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Got Lunch makes sure kids who need food have healthy groceries

To The Daily Sun,

We not only live in a beautiful resort area, surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and lakes but we  also live in a community that cares about children. In 2014, GOT LUNCH! Laconia fed 654 children throughout the summer. It costs the program approximately $120 to feed each child for the entire summer. All these community efforts make a big difference and make this program possible.

GOT LUNCH! Laconia is a community collaborative made up of volunteers who work together to deliver healthy groceries to the school children of Laconia during the 10 weeks of the summer school vacation. With more than 60 percent of the children qualifying for free and reduced lunch, the potential is great for many of the children in Laconia to go without enough food during the summer.

GOT LUNCH! Laconia makes sure that children who need food have healthy groceries delivered to their doorstep.

In April, the Laconia School District came up with the idea of 5 on the 5th for Cinco de Mayo day. All school employees who donated $5 to GOT LUNCH! Laconia could wear jeans on May 5 and proudly wear a sticker "5 on the 5th." Then they thought to challenge the local businesses to do the same. One press release about the challenge and very little time to pull this challenge together raised $1,835.50 to feed the children of Laconia; raising enough money to feed 15 children for the entire summer. The school district alone raised $1, 230.50.

Other businesses that answered the call this year are: Irwin Automotive, Lakes Region Community Services, Lakes Region Partners for Public Health, Lake Opechee Inn and Spa, Wescott Law, and Sunday's Salon and Spa.

Thank you, so very much for responding to the challenge. Next year we hope to grow this challenge and include more business and non-profits – watch for the opportunity next year. Thank You Laconia! Thank you, Laconia, for caring for our children.

For more information about the program, or how to register, volunteer or donate, go to the website: www.gotlunchlaconia.org.

GOT LUNCH! Laconia

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I question you 80% of Americans believe in God statement

To The Daily Sun,

Mr. McCoole incorrectly stated in his letter that I "blamed my hatred of God" on "Christian beliefs and morals." I in no way stated I "hate God" or that it's Christians or morality I dislike, I just have merely become a non-believer.

I do have a disdain for people of the pulpit for my own personal reasons, but would never hold anything against anybody for their religious beliefs. I respect the beliefs of others and for the record am pro-life (excluding cases of rape, incest and harm to the mother) despite my religious disposition. So you can throw your three-paragraph rant of extreme abortion legislation out the window.

Obviously now, nobody would vote for an abortion law that allowed killing a 2-year-old child! It seems to me more and more that strict Christians are a bit thin-skinned. You can all dish it out, but point out a few glaringly bad facts and it gets nasty fast. You literally added no less than three lies about what I wrote in your letter.

It's nice that you came racing to the defense of your Bible, but I still don't believe that there was some dubious intention from the filmmakers and authors of the '60s, '70s and so forth to directly undermine the values and morals of Christianity. It was just people being creative and let loose out of their repressive box that many of their strict parents had them in. I would argue that strict Christian parents are actually the cause of many youths to leave the church and pursue other interests. I would also argue that most intellectuals are not religious. Scientists, philosophers, engineers... I have no research on this, but most I have personally encountered do not believe in higher powers.

Furthermore, I do not label people on whims, I used to actually be a fan of Pat Buchanan, even would have voted for him if I was old enough when he ran for president. Through the years though, I just personally feel that he's a dinosaur, incapable of changing with the times. I thought his letter was full of generalizations with an undertone that if you're not a practicing Christian, you're immoral. Throw in Mr. Demakowski's biblical threats and that is where I was coming from.

I'm not trying to be some smarmy juvenile who is poking fun at your way of life, sir. But when Bible-thumpers constantly throw it in our face, three, four, five times a week in these letters, I just thought we should hear a different point of view. I would question your 80 percent of "American's believe in God" statement though, unless that's a AARP poll or something. Which God do you refer to? God is a term that many use. And of those 80 percent, how many are actually practicing? Going to church to worship besides Christmas and Easter? Certainly not 80 percent. I would be shocked if it were 30 percent.

Thomas Lemay


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