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N.H. tea party never asks their members for money

To the editor,
It has come to our attention that some N.H. residents have been receiving phone calls by out-of-state groups calling themselves "tea party". These calls are for the purpose of soliciting donations.
We would like the residents of N.H. to know that our tea party group in N.H. is non-partisan and NOT affiliated with any of these GOP PACs from Washington DC, and that our group will NEVER ask our members for money.
We would like to advise everyone to question any groups who call them to find out exactly who they are before donating over the phone.
Jane Aitken, Communications
N.H. Tea Party Coalition

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I'm happy to see high standards still maintained at Nursing Home

To the editor,
Dear Mr. Matthew Logue, Administration of the Belknap County Nursing Home:
On behalf of Terri Gordon and myself, I am writing to express our appreciation for the excellent care recently provided to her brother and my friend, Richard Bequpre.
The nurses, LNA's, doctors, support staff and even housekeeping provided kindness, patience, and compassionate care that were often above and beyond what we could have expected. These individuals are examples of the kind of people that Belknap County must be proud of having as employees.
The nursing home was a cheerful place — with the positive attitudes of staff and also the cleanliness of the surroundings, both of which are immediately obvious.
Care was shown, not only to Richard as the patient, but also to us as caregivers, and the understanding and support expressed has been very much appreciated.
I first became familiar with BCNH when my father, Brad Sprague, was a County Commissioner. BCNH had a special place in his heart and, during the 18 years he served, he regularly went into the home to visit residents and express appreciation to the staff. On holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, Dad would require us as a family to go and visit as well. Although this recent experience has been difficult, I was happy to see the high standards continue to be maintained at BCNH.
I will continue to speak highly of the care provided at BCNH and its important role in our community Thank you and keep up the good work!
Ann W. Sprague

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HB-617 stands up for our responsibility to maintain N.H. roads

To the editor,
No one likes taxes, even if it is a user fee — a road toll collected at the pump. But modern society relies upon the safe and efficient movement of people and goods on a well-maintained transportation network.
New Hampshire has enjoyed a stagnant gas tax rate for 20 years now — albeit at the cost of our decaying highway system. It was last raised by Governor Judd Gregg in 1991. In fact, Governor Gregg, a fiscally conservative Republican, saw fit to increase the rate twice in two years to address the growing need for construction and maintenance of N.H. roads and bridges.
There is plenty of evidence to suggest that an increase in the tax would not increase the actual price at the pump at all. N.H. has the lowest rate of any state in New England and among the lowest in the nation. Yet our gas prices are comparable to surrounding states and the national average. That leads me to question whether we are lining petroleum companies' pockets at the expense of one of our state's greatest assets — our transportation system.
While taxes, or in this case a user fee, are easy for politicians to demagogue, it is important that the driving public consider the true costs of not maintaining our roads. Last year, as a result of bad roads, I had to replace both front coil springs in my pickup. The total cost of the repairs exceeded $750. I would have to drive over 100,000 miles to realize that cost from a 15-cent increase, if reflected in the pump price. Yes — over 100,000 miles!
So what would an increase in the state's gas tax mean for me? Under the proposed increased (15-cents phased in over four years), a trip in my truck from Nashua to the Canadian border (200 miles) would cost an additional $1.50 in year four. That's only 40 cents extra in year one for the privilege of using this state resource for the four hour ride! This is an insignificant increase when compared to the cost of wear on tires, reduced fuel efficiency, and broken suspension that results from that same trip on roads in poor condition now.
We've been watching our roads decay for 20 years. We need good roads for a thriving economy. We need good roads for the safety of our communities. Politicians from both sides of the isle recognize that the declining condition of our roads presents a serious problem however many have lacked the courage to provide leadership on this issue. They've fought to hold the line on the gas tax while saddling today's motorists with higher maintenance cost, our state with a highway infrastructure in major disrepair, and our kids with $1 billion in road repairs that will continue to escalate in cost.
New Hampshire citizens are a frugal lot, but we understand responsibility and protecting our investments. We have an opportunity with House Bill 617 to stand up and responsibly say that we are willing pay to maintain this critical resource. Contact your elected officials and tell them it is time to take responsibility for New Hampshire's largest investment. Pushing this problem on to future generations is unfair and unwise. After all, it has been a generation of doing nothing that has brought us to this point. We must recognize the heavy cost of doing nothing and the drag of poor roads on N.H.'s economy.
Larry Major

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Why are Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld not on trial for war crimes?

To the editor,
Recently, we marked the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the Iraq War. Thousands of brave Americans lost their lives and tens of thousands more were wounded physically, mentally, and spiritually. These patriotic American men and women sacrificed themselves in a war based on lies and misinformation. Many more Iraqis were killed. The military-industrial complex squandered American blood and treasure on a lie.
In 1946, many of the German defendants in the Nuremberg Trials were convicted of the crime of "conspiracy to wage aggressive war" along with other crimes. At that time the United States recognized that waging an aggressive and unprovoked war was an international crime.
Why do we not apply these same standards to our own leaders? Why are George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld not on trial or even under indictment or investigation? Why are they being treated as "senior statesmen" and not as the war criminals they really are?
E. Scott Cracraft

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If you think this country is so bad, pick up an atlas & find a new one

To the editor,
I want to remind the readers of The Laconia Daily sun to be sure to read the column written in Thursday's paper by Pat Buchanan.This is the first column written I've read by a right-wing party member who has finally written the truth about the war in Iraq and what a failure it was.I also want to remind everyone to watch a rerun of the documentary HUBRIS on msnbc Friday night at 9 p.m. This is spoken live by the lies and liars who tell them.
I hope Steve Earle and all his right-wing buddies have got something to say about this column and documentary. I want to inform Mr. Earle on his comments on me comparing the war in Vietnam to violence in this country as different as apples to oranges. I was trying to explain that many deaths in Vietnam were the results of friendly fire. I doubt you can find a veteran of any conflict doesn't know that this is a fact, Steve. Furthermore, this country reports death by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Steve, you wrote of one such incident yourself — about the young lady killed in Chicago who was shot one week after marching in a parade in Washington D.C.
I think if you were take a trip to Barstow, California on Interstate 40, you will see solar panels as far as you can see. When you leave there, go north on Interstate 5 to Livermore, California and you will see enough windmills to cover a good share of N.H.. I hauled them out there by the tractor trailer load from Burlington Mass. for years. I can't understand why you continue to make cheap shots about things you have NO knowledge about. If your looking to argue, I will oblige in a friendly conversation anytime.
You wrote about us being in the poor bracket and having trouble paying for fuel gas etc. I will look for your letter condemning your party for wanting to do away with Social Security and Medicare, which we both qualify for, and hand out vouchers to get your own insurance. Steve, your party got wiped off the map the last election. They are fighting each other and don't know what direction to go in. If this country is so bad as you say, pick up a atlas and find a place you'd rather be. In the meantime have fun with your gumboot chiton snails. I'll get up and put another stick of wood on the fire.
Henry Osmer

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