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Outside large cities run by Democrats, most of us are pretty safe

To The Daily Sun,

Johan Andersen's letter of Aug. 13, suggesting repeal of the Second Amendment reminded me that some people haven't learned anything from history, reason, human nature or experience.

In elementary school most people learn that you don't stop a bully by being weak and unable to defend yourself. Nor does weakness protect adults from people intending to harm them. Stricter gun control laws create more victims by making law-abiding citizens weaker and encouraging criminals.
The Second Amendment doesn't kill people, criminals do. Criminals don't need to get guns legally. Guns, like the one used to kill Kathryn Steinle, can be stolen from law enforcement (or someone else). Guns are brought over the border along with tons of illegal drugs and thousands of illegal aliens monthly.

Even people who shouldn't be permitted to buy guns legally can do so when the background check system fails as it did for Dylann Roof, who murdered the Charleston churchgoers.

Nor are guns needed to commit murders. Victor Ramirez beat Marilyn Pharis to death with a hammer and, of course, nearly three thousand Americans were killed by 19 men with box cutters (I'll bet the victims wished they had guns).

But, Andersen is correct that too many people are being shot. Most crime and most shootings happen in large American cities run by Democrats, where criminals are coddled, education is poor, jobs are scarce, dependency on government is high, fatherless families are typical, drugs are rampant, corruption is common, and there are restrictive gun control laws that prevent poor people, often women, blacks, and the elderly, from arming and protecting themselves.

Democrats who have controlled our large cities for decades have shown that they have no intent to actually fix the problems that harm so many city residents. Different ideas, priorities, and leadership, someone like Rudy Giuliani, are needed to fix the problems in our cities.

Anyone truly concerned with protecting their fellow citizens should also oppose illegal immigration. A recent study indicates that illegal aliens, on average in Texas alone, kill more than one person every day. Simply enforcing our immigration laws will save many thousands of lives.

Former professor John Lott has written a book about this called, "More Guns, Less Crime". Lott claims that taking guns from law abiding citizens typically increases, rather than decreases, crimes. Nor do stricter gun controls reduce the suicide rate. Sadly some children are accidentally killed by guns, but Lott cites a National Journal report that more children under 5 drown in five-gallon buckets than children under 10 are killed by accidental gunshots.

Actually America's crime rate has been declining as the number of guns and concealed carry permits has increased, reducing the number of easy victims.

Outside large cities run by Democrats most of America is quite safe. Vermont and New Hampshire, with some of America's least restrictive gun laws, typically have America's lowest murder rates. Guns are not the problem.

But the Second Amendment isn't simply about crime, hunting, or self-defense, it's about all those and more. The Second Amendment is simply an acknowledgement that one of the inherent rights of American citizens is the right to be armed.

The purpose of the Constitution was to limit government in order to protect, not limit, people's freedoms. It was to make government work for the people's benefit, not the people to work for government's benefit.

The Revolutionary War wouldn't have been won and the Constitution wouldn't have been approved simply to replace one oppressive government with another. The Second Amendment demonstrates acknowledgement that: "An armed man is a Citizen, an unarmed man is a subject."

Don Ewing

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Our city is lucky to have talented and dedicated employees

To The Daily Sun,

Last week during the heavy downpour of rain, our basement flooded. Come to find out we were not alone in our difficult situation. Flooding occurred in many basements, streets, and yards. We are older Laconia citizens and simply do not have the energy to put things right.

Fortunately, we do live in Laconia. I called the director of Public Works, Paul Moynihan, and he came over to the house with a crew and equipment. After analyzing the problem they got busy doing what they could to prevent it from happening again.

Our city is lucky to have talented and dedicated employees in our Public Works Department. In fact, we are lucky to have exceptional and dedicated employees in all our departments. Just within this last year and a half we needed the fire department and the ambulance service. We were pleased with the level of professionalism we received.

Thank you Laconia city government for providing a level of service and dedication to be proud of. I am sure others feel this same way. And, thanks to the city departments that have been so helpful during times of an emergency.

Tom Dawson


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