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Intent is to make readers afraid & so full of hate they'll believe anything

To The Daily Sun,

Fanning the flames of hysteria, Mr. Demakowski continues his crusade to promote the myth of "death panels". In a recent letter, not only will there be "death panels", but these panels will be staffed by liberals who "lack concern for the sanctity of human life" and "don't care about your life." The implied reason for taking your life is to benefit the causes of "terrorists" and "thugs".

These outrageous accusations are totally disconnected from facts and have no basis in reality. There are no "death panels", but through his infinite imagination, he and other conservatives will create them.

Conservatives, such as Demakowski, are desperately embracing the most far-fetched rumors about the supposed Kenyan-Muslim-Marxist-Tyrant. Their fears of nonexistent or overblown bogey men — death panels, Benghazi conspiracies, voter fraud, Saddam's WMD, etc. — make it hard not to see conservatism's morphing into a state of near permanent paranoia fueled by recurrent moral panics. They are consumed with the whole of conservative politics. It doesn't matter the issue, if liberals are for it, then conservatives, despite facts and reason, are against it. They don't care about being factual — "I don't have to prove anything" – or truthful because they don't need to be.

Their primary goal is to peddle as much misinformation to the readers of this forum as possible. Their intent is to make readers afraid, and so full of hate, that they'll believe practically anything. Conservative contributors have developed a following built by the politics of hate, driven by fear, and solidified by misinformation.

If I am to embrace Mr. Demakowski's logic that liberals "lack concern for the sanctity of human life", then by that same logic I must assume that all conservatives are uncaring red neck racists.

While Mr. Demakowski may have some legitimate concerns relating to the ACA, making outlandish statements not only casts doubt on his arguments but also his credibility.

L.J. Siden


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At least we have more freedoms that rest of world, & can practice them

To The Daily Sun,
ISIL was a JV team that became more of a threat over time. Maybe one of the reasons Obama tried not to make such an issue was more to keep the country calm and under control. Fox News will do it's part to get everyone riled up along with the fear mongering letter writers to our local newspapers. Of course they will also blame it all on Obama and the Democratic Party with calls for John McCain et all to lead the charge of the troops to the Middle East. As usual, the GOP is making more of an issue of Obama not going to France than the French are. We are closer to the French now than ever before, so to the GOP and the local letter writer backers, get over it and move on to your next manufactured problem.
Most of the letter writers seem to have nothing better to do than write a letter a day for publication. Take Linda Riley, who I noticed had three letters published this week. One was a complaint of not being able to find a job and blaming it on Maggie Hassen. Linda I think your problem is in the mirror looking back at ya. However, I do agree with your letter today, Thursday, about spending money we don't have. But I also do believe in investing in our country and some spending should happen. Like raising wages which would allow many people to stop depending on government handouts.

Then we have another right winger, Steve Earle. I agree that we should stand together against those who are against our liberal principles. At least we have more freedoms than the rest of the world and the rights to practice them. But then Tony Boutin shows up with some interesting facts on voting. He says that for the last 20 years the middle class has voted with the GOP. Might be hard to explain how the Democrats have won, not counting BWB, most of those elections. Had Gore and Kerry both won we probably wouldn't have had the economic problems and the deficits we have now. As long as we keep the GOP out of the White House in 2016 things will recover but if they win 2016 we will be in trouble.

The last writer today was Russ Wiles and I'll put him in the Sarah Palin category for now. But the last interesting part is some of the terms used by our local letter writers have just shown up in the news and a day later they show up in letters here. Kinda makes ya wonder doesn't it?

Jon Hoyt


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