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Hats off to my dream team at Lakes Region General Hospital

To the editor,
Recently I have had a lot of health issues. Three of these ailments required a stay at LRGH North II. It was touch and go for awhile. My reason for writing this is I feel that these doctors, nurses and staff do not get the positive recognition that they deserve. They have a great and efficient ER. I want to take the time to say thank you to LRGH and it's entire staff.
Hats off and kudos to my dream team.
Ben Wyatt

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Dems allegiance to teachers' unions trumps education yet again

To the editor,
The Democrats on the N.H. House Finance Committee are playing the worst kind of political games because this involves our children's education. A wise bill to correct a charter school funding issue was voted "retain" which effectively stops the legislation from getting an up-or-down House vote and throws our children's education into limbo. The excuse used ("there isn't any money") is an utter falsehood. The state funding for charter schools comes from the same basic fund as ALL adequacy which means if what they are claiming is true, there wouldn't be any money for ANY public school. In this case, the money does follow the child.
But this is Democratic politics and they see nothing wrong with taking hostages to create a bargaining chip. Children are those hostages and the Dems allegiance to the teachers' unions trumps our children's education yet again. Remember, these federal grants to the states for charter schools are on the condition that the state continues a pathway for future charter schools. Shortsighted Democratic legislators are indicating to the Feds that N.H. doesn't need the federal grant money because we don't plan to invest in charter schools here.
All is not lost. . . the Republican majority in the N.H. Senate can fix this by adding the language in HB-299 in their budget. In the meantime, tell Representative Dan Eaton — (603) 446-3535, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. — to stop the abhorrent practice of politics with children.
Ex-Rep Gregory Hill

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The fix was in. Utility companies own the N.H. Senate

To the editor,
I attended the hearing on the renewable energy moratorium bill, SB-99, on March 20. The hearing was a sham. Lobbyists for PSNH sat smugly in the first row with their arms folded and never testified as dozens of citizens poured out their hearts and testimony. The lobbyists didn't need to testify, they were in control. The committee closed the hearing, discarded all testimony, written or otherwise. A senator presented an amendment that excluded Northern Pass from the moratorium and the bill was passed. It was obvious that the "fix was in."
There is a rising chorus of citizens up here speculating that the only reason the bill was amended was to obtain campaign contributions.
The common perception is the Senate is owned outright by Northeast Utilities and Public Service.
Public Service is trampling, with the help of our Legislature, our citizens' constitutional right to property, for the promotion of a power line that is classified as "elective," it is not necessary, according to the ISO, who control the NE power grid. This is a project motivated by profit only; it destroys the scenic beauty and economic viability of our tourist based economy in the North Country. It delivers practically no electricity to the citizens of New Hampshire. For every 200 megawatts of electricity at .3 cents per KWH Northern Pass transmits through our state we will see one-tenth of a cent off our KWH charge. That won't cover the loss of value to local property owners.
New Hampshire is a net power producer, yet we have the 6th highest electric rates in the country.
Senators, if you want to improve the lives of our citizens; then fix that problem first.
Paul H. Simard

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N.H. tea party never asks their members for money

To the editor,
It has come to our attention that some N.H. residents have been receiving phone calls by out-of-state groups calling themselves "tea party". These calls are for the purpose of soliciting donations.
We would like the residents of N.H. to know that our tea party group in N.H. is non-partisan and NOT affiliated with any of these GOP PACs from Washington DC, and that our group will NEVER ask our members for money.
We would like to advise everyone to question any groups who call them to find out exactly who they are before donating over the phone.
Jane Aitken, Communications
N.H. Tea Party Coalition

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I'm happy to see high standards still maintained at Nursing Home

To the editor,
Dear Mr. Matthew Logue, Administration of the Belknap County Nursing Home:
On behalf of Terri Gordon and myself, I am writing to express our appreciation for the excellent care recently provided to her brother and my friend, Richard Bequpre.
The nurses, LNA's, doctors, support staff and even housekeeping provided kindness, patience, and compassionate care that were often above and beyond what we could have expected. These individuals are examples of the kind of people that Belknap County must be proud of having as employees.
The nursing home was a cheerful place — with the positive attitudes of staff and also the cleanliness of the surroundings, both of which are immediately obvious.
Care was shown, not only to Richard as the patient, but also to us as caregivers, and the understanding and support expressed has been very much appreciated.
I first became familiar with BCNH when my father, Brad Sprague, was a County Commissioner. BCNH had a special place in his heart and, during the 18 years he served, he regularly went into the home to visit residents and express appreciation to the staff. On holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, Dad would require us as a family to go and visit as well. Although this recent experience has been difficult, I was happy to see the high standards continue to be maintained at BCNH.
I will continue to speak highly of the care provided at BCNH and its important role in our community Thank you and keep up the good work!
Ann W. Sprague

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