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Blame the Illinois for lax gun laws? It's run by Dems

To the editor,
I can't say I'm surprised here on Wednesday that I read another letter from James Veverka accusing me of selectively (cherry picking) in my facts. Where I chose to get my facts to challenge his points, from a previous letter, was the Department of Justice Statistics in Washington DC, a noted independent source. His source was from the John Hopkins Hospital. Of the two which is in the business of collecting facts I ask readers? The hospital may also collect information but it is hardly their primary specialty. And it seems to me it is James who has an aversion to any facts that contradict his cherished left wing view of the world.
Another aversion James seems to have is an accurate description of Fox News. He states that Fox News repeatedly, and exclusively, presented poles saying Romney would win the election when what Fox News presented was political annalists from both party's each saying their candidate would win. It was far from the one sided presentation James described but I guess when one gets all their news from MSNBC it's hard to comprehend fair and balanced.
As for Illinois having lax gun laws, that's their problem, and I ask why? The Illinois Legislature is 67.8 percent Democratic and the governor is a Democrat. So how come the lax gun laws? Could it be they don't want to fix their problems? And again I say to James and readers, it is still the criminal gangs doing the killings in Chicago, not legal gun owners. It is also a fact that the anti gun movement in this country is not taking the safety of our children seriously when they will not consider any other options then what they put on the table. A non-solution designed to give the corrupt and bloated federal government the power to outlaw private ownership of all firearms.
I wonder if that plan has anything to do with why the federal government purchased two billion rounds of ammunition for non-military agency's last year?
Steve Earle

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Day care providers need better understanding of Mongolian Spots

To the editor,
My name is Yvonne and I'd like to raise awareness about Mongolian Spots. A Mongolian Spot is what looks like bruising on your body. People of mixed race or of a different origin are usually born with it. Not all people of a different origin have the patch or spots. The Mongolian Spot usually is located on your bottom, back, or arms.
I would like to raise awareness because of what happened to me. I had brought my two children to day care for their first day. The morning went well. When I showed up to pick them up, I was met by one of the day care workers. She had asked me if she could talk to me in a private room. When I went in, I was welcomed by a DCYF worker, a detective, and a Laconia Police officer. The detective said he would like to speak to me about my youngest daughter and the bruising on her butt, back, and shoulder. I was shocked! I explained to the detective that the bruising was actually the Mongolian Spot and that my daughter had is since she was born. After explaining this, everyone looked at me funny. They didn't believe me and had never heard of Mongolian Spots.
I was getting very frustrated because I was not getting through to anyone. I thought I was minutes away from losing my children for something I didn't do. They were claiming child abuse. I felt backed into a corner and didn't know what to do. I decided to call my daughter's doctor who agreed to speak to the detective. The doctor explained to the detective exactly what the spots were and where it was located on my child. When the doctor verified the Mongolian spots and explained that they existed on my daughter since birth, the detective was dumb-founded with the results. The detective really thought it was bruising.
I am writing this to provide education to prevent similar future incidents from happening to other families. My hope is that day care providers and other professionals working with families better understand more about the Mongolian Spot. For more information, please ask your doctor or you can visit: http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/picture-of-mongolian-spots. Thank you taking the time to read this.
Yvonne Smith

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Imagine a once great country that is letting freedom slip away

To the editor,
As I'm not sure how the headlines for such a letters are concocted by the editors, I would like to take my first paragraph of this letter to the readers in naming this letter "Imagine".
Imagine a country where the government prohibits or limits the ability of its citizens to own weapons for self-defense, promising that the governments can protect them on the spot. Where the states within that country pass laws that make it very difficult for law-abiding citizens to obtain and carry weapons for the purpose of self-defense, or limit the capacity of those weapons to less than the criminals are using. Yet do very little or nothing to correct the situation of the mentally ill and criminals from obtaining the same very weapons to use against the law-abiding citizens. Imagine that that country's government would purchase with the taxpayers' dollars far more rounds of ammunition that is normally needed for its missions. That it is either purchasing this ammunition in order to drive the prices artificially high and create shortages for the citizens, or that it is doing so in fear that the citizens will arise against the government.
Imagine a country where the government takes control of the largest service industry (health care) and then passes legislation dictating that everyone of its citizens must purchase this industries products. Then the government forms a panel of non-elected and non-medical personnel that are responsible for dictating to the individual what level of service they will qualify for. Imagine that the government will now fund this industry with the taxpayer's dollars. And that the government will pass laws dictating that this new government service will also be used to track personal information on all of its citizens.
Imagine a country where the government will take vast amounts of the citizens tax dollars in order to distribute it to organizations and unions that back the political party currently controlling the government. That it also distributes these dollars in vast amounts to companies that are failing because their products are either far too costly or do not perform to a standard that is acceptable such as producing low-cost affordable energy. Imagine that the CEOs and other high-ranking company personnel become wealthy on these contributions as the companies go bankrupt.
Imagine a country whose government blocks the exploration and production of fossil fuel energy within its own borders and the importation of inexpensive fossil fuel energies from its friendly neighbor's. Then this country passes legislation dictating that the citizens will start using more inefficient and expensive alternative energy sources. That this government will also passes legislation that effectively stops new production of inexpensive nuclear energy.
Imagine a country who opens its borders uninhibited to all. The government would have in place laws that cover immigration policies for those who want to go through a legal procedure to be a citizen. They have in place laws for those who come from other countries who would like to use our education system or work temporarily and contribute taxes. And they have in place laws that are supposed to prohibit people from other countries who desire to come here but not under the above conditions, yet the government refuses to uphold and prosecute offenders of these laws, essentially opening the borders to all. Imagine that these people come here outside of the legal procedures and work within our borders paying no taxes. And that the government extends to all of these people the welfare services meant for this government's citizens and paid for by those who work and pay taxes legally.
Imagine a country whose high court system and federal judges dictate law instead of interpreting law and upholding and prosecuting law.
Imagine a country whose government proposes laws based on its belief that; it can control swings in a capitalistic market, it can control crime by eliminating all guns, its citizens are all entitled to the same services, goods, and shelter regardless of what they have done to earn these, and on current disasters to name a few. Imagine that this government dictates that these laws be passed in the most expedient time frame with little or no debate or scrutiny about the law, and in some cases dictating that those voting on the law don't read through the law but just vote to pass it.
Imagine a country where the press is not held to high standard of reporting the truth. Where they can withhold or even fabricate facts. Where they can report in such a manner as to spin the truth so that the citizens who depend on this press for information especially about their government are deceived and influenced into following the government's dictates without question. A press that withholds information, and reports non-facts and lies in order to protect the government administration from detection and prosecution in the use of illegal acts. That this press, through its method of presenting, demonizes members of one political party while bolstering members of another party. Where the press withholds information or reports faulty information in order to hide and cover up illegal acts of the government. Where the press, through its means of reporting, is a major influence on how the citizens of that country vote.
Imagine a country whose government illegally uses the departments within the government especially those responsible for tax collection and tax status in order to block the funding of political groups that are opposed to the political party currently administering the government. Where such tactics are a successful way of the preventing the funding opposing political parties and therefore manipulating the way the citizens vote in essence keeping the party of the current administration in power.
Imagine a country where the government controls the way their citizens think by controlling the education of the country. Passing laws that every citizen must attend school up to a certain age, that the citizens must pay large sums of taxes to support the schools and teachers in order to fulfill this law, and that these monies must go towards the government schools and not be used in the case where parents would choose for their children to attend other education opportunities. Where the test scores from the students in these schools in the basic disciplines show results far lower than most countries. Where teachers are required to be members of powerful unions heavily influenced by the government political party. Where the government passes laws dictating what is to be taught in the schools and how it is to be taught including how students should think about their government and about moral issues. Where the government education system is indoctrinating the students in thinking along that political parties ideologies. In effect...influencing how those students will vote for political issues in the future.
Imagine you have a country based on a constitution and amendments that have been successful in making it the most powerful, wealthiest, and free country in the world. And that you have politicians in some of its political parties that are constantly attempting to tear apart and do away with either the whole Constitution or major parts of it, using all sorts of arguments to try to justify changing the basic political makeup of that country.
Now... Imagine that that country is the United States of America.
Dave Nix

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The American military cannot protect every U.S. citizen overseas

To the editor,
I have asked the question many times on why is it that four Americans killed in Benghazi any more important than hundreds of thousands killed in two unpaid wars,  including thousands of American dead and wounded. Please someone tell me what is the scandal?
I would also like all conservatives writing on this subject to explain why a American civilian in harms way is murdered and American military person is killed? We all listened to statements by the Bush administration such as SLAM DUNK, MUSHROOM CLOUDS, SHOCK AND AWE, WMDS — all which turned out too be lies This was the scandal of our life time and NO ONE was held accountable. Pres.Bush will go down as the worst president ever. Yes, you're right Mr. Mayotte, it was ALL Bush's fault.
Why is it a big deal that the IRS scandal in a conservative state in a conservative district such a big deal to the Lakes Region of NH? Why is it that the right wing nut party is so concerned with all these scandals and can find nothing to write about happening good in the state of N.H.. I would hope this letter addresses some of Florence Shealy's concerns. I will only comment directly to her scary point NO. 4.The American military cannot protect every American overseas any more than than they can here in this country with all the first responders available. What is scary is the political party that invaded a country on lies and distorted facts as Iraq gave NO indication they were a threat to this country. I would like to ask Florence Shealy, in her reading of the bible, does she believe that the death of a American diplomat is any more tragic than that of a member of the military? If so, please give an example.
I was always told when growing up that WORK required a strong back and a weak mind. I learned over time that many folks consider hard work as sitting on their brains and working with their fingers. Since I never learned to type I must type one letter at a time so will end hoping everyone got to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. God bless the USA.
Henry Osmer

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Then we began using the 14th Amendment to throw God out of schools

To the editor,
The more that I study the aftermath of the Civil War and the reconstruction, the more terrifying for America the U.S. Supreme Court decisions concerning prayer and scripture reading in public schools seem to be. For what if God took Abraham Lincoln at his word in his address at Independence Hall on Feb. 22 1861 when he said, "I have often inquired of myself, what great principle or idea it was that kept this confederacy so long together. It was not the mere matter of the separation of the colonies from the motherland; but that sentiment in the Declaration of Independence which gave liberty, not alone to the people of this country, but, I hope, to the world, for all future time. It was that which gave promise that in due time the weight would be lifted from the shoulders of all men. This is a sentiment embodied in the Declaration of Independence. Now, my friends, can this country be saved upon that basis? If it can, I will consider myself one of the happiest men in the world, if I can help to save it. If it cannot be saved upon that principle, it will be truly awful. But if this country cannot be saved without giving up that principle, I was about to say I would rather be assassinated on this spot than surrender it."
What if God allowed President Lincoln to be assassinated because he knew that Lincoln would be too lenient with the ex confederates, and that under Lincoln the 14th and 15th Amendments to the Constitution might never have been passed. What if this was why God allowed Andrew Johnson to be humbled by impeachment, so that Congress could pass the 14th and 15th Amendments. Considering the attitude of prejudice toward the black man, that was common at this time both in the north and south; some historians consider it surprising that Congress did as much as it did for the black man. What if the answer to that is that out of concern for the former black slaves, God caused these things to be so. What if we did not apply these amendments for the help of black people for nearly 100 years. And what if as soon as the descendants of these men and women said enough is enough, we began using the 14th Amendment to throw God out of our schools. What do you think God will do with a people this faithless?
John Demakowski

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