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Sanbornton selectmen need every other week off during the summer

To The Daily Sun,

Just found out by word of mouth that starting this Wednesday, June 15, there will not be a Board of Selectmen meeting and that our Sanbornton selectmen will no longer meet every week, on Wednesday, to manage the towns important activities. Meetings will be held every other week to provide the selectmen some time off during the summer.

Of course the town will still pay them their full compensation of $4,500, even though they will not be available for their weekly meeting. Certainly if they were to scheduled their summer time off by having two of the three selectmen available each week to conduct town business we could still have a meeting each week Just a thought.

Let's hope that some very pressing town matters such as the search for a new town administrator, the Lower Bay Road project, addressing the concerns in the structural engineer study by The H.L. Turner Group Inc., and hopefully resolving transfer station concerns do not suffer for lack of attention.

Bill Whalen

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A reading of 'Good Flag, Bad Flag' is a must for Laconia panel

To The Daily Sun,

I have a comment to Councilor Bownes and his committee in designing a new Laconia flag, as reported in The Sun.
I would suggest that each committee member obtain the booklet titled "Good Flag, Bad Flag". It talks about five principles in designing a great flag. It was written by Ted Kaye and other flag experts. It could be used also to set parameters to prospective designers in the competition.

There are copies of this booklet on sale on Amazon at a small price.

If you do a search on "Good Flag, Bad Flag", one of the results should be the title of the booklet, with input from the Portland Flag Association. The entire booklet is there, and can probably be printed. Designers could also avail themselves of this information.
It sounds like an interesting project, but very difficult for the committee and the City Council to decide upon a winner.
Good luck on your journey to creating a meaningful and recognized symbol for Laconia.

Walt Stockwell


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