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Belmont voters: vote 'no' on Warrant Articles 3, 6, 12 & 26

To The Daily Sun,

Belmont taxpayers should vote "No" on the following four warrant articles on March 10:

NO — Article 3. Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate $3,357,250 (to) renovate the Belmont Mill for use as town offices, and to authorize the issuance of not more than $2,957,250 of bonds or notes in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Finance Act (RSA 33) and to authorize the municipal officials to issue and negotiate such bonds or notes and to determine the rate of interest thereon; the balance of funding for the project ($400,000) to come from the Municipal Facilities Capital Reserve for which the selectmen are agents to expend? A 3/5 ballot vote required

NO — Article 6. Shall the town vote to raise and appropriate $300,000 (to) purchase and equip a used ladder truck, and to fund this appropriation by authorizing of said amount from the Fire/Ambulance Equipment and Apparatus Special Revenue Fund (Comstar) previously established in accordance with RSA 31:95, c (Created 1994/Amended 1999)?

NO — Article 12. Shall the Town vote to raise and appropriate $125,000 to be placed in the Municipal Facilities Capital Reserve Fund previously established (2006)?

NO — Article 26. Shall the Town vote to rescind the provisions of RSA 40:13 (known as SB-2) as adopted by the Town of Belmont on March 15, 2008, so that the official ballot will no longer be used for voting on all questions, but only for the election of officers and certain other questions for which official ballot is required by State law? This article submitted by Petition. (A 3/5 majority of those voting on the question is required.)

Let’s stop the big spending.

Claude "Sonny" Patten


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Operating costs of libraries across state are publicly supported

To The Daily Sun,

I have heard some argue that the Gilmanton Year-Round Library is a private organization, not deserving of public support.

Fact: The GYRL is a non-profit organization, organized under state law as a public charity and as such granted tax-exempt status under the federal tax code. It is bound, under the law, to serve the purposes for which it was created, to benefit the entire community.

Some public libraries, like GYRL, were built by an organization that recognized the community's need for the services only a public library can provide. Some were built by the generosity of a private donor. In either case, operating costs of public libraries throughout the state are publicly supported, whether the building is owned by the town or by the charity that created it. To date, the board of GYRL has raised more than half the library's modest annual operating cost. Volunteers have filled in for tasks ranging from cleaning and landscape maintenance to organizing events and fundraising. Because it is a public charity, donations to the library are tax-deductible. But it is not feasible for private donors to fully support this vital public resource.

In the five years since the library opened it has offered what only a full-service library can provide — books, periodicals, computer access, inter-library loan, children's story times, meeting space for groups with many interests. It is indeed Gilmanton's living room.

Gilmanton voters: without your support, the library will close. Please join me on March 10, and vote to support funding for Gilmanton's public library.

Carolyn Baldwin


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