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Death panels? Can you not read the wirting on the wall?

To The Daily Sun,
In regard to L.J. Siden's Nov. 26 letter concerning death panels.

Mr. Siden speaks of the thoroughly debunked claims that the ACA would create "death panels". That's funny I've never seen that they were debunked. Just what do you think an administration that doesn't fear God. One that sees killing a living fetus as acceptable collateral damage in sustaining a modern lifestyle. One that is in favor of mercy killings. What do you think that they will do when the elderly become a much greater portion of the population, and there are not enough doctors, facilities and money to take care of everyone? Can you not read the writing on the wall sir?

John Demakowski



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We already have a Meredith by-pass; let me map it for you

To The Daily Sun,

Regarding the recent letter submitted to The Sun about the possibility of a by-pass around Meredith to solve the occasional congestion through town n the summer, I began thinking that we already have a very usable by-pass.

Coming from Route 104 you go to Winona Road and then turn onto Waukewan Road, continuing past the golf course and onto Route 3. Then if motorists want to reach Route 25, they simply cross Route 3 and take Keyser Road until they come to Route 25 and continue east. Even if it is approaching from Parade Road, they can cross over Pease Road and then over Winona Road.

I and many other locals use this route when we realize that there is a traffic tie-up on Route 3.

I call it the "Meredith Scenic By-Pass!"

Ingrid I. Smith

Center Harbor

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