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Are you kidding me? State still owes taxpayers of Tilton $900k

To The Daily Sun,

March madness in Tilton is the only way I can describe Warrant Article 2 — up for vote March 15. The town wants to participate in another joint road improvement project with the State DOT.

Are you kidding me? The state still owes the taxpayers of Tilton $900,000. Yes, the one we bonded. And they want us to bond this one for $2.7 million. It gets better. The four roads in this project are state roads. Now they want the town to take ownership of these roads on completion.

The taxpayers should only bond our share of the project. Let the state come up with their own
monies. We are not Tilton Savings and Loan.

And by the way, speaking of the Lochmere sewer project, (Sewer Commission Chairman) Peter Fogg is running for selectman. One night at a sewer meeting my wife and I asked Mr. Fogg some questions regarding cost increases pertaining to the Lochmere project. He rudely responded that he didn't need this crap, adding that he also had a day job. Of course you won't find that in the minutes.

Stick to your day job, Pete.

Tom Sellew

Lochmere (Tilton)

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Ashland needs a little help & Fran is right person to do the job

To The Daily Sun,

Ashland has a great opportunity to elect a new member to the Board of Selectmen who will represent the people and help get Ashland back on its feet. Among Fran Newton's goals is to create transparency, stabilize and then lower taxes, promote teamwork across all town departments, committees and commissions, and have the people be heard by listening and communicating in a respectful manner.

Fran Newton's interest is the best interest of Ashland. Fran's hope is to collect information and feedback from Ashland's citizens and bring it before the rest of the board for discussion about what is best for our town and its citizens.

Fran has taken an exceptional interest in our community as demonstrated by the various roles and committees she has been on, including Health Officer, Budget Committee, Planning Board, HEAL Steering Committee, and MRC/CERT volunteer. Fran Newton has and will continue to impact our community in a positive manner, and I am sure she will serve Ashland well with dedication, honesty and consistent leadership.

Ashland needs a little help, and I feel very strongly that Fran is the person to help us. When I think of Fran, I think of the quote by Abraham Lincoln: "...government of the people, by the people, for the people..."

I believe you will agree that you will find her to have consistent and ethical leadership skills for a fiscally responsible, honest, transparent and sound Ashland, while remaining approachable to all voices and opinions. If these are the things you are looking for in Ashland, please join me in electing Fran Newton to the Ashland Board of Selectmen on March 11.

Carol Fucarile


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Losing Tom as full-time assessor would be a huge loss for Alton

To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to you today in support of Tom Sargent.

I am a certified residential appraiser in this area and have been for 27 years. I have dealt with Tom in the city of Laconia and now the town of Alton on many many occasions. Tom is extremely professional, takes the time to talk to you with his knowledge and experience, and has the personality that makes it easy to ask any questions to obtain the information to complete the job. His knowledge of the area, not only in Alton, but the Lakes Region, and his willingness to share his knowledge is top-notch.

It is my opinion that losing Tom as the full-time assessor would be a huge loss to the town of Alton. Having a part-time person to go to with less knowledge of the process and area would, in my opinion, not be in the town's best interest. The importance of the assessing process is huge in within the local government.

I urge the taxpayers and town officials to reconsider and to keep in mind by removing such an experienced and knowledgeable professional, would be a huge loss to the Town of Alton

Sheryl L. Whitney


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Regardless of political affiliations, we vets need to come together

To The Daily Sun,

Retired veterans got the ultimate insult for their military service by Washington with a cut to their pensions. All other government employees were grandfathered.

This country has a long history of politicians turning their backs on veterans. After 13 years of war, we are cutting force levels by handing out pink slips to people that have been loyally serving their country. These patriotic Americans did everything that was asked of them and are now being thrown into the unemployment line.

The reason military pensions were cut and all others were grandfathered is because of the numbers. Only one percent of Americans choose to serve their country in uniform, and even a smaller percentage stay on to retire. Establishment politicians did the math and they do not need us to win elections, but will call on us to fight their wars.

Regardless of your political affiliation, as veterans, we need to come together and support each other.

Do not allow politicians to push us aside and discount us. We can make our presence known by being politically active at the local level allowing us to meet and challenge national level politicians or candidates. Let's join together and ask our families and friends to apply pressure collectively to question their policies and phony patriotism.

David DeVoy

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Let's continue our 4th of July tradition in Ashland; vote 'yes' on 12

To The Daily Sun,

Ashland's July 4th celebration is recognized as one of the best in New England. The two-day event includes a morning pancake breakfast and Independence Day Parade and ends the next day with a fireworks display. Every year the town's population swells from just over 2,000 residents to more than 6,000. People from throughout the Lakes Region and beyond stake out their spot on the L.W. Packard Ball Field to enjoy not only fireworks, but food, entertainment and the feeling of a hometown celebration.

Many people may not realize taxpayer dollars don't pay for this celebration. Funding comes through donations and the sale of commemorative buttons and T-shirts.

The Ashland Fourth of July Committee is made up of a small group of dedicated volunteers whose mission is to keep this 54-year tradition going. These people meet throughout the year planning all aspects of the two-day event.

Ashland residents will be asked to vote on the election of officers and warrant articles on Tuesday, March 11. Warrant Article 12 asks the town to authorize the Board of Selectmen to accept and expend donations up to a total of $3,500 for the purpose of the Fourth of July Celebration.

Members of the Committee urge all Ashland residents to vote "yes" on this warrant to allow us to help provide for the continuation of our hometown tradition. Again, no taxpayer dollars are used for any part of this event.

The committee meets the second Monday of every month at the Ashland Fire House. For more information, contact Katie Maher, committee chair, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Cathy Landroche

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