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Let's return this amazing woman to the Gilmanton Selectboard

To the editor,
On Tuesday, March 12 we citizens of Gilmanton have the opportunity to vote for a most amazing woman, my friend and neighbor, Betty Ann Abbott.
Betty Ann is a candidate for selectman for our wonderful town. She comes with a lifetime of education and experience, including an advanced degree in Business Administration and years running large, complicated projects for a number of private, public, and charitable enterprises, which will give her the ability to help guide Gilmanton into the future. She has worked for our town in a number of capacities including a previous term as selectman during which the much lauded Public Safety Complex was authorized and completed. Along with sound credentials Betty Ann also brings deep knowledge of our town and it's citizens; as a selectman she will be a great asset to our community.
Most importantly though, Betty Ann is the nicest, most compassionate person one could ask for in a neighbor. Please support her on March 12th. Thank you.
Lew Henry
Gilmanton Iron Works

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Anti-gun advocates are long on rhetoric & emotional exploitation

To the editor,
There are times when I read the letters of liberals and anti-gun advocates, who, it is apparent, have no clue as to what they are talking about. These folks just repeat whatever nonsense they have read or heard other liberals say. One can't put too much blame on them for they are merely what the commissars use to call "useful idiots". But then there is another category of people who do know better but in spite of that will print the most atrocious nonsense in order to put fear in the minds of uninformed people. Regretfully, my fellow townie Henry Osmer, in his letter Tuesday morning, seeks to do just that. He compares a war zone in Viet Nam to our lives here in N.H. and the U.S. (That's not even apples and oranges Henry and you know it.)
Anti-gun advocates are long on inflammatory rhetoric, misinformation and emotional exploitation but short on true facts. They use colorful descriptions like "assault weapons" or "sniper rifles' or "cop-killer bullets" but these descriptions are only to spread fear among non gun owners. These terms, designed to misinform, are by any measure lies. True assault rifles, military rifles, are in fact, covered by the 1934 machine gun laws. Sniper rifles? No such thing; sniping is the use any projectile weapon might be used for. That includes sling shots, bows and arrows, any firearm, but that doesn't stop anti-gunners from throwing the label around. What the heck it scares the bejeebers out of soccer moms. Oh and just to be clear, no bullet ever was designed just to kill cops.
To be sure gun and bullets are dangerous. They must be treated with respect and care. Useful laws and regulations are already in place in most states but more often then not federal officials refuse to enforce their own laws. Until they do we should not be talking about more regulations and laws.
Steve Earle

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Attend a Tea Party meeting to see what members are really like

To the editor,
On Thursday February 14, 2013 you published a long letter written by former Meredith Selectman Peter Miller. He was extolling the virtues of Inter-Lakes School Board candidate Mark Billings. Mr. Miller feels that Mr. Billings would be a fantastic School Board member.
In his powerful and thought-provoking closing paragraph he stated: "During the nearly 20 years Dotty and I have lived in Meredith, we have witnessed how people of different political persuasions have worked together to achieve common goals."
Bravo Mr. Miller!
But moments before, in the same letter, Mr. Miller said: " ... I respect the Tea Party for the fiscal restraints it has been advocating. Nonetheless, I have the same request of it that I do of the Democrats. Confine your attention to Concord and Washington. Stay out of local affairs."
Well, Mr. Miller, you must love George Orwell's Animal Farm as you seem to feel that some political parties/members are more equal than others, and are better suited to achieve the 'common goals' you talk about. I've got a few questions for you so we can more closely examine your tolerance levels and data collection abilities.
What are these common goals? Are you sure a majority of people support them? Have you ever attended a Tea Party meeting to see what its members are really like, what they really believe in? Did you ever broach this Tea Party topic with Mr. Mark Billings who's qualifications you sing? Would your endorsement of Mark Billings change if I told you he's attended numerous Lakes Regions Tea Party meetings and signed up for our regular newsletter?
I cordially invite you to attend a Tea Party meeting. You'll discover that many of us are deeply caring about local politics, the schools, private property rights, the U.S. and N.H. Constitutions, and environmental issues. In fact, I can clearly remember Mr. Billings speaking up at some past meetings about such issues.
P.S. I suggest you do some additional homework before you decide to write a letter meant for public consumption. When you present all the facts, people might possibly believe what you say.
P.P.S. In the coming months you'll discover the local Tea Party will become deeply involved in local politics. Why? It's simple. We live here, and we care about the community as much, or possibly more, than you do.
Tim Carter, Co-Leader

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Until we teach compassion & respect to our innocent children

To the editor,
Thievery, kidnapping, murder and rape. Bad behavior has been around, even before the first gun was made. The largest of these atrocities were always government sponsored. America... you are not exempt! I personally believe every child is born innocent and it's the chapters of our lives that create who we become. Some have chapters filled with riches and fame and some have journeys that portray the worst horror story ever written. All the rest fall somewhere in between. Discussion about guns, problems with Vets, along with the recent tragedy in Los Angeles struck a chord with me. So I needed to tell this story.
I lived up in the mountains of western Montana for five years during the late 1980s. One day I was following a small group of elk. The main bull was huge! With rifle in hand, I pursued most of the day, always taking the high ground on them. I expected a good shot soon. Dropping down through a thick stand of evergreens I entered a high basin unknown to me. When I emerged from the trees, the small cabin sat in front of me.
On the front porch, a gray bearded man, his rifle ready. A stout dog stood beside him. Both stared at me. Cradling my high powered rifle in my left arm, I steadily walked toward them. I was unsure of the man, but instinctively knew the dog was not to be trusted. When close, I stared to extend my hand and introduce myself.
"Don't move!" he shouted. The growl from the dog quieted when I dropped my hand down. After my explanation on why I was there, he invited in for coffee, interesting me to sit in his chair.
"Don't get up. Don't move and don't follow me in the kitchen." he demanded.
"Nam?" I asked.
"Yes," he replied, then he disappeared beyond the wall.
For the next 15 minutes I sat like a prisoner. This stranger's dog stood guard not more than a quick lunge away. We locked eyes; not a hint of friendship between us. Finally, without a move and in a calm voice, I asked him, "You told him I was coming, didn't ya?" He then displayed the rest of his sharp teeth. For a second I though the dog was smiling. But no sane man in my predicament would want to find out by extending his hand.
John and I talked for a good length of time. He had had it a whole lot worse than I had during those years when were younger. He didn't give specifics, but I knew from his eyes that this soldier had gone through hell. Also, I understood he was still very troubled. I told him of a cousin who had come back a different man. This cousin has bragged for years of his kills, of the necklace strung with ears that he had taken as trophies and had worn in Nam. Unfortunately, he died before his thirtieth birthday of a heart attack. John didn't seem surprised. "I've seen them all", he said. Then looking up he said, "They didn't want us over there and they didn't want us back." With sadness I replied, "I know".
John shook my hand and when I left and "Wolf" allowed it. I took John's path downhill a ways from the cabin, but I knew I needed to turn west to familiar territory and to get back to my own cabin. Below, I stopped and looked back. Only "Wolf" remained on the porch. In front of me on the lodge pole pine tree the sign read "Trespassers Will Be Shot!"
Until we teach compassion and respect to our innocent children and until the powers of the government tend our own, nothing will change. Too many service men and women come home with irreparable damage. You leaders in Washington who bath in cash and power, you are wasting our time and money trying to ban guns. That endeavor would be as successful as the Middle East banning their stones. We need guns for food and protection. And, as the Constitution requires, we need them to protect you Leaders from yourselves. So Washington, do some good and earn your pay!
Sometimes I wonder if John and others are still up there in the mountains. "Wolf" has surely passed by now. Too bad, he was a good dog.
William H. Kendall

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Taxpayers should be thankful for delegation's vigil of restraint

To the editor,
As I read the pages of The Laconia Sun, I must admit, I find the recent animus from the County Commissioners toward the Republican delegation members troubling. All representatives to the Legislature, Republican and Democrats, have a duty to perform in the best interest of all the county taxpayers and not just those of the municipalities where they reside.
Additionally, the commissioners' recent admonishment in the press of the Republican members of the delegation, for structuring a public meeting in their pursuit to reduce the county debt, is counterproductive and unprofessional.
The failure of the commissioners to honestly distinguish between what is good public policy for both county services and its agencies and the county taxpayers is, in my opinion, blatantly deficient.
Furthermore, the commissioners clearly "misapprehend" the delegated duty the Republican members owe, not only to the county agencies, but equally to those citizens who pay the bills.
In summary: the facts show the commissioners "understand wrongly" the Constitutional duty the Republican delegation members owe to the county. The citizens and taxpayers of the county should be thankful they have those elected members of the delegation with an ever-present vigil of restraint on unnecessary county expenditures.
George Hurt

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