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Let me explain the 2 warrant articles dealing with the Gale School

To The Daily Sun,

Some taxpayers in Belmont may be confused about about the warrant articles submitted by the Save Our Gale School Committee. There are a number of flyers circulating, so we are going to make an effort to lessen the confusion.

Warrant Article 8 asks taxpayers for $122,878; the breakdown shows the total cost of the project, donations received, and what work will be done. This warrant article also moves the Gale School to the Concord Street location on a separate piece of land owned by the school district. (Whereas, the school district does not want anything to do with the building, this is the best option to ensure longevity, and allows the building to be sold off should the fate of the Gale come into question ever, or it could be leased by the district for additional revenue). This will make the Gale ineligible for the state/national historic registers. Grant monies and donations will be utilized to complete the inside of the building.

Being that the location of the building currently is causing an issue with private restoration efforts, without being moved it doesn't have a chance as the school district has no use for the building and does not want it. The tax rate impact for Belmont would be 15 cents per $1,000 on the tax bill and 11 cents per $1,000 for Canterbury taxpayers.

Warrant Article 9 asks taxpayers for $77,979. Again the breakdown shows the total cost of the project, donations received, and what work will be done. This warrant article keeps the Gale School in its current location. It is anticipated that it will cost less than the projected amount, and some funds could be refunded back to taxpayers. In this warrant article, the building use would be used for district purposes only due to the location, but it will be eligible for the state/national historic registers. Grant monies and donations will be utilized to complete the inside of the building. The Gale School could still at any future point be not wanted by the district, and future warrant articles could be brought forth to raze the building once again. The tax rate impact for Belmont would be 8 cents per $1,000 and 6 cents per $1,000 for Canterbury taxpayers.

The difference between the two warrant articles is $44,899. To demolish (Warrant Article 10) the building it will cost the district $70,000 to remove, $35,000 to build a storage facility to house everything in the building for a total cost of $105,000 taxpayers would be asked to fund $70,000. For more information visit www.belmontnh.net/GaleEducation.html

Diane Marden

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People who despise 'profits' should live in a country without them

To The Daily Sun,

K. Hammond of Concord, a "new voice" in town and old washtub banger Bernadette Loesch responded to my letter relating to United Health Care's huge loss of $475 million in 2015 providing Obamacare policies while projecting losses in 2016 of over $500 million.

They represent the new face of panhandling, pandering, socialism in America. They are the new vermin, like locusts demanding to eat everything in sight others built and worked hard for. They are the new DNA of three blind mice, the new disciples of Barack Obama's theory of economics, where profits are evil and strong profits need to be criminalized, while the prosperity that emanates only from business profits, jobs and wages are to be demonized. Exemplified perfectly by the letters of these two idiots. All while massive, debt creating welfare to be paid for by our kids and dependence on others in society are to be embraced.

JFK must be doing grave rolls reading these two socialist-huggers. Remember his immortal words: it isn't "what your country can do for you, (it is) what you can do for your country." Their letters urinates all over JFK's philosophy.

For these people, what they can do for their country exists nowhere in their mind. It is only about one thing for them, what the hell can their neighbor across the street, their neighbor across the town and the "patsy "across the country can give to them. The only word these two understand is "free."

They are not interested is investing, risking, or creating which is the golden goose that underpins prosperity. They just want stuff given to them. They want it now. They really don't care who is harmed in the process. They always have the "Bernie fairy tale," it comes from the "rich." Tell that to the millions of young, lower-middle class families getting financially steamrolled paying Obamacare premiums while simultaneously staring down the shotgun barrel of $10,000 in deductibles.

Socialists and profit haters expend all their time and energy trying to "game" the public system for their own best interests at the expense of someone else. If K. Hammond and Bernadette Loesch detest profits and the capitalist model that produces profits, socialist Greece beckons, as does Cuba and Russia. If either of them can't pay for a ticket to any one of those places, I will buy a one-way ticket for each of them out of my "profits."

I sincerely want them to be happy. People who despise profits and capitalism should experience first hand what life is like in counties where there are "no profits."

The working-class middle are already getting their guts ripped out funding government subsidies in Obamacare. None of these wasted billions have stopped Obama health insurance premiums from exploding higher with projections again for double digit increases next year. The Obamacare heath insurance model is a piece of absolute garbage. The depth of that "trash" is being exposed by every insurer participating on the exchanges. Now, the "new voice" and the old washtub-banger want business, in the name of United Health care and dozens of other providers who are also losing their butts doing the "Obamacare kabuki dance" to subsidize endless, billions more in losses to cover up the economic failure and farce embedded in Obamacare.
Tony Boutin

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