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With Obama we deed to do what was right to do with 'Tricky Dick'

To the editor,
Well, how long before all of the Obama Zombie letters saying, "It's Bush's fault? Probably some here already.
There are two reasons why we are stuck with this person in the White House: too many "GOVERNMENT WILL TAKE CARE OF ME" Obama voters, and too many "ROMNEY IS A MORMON" and "MITT IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE" non-voters. At least the Romney family loves America, they would never tear the U.S. down on foreign land or at home! The Obama voters are fine with Barack and the Democrat politicians and bureaucrats tearing this country apart, fiscally and morally while Republican counterparts do what they do best — remain silent.
The press has come out of the ether, now that Barack is in his second term (we think). They are now being critical of Hussein Obama — the IRS under Geithner punishing individuals and patriotic groups who differ with Obama policy, Benghazi with four Americans dead, the war in Afghanistan on-going with losses and no game plan to win and leave.
My fellow American patriots, do what was right to do with "Tricky Dick Nixon" for lying and cover-ups, it is time BHO has charges brought against him, and then, IMPEACH him.
Pull the keys to our plane. No more vacations for BHO and family members, no more lavish parties for BHO and Hollywood in our house.
Niel Young

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Give Superintendent Champlin an A+ for leadership & accomplishment

To the editor,
In a multi-faceted and complex position, Superintendent Champlin certainly has earned an A+ for Accomplishment and
Thank you and be well.
James Cowan

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Not legal at this time to sell pictures taken from drone aircraft

To the editor,
It was fun to see the article "Eye in the Sky" on a recent front page. As a professional aerial photographer, I have been watching the development of these devices for several years, eagerly anticipating the time when they might be of use in my business. They can capture unique views that in many cases cannot be duplicated with either aircraft or helicopter.
Unfortunately, while the equipment has matured to a useful level, the regulatory environment (read: FAA) has not. Any one considering the use of this technology needs to be aware that using a "drone" to capture and sell images is absolutely, 100 percent illegal. The owner/operator is subject to a fine of up to $10,000 by the FAA — per offense.
There is also the matter of liability. Should personal or property damage occur in the course of a commercial operation, the most likely legal target for monetary damages would be the "deepest pockets" — not the operators, but most likely the company that hired them. And while insurance is available for private use, it becomes null and void if an accident occurs during the commission of an illegal act — such as shooting for compensation.
I very much look forward to being able to employ these new unmanned aerial vehicles and their capabilities in my business. Until it becomes legal, however, I will stick with my FAA certified, insured aircraft and helicopter, and my FAA certified safety pilots.
Bill Hemmel
Lakes Region Aerial Photo

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Still time to get your tickets to the WOW Sweepstakes Ball on Saturday

To the edtior,
Dear Friends of the WOW Trail:
This Saturday, May 18th, we will be hosting our 10th WOW Sweepstakes Ball at the Lake Opechee Conference Center. This event, presented by Meredith Village Savings Bank, is our most important fundraising event, helping to fund the on-going expansion and maintenance of the trail. The WOW Sweepstakes Ball has raised almost $300,000 to date to help fund this exciting project.
Tickets to the event cost $100 and include admission and dinner for two people, entertainment with Paul Warnick's Phil 'N The Blanks, dancing, cash bar and lots of fun. Every ticket is entered into the sweepstakes contest and $13,000 in cash prizes will be given away that evening, including a $10,000 grand prize! You do not need to be present to win.
Please show your support of the WOW Trail by purchasing a ticket. With only 300 tickets sold, the odds of winning a cash prize are 1 in 30! Perhaps you could share the cost of a ticket with your friends, family or colleagues in order to help make this fundraising event a success.
Tickets are available at the Chamber of Commerce, Laconia Athletic & Swim Club, Patrick's or on-line at www.meadowbrook.net.
For more information about the WOW Trail go to www.wowtrail.org or be a friend of the WOW Trail's Facebook page.
Hope to see you at the event and out on the trail!
Allan Beetle and the
WOW Trail Board of Directors

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Bush admin. had nothing to do with 'fast & furious', look it up

To the editor,
Just read James Veverka's letter in the May 11 paper. It's amusing to listen to the moonbats continue to blame Bush for everything wrong now in the second term of Obamunism. Veverka writes yet another letter filled with lies and misinformation. He states that operation "fast and furious" was a Bush plan, not an Obama plan. Wrong again. Operation "fast and furious" was the brainchild of the Obama administration, hatched on October 26,2009 by Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden, Assistant AG Lanny A. Breuer, Acting ATF Director Kenneth E. Melson, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart, FBI Director Robert Mueller and the top federal prosecutors in the southwestern border states. Operation 'fast and furious' was put into play on October 31, 2009.
For those of you who don't know any better, Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office on Jan. 20, 2009. No need to take my word for it, just look it up online. I found this information on the left, liberal-leaning wikipedia website.
Jay Kennedy

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