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Obama is never one to take responsibility for his own words

To The Daily Sun,

The failures of the Affordable Care Act ain't his fault. It was the Republicans who made him lie, he had to. Them and the Tea Party, and the earthquakes, and the weather, he couldn't help it people, can't you see that? How could he get a huge health-care bill passed if he told the truth that costs would rise, many couldn't keep their doctors or their insurance, that deductibles would soar and co-pays rise, let alone the independent health care advisory boards that will decide if elderly get necessary treatment or are just kept comfortable while they die? He had to use deceit and lies. There was no other way folks. Those darn Republicans, how dare they reveal the truth, hold to conservative values and actually try to follow the Constitution and laws, worst of all they went around and spilled the beans.

Not exactly what Obama said, but pretty close. Never one to own up and take responsibility for his words or actions, he again is looking for a pass from his friends and to blame his critics. Even most of the mainstream media including SNL and the late night comics on TV are taking their shots at him now that they realize this emperor has no clothes.

Have to love it when his supporters say he did the best he could under the circumstances. Which circumstances were those? The ones where his party controlled the House and the Senate and he was president and still couldn't enforce immigration law? Created a sham of a foreign policy? Spent billions saving the auto companies (i.e. the unions) and GM still went bankrupt? Jobs and wages are stagnate, welfare and unemployment are at record rates and scandals are the keystone of his administration?

Democrats ran as fast and far from this president in this midterm, but the people spoke loudly. They are sick of the lies, fraud, deceit and all those who spread and support them. Good for us.

Steve Earle


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'No' means 'no'; we don not want wind turbines in Alexandria

To The Daily Sun,

We do not tolerate schoolyard bullies, cyber bullies, workplace bullies, domestic bullying, and even siblings that bully each other. We believe when someone says, "no", their objection should be respected. One definition of bullying is: a dominating, overbearing person or entity who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people. Bullying can be described as health-harming, mistreatment of one or more persons by one or more perpetrators. Bullying is considered abusive conduct that threatens, humiliates, or harms another.

I live in Alexandria, and our town has been repeatedly approached by corporate industrial wind developers that want to "set up shop" here on our pristine ridgelines in our very rural community. These corporate developers are global, multibillion-dollar companies with a well paid staff of corporate lawyers, that are looking to protect their investment and those of their stakeholders, not the people or ecosystems that thrive here.

Alexandria has repeatedly said, "no" to corporate industrial wind turbine projects in our town. We had a resolution vote in March 2013 expressing the people's sentiment against industrial wind turbines here. In March 2014 we adopted a binding ordinance that prohibits the siting or operation of corporate energy systems controlled by state and federal energy policies — such as corporate industrial wind — within the town of Alexandria. Our town Master Plan speaks of maintaining the rural aesthetics of the town. Public meetings have revealed over and over again the overwhelming voice of the people saying, "no" to corporate industrial wind projects in Alexandria.

Yet, Energias de Portugal Renewables (EDPR), a global Portuguese corporation with far more money and power than the people of Alexandria, continues to force the Spruce Ridge wind project against our objection. They are corporate bullies that even went so far as to file suit against the town because our selectmen listened to, and represented the objection of the people to grant a conditional building permit for a MET tower needed by EDPR to gather wind and bat data for their corporate project. The town of Alexandria was counseled to grant the permit because we had no legal basis to deny it. We were forced to comply against our will.

Now, EDPR has filed with the FAA for 29 turbines spanning five towns including Alexandria, and even stated they intend to move forward with a state application that could permit them to construct the project. The SEC would have the final say — not the community affected by the project, but a conglomerate of state agencies known as the Site Evaluation Committee.

EDPR claimed they listened to the people Alexandria and that is why they reduced the number of turbines within our town. But "no" means "no."  We don't want any industrial turbines here. Is it okay to bully so long as you reduce the bullying? Generally speaking, we find it unacceptable to tolerate bullying to any degree in society. It should be unacceptable for EDPR to be dominating, overbearing, habitually badgering, intimidating, and threatening, towards the people and ecosystems of rural Alexandria. EDPR, stop bullying the people of Alexandria.

Michelle Sanborn


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