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Not surprising that Shaker board is not in favor of adopting SB-2

To The Daily Sun,

On Friday, March 4, the Shaker Regional School District will be voting on Articles 1, 2 and 3 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Belmont High School. At 7 p.m., Articles 4 through 12 will be acted upon. Article 4 is to appropriate the sum of $21,739,870 as the operating budget for next school year.

Article 1 (SB-2) is a petitioned warrant article for the school district to adopt RSA 40:13 (known as SB-2). This is the same RSA as the Town of Belmont voted in eight years ago and replaced the Town Meeting form of government. It provides voters an opportunity during several deliberative sessions before voting day to question (and change) any item, including the town budget, prior to voting.

The reason Article 1 (SB-2) was submitted by petition is that the School School board and Shaker administration does not have any oversight (Budget Committee) for expenditures of their budget and can therefore move money from on account to another, as they wish.

With a budget of approximately $22 million, the voters who signed the petition felt strongly that it was time to begin a process to have more accountability in school expenditures. It is not surprising that the school board does NOT recommend passing this article!

Please follow the petitioners and vote "yes" for SB-2.

Jon Pike

Belmont Selectman

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Noise from Gunstock Hill Rd. wedding receptions can be deafening

To The Daily Sun,

Those of us in Gilford will be voting on very important warrant articles in March. Four are related to our town zoning plan.

The two that are most concerning to Mary and I are Articles 4 and 5. They have both been written by our neighbor to advance their own interests.

Article 4 asks Gilford voters to approve a definition of "Agritourism" that would allow commercial activities in all zones, including Single Family Residential zone. If your neighbor grows tomatoes or cucumbers (farm), this change in zoning would likely permit any commercial enterprise next door to you. It is happening to us on Gunstock Hill Road.

Please vote "No" on Article 4. Our Planning Board does not recommend this change.

Article 5 would seek to change Gunstock Hill Road from Single Family Residential to Resort Commercial. This would allow our neighbor to continue to expand their current activities. Our farm has been in our family for almost 100 years and we are saddened by the wedding receptions next door. The noise, as you can imagine, can be deafening. Alcohol, loud music, 200 people, and 150 cars — and this is every weekend, all summer.

This hill has been a quiet, lovely small slice of Gilford for many years. We hope you agree with us and vote to keep it that way. Please vote "No" on Article 5. Our Planning Board does not recommend this change either.

Articles 7 and 8 are recommended by our Planning Board as they define "Agritourism" to protect existing residential zones. These changes would require that "Agritourism" would have to follow current and proposed zoning laws.

Please vote "Yes" on Articles 7 and 8.

Bob & Mary Pomeroy



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