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Fickle weather can't dampen our spirits in Center Harbor

To The Daily Sun,

The Center Harbor Selectboard would like to thank all the visitors, residents, volunteers and businesses who came together on our town beach on Saturday the 20th to celebrate winter and the variety of experience and life in New Hampshire. Local businesses, too many to mention, working in conjunction with the town's Parks and Recreation Department, served up a wonderful event featuring music, a bonfire, free food and beverages and an opportunity for everyone to get outdoors. The weather was unusually warm, and the ice on the lake was unusually spotty, limiting the skating to the town rink, yet the celebration went on as over 350 people enjoyed an afternoon and evening together. Instead of skating and snow sculpting there was a pick-up basketball game on the town courts, children were playing on the swings and the town's playscape while the adults enjoyed conversation, catching up with old friends and free food and refreshments.
Thank you again to our local supermarket, restaurants and retailers for a wonderful afternoon, and for reminding us all that the fickle nature of New England's weather will never dampen our spirits!
Harry Viens, Chair

Richard Hanson

Richard Drenkhahn
Center Harbor Board of Selectmen

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Vote McWhinie & Bishop in Gilmanton, return civility & sense

To The Daily Sun,

To my fellow Gilmanton voters:
I am among many of local residents who have been concerned over the recent discord existing within the present Board of Selectmen.
This issue seemed to have begun when our then police Cchief retired last Fall. At that time, he recommended that the Board of Selectmen hire one of the existing patrolmen to fill the vacancy. Rather than advertising the position, as is the accepted procedure, an officer was hired as police chief with no further interviews. That officer is the son of a then selectman, who is a candidate for re-election in 2016. In our opinion, this is a conflict of interest as shown in the Town Warrant, Articles #23 and #24 and pursuant to RSA-31:39.
Another issue recently surfaced when it was noted that one selectman took it upon himself to consult with the town attorney, at the expense of the town, over the issue of biosolids. EVERY selectman knows that the board MUST always act as a board, not an individual.
These are only two incidents, but part of the basis of the dissidence, constant finger pointing, and bickering with raised voices which is simply not becoming of our highest town officials.
Therefor, I intend to vote for Steve McWhinie and Marshall Bishop for Selectmen on March 8 — to return civility and common sense to our town. Will you please join me?

David Russell

State Representative, District 5

Gilmanton & Alton

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