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All proceeds from Wear Your Heart Fashion Show go to New Beginnings

To The Daily Sun,

On behalf of the Wear Your Heart Fashion Show Committee we want to thank the following: TJ Maxx of Gilford, The Studio of Laconia and Divine Inspirations of Meredith, for their help with fitting models, loaning the beautiful clothing and donating their time and efforts! The charity fashion show will be held on Jan. 30 at Pitman's Freight Room and will benefit human trafficking survivors at the New Beginnings Without Violence Shelter, located on Main Street in Laconia.

All three businesses, the owners, managers and employees were all outstanding in helping with every aspect of getting the models ready for their fashion show debut! We are so appreciative and grateful for their support and generosity!

The Wear Your Heart Fashion Show tickets are now on sale for only $30 by going to and typing in Wear Your Heart NH in the search bar. The event will start with a cocktail hour full of networking and raffles, followed by the fashion show and ending with a dance party, candy bar and full dessert bar.

All proceeds will benefit the shelter whose mission is: New Beginnings – Without Violence & Abuse is dedicated to ending sexual, domestic, and stalking violence through the provision of safe and effective services, including emergency refuge and support; and works toward social change by promoting an effective community response to violence.

Wear Your Heart Fashion Show Committee
Susan Amiss, Laura Brusseau, Whitney Carabillo and Terry MacKay

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MIllions of good jobs have been driven from U.S. by taxes & regulation

To The Daily Sun,
Jim Hightower's Jan. 7 column, as usual, tries to mislead people by providing half-truths, playing on people's limited information, and by implying falsehoods as in his column's title, "Should giant corporations pay the taxes they owe?"

Of course they should pay the taxes they owe, and of course they do. Hightower is trying to make readers believe that corporations are doing something illegal because they are not doing what Hightower wants the law to be; but they are obeying the laws as they are.

Hightower complains that Carl Icahn is trying to get the tax laws changed in a way that Icahn thinks is best which is different from how Hightower wants the laws changed, but so far neither Democrats nor Republicans have changed them either way. (Note that tax laws typically change annually — apparently so beneficiaries are reminded to be grateful to politicians.)

Hightower complains that some U.S. businesses defer bringing profits generated overseas back to the U.S. until it makes business sense. (Corporate taxes are not owed on foreign profits until the money is brought back home.) This is similar to people who postpone selling stocks, houses, or other assets until it makes the most sense for them to do so considering all factors including taxes.

Hightower apparently wants taxes paid on overseas profits annually. Icahn wants the taxes on foreign profits lowered to incentivize bringing those profits home and putting them to work in the U.S. (rather than overseas) creating jobs, increasing salaries, investing, paying dividends, reducing debt, etc., all things that would help our economy and help create more and better jobs (which generates more taxes). Hightower seems to think the money will just go into a pile of cash someplace, like in the Scrooge McDuck comics of my childhood.

If forcing companies to bring their overseas profits home annually were a smart thing to do, Congress could change our tax laws. Democrats could have done it without any Republican support. Apparently Congress doesn't agree with Hightower.

Tax and regulatory policies like those Hightower promotes have driven tens of millions of good manufacturing (and other) jobs from the U.S. Those jobs used to support middle-class families on a single income. Those policies have also caused U.S. businesses to move overseas and to lose business (thus jobs, pay raises, etc.) to foreign competitors based in more business friendly countries. Hightower's policies result in fewer jobs, opportunities, and pay increases for American workers, and they reduce the total taxes collected by our government.

But leftists like Hightower don't really care about the harm caused by their policies. They only care about promoting ideas, even false ideas, that advance their ideology, their power, and/or profit, in this case by promoting contempt for corporations.

Don Ewing

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