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Year-Round Library has become town's community living room

To The Daily Sun,

The Gilmanton Year-Round Library provides a central meeting place for a town so widely spread out. Besides books and magazines, DVDs, computer use, scheduled children's and adult programs, the Year-Round Library hosts many group meetings in comfortable community space.

Some of the groups meeting regularly this year at the Year-Round Library have included a crafter's group, a book club, a murder mystery group, home-schoolers, and a Magic the Gathering group. In the past groups have met for senior movies, and to play Scrabble, bridge, and chess. If you would like to ask about your group meeting at the library, please call 364-2400 during Library hours to speak to one of the librarians. See the website at www.gyrla.org for already scheduled meetings.

Some of best use of the library is when friends and neighbors, who haven't had a chance to see each other for a while, meet at the library. Library patrons know these chances to visit with others can be the one of the library's strongest features. For many people the Year-Round Library has become Gilmanton's community living room.

Support your library. Attend the Town Meeting deliberative session on Saturday, Jan. 31, and be sure to vote "Yes" for Article 20 on the Town Warrant on Tuesday, March 10, at the Academy.

Bill Foster


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Selectboard needs to listen to concerns about roundabout plan

To The Daily Sun,

I have been on the Route 3-25 Committee from Day 1. I stated at the first meeting if we came up with a plan that wouldn't improve the traffic flow and make it better than it is at the present, I would be inclined to leave it the way it is.
After many meetings, in December, we came up with a plan that was accepted. The only reason I supported the plan, was I thought it seemed better than all the rest.

Even after voting in favor, I had many doubts that it would resolve the problems we have with the present situation.
I have lived in Meredith all my life. Born in 1942, I have seen many changes through the years. Personally I have got use to the lights at Route 3-25, and I wouldn't have any problem leaving it the way it is.

Another concern from the first day was, what do the citizens of Meredith feel about the plan and their reasons. I have had many comments about the present plan and I can honestly say not one person was in favor.

Some of the reasons make sense and others are right off the wall. One of the objections is, that no matter what, no changes should be considered. To many of these people I would like to point out that as a native, I have seen many changes that these same people by moving here have forced change on us.

I really have to speak out about one, even though I think of Karen Sticht as a friend. I really think she is off base if she thinks anyone would support removing the Town Docks. I hope she doesn't want to move the lake, too.

Last of all, I hope the Selectboard listens to the concerns of the citizens of Meredith.

L. Michael Hatch

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