never offered a scholarship or appointment to West Point so writing he was offered either was an untruth. He is running on his truthfulness and so this a a legitimate question for the media to ask and to follow-up on.

Karen Tays


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