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God bless Lakes Region for 25 years of support for de Paul Society

To The Daily Sun,

A celebration is in order! The St. Vincent de Paul Society in Laconia turns 25 years old this year! 25 years of providing assistance to those in need in the southern Lakes Region...serving the elderly, children, and needy families. This assistance has included food, clothing, financial help, children's needs, and disaster relief.

We've done this for 25 years with only volunteer effort in our food pantry, our thrift store, our financial assistance program, and the Children's Foundation. We've never paid a dime of salaries or wages for the dedicated staff and management of our organization. Currently we have about 120 of such volunteers who give anywhere from an hour of two up to as much as 30 hours a week. Further, most of the funds involved stays here in the Lakes Region; we pay only a small membership fee to the National Organization.

Of course, we couldn't have done any of this without the wonderful support you, the Lakes Region community, have provided us. If you haven't volunteered with us, what are you waiting for? We are always in need of new volunteers...cashiers, clothing sorters and furniture pickup people for the Thrift Store, food distributors for the Pantry, interviewers for our Financial Assistance program, volunteers to help children for the Children's Foundation.

Finally, for those of you who have donated food, clothing, furniture, and cash contributions, please keep up the good work. If you haven't yet, now is a great time to start, say by spring cleaning your closets, in honor of our 25th birthday! God bless all in the Lakes Region for 25 years of support and encouragement. Many thanks.

Erika Johnson, President
St. Vincent de Paul Society

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Selectmen did not have authority to consider bathrooms appeal

To The Daily Sun,

The recent matter of a denied building permit in Gilmanton needs clarification.

An applicant who was denied a building permit chose to attempt to short-circuit the statutory appeal process by taking his issue to the Board of Selectmen rather than to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, as the statute requires. Although advised by the building official that his route of appeal was to the ZBA, he chose to go before the selectmen, apparently with the advice of a former member of that board. In so doing, he missed the ZBA appeal deadline, thus further delaying any decision.

The facts of the case were not presented to the Board of Selectmen. The issue before the board was whether the selectmen had authority to consider the appeal. They do not. The applicant can, and should, present his case to the ZBA, which will hear testimony and consider his argument as well as the official's reasons for denying the permit. The ZBA will then make its decision in accordance with the provisions of the zoning ordinance.

The ZBA is a quasi-judicial body. The Board of Selectmen, an administrative board, is charged with enforcing the zoning ordinance. It is not the venue to decide disputes involving interpretation of the zoning ordinance.

Carolyn Baldwin


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