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If we have to have casinos, why shouldn't the state reap 100%?

To The Daily Sun,

An open letter to our state representatives, state senators and anyone else that may listen:

Simply put, why if we are so in need of easy money would the state take the paupers share, giving the gaming industry the lions share?
Think about it. New Hampshire had gambling back in the 1930s and started lottery gambling in 1964, which it has run. Is the state incapable of building and running a casino or two? After all, what real oversight would there be wanting to look at someone else's books; better that the state (honest & true) run the games and keep its own books for commissioners and elected government politicians to oversee.

Millennium Gaming, Inc., founded in 1996 and based in Las Vegas, I believe is slated to build and run the casinos. They do so to earn a PROFIT, which will leave the state. What, to spend on education in Nevada?

I believe the cost previously put out was near a billion dollars in costs and fees (taxes) to get the casinos up and running. $1.6 billion is being spent to build one in Everett, Mass. The point is that the gambling industry will get back its cost plus profit. Sen. Lou D'Allesandro doesn't speak to this; why is a Democrat who cares so much for the people want gambling? Why hasn't he spent his years in office getting manufacturing industries to stay (a little help from government would have helped) as well as move to the state?
Why hasn't he spent his time making it possible for individuals to get government help while earning, learning and establishing themselves before taking away assistance just as they are getting their feet on the ground? If he is so into gambling in this state why doesn't he gamble on the people who having good jobs would be paying taxes?
I think Casino gambling is a terrible idea (I do buy lottery ticket but haven't won but a few bucks) but if the state is going to have one or two it should be owned and run by the state and the profits stay in the state. Now try to get senators and representatives behind that.

G.W. Brooks

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Let's hear your story about a great local shopping experience

To The Daily Sun,

Have you had great service at a locally-owned Lakes Region Business? Do you have a story to tell?
While dropping off yet another pair of favorite tired-looking shoes to be rejuvenated at Daub's Cobbler Shop, owner, Jim Daubenspeck told me, that after 20 years of searching for the right chiropractor for his needs, he finally found one, right across the street at Healing Lakes Chiropractic. Relocating here from California, owner Valerie Lennon opened shop about two years ago in office space above Greenlaw's Music and Audio. He couldn't say enough about the quality of her service, and he should know; he once worked for a chiropractor.

Meanwhile, I recently had a wonderful experience at Infocus Eye Care located between the Belknap Mall and the Winnisquam Bridge on Rte. 3. I'd forgotten my Payflex card when I went there to place an order for new glasses. I was frustrated with myself because I knew that, though I could pay for the deposit with my debit card, it would mean extra work and time for me to then be reimbursed from my flexible spending account. The owner, Fred McDonald told me not to worry about it and said I could just pay for the entire balance when I picked them up. I didn't feel right doing that, but he insisted.

Stories like this happen every day. You might tell a friend or two, and that may encourage them to give these folks their business. But imagine if you told everyone. Word of mouth is the best advertising a business can get. An ad is biased; it's paid for by the very people who stand to benefit from it. But a testimonial from an uninvolved individual who has no skin in the game ... money can't buy that kind of endorsement.

I would like to encourage everyone reading this letter to share in a big way, any and all great experiences they've had with a locally owned Lakes Region business. Write a letter to the editor, like I've done here. Post to your favored social media network. Or maybe do both. What better way to encourage people to shop local while rewarding those who provide exemplary service and extraordinary skills. It might also encourage others to improve their customer service. That wouldn't be such a bad thing either.

On behalf of BIBA, I thank you in advance for your help in keeping the buy local movement alive and well. I look forward to reading many wonderful stories.
Debbie Bolduc

Vice President & Acting President
Belknap Independent Business Alliance (BIBA)

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