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Northern Pass owners don't care one sointilla about folks in N.H.

To The Daily Sun,

Last week I received a survey call from TargetPoint Consulting. I am writing this letter to set the record straight. Initially it appeared to be another typical political poll in which the interviewer asked opinions regarding Senator Kelly Ayotte and Governor Maggie Hassan. However, the remainder of the poll consisted of questions concerning opinions of Northern Pass and several questions regarding Kinder Morgan.

The problem with the survey is that a series of questions asked were based on false premises, which, for someone who has not followed the Northern Pass project in depth would answer the question based on the false premise set forth. This type of manipulative survey is known as a "push poll", that is, ask leading questions to get the result you want to attain.

For example, I was told that burial of the Northern Pass would cost five to 10 times as much as erecting overhead lines. This is blatantly false, but Eversource/Northern Pass executives continue to perpetuate this misinformation. Moreover, the Northern Pass executives have never even attempted to provide any supporting documentation to substantiate this claim. However, if you are given false information and then told that you, the ratepayer, will foot the cost of burial, and, if you are unaffected by the blight of the 2,300 steel towers which Northern Pass will erect, you will respond that you would probably live with the towers.

You must know the truth that you will never hear from any Northern Pass-sponsored survey, that is, that this project is merchant-funded and for-profit. This means that it is not needed to keep the lights on and it is merely being proposed to make a profit for the corporate executives of Eversource and their shareholders. Their only motive is to reap the greatest profit at the least possible cost no matter what damage it may cause to property values and the beauty of the state.

This Connecticut-based corporation and its foreign partner, Hydro Quebec, do not care one scintilla about the folks of New Hampshire. So, if you get a Northern Pass survey, listen very carefully to the couching of the questions asked. Northern Pass is not New Hampshire's friend.

Lee Ann Moulder


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Lakeport Landing is not at all asking the city to bail them out

To The Daily Sun.

This letter is written in response to a Letter to the Editor written by Rick Ball, printed in the June 6 edition of The Daily Sun.

We live in a country where we have free speech, but my dear sir, your letter has lots of misinformation, so please allow me a moment to correct you please.

Lakeport Landing is not trying to change the terms of the original contract, they are trying to purchase the property from the city. They did not make a bad business decision and they did not low-ball the price. There was no price set at the time the lease was nearing its end. Lakeport Landing, sir, should have the right to have first right of refusal for the price that the city of Laconia feels appropriate.

Lakeport Landing is not asking the City of Laconia to, as you state, bail them out! OMG Mr. Ball, they are trying to appease the city councilors' requirement for the purchase of this property, not unlike any other business in our great city, no more, no less.

It appears that you work in Belmont. Great. Worry about Belmont, Mr. Ball. The folks at Lakeport Square work very hard in making that part of Laconia extraordinary for the citizens of Laconia. I say, well done folks, well done for all you have done to promote your section of the city.

However, I doubt that the city will allow that property to come off of the tax base and give it to the hard working folks of the Lakeport Community Association, and I doubt that those folks would want to take that property on either.

Mr. Ball, you have the right to voice your opinion, but if you choose to do so, be accurate in your facts. Do not libel Lakeport Landing in their endeavors to expand their business. And, by the way Mr. Ball, Lakeport Landing is a solid business that operates in Lakeport. Just saying. Have a great day, sir. Thank you for your comments.

Don Vachon



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