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I am no longer running for Selectboard in Bristol; I will vote for Morrison & Sellers

To The Daily Sun,

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to suspend my campaign for Bristol Selecboard. I am stepping aside and putting my support behind J. P. Morrison and John Sellers.

I wish to thank all those who encouraged me to run and supported my candidacy. My reasons for ending my campaign are many, but foremost is the desire to finish out my term on the Bristol Budget Committee as a voice for the taxpayers to hold the line on spending with an eye to prioritization of projects and support for the needs of the departments.

Voters should be concerned with several trends happening with elected positions. First is the trend for electing those who end up making decisions that directly impact them personally. If you look at the Budget Committee only, you will find the majority of the officials are retired from or receive part-time wages from the town as fire department and other department employees. Some who are running for offices this year would present the same issue.

There is also a trend to vilify those who wish to do their due diligence as defined by (state law) to serve the best interest of the town and the taxpayer.

My support will go to J.P. and John as I believe they do not stand to gain personally and will have the best interest of the town foremost in their oversight and deliberations on our behalf.

As we approach Election Day March 8 and Town Meeting on March 12, I see us as approaching a fork in the road of either the continuation of good honest oversight of all departments equally, or a return to government by the few for the few.

Prioritization is the key with Town Meeting warrant articles this year. I ask that you consider your vote carefully. Does it make sense to vote for candidates that have special interests in the outcomes of decisions on budgets and projects or does it make better sense to elect candidates that are looking to serve with unbiased but focused intent in the best interest of the town?

What are the priorities facing our community right now? Participation is necessary if you want to take part in deciding the future of Bristol. Whatever your decision, your vote is your voice. Please exercise it. Please join me in voting at the polls and at Town Meeting as I feel your vote does matter no matter what your beliefs.

William "Bill" Cote


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SB-2 referendum is aimed at the out of control spending in the Shaker School District

To The Daily Sun,

Over the last several weeks, I have read articles from various news media outlets pertaining Senate Bill 2 (SB-2) and a 7.3 percent increase to the Belmont taxpayer and a 3.3 percnet increase for the Canterbury taxpayers by the Shaker Regional School District. I am in support of Senate Bill 2 and I will tell you why. Our ways of living and our everyday demands have changed. We are on the "go" more than ever. The work day for some of us is seven days a week, some of us work days and afternoon shifts and others work the overnight jobs. Some of us have to employ ourselves to numerous jobs. The "traditional town/school meeting elections are an "open forum," raising your hand on any given Friday night or Saturday morning. You only vote by ballot for election of officer(s) you want to lead your school district. Now, with SB-2 in place, the procedure allows you to check in with the checklist clerk, go into the ballot station, close the curtain and vote. Just like how you vote in Town of Belmont election. What SB-2 bill also does is allow you to vote absentee, to have a ballot mailed to your house to vote on in your own living room. How does this sound? All you need to know is the window period for filing the absentee ballot. You did your civic duty. Vote yes for Senate Bill 2. Time 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Now let me tell you about the "OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING" with the Shaker School District proposal of a 7.3 percent increase. What kind of leadership would ask for this amount of increase? Many people are working numerous jobs to make ends meet and still live paycheck to paycheck. There are over 200 homes advertised "For Sale" in the Town of Belmont. Real estate officials I have talked with tell me it is hard to sell homes in town because of the taxes we pay as homeowners. So with this increase I believe we will out market our homes with this OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING BY OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT OFFICIALS! Based on assessments of our homes you will see an increase ranging from $300 to $2,000 annual increase and this is just the school district.
The articles that are proposed will be discussed in an open forum Friday night March 4 at 7 p.m.. (By the way SB-2 will eliminate this way of voting so you don't have to raise your hand). We all know there are problems in both the school and towns on space needs but you can not tell me, between the Board Of Selectmen and Shaker School District they can not resolve this with a minimal increase. I urge the support of all the readers who vote or know voters, property owners or people who rent properties in the towns of Canterbury and Belmont to vote as if they were going to pay for it themselves because in the long run you will pay for it, oh boy will you pay for it!

Roger G Matte

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