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Liberals get their butts kicked, then tell Republicans how to govern

To The Daily Sun,

The chutzpa of the egotistical liberals, such as Lynn Chong, knows no bounds. They get their butts kicked big time in the last election and then they have the gall to tell the Republicans that kicked their butts how to govern. I suggest they look in the mirror and come to grips with their failures before they start to dictate to others. Their favorite president is turning out to be the biggest enemy of this country in the world today.

Dave Schwotzer

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Where was moral outrage when Iraqi civilians were being killed?

To The Daily Sun,

Our hearts are broken by a terrorist attack in Pakistan killing as many as 140 children. We can hear the wailing and screams of mothers and fathers finding the bloodied bodies of their precious children. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them in this time of unendurable pain and loss.
We must also endure the losses of men, women and children that we inflicted on Iraq years ago. This country bombed and invaded Iraq on false accusations without a declaration of war; whereas we did not have a legitimate cause to use massive military assault on innocent people of that country.

Iraq suffered the loss of 500,000 soldiers and civilians in this brutal years-long (non-war.) It is reasonable to say, in those sad numbers of dead, at least one-fifth were children, or 100,000 killed by military forces of the United States. This statement is not my opinion but incontestable fact.

During that time of mass killing of innocent people hardly anyone of authority spoke out against the slaughter — the clergy went deaf and dumb and civilians turn their backs on the horrors of warfare preferring not to discuss anything unpleasant avoiding heated disagreement with family or friends, super-patriots, as usual, said nothing.

There has been lively discussion about whether this country was founded on Christian principles. I believe this country of good and generous people has given up on Christian morality. No country claiming to be Christian would ever allow the horrors befallen Iraq to have happened. Or maybe the case is: We are a nation of cowards, afraid of our own government.

Please reclaim the moral and lawful precepts this nation was built on. Bring your own life into the light of faith and brotherly love that God has bestowed you with. It's a small world. Work for peace, for yourself, your family and unknown people different from yourself in every corner of the world.

Leon R. Albushies

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