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Martin/Zimmerman incident revealed corruption of our media

To The Daily Sun,
The Zimmerman-Martin incident and aftermath is sad on many levels. Martin is dead. Facing death threats, Zimmerman lives in hiding. Both families are devastated.
People, "getting justice for Trayvon" create other victims. The media demonstrated its corruption. Political pressure forced an indictment when one may not have been warranted, raising questions whether any of us can be assured of getting fair treatment by the law. The usual race-baiters did their best with the help of the media and President Obama to roll back our progress to a colorblind society.
People make claims without any evidence. A recent headline declares, "Would Zimmerman have picked a fight if he hadn't been armed?" There is no evidence that that Zimmerman either confronted or started any physical interaction with Martin. Others say Martin would be alive if he were white, yet who considers race, or anything besides survival, when someone who is killing us? The prosecution, the defense, and FBI investigators indicated that race was not a factor. If you spent many lonely hours trying to protect your neighbors from further harm, would the race of a suspiciously acting person change your actions? No.
Others say the shooting wouldn't have happened if Zimmerman had acted differently (although he acted legally). But it wouldn't have happened if Martin had just continued home, if Martin hadn't been expelled from school, or maybe if Martin hadn't been taking behavior-altering substances.
The police felt there was inadequate evidence to charge Zimmerman with a crime. The jury apparently agreed, even though they were denied much evidence about Martin's character including that he had been discovered with burglar tools and stolen property.
Why did the media sensationalize this incident? Why alter Zimmerman's 911 calls? Why suppress exculpatory evidence and publish misleading photos and information about Zimmerman and Martin? Why use the term "white Hispanic" for Zimmerman who is half-white, just like President Obama?
Was the media just trying to create a story? To fan racial hatred? To distract minorities from how much they are suffering under President Obama's policies? To distract the public from Obama's scandals?
Do Obama and Holder have so much contempt for our justice system and the American people (police, prosecutors, judges, jurors, etc.) that they feel entitled to determine the outcome of this (or any) incident? Or, did they too welcome a distraction from Obama's failures and scandals?
As sad as this incident is for the Martins and Zimmermans, it is equally as sad for our country. This incident reveals the total corruption of our media, the Obama administration's inappropriate influence on our justice system and their willingness to stoke racial strife for political gain.
Don Ewing

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Government $16T in debt while business reports record profit

To The Daily Sun,

George Bush made a push to privatize Social Security (SS) accounts with the intent to improve returns and INCREASE the size of benefit checks. Even back then it was clear SS was INSOLVENT, requiring either higher taxes or further dilution. FDR's infamous Ponzi scheme had already been significantly WATERED DOWN several years before. SS simply runs OUT out of money to pay in FULL the PROMISES made by government. It is one of the greatest swindles ever perpetrated on the American public. SS is a BLOOD SUCKER on YOUR pay check for 40 years. Then when you retire, the benefits SHRINK and SHRINK again. Big time crook Bernie Maddoff copied FDR's plan. The only difference, Bernie couldn't say to his DUPES, as government does "I am REDUCING your benefits ANYTIME I see fit". The two men are great CON ARTISTS, cut from the same cloth, one a hero, the other a bum rotting in jail. Democrats demonize privatizing SS vehemently, not with facts but fear. Not from any belief the idea won't work, but that it WILL. The last thing Democrats can allow to happen is middle class America raising its living standard on some elephant idea they oppose violently. That would set the party image back 50 years.
We need to make SS solvent going forward with out forever raising SS taxes or continually diluting it's benefits.
1. The SS PONZI Funding mechanism of Bob paying for Mary has to STOP. The amount of revenue under this scheme (it is not a plan) becomes totally dependent on the number of people working at any moment. That is like building the foundation for your home in a swamp. That is why benefits keep getting CUT and CUT again significantly around every bend.
2. The money is YOUR MONEY, from your first dollar of contribution. NOT THE GOVERNMENT'S! Who do you want to have your money? YOU or government?
3. We MUST offer people OPTIONS from just investing in LOW YIELDING treasury debt. IT SIMPLY EARNS TOO LITTLE and condemns every middle class American to lower living standards for 20 plus retirement years. YOUR check should be DOUBLE and WILL BE. Not by BETTING on a PONZI SCHEME that heads for BROKE at every junction. SS benefits need to be BE CUT AGAIN. IF the cut is delayed, the eventual CUT will be DEEPER. It will never right itself with 10,000 people turning age 65 every single day for the next 20 years while the labor participation rate sinks ever lower because we have made WELFARE more ATTRACTIVE than working.
The U.S. stock market just hit another RECORD this week. It has OVERCOME every recession and obstacle it has faced in the past 100 years only to march on to new heights. If SS had been invested in EVERY AMERICAN BUSINESS for the past half century through the stock market the checks hundreds of millions of retirees would have gotten over the past decades and the checks those retired on SS TODAY would be getting would be DOUBLE in their amount. Countless TRILLIONS in wealth that should have gone to retiree SS checks have been LOST following the great FDR retirement scheme to ONLY INVESTING IN DEBT, not equity as GOVERNMENT PRE-SPENT every penny because SS was NEVER PRIVATIZED to begin with, as it should have been. That would have removed the CONTROL from government to YOU. No red blooded Democrat is going to allow you control.
Government is $16 trillion in debt while business reports RECORD PROFITS and vitality during a world wide recession. We need to tie the middle class wagon to the success of business, not the failure of government. NOT DOING SO has been the single, BIGGEST mistake of the past century costing Americans untold improvements to their living standards.

Tony Boutin


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Last time carbon levels were this high was 15 million years ago

To The Daily Sun,
Russ Wiles claims climate models have been discredited? Which ones? There are many. Some are better than others. I don't know of any discrediting of every climate model. Climate models are young so in all fairness, they shouldn't be tested until at least 15 years out. Longer is preferred of course. But the first data about models devised in the 1990s can now be looked at. Forecasts of global temperature rises over the past 15 years have proved remarkably accurate according to a paper published by the journal Nature Geoscience. Myles Allen and colleagues at Oxford University accurately predicted the warming in the past decade, relative to the decade to 1996, to within a few hundredths of a degree.
Then there are the Sunspot myths. Since 1980 there has been steadily less solar radiation from the Sun, yet the Earth has warmed nearly a half degree Celsius.
Now about those cold winters. According a 2012 paper by Judah Cohen and other colleagues published by IOCScience, a 130 year old scientific journal, colder northern winters are entirely consistent with a warming Arctic. Researchers found a statistical link between the buildup of snowfall in Siberia during October and the so-called Arctic Oscillation, a weather pattern that affects the East Coast and Europe during the winter. Presently, the Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the Earth. As the Arctic melts and releases more moisture into the air, colder winters can occur and larger than expected storms are also possible.
Then there are the carbon sinks which stoke the carbon cycle. Cold oceans and temperate forest are our largest carbon sinks. Warm oceans and jungles don't work as carbon sinks. Warmer waters mean less carbon exchange which means more carbon left in the atmosphere. Carbon is transparent to solar energy but opaque to thermal energy from the Earth. Hence the greenhouse affect. With carbon levels now hitting 400ppm, are we treading into dangerous waters? Literally, maybe. According to data from the deepest Arctic land core ever, which yielded the first ever continuous, high-resolution record of the Middle Pliocene, the last time carbon levels were this high was 15-20 million years ago. The data indicates it was 5° to 10°F warmer globally and the seas were 75 to 120 feet higher. On the carbon cycles and carbon Sinks, I highly recommend this National Georgraphic article, "The case of the missing carbon". http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/global-warming/missing-carbon/
James Veverka

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Read the job description of county administrator for yourself

To The Daily Sun,
Thank you Dave Schwotzer for having the courage to speak the truth about the operation of our county government. You hit the nail right on the head saying they now have someone looking over their shoulder, and I think a lot more scrutiny is in order. I have done some digging of my own and have found out some interesting things.
Concerning the position of county administrator, I learned that not all counties are operated in the same manner. While they are all similar with the elected commissioners, there are three counties in New Hampshire — Rockingham, Carroll, and Sullivan — which do not have the position of county administrator. The various department heads report directly to the commissioners. It seems they have decided that this level of management is redundant and unnecessary.
The salary of our county administrator is in the neighborhood of $105,000 per year, plus perks and benefits and with those factored in this position cost the taxpayers around $150,000. We all remember last winter when this budget dispute was being discussed that Ms. Shackett's salary was cut $20,000 as a cost savings measure, but I recently found out that our commissioners have decided to restore her full salary after some changes were made in the nursing home to save some money. Those changes caused the nursing home to lose two highly skilled professionals on the nursing staff. Collectively these women had 50 years experience in geriatric nursing.
The salary for the position of county administrator is set commensurate with the requirements of the job description. It states "MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED: Bachelor's Degree as specified in NH RSA 151-A5 from an accredited university and five years of progressively responsible experience or any combination of education, training and experience which provides the knowledge, skill and abilities required for the job."
As far as I could ascertain, Ms. Shackett has no advanced degree whatsoever, not even a 2-year degree in Underwater Basket Weaving, let alone anything relevant. As for her experience, as far as I could ascertain, she was assistant administrator for two towns prior to her being awarded the position of county administrator. In my opinion this all smacks of nepotism, cronyism, favoritism, whatever ism you want to call it — something smells.
I think an investigation is in order for ethics violations and misuse of taxpayers' funds. Also a committee should be formed to look into making some changes in how our county government is organized. If we need to make cuts it seems that we should make those cuts in the management staff not the nursing staff.
The county commissioners and the management like to pat themselves on the back and tout the good record of the nursing home but the truth is they had nothing to do with it. Like Dave said that was done by the hardworking staff of the facility, and they do it in a working environment that has been described to me as a pressure cooker, and despite poor management and bad decision making they carry on. Clearly changes need to be made.
Gordon Blais

New Hampton

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It's not accurate to label Obamacare as health care reform

To The Daily Sun,
Republican insiders, like Karl Rove, are once again lining up to help support Barack Obama's agenda, while ignoring the voices of grassroots, principled Republicans who are building up steam among other like-minded congressional Republicans to stop funding for Obamacare. This should be easy because since Senator Shaheen was elected there has not been a budget. The Republican House and REAL Senate Republicans can stop Obamacare dead. Over 50 percent of citizens don't want Obama care — even the IRS that is supposed to enforce it wants a waiver.
Karl Rove's Crossroads group commissioned a poll designed to manipulate the results. The poll asked whether voters want the GOP to block "health care reform." Well, no one wants to bock "health care reform." That's not the right question. This is another establishment Republican move to preside over an orderly destruction of the GOP.
Karl Rove's look alike "good ol' boys" in New Hampshire are furiously looking for a Senate candidate who will lead the eulogy after the next election. We can't afford this. We have to stop Rove's Republican Pall Bearers and nominate strong, principled and most importantly, trustworthy, grassroots leaders.
Dave Testerman

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