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The one candidate who can beat the Clinton machine is Carly Fiorina

To The Daily Sun,

As the end of a long presidential primary season draws to a close, I would like to urge all to vote for Carly Fiorina. Like many readers, I made a point to thoroughly vet all candidates earlier this year, and have determined after careful consideration that Carly Fiorina is our best choice.
Carly's commitment to the conservative, independent tradition of self-sufficiency upon which our country was founded make her first among equals in a field clearly intimidated by her ability to clearly state conservative policies designed to remedy what ails our great nation.
Please join me on Tuesday in voting for the only candidate capable of defeating the Clinton machine and all of the sordidness it entails this November. Once again, New Hampshire stands poised to shock the world.

State Rep. Peter J. Spanos


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Marco Rubio is the most honest and well informed candidate

To The Daily Sun,

The current political campaigns are most interesting and informative. Most amazing is that the richest and most "popular" is also the most dishonest and dangerous: Donald Trump! He should stick to what he does best, real estate buildings, and stay out of politics, which he is by far least qualified for.

It seems that he believes being rich allows him to lie about everyone, except the few who praise him for no reason. Many politicians lie about their competitors, as Trump does, but Trump can't keep his stories straight, so regularly contradicts himself. There's no explaining his popularity. It seems his vanity almost prevents him from speaking without bragging or telling the truth. He will clearly explain that if your parent is an American citizen, then so are you, no matter where born, then in the same sentence say you are not an American if born outside of the USA. His vanity and dishonesty have no limits.

The exact opposite is Marco Rubio, likely the most honest and well informed of all politicians, and best choice to be president of the USA. For New Hampshire, Chris Christy would be great as governor, but, it seems he is locked into New Jersey. (My original home state).

Get out and vote, and save New Hampshire from a Trump disaster. Check out Marco Rubio, the most honest, clear-talking one available.

Jack Stephenson


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