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Bristol Police want the town to spend first, ask questions later

To The Daily Sun,

As taxpayers of Bristol may recall, this past Town Meeting the legislative body did not approve Warrant Article 12, in the amount $15,000, to fund a wage study. The article was not amended. It was just voted down and the Select Board was instructed to conduct the wage study.

At a recent Select Board meeting the board members were provided the wage study dollar amounts for this budget year as well as the 2017 budget year. When Selectmen Manganiello and Morrison asked for more itemized detail on how the study arrived at these dollar figures, they were dismissed as not understanding the urgency of the situation.

At that time, the police chief said he had two officers that were leaving the next morning if the board did not vote in the affirmative for this wage study. Apparently, there was no time for debate, further analysis or public input; spend first and ask questions later.

We have experienced this tactic before from the Bristol Police. Remember that emergency half-million dollar boat shop we had to act quickly on? Sometimes the board needs to act quickly but taking shortcuts on performing basic due diligence should not be part of the process.

On another note, a 24-hour notice of resignation to an employer is not normal behavior among professionals. Most of us know a two-week notice is required to maintain common courtesy. This is because most people have respect for their co-workers and communities they serve, so they would not unreasonably leave others to pick up their slack on short notice or jeopardize public safety. I encourage everyone to strive to be compensated like a professional. However, I do believe behaving like a professional is a prerequisite.

Betsy Schneider
Former Selectman


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Santa Fund is partnering to form a Pub Mania team for 2016

To The Daily Sun,

As recipients of funds from the Children's Auction of the Lakes Region we feel that it is important to support Patrick's Pub Pub Mania, an event that raises so much money for the auction in our community.

The Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region is partnering with Real Life Training and The Downtown Gym to form "Real Downtown Santas" — a Pub Mania team for the 2016 Pub Mania event.

The Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region operates year-round to help children and families. Last year we provided warm clothes, coats, boots and snow pants during the winter months to more than 600 children. We have provided food gift certificates and gas cards to families who have children with medical conditions. We have provided sports items for youth and teens so that they could be a part of a team or go to a dance class. We have sponsored children with special needs to be able to attend summer camp as well as awarded over 40 scholarships annually to students to attend Shooter's Gold Basketball Camp. We have supplied school supplies for children. We have been able to do all these things and more with generous donations. Our program is non-profit and funded fully by donations and funds received by the Children's Auction.

The Downtown Gym is a newly opened wellness center in downtown Laconia that provides a community-based environment that has something to offer for all levels of health and wellness. Their mission statement reflects their intent on engaging the individual as a whole, while encouraging and setting by example, the importance of family, education and community service.

Our other partner is Real Life Training, providing personal and small group training and coaching. Owner Trish Tryon's goal is to provide a comprehensive and detail oriented personal health and fitness program to her clients.

We have begun our fundraising efforts for the Pub Mania event by participating in the weekly Patrick's Shuffle. We are working on other ideas for fundraising events over the course of the next few months leading up to the actual Pub Mania event which is scheduled for Dec. 8-9.

We would love to have T-shirts to wear at different events including Pub Mania with sponsors/supporters logos. Would your business be interested in being a sponsor for our team? The cost would be $200 which would have your business name on our team shirts as well as your business name included in all publicity. We would also like to provide a poster that you can place in your window so that the community can see your support. If you are interested please contact Janet Brough at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you in advance for considering our request. Funds raised by this will go directly to our Pub Mania team funds.

Janet Brough
Board Member
Santa Fund of the Greater Lakes Region

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